Imperial culture

Nov 5th, 2018
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  1. *Imperials Gain +200 progress each turn for each tile in their territory with a building on it
  3. *Each time imperials conquer a tile from a barbaric tribe, they assimilate 50 population to their nation's population.
  5. *Imperials gain additional 10% progress from cities and districts for every vassal under your control (up to 30%)
  7. *Special action: Vassalize
  8. Imperials can perform a war action(Works just like other wars) against another nation, if they win - that nation becomes their "Vassal" and will pay 10% of its profits to your imperial nation by the end of their turn.
  9. Imperials also gain 10% of the progress their vassals gain from districts and cities by the end of each of their vassal's turn. This amount is not "taxed" like wealth, and vassals still get to keep 100% of their progress.
  10. If that nation wins in any other battle against your nation, they will no longer be your vassals.
  11. If you vassalize a nation that is already a vassal to another imperial nation, they will become your vassals only.
  13. *Special action: Offer to join the empire
  14. You offer another nation to join your empire. If they accept, they become your vassals (see benefits from vassalizations in the action above)
  16. *Special action: Control your Vassal
  17. You can spend an action and make an action as if you were playing as one of your vassals. You can make their nation do anything you wish as long as their nation is capable of it. You can not order them to destroy their own buildings/armiws or harm themselves directly.
  19. *Special action: Call the Bannermen
  20. The vassal Army with the highest base strength amongst your vassals will side with your armies for the rest of this turn. They will dissapear when the round ends.
  21. --
  22. Objectives:
  23. *"Imperial glory" Generate 8,000 or more progress per turn only from buildings.
  24. *"Emperor": Vassalise all of the other nations and generate an income of at least 60,000 gold from taxing them.
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