MagiReco Main Story 7.16

May 24th, 2018
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  1. The Meaning of Paradise
  3. 7.16.1
  4. [at the base of the Ferris wheel, there's a barrier floating]
  5. Alina: "That veteran's friends are tough too."
  6. "It's going to be hard to cut their hair..."
  7. Sana: "Before fighting with Alina, we're going to run out..."
  8. Felicia: "Dammit, I thought this would be easy with the two of us."
  9. "That's cowardly, running away into witch barriers!"
  10. Alina: "Isn't it also cowardly to fight two on one?"
  11. "Aha! Well, that's fine, we'll consider it even."
  12. [screen wipe]
  13. Touka: "It's about time for Tamaki Iroha to screw up..."
  14. Momoko: "No, those two are definitely going to take Tsuruno back!"
  15. Touka: "Ehe."
  16. [she attacks Momoko]
  17. Momoko: "Daah!"
  18. "What the heck? It's like her power is bottomless!"
  19. Kanagi: "It's hard to say exactly how it is, but that's not exactly incorrect..."
  20. "Take a look at her soul gem..."
  21. Momoko: "!?"
  22. "No way..."
  23. "It's like she used nothing at all!"
  24. Kanagi: "It's hard to believe, but perhaps she's not using her own magic..."
  25. Touka: "Bingo!"
  26. "When I'm fighting, I take energy from outside, transform it, and then use it myself."
  27. "Of course, transforming it uses some magic..."
  28. "But this way is far more efficient, right?"
  29. Momoko: "What a crazy trick..."
  30. "Oh right, you said they'd fail..."
  31. "But are Yachiyo-san and Iroha not done yet?"
  32. [insert image of Rumor Tsuruno collapsed on the floor]
  33. Tsuruno: *...*
  34. Iroha: *Yachiyo-san...*
  35. Yachiyo: *It's okay... Tsuruno isn't dead...*
  36. *However, it doesn't seem like we can try it again.*
  37. *It's not impossible that Mifuyu lied to me...*
  38. Iroha: *But she was helping Felicia-chan and Sana-chan...*
  39. Yachiyo: *Yeah, I want to believe in her... I want to believe in what she told me...*
  40. *However... if she's right, then there's only one reason for this...*
  41. Iroha: *...*
  42. *We weren't able to get through to Tsuruno's heart...*
  43. Yachiyo: *Yes...*
  44. *It means that...*
  45. *We understood...*
  46. [fade to black]
  47. Yachiyo: *Neither Tsuruno nor her suffering...*
  48. [in the rumor labyrinth]
  49. Tsuruno: "...Oww... Now I'm really angry with you two..."
  50. "You two don't have to understand me..."
  51. "You don't have to try to take me back..."
  52. "Leave me alone..."
  53. "This is where I can be happy and relaxed..."
  54. "You don't have to fret or worry, here in this utopia where you can be at ease."
  55. Yachiyo: "But you..."
  56. Tsuruno: "Also, I figured it out."
  57. "The place where I should return to is not Mikadzuki house after all..."
  58. "It's here..."
  59. [her eyes go dull]
  60. Yachiyo: "!?"
  61. "That face is... the same as a year ago..."
  62. [flashback to a street corner in Sankyou Ward; Tsuruno is blank-eyed]
  63. Tsuruno: "..."
  64. Yachiyo: "What's wrong, Tsuruno? All worn out?"
  65. [back to the rumor]
  66. Yachiyo: "..."
  67. "If this is a utopia where you can be at ease..."
  68. "Then at that time, you weren't worn out..."
  69. "You were at ease...?"
  70. [battle]
  71. [flashback to a darkened Banbanzai]
  72. Tsuruno's father: "At the time, Tsuruno didn't have her usual energetic face."
  73. "The tension was all gone, as expressionless as if she were asleep..."
  74. "She'd made that face a year ago, which surprised me, but this time, I couldn't believe that she'd leave..."
