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Yamata vs Liam Take Two

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  1. Lord Liam: yamata
  2. Lord Liam: why is nobody recognizable here
  3. Snowflakes: because liam
  4. Trickzio: You've been away for a long time
  5. @Yamata no Orochi: Lord Liam they are either from reddit/Pokelab/Smogon
  6. Lord Liam: i like reddit
  7. @Yamata no Orochi: I see nothing wrong with that
  8. Lord Liam: just not pokemon reddits
  9. Lord Liam: communism and atheist reddits
  10. Lord Liam: yamata
  11. Lord Liam: as long as the new generation
  12. Lord Liam: accepts me as king of ADV
  13. @Yamata no Orochi: lord liam
  14. @Yamata no Orochi: you are as delusional
  15. @Yamata no Orochi: as desolate
  16. Snowflakes: liam almost none of the new generation knows who you are :p..
  17. Lord Liam: i am the king of ADV
  18. Trickzio: I do
  19. Lord Liam: who is desolate
  20. CBTerrakion: Desolate is funny
  21. Trickzio: Well I can't be considered the new generation I suppose
  22. @Yamata no Orochi: Desolate was a programmer
  23. Lord Liam: if you didnt play during ADV you're new generation
  24. Snowflakes: who was short lived and made himself an owner
  25. @Yamata no Orochi: He's a fucker
  26. Lord Liam: lol okay.
  27. @Yamata no Orochi: That's my opinion
  28. Lord Liam: not as bad as Rising_Dick
  29. Snowflakes: he was okay
  30. @Yamata no Orochi: R_D is cool
  31. Lord Liam: nobody who makes RU is cool
  32. @Yamata no Orochi: He doesn't go around trying to be an admin
  33. Lord Liam: idgaf what hes like personally
  34. bobdylanrocks2: he's a fucker because he doesn't play pokemon anymore
  35. DrPBlur: lmfao @ liam giving the business and really not gaf at what he says
  36. Lord Liam: Pinkblur i havent ever lol
  37. Trickzio: Liam's become really arrogant tbh
  38. DrPBlur: liam, you are still the same since shoddy battle
  39. DrPBlur: serving up anyone. mod. regular user. admin. lol
  40. DrPBlur: #TeamNotGiveAFuck
  41. Trickzio: I think he was different a few years ago
  42. Lord Liam: well i dont really care about anyones status
  43. Trickzio: ^
  44. jobriq: ----Liam is a noob line starts here-----
  45. Trickzio: Status doesn't matter
  46. Lord Liam: a person is a person
  47. Lord Liam: DONT LINE ME
  48. Trickzio: I treat everyone the same
  49. Lord Liam: thats my thing faggot
  50. Snowflakes: you just got lined
  51. jobriq: :D
  52. @Yamata no Orochi: I wish I could go into my personal channel
  53. Trickzio: :/
  54. Lord Liam: ---Liam is the best line starts here---
  55. @Yamata no Orochi: Away from people like Liam
  56. bobdylanrocks2: lord liam has a thing for butterfree
  57. Lord Liam: ---Liam is the best line ends here---
  58. jobriq: yamata!<3
  59. bobdylanrocks2: i wonder what liam looks like
  60. @Yamata no Orochi: Hello
  61. bobdylanrocks2: i always imagined this nerdy kid
  62. bobdylanrocks2: with glasses
  63. Trickzio: LOL
  64. bobdylanrocks2: kinda short like 5'6
  65. @Yamata no Orochi: That's a bad desc
  66. Trickzio: I'm pretty sure he has long hair
  67. DrPBlur: lol
  68. Lord Liam: k
  69. Lord Liam: bobdylan ill explain me to you
  70. Lord Liam: right now
  71. Snowflakes: i've never noticed it yamata
  72. Lord Liam: I have longish hair that looks like Jim Morrison's, I have a pink floyd t-shirt with a lumberjack-esque coat on
  73. @Yamata no Orochi: I don't know 1/4 of the people who say my name lol
  74. DrPBlur: puffa, soarin, prem, liam, and diva and sno--
  75. Snowflakes: i'm not known by yamata ;.;
  76. Lord Liam: i am a sexy fucker
  77. Chillarmy: Liam
  78. Trickzio: Step back people
  79. Chillarmy: are you
  80. Chillarmy: a Canadian stripper??
  81. Lord Liam: im canadian
  82. Lord Liam: stripper status revoked
  83. @Yamata no Orochi: Dear god
  84. @Yamata no Orochi: I think I'm in hell
  85. Snowflakes: yes you are
  86. NaitoRaizu: I am in hell
  87. Snowflakes: i am too
  88. Trickzio: Why so many people in the chat
  89. Trickzio: Can we move all of the stupid spammers
  90. Lord Liam: ---liam number 1 ADV line starts here---
  91. Snowflakes: trickzio
  92. Snowflakes: we aren't patrick
  93. Snowflakes: we can't move shit
  94. @Yamata no Orochi: 3 rules
  95. Lord Liam: ---liam number 1 ADV line ends here---
  96. Trickzio: lol
  97. @Yamata no Orochi: 1. Don't sing bad pop songs 2. Stop /me'ing like crazy 3. Listen to the rules listed on this 3 rule list
  98. Snowflakes: don't go by the team builder
  99. Lord Liam: rule 4
  100. Lord Liam: no using lines on me
  101. @V4: There are a lot more rules Yamata
  102. @Yamata no Orochi: Rule 4. Everyone must treat Liam like trash
  103. Lord Liam: fuck u
  104. Lord Liam: NEW RULE
  105. @Yamata no Orochi: These are my very important rules V4
  106. @Yamata no Orochi: I like my rules
  107. Lord Liam: liam is allowed to discuss politics and religion
  108. Trickzio: lol
  109. @Yamata no Orochi: Liam please do so, I really want to mute you <3
  110. UberMadman: New Rule: Ignore whateber rule Liam will post
  111. Lord Liam: yamata you know what i dont get
  112. Lord Liam: why did we make a web based client
  113. @V4: We?
  114. Lord Liam: it means every 12 year old can proxy around it
  115. Trickzio: So we can all update
  116. Snowflakes: it's easier to access
  117. Lord Liam: whats with that
  118. Snowflakes: and no server updates
  119. Lord Liam: yeah but it opens up so many flaws
  120. Trickzio: Without installing a new client
  121. Lord Liam: i mean I can type proxy into google
  122. @V4: Got a question
  123. @V4: ask Zarel
  124. Lord Liam: like anyone can
  125. @V4: :/
  126. @Yamata no Orochi: I'll answer your questions for something in return
  127. Snowflakes: i have a question yamata
  128. @Yamata no Orochi: Yes
  129. @Yamata no Orochi: ??
  130. Lord Liam: ok
  131. Lord Liam: hu
  132. Lord Liam: kares
  133. @Yamata no Orochi: stfu liam men are talking
  134. Trickzio: LOL
  135. Lord Liam: yamata
  136. Lord Liam: i am the manliest man here
  137. Trickzio: brb getting pastebin
  138. Lord Liam: i have denim jackets
  139. Lord Liam: i look like
  140. Lord Liam: jim morrison
  141. CBTerrakion: liam is an unreputable user
  142. Lord Liam: imagine me like that
  143. Snowflakes: well yamata
  144. Snowflakes: i can't post lyrics so i can't answer ask the question
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