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  1. I just discovered something amazing. Know the kid's show Adventure Time? Well, it has a frightening back story. In the intro of every episode, you can see several undetonated bombs lying in the ground. These bombs have nuclear radiation symbols. See where I'm getting at?
  2. In one of the more recent episodes, the planet, named Ooo, is shown. It has a huge chunk missing. What does this imply? Right, it's a nuclear apocolypse.
  3. As Billy Mays would say, "But wait, there's more!"
  4. In many different episodes, you can see ruins of past civilization. These include, destroyed tanks, ruined buildings, downed planes, destroyed highways, dilapidated railways, and much more. Finn the human is one of the last humans on Ooo, formally known as Earth. Jake, his faithful companion dog, gained his stretching abilities due to radiation.
  5. Why is it Earth?
  6. In one episode, in the background, you can see several pictures hanging on a wall showing cities. These are captioned "Arizona", "Orlando", and "Vegas".
  7. Last piece of evidence, the one episode that caused all of this to be linked to nuclear fallout is titled "The Great Mushroom War". This refers to a mushroom cloud, the cloud a nuclear bomb, or any other extremely deadly explosive, makes when detonating.
  9. This was pretty cool, Adventure Time.
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