  75. [flashback to a street in Shinsei Ward]
  76. Yachiyo: "..."
  77. (It reminds me of something...)
  78. [fade to black]
  79. Yachiyo: *Yes, I saw it one year ago... Tsuruno's empty expression...*
  80. *We had just come back from an amusement park, so I thought she was just worn out from all the fun.*
  81. *However...*
  82. [flashback to Rumor Tsuruno in the amusement park]
  83. Tsuruno: *This is where I can be happy and relaxed...*
  84. *You don't have to fret or worry, here in this utopia where you can be at ease.*
  85. [back to black]
  86. Yachiyo: *I was wrong...*
  87. *It wasn't that Tsuruno was exhausted...*
  88. *That was just the relief of being freed from all the pent-up stress...*
  89. [flashback to Tsuruno on the street corner in Sankyou again]
  90. Yachiyo: *That day, taking everyone to the amusement park was partly to help give the team a pick-up after Meru died...*
  91. *Perhaps Tsuruno had a faint idea of the reason why Meru died...*
  92. *And was trying to hang on, while blaming herself...*
  93. [back to black]
  94. Yachiyo: *And that's not all.*
  95. *When her beloved grandfather passed away, and when her mother and grandmother ran away, and when I broke up the team, and when she found Iroha who was searching for her sister, and when we started confronting the Magius...*
  96. *Tsuruno was forcing herself to smile...*
  97. [flashback to blank-faced Tsuruno on the street corner again]
  98. Yachiyo: *And so that day one year ago... she was making the same face as now...*
  99. *In the other world of the amusement park, she was freed from her current self...*
  100. Tsuruno: "..."
  101. [back to the rumor]
  102. Yachiyo: "I was wrong... Tsuruno had it tough..."
  103. "What I should have understood was not that Tsuruno was aiming to be the strongest..."
  104. "But that even though she kept a smile on no matter what, she was hurting somewhere."
  105. "That's how she was..."
  106. Iroha: "I didn't understand Tsuruno-chan at all, either..."
  107. "I just thought it was natural that she was kind, ever since I first met her..."
  108. Yachiyo: "Even though I've known her for so long, me too..."
  109. Iroha: "This whole time... we've..."
  110. "Been relying on Tsuruno-chan's cheerfulness..."
  112. 7.16.2
  113. [in the amusement park rumor still]
  114. Iroha: "I'm sorry, Tsuruno-chan... I've been relying on you so much..."
  115. "This whole time, ever since we met at the Kuchiyose Shrine!"
  116. Yachiyo: "I didn't understand anything about you, either!"
  117. "No, I tried, but I just didn't get it at all!"
  118. "But you know, Tsuruno, I want you to come back."
  119. Tsuruno: "..."
  120. Iroha: "Me too. I know it's selfish, but I want you to come back, Tsuruno-chan."
  121. "Even though I'm probably going to still be relying on you... Even so..."
  122. "I want you to rely on me just as much."
  123. "You don't have to persevere."
  124. "You don't have to be strong."
  125. "You don't have to pretend you're cheerful. Let me help you!"
  126. "So, let's start over once more..."
  127. "You don't have to pull everyone by yourself, support everyone by yourself, or suffer by yourself."
  128. "We'll take everyone's hands. That's the kind of team I want to make!"
  129. "As much as you spoiled me, Tsuruno-chan, let us spoil you!"
  130. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan... Yachiyo... Thank you..."
  131. "But, I can't be saved anymore..."
  133. 7.16.3
  134. [still in the amusement park rumor]
  135. Tsuruno: "Right now, I'm part of a rumor."
  136. "Even if I wanted to go home, I also want to stay here."
  137. "No matter how much you manage to sway my heart."
  138. "I have a duty to fulfill as a rumor."
  139. "I can't run from it anymore."
