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Mar 31st, 2021 (edited)
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  3. Day 7:
  5. Absolute shitshow for the prosecution according to this defense attorney:
  7. >Mo Lester Hall - the fentanyl supplier - pleads the Fifth:
  8. >Sum Ting Wong is a crisis intervention counselor, Nelson gets him to recant almost everything:
  9. >Johnny Mercil is a use-of-force instructor. Prosecution paints use of force as a black-and-white picture, Nelson gets him to admit there are shades of grey:
  10. >Nicole MacKenzie, Medical Support Coordinator. Such a huge disaster for the prosecution that the defense is calling her back next Tuesday:
  11. >Jody Stiger, bought to you by MN taxpayers: Not finished.
  13. Key moments:
  14. >Nelson challenges you to fisticuffs:
  15. >Nelson gets MacKenzie to come back AS A DEFENSE WITNESS:
  16. >Why yes, a crowd of angry nigs made us scoop and go:
  17. >Nooooo you can't say if fentanyl is lethal!:
  18. >Nooooo you can't say if speedballs are lethal!:
  19. >State demonstrates the "hobble" position:
  20. >Exhibit #111, The Dumb and Dumber slide, is entered into evidence:
  22. >Nelson has use-of-force training expert admit to ignoring phony cries of medical distress, restraining until EMS arrival, and that Chauvin used both a "not unauthorized" hold and that the shin was over the back, knee on shoulder-blade
  23. >Nelson WOLOLOs medical training expert, she will return next week as a DEFENSE WITNESS
  25. >Prosecution is still calling their witnesses to give testimony and entering exhibits into evidence.
  26. >When the prosecution’s witnesses are done, then the defense will call their witnesses.
  27. >Hall expected to testify after denial of blanket invocation of the 5th; we should know more during pre-trial.
  29. Day 4
  30. >Druggie GF has the creepiest facial expressions, rats out dealers, is called "Mama" by Floyd:
  31. >first paramedic on scene thinks Floyd's dead, wants to abandon scene:
  32. >second paramedic on scene agrees:
  33. >firefighter captain says they sent ambulance out on Code 2 (no lights, obey law, get there as quickly as possible) instead of Code 3 (GET OVER HERE NOW):
  34. >Chauvin's boss throws him under the bus, thinks Chauvin went too far - but through some Nelson lawyer shenanigans, his opinion ends up being worth jack:
  36. >Nelson pulls a Phoenix Wright, we discover "Mama" actually referred to druggie GF instead of Floyd's mom:
  37. >EMT forgets where Chauvin's knee was despite the riots:
  38. >EMT tries to dunk on MPLS PD and their lack of CPR, gets shut down by Nelson:
  39. >Nelson fires another barrage, state can't establish foundation for entering Chauvin's boss's official opinion into evidence so into the trash it goes:
  41. DAY 3 RECAP:
  42. >We got new footage, including 3 new bodycams and multiple CCTV footage (one had George doing the Floyd shuffle after playing with a banana) (yes.)
  43. >First genuine tears in this trial came from an old guy who wasn't even crying about George. It's important to remember nobody gave a damn about George until it was politically relevant.
  44. >Karen the Firefighter's unceremonious send-off:
  45. >Cup Foods cashier inadvertently sets off the burning of America:
  46. >Guy from across the street sees police draw gun, starts recording:
  47. >Old nig sheds the only genuine tears in the trial about his dead mother:
  48. >Prosecution decides to help out the defense with their IT guy witness and introduce the four bodycam videos into evidence, we see Floyd "MAMA" and "BRO BRO BRO" 4 times in a row:
  51. >Floyd does some shucking and jiving:
  52. >"Did you sell him a banana?" :
  53. >"A hatchback Mercedes Benz Sports Truck":
  55. DAY 2 RECAP:
  56. >They bring in 4 kids with the exact same "I felt sad and scared" story that added nothing to the trial.
  58. >Nig MMA manlet returns:
  59. >$530,000 GoFundMe bitch who made viral video:
  60. >Nine-year-old:
  61. >Another teenage witness:
  62. >And another:
  63. >Karen the Firefighter, sobs during direct but wants to speak to the manager during cross:
  65. >Nelson recks the MMA nig, on top of that judge reminds nig he's not a doctor:
  66. >Karen the Firefighter gets reckd by Nelson on her own unit's response time:
  67. >Karen the Firefighter hangs up 911 call because she was scared FOR (not BY) the black people:
  68. >Karen the Firefighter's evasiveness enrages the judge to the point where he throws jury out and tears into her:
  69. >GoFundMe PR manager gets caught taking pics in locked-down 18th floor, pleads ignorance:
  71. DAY 1 SUMMARY:
  72. dumb mommy gf witness
  73. >Can't remember anything even after watching a video of it.
  74. >Keeps being asked baby questions like "who's reflection is that!" and "who's voice is that" whenever she speaks in her video
  76. 911 dispatch operator
  77. >labelled as the "Star Witness" by Washington Post
  78. >so terrible it backfired on the prosecution, leaked evidence in the defense's favor
  80. dindu riotor
  81. >likes his fishies :)
  82. >riotor
  84. niglet
  85. >duh offisuz were feedin off muh energy
  86. >story makes no sense
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