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Feb 19th, 2020
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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. mcridebiggestfan: no i am very good
  4. mcridebiggestfan: ok ill go mid then if you are calling me shit
  5. mcridebiggestfan: ali stop dide
  6. mcridebiggestfan: ok that is it
  7. mcridebiggestfan: see how good you do now
  8. mcridebiggestfan: report kaisa calling me n word
  9. mcridebiggestfan: im 13
  10. mcridebiggestfan: he has 0 death
  11. mcridebiggestfan: yes you can its a game
  12. mcridebiggestfan: not srs
  13. mcridebiggestfan: play for fun
  14. mcridebiggestfan: its a free country i can talk
  15. mcridebiggestfan: brain 0
  16. mcridebiggestfan: toxic 100%
  17. mcridebiggestfan: you go under tower
  18. mcridebiggestfan: i dont jump on you
  19. mcridebiggestfan: omg im cringing so hard rn
  20. mcridebiggestfan: reported
  21. mcridebiggestfan: so bad
  22. mcridebiggestfan: really bad adc
  23. mcridebiggestfan: adc diff
  24. mcridebiggestfan: trynd dude?>
  25. mcridebiggestfan: one min ago kaisa say go top
  26. mcridebiggestfan: i go top and then i get flame
  27. mcridebiggestfan: true!!
  28. mcridebiggestfan: flame me all game
  29. mcridebiggestfan: call me n word
  30. mcridebiggestfan: please report
  31. mcridebiggestfan: OMG HOMOPHOBIC
  32. mcridebiggestfan: report for what?
  33. mcridebiggestfan: kaisa homophobic and racist
  34. mcridebiggestfan: afk adc LOL!
  35. mcridebiggestfan: meow i understand
  36. mcridebiggestfan: get it
  37. mcridebiggestfan: LOL NICE KS
  38. mcridebiggestfan: ban for what? playing the gmae
  39. mcridebiggestfan: dont think you can get banned for that sir
  40. mcridebiggestfan: you can be banned for being homophobic though
  41. mcridebiggestfan: we got late
  42. mcridebiggestfan: ok
  43. mcridebiggestfan: 3v2
  44. mcridebiggestfan: and you run away
  45. mcridebiggestfan: we have no adc
  46. mcridebiggestfan: LOL KAISA I HAVE MORE KP THAN YOU
  47. mcridebiggestfan: AND YOU FLAME ME
  48. Game 2
  49. In-Game
  50. mcridebiggestfan: ?
  51. mcridebiggestfan: team?
  52. mcridebiggestfan: team no follow
  53. mcridebiggestfan: dont feed
  54. mcridebiggestfan: really bad jung
  55. mcridebiggestfan: int ???????
  56. mcridebiggestfan: its ok we have late
  57. mcridebiggestfan: GOGOGOGOG
  58. mcridebiggestfan: i roam
  59. mcridebiggestfan: yes
  60. mcridebiggestfan: OMG
  61. mcridebiggestfan: jinx move?????
  62. mcridebiggestfan: i roam mid now
  63. mcridebiggestfan: I COVER MID
  64. mcridebiggestfan: I ROAM
  65. mcridebiggestfan: for what?
  66. mcridebiggestfan: that sit
  67. mcridebiggestfan: it
  68. mcridebiggestfan: i stay mid now
  69. mcridebiggestfan: you dont call sup idiot
  70. mcridebiggestfan: thats disgusting
  71. mcridebiggestfan: report
  72. mcridebiggestfan: jinx call me n word
  73. mcridebiggestfan: you go afk jinx
  74. mcridebiggestfan: rude
  75. mcridebiggestfan: misclick thats all
  76. mcridebiggestfan: you int darius
  77. mcridebiggestfan: darius?
  78. mcridebiggestfan: are you trolling
  79. mcridebiggestfan: jinx you called me an idiot
  80. mcridebiggestfan: why should i heal someone who mentally abuses me
  81. mcridebiggestfan: THATS IT
  82. mcridebiggestfan: i record this and send to riot
  83. mcridebiggestfan: TEAM???
  84. mcridebiggestfan: reported
  85. Game 3
  86. In-Game
  87. mcridebiggestfan: lets gang them dude!
  88. mcridebiggestfan: nah dude tp much better
  89. mcridebiggestfan: wait team dude
  90. mcridebiggestfan: ??? its new meta dude dw
  91. mcridebiggestfan: DUDE HELP!!!
  92. mcridebiggestfan: dude is jung troll?
  93. mcridebiggestfan: dude this jung is troll
  94. mcridebiggestfan: dude he just let adc take damage for free in blue
  95. mcridebiggestfan: dude GANG US WE HELP YOU BLUE AND WE ARE AT TOWER
  96. mcridebiggestfan: dude come!!!!
  97. mcridebiggestfan: omg dude this guy
  98. mcridebiggestfan: so so bad dude
  99. mcridebiggestfan: never seen a jung lyk this dude
  100. mcridebiggestfan: this is my promo to bronze 1 dude i cant calm
  101. mcridebiggestfan: i mean bronze iv
  102. mcridebiggestfan: elo hell
  103. mcridebiggestfan: yes dude
  104. mcridebiggestfan: im stuck in iron for 1 year this is my first promo to bronze
  105. mcridebiggestfan: dude i need this win
  106. mcridebiggestfan: why gang level 5 as mummy dude
  107. mcridebiggestfan: kat what rank are you dude?
  108. mcridebiggestfan: What!!!!!
  109. mcridebiggestfan: no wonder this game so hard!
  110. mcridebiggestfan: DUDE YOU TURN YOUR W OFF????
  111. mcridebiggestfan: WHY DUDE??
  112. mcridebiggestfan: riot give us this game tho dude so we cant say f you to them
  113. mcridebiggestfan: who is jax?
  114. mcridebiggestfan: is that the guy in the other lane?
  115. mcridebiggestfan: i dont know champs too good dude
  116. mcridebiggestfan: is top lane duo with jung?
  117. mcridebiggestfan: double troll dude?
  118. mcridebiggestfan: im not bad dont say that i will rpeort you
  119. mcridebiggestfan: dude i try all game so dont say that stuff
  120. mcridebiggestfan: srs its toxic dude
  121. mcridebiggestfan: ok dude i report then
  122. mcridebiggestfan: no need for being rude dude
  123. mcridebiggestfan: no i ask him question i never say these rude things dude
  124. mcridebiggestfan: again rude and toxic dude
  125. mcridebiggestfan: why not help instead of type all game dude
  126. mcridebiggestfan: report kat for toxic please
  127. mcridebiggestfan: uhhh dude
  128. mcridebiggestfan: why is team alltop
  129. mcridebiggestfan: how is that flame
  130. mcridebiggestfan: they use rift bot and you all chase jax
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