  140. some rumor in the background: |Parattaratta♪|
  141. Tsuruno: "See, no matter how sad I am, I'll just call up rumors..."
  142. Iroha: "Then let's try once more to separate you from the rumor!"
  143. rumor horse: |Tatattapa♪|
  144. Iroha: "Kya!"
  145. Yachiyo: "Stop it, Tsuruno..."
  146. "I was the one who made you suffer, and Meru, and the team..."
  147. "I know that I was a failure as a leader..."
  148. "But even so, I want you to come back..."
  149. "Once more, I want to apologize to you..."
  150. Tsuruno: "Thanks, Master."
  151. "And thank you for everything."
  152. "You two are important to me, so I'll send you off."
  153. "I'm sure you'll both make good nourishment for the salvation of magical girls."
  154. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno..."
  155. [screen wipe]
  156. Felicia: "We won't let you do that!!"
  157. Sana: "That's right! Let's go home together, Tsuruno-chan!"
  158. Yachiyo: "Huh, you two..."
  159. Iroha: "Felicia-chan, Sana-chan!"
  160. Felicia: "I heard it all!"
  161. Yachiyo: "What about Alina?"
  162. Sana: "Rena-chan and Kaede-chan are stopping her!"
  163. [outside by the Ferris wheel]
  164. Alina: "It's not like I need your hair anyway!"
  165. Rena: "Kuh!"
  166. "What's with you!? You wanted their hair!?"
  167. "That's seriously weird! Are you some kind of youkai!?"
  168. Alina: "I'd really love to shut you up."
  169. "I won't forgive you for calling me a monster!!"
  170. [she attacks, and Kaede blocks]
  171. Kaede: "Rena-chan!"
  172. Rena: "Hm, not bad, Kaede."
  173. Kaede: "Come on, I just saved you!"
  174. Rena: "I didn't ask you to save me!"
  175. Alina: "Ah, shut up..."
  176. [back inside the rumor]
  177. Yachiyo: "I see, so they came..."
  178. Felicia: "Oi, Tsuruno!"
  179. "This time, I'm going to save you!"
  180. Tsuruno: "It's impossible, Felicia."
  181. "It didn't work with Iroha-chan and Master..."
  182. Felicia: "It'll work!"
  183. "Because I... I... I understand you, Tsuruno!"
  184. "I won't be a bother anymore! So come back!"
  185. Tsuruno: "..."
  186. Felicia: "What the heck, say something!"
  187. "Okay, fine!"
  188. "You don't have to help me with your homework anymore."
  189. "Now I'll help you with your homework!"
  190. "So let's go home!"
  191. Tsuruno: "Heh, no way."
  192. Felicia: "There's a way..."
  193. "Why are you saying that..."
  194. "I... I'm... I'm tired of people dying!"
  195. Sana: "Stay, Felicia-chan!"
  196. Felicia: "What, why are you stopping me!?"
  197. "I'm gonna give her one good hit and wake her up!"
  198. Sana: "All four of us should put our power together..."
  199. "If I put my power together with yours, Felicia-san..."
  200. [she transfers power]
  201. Yachiyo: "That's right, with the power of four people..."
  202. "I leave mine to you, Felicia..."
  203. [she transfers power]
  204. Iroha: "Me too, Felicia-chan..."
  205. [she transfers power as well]
  206. "So please, wake up Tsuruno-chan."
  207. Felicia: "I got it... Let's do this!"
  208. Sana: "Tsuruno-san! Please wake up with this!"
  209. [in battle]
  210. Felicia: "Using the power of four people in this hammer, I'm gonna smack you straight!"
  211. "Like how you fix the TV at Banbanzai by hitting it."
  212. "You're gonna be fixed too!"
  213. Tsuruno: "That's mean, Felicia..."
  214. "But, okay. Hit me."
  215. "Somehow..."
  216. "It's like how Myoutou saved Master Kuushinsai."
  217. Felicia: "Yeah, even the disciple can save the master!"
  218. [after battle]
  219. Felicia: "URRRYAAAAH!!"
  220. "From now on, rely on us, Tsurunooooooo!!"
