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  1. Alice wanted to spend this party the way she wanted to spend every other big event she was forced to go to:  by blending into the wallpaper.  She HATED formal gatherings.  She was much more at home with small groups of friends than with big crowds of well-to-do and those pretending to be like them.
  3. She grabbed a glass off of a passing waiter's tray.  It was red and sparkly and smelled sweet, and she nursed it in her hands just to have something to do.  The aroma and shimmer eventually overcame her, and soon she raised the glass to her lips and took a small mouthful.  She couldn't quite place the flavor, but it didn't taste quite like any other wine she'd had.  She took another mouthful, slightly larger this time, and savored it, letting it linger on her tongue before swallowing it down, a pleasant tingling spreading throug her body as she did.
  5. Whatever kind of drink this was, she was enjoying it!  The flavors and aromas mingled well, and her anxiety and inhibitions soon lessened.  She found herself growing bolder, standing up straighter against the wall, and when another waiter came by, she stopped him and made him give her another drink.
  7. This waiter looked remarkably similar to the first one, but not quite as tall.  Twins, perhaps?  Or was the drink just playing tricks on her perception?  At any rate, Alice took the drink and practically downed it, letting the liquid pour down her throat in one smooth motion.
  9. That pleasant tingling that had acompanied her first glass was only magnified by the quick emptying of the second, and Alice found herself giving just a little moan.  Ten minutes ago, she would have been mortified at making such a sound and possibly drawing attention to herself, but now she didn't care.  She gave a big stretch, the tingling becoming even stronger as she did.  Had her eyes been open, she would have seen herself inching up the wallpaper, her dress rising from floor-length to ankle-length to just below the knee.  She would have seen her chest expand from the petite size it used to be, ballooning into a respectable chest, cleavage forming and the top of her dress hugging her breasts tighter and tighter.
  11. But when she opened her eyes, she saw the effects of her transformation and LOVED it.  She wasn't sure what was in those drinks, but she needed another.  Luckily, that waiter from before had paused near her and was staring up at her, as were a few others.  She strode condidently towards him and took two small glasses off his tray.  She gulped down the first one and felt the tingling and growth kick in again, more potent than ever.  She held the other glass in one hand, feeling it seemingly shrink away in her growing grip and continued to stride towards the center of the room.  She felt everyone's eyes on her, and as she raised the tiny glass to her lips, she thought:
  13. "Maybe these parties aren't so bad after all."
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