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Cave C&D Response

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  1. From: Alex Marshall <trap15@raidenii.net>
  2. To: 株式会社ケイブ <ip_team@cave.co.jp>
  4. Dear CAVE Interactive,
  6. I'm sorry that you take offense to my web pages, but I don't believe that I
  7. have committed any copyright infringement. I have removed the screenshots as
  8. you have requested, but I feel like my patching programs have not broken any
  9. laws. If you may clarify what is infringing and in which way, I may remove the
  10. patching programs.
  11. Let me make it known though that I developed these patches because I hold CAVE
  12. in the highest regard and have a deep passion for the games that you have
  13. developed. I don't wish to cause any harm to CAVE, and I am sorry if you feel
  14. like it has.
  15. If you would like the original patches and patcher source code with assembly
  16. listings for the added/modified code, I will certainly send it along. If you
  17. would like to release the modified games, I would not even ask for any
  18. compensation. As I said, I do this for passion, nothing more.
  20. Sincerely,
  22. Alex Marshall
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