  221. Tsuruno: "..."
  222. Yachiyo: "There's no damage on Tsuruno at all..."
  223. rumor horse: |Pakapa!?!?|
  224. [it collapses]
  225. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... Something is leaking out of Tsuruno-chan..."
  226. [Rumor Tsuruno reverts back to normal Tsuruno, with a fade to white...]
  227. Iroha: "This..."
  228. [some kind of bubbly vision in Yachiyo's house]
  229. Mifuyu: "I think that Meru-san was a splendid magical girl..."
  230. "It's sad, but you're not the only one who feels responsible, Tsuruno-san."
  231. Tsuruno: *maybe she's not telling me the truth because she doesn't think I'm reliable enough... I've gotta work harder, gotta work harder.*
  232. [bubbly vision of a Shinsei Ward street]
  233. Yachiyo: "You don't have to associate yourself with me anymore. I told you the team's dissolved."
  234. Tsuruno: *I mustn't become uneasy, since I'm the Strongest. In fact, I'm probably supporting Master from behind.*
  235. [bubbly vision of a park at night]
  236. Momoko: "I'm at my limit here with Yachiyo-san."
  237. "It's no wonder that Mifuyu-san left..."
  238. Tsuruno: *Hearing about Mifuyu, I need to reason with Yachiyo and clear up Momoko's misunderstanding... It'll all work out if I work hard.*
  239. [bubbly vision of a Mizuna Ward street at night]
  240. Iroha: "Yes, someday I'll find her and the whole family will live together."
  241. Tsuruno: *I feel bad for Iroha-chan. As her senpai, I've gotta help her. After all, I'm the Strongest.*
  242. [bubbly vision of Banbanzai]
  243. Felicia: "That was on the menu? I don't remember it, and I can't read it..."
  244. Tsuruno: *Surviving on her own, she has it way harder than me. I have to train her in both studies and work as her master!*
  245. [bubbly vision of a grocery store]
  246. Sana: "..."
  247. Tsuruno: *I'm sure she's still uneasy. As the lubricant of Team Yachiyo, I, Yui Tsuruno, must make a place for her!*
  248. [fade to black]
  249. Tsuruno: *I've gotta work hard. I don't have time to be uneasy. After all, I'm the Strongest. Like this, I'll accomplish things, and make everyone happy.*
  250. [fade to white]
  251. Sana: "This time... This time, I... I'll be returning the favor... Tsuruno-san."
  252. Felicia: "You don't have to worry about each and every thing! After all, I'm there to help out at the shop!"
  253. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry, Tsuruno. I've pushed you too hard far too long."
  254. Iroha: "I want you to be able to rely on me, Tsuruno-chan. That's the kind of leader I'm gonna become."
  255. [fade to gray]
  256. Iroha: *Let's all join hands.*
  258. 7.16.4
  259. [still in the rumor, we see Tsuruno with dull eyes]
  260. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno, are you alright?"
  261. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan!"
  262. Sana: "Tsuruno-san!"
  263. Felicia: "Wake up!! Take this take this take this!"
  264. [Tsuruno suddenly has shining eyes as usual]
  265. Tsuruno: "Awawawawa! Felicia, you're shaking my head!"
  266. Felicia: "Alright, she's awake!"
  267. Tsuruno: "Ah, I'm sorry, everyone. I've caused you all soo much trouble..."
  268. Yachiyo: "It's fine. Thinking about you, we came to realize a lot..."
  269. Tsuruno: "Well, it's a bit embarrassing being peeked into like that."
  270. "It feels like steam is gonna come out of my ears."
  271. "Ah, more importantly we've gotta hurry... When it's morning, the park will open!"
