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Jan 15th, 2016
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  1. Coltchester
  2. Capital of the Kingdom of Unicornia
  3. Primary locations :
  4. Center Tier:
  5. -Castle Radiant
  6. --The shining jewel of Coltchester, named for the first Unicorn King, King Radiant. Standing tall among the tiered-levels of the city, its impressive masonry depicts six spires streaming up towards the sky surrounding a central tower where the King sits upon his throne to hold court for his subject. It's the home of the royal family, and its interior contains the best of Unicorn culture, from sculptures to paintings to the very curtains exemplifying the best of Unicorn society. Also located within the castle are several lavish ballrooms, gardens, and dungeons to hold dissenters against the crown. It is in this castle that the aristocracy, the lords and dukes, will meet periodically to inform the king of their stance on issues, to argue and compromise and backstab their political rivals for prestige, and is primarily one of the two most important locales in the entirety of the kingdom for its sheer influence on the political stage.
  7. -The Celestial Circle
  8. Found just outside the Castle, in a heavily guarded, dome structure with a glass ceiling that displays the heavens above, this is the meeting and gathering place for fourteen of the strongest unicorn wizards the kingdom has to offer. The Sages of the Sun, seven ponies that raise the sun, and the Sages of the Moon, seven sages that raise the moon, take alternating shifts at dusk and dawn to bring about the passing of the day cycle. They had all but retired following the passing of this knowledge to the Emperor of the Crystal Empire, who took upon their duties himself, but following his disappearance they were hastily scrambled from a new generation to continue their old duty.
  10. Upper Tier:
  11. -Starswirl Academy for the Magical Arts
  12. --Founded around 50 years ago, Starswirl's Academy took over the former Magnificent Mysticism Centre, a university of some renown but rarely made quakes in the world. After Starswirl was given the deed through the King, who was impressed by his sheer talent, the school has since been revitalized as the magical hub of all Unicornia, famous for ushering in a new Golden Age of Magic as new spells are made up almost every day and students can push their skills, and imagination, to the limits under the tutelage of Starswirl's personally chosen staff of wizards. It consists of the primary university, for adults, but the campus (which has expanded since the days of Magnificent) to offer tutelage to younger ponies as well, foals and teenagers.
  13. -Noble Estates
  14. --A small number of wealthy, influential, and powerful nobles can be found with large swaths of this tier under their control, such as the popular Blossoms, the cultured Lights, or the enigmatic Crow families. The most notable of which probably include those that have direct blood relations to the King, cousins or second cousins.
  16. Middle Tier:
  17. --A larger, but less well kept section of the city, home to many businesses and the houses of soldiers and guards. Artists or craftsmen are most often found in this section of the city, which offers much better living conditions than the lower tier but not as high as the upper tier.
  19. -Tradgedy and Comedy Theatrum Bros. Theatre
  20. --One of the city's cultural landmarks, an enclosed building dedicated to the arts of plays and performances. Would later become an inspiration for one of Equestria's most famous playrights, and has entertained many high profiling characters. Has fallen on hard times since the building snow.
  22. -Sweet Mercy's
  23. --A hospital that has seen many ponies from the middle and lower tiers come in for treatments. Their recovery rates are fairly slim, given the lack of proper medications and only recent break-throughs in the fields of medicinal magic, but what this locale is known for isn't its success rate, but it's utter dedication to helping the less fortunate. There are better hospitals in the Upper tier, but none take Low tier peasants with the same degree as Sweet Mercy's.
  25. Low Tier:
  26. --The largest and most populated section of the city, it is filled with the poorest of the unicorns, manual workers with little magical talent. Most of these houses are of simple make, and consists of many common occupations. It is surrounded by a strong, but modestly sized barrier that separate them from the outside of Coltchester.
  28. -Bureau of Foreign Trade
  29. --The largest building in the lowest tier, and the most well kept. It is tasked with the arduous and unpleasant duty of trading goods with the other tribes: procuring food from the Earth Ponies in exchange for their raising and lowering of the sun, and the weather control of the pegasi for the same commodity. It was also this center that arranges for foreign visits, when it's required that leaders from the other tribes must tread on Unicornian soil, and ensures their stay goes smoothly. Due to recent increased hostilities as a result of the windigoes, it has not had as much to do in the past.
  31. --Crooked Horn Tavern
  32. --Pegasi often mock Unicorns for their prissiness, but if one seeks the roughest and toughest of this tribe, they all find themselves gathering here, where the most discrete and shadiest of unicorn political power plays are made under its oily tables. Starswirl the Bearded, for whatever reason, favors visits here.
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