  272. Iroha: "Also, once we manage to defeat the main rumor..."
  273. Felicia: "Yeah, it'll all be over!"
  274. Sana: "But... how... do we get the main rumor to come out..."
  275. Iroha: "We have to oppose the rumor contents?"
  276. [Yachiyo senses something]
  277. Yachiyo: "Well, there's no need for that.
  278. Ferris wheel rumor: |...ooon...ooon|
  279. Yachiyo: "We're trying to take part of the rumor, AKA Tsuruno, back."
  280. "Of course it wouldn't just let that happen."
  281. Tsuruno: "How dare you try to control the Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno!?"
  282. "Right here, I'm going to take what you did to me and send it right baaa..."
  283. "Ugh, why is my power..."
  284. Ferris wheel rumor: |...ooon...ooon|
  285. Tsuruno: "Uwaaoh!"
  286. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan!"
  287. Felicia: "Oi, it caught her!"
  288. "And why is she so tuckered out, anyway!?"
  289. Iroha: "Well, Yachiyo-san and I really let her have it..."
  290. Tsuruno (in the background): "I'm okay, everyone! I can take a rumor like this by myself!"
  291. Sana: "She's already ignoring what we told her..."
  292. Felicia: "We told you to rely on us!!"
  293. Tsuruno: "...That's right."
  294. "Then, save me, everyone!"
  295. Iroha: "Okay, let's all save her!"
  296. Yachiyo: "Yes, let's erase the rumor, and get out of here already!"
  297. [battle]
  298. Ferris wheel rumor: |...ooon...|
  299. Tsuruno: "Wawah, I'm falling!"
  300. Felicia: "I've got you!"
  301. "Mugah!"
  302. "H-heavy..."
  303. Tsuruno: "That's rude!"
  304. Sana: "Is this... all over... now?"
  305. Iroha: "Yeah, now just the barrier has to disappear..."
  306. Tsuruno: "..."
  307. "Umm, I'm sorry, everyone. I've caused you all so much trouble..."
  308. Yachiyo: "Why are you apologizing? If anything, I'm the one who should be apologizing."
  309. Tsuruno: "But I got brainwashed, and got separated from the team..."
  310. "And this time, I almost killed a lot of people..."
  311. Yachiyo: "But for better or for worse, we learned more about you."
  312. "I think that's a good thing, and I got a chance to reexamine myself."
  313. Iroha: "It ended up being like this, but I'm glad I got to know you better, Tsuruno-chan."
  314. "And anyway, I think the reason this all happened is because of Magius."
  315. Tsuruno: "Yeah..."
  316. Iroha: "From now on, let's all work hard holding hands as a team of five."
  317. "And now I want all of us to work on thinking about the transformation into witches..."
  318. "And what to do about it, this fate that binds all of us magical girls."
  319. "Some new solution, different from the Wings of Magius..."
  320. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  321. Tsuruno: "Yeah."
  322. Felicia: "Alright, then let's do that!"
  323. Sana: "What do you mean by 'that'?"
  324. Felicia: "You know, everyone puts their hands on top of each other! Like before a match!"
  325. Tsuruno: "Ohh, that really makes it feel like a team reunion!"
  326. Felicia: "Right!?"
  327. Tsuruno: "Then, everyone, hands out!"
  328. "And a word from Iroha-chan."
  329. Iroha: "Eh!?"
  330. Tsuruno: "You're the leader, right?"
  331. Iroha: "Ah, uh, um... that's true..."
  332. Tsuruno: "Do it, do it!"
  333. Iroha: "W-well then..."
  334. "Team Mikadzuki House!"
  335. "L-let's gooo!"
  336. Yachiyo and Tsuruno: "Yeah!"
  337. Felicia and Sana: "Yeah!"
  338. [overview of the city at night]
  339. [in front of an apartment complex at night]
  340. girl A: "Ah, huh, what was I here for again?"
  341. "It feels like I was headed somewhere..."
  342. girl B: "An amusement park?"
  343. "No way there's one here, though?"
  344. girl A: "Huh, how strange..."
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