Lunar Nights, Sunny Days Part 1

Jul 22nd, 2013
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  1. "We can't keep doing this." You say sitting up in Luna's bed. She rolls over and puts her front hooves on your lap while nuzzling your neck."This" you motion between you and her. She seems somewhat hurt. "Do I not satisfy you?" she mumbles, withdrawing slightly. "Its not that. You know what I'm talking about." You say. Looking at her with an annoyed look on her. Realization setting in smirks and makes you lay back down with her completely on top of you."If I remember correctly you came into my room while I was sleeping and ravaged my body. Against my will i may add." she whispers to you. Oh you remember that night. It's what caused all this.You went into Luna's room thinking it was Celesta's with the intent to forcibly have sex with her. It was so dark you couldn't tell it was Luna until it was all over and you lit a candle. But it wasn't your fault. You are Celestia's husband. But you quickly realized it was an empty title. She wouldn't let you touch her. EVER. An when you asked her why she would say she doesn't know why she can't sleep with you yet. But makes it very clear she does love you.And Luna, once she had a taste of the forbidden fruit she couldn't stop. What started as a one time thing quickly grew to every night. And what makes this whole thing worse is that she doesn't force you to do this with her. Every night she 'mistakenly' leave's her bedchamber door unlocked for you. You go willingly, eager to slate the beast's hunger within you. And Luna's all to happy to yields herself to you.The feel of her lips on your's brings you outta your thought's. She rocks her lower hips against your's while caressing your cheek.
  3. Its gonna be a long night
  5. You have to wait until Celestia raises the sun to return to the room you both share. The sun is not completely raised when you slip into the bathroom. Quickly you discard your clothes from the previous night and step into the shower. You have to get Luna's perfume and essence off of you before Celestia gets back. Unfortunately you barely get yourself wet when Celestia walks in." Good Morning darling" She says through the sliding gas door. You shout a reply to your wife as you scrub frantically to get the smell off. She's asks you how your morning run was to which you reply that it was fine. You thank the heavens she buys it. She says she will see you in the dining hall for breakfast and leaves the bathroom. But not before slipping her head through the partially open shower door and giving you your good morning kiss.You dress in your royal attire she had tailor made for you and enter the dining hall. You see Your wife and her sister sitting at the long elegant table waiting patiently waiting for you. Upon taking your usual spot between Celestia and Luna the butlers and maids lay out the morning feast as well as placing your special utensils called forks ,knives and ,spoons in front of you. As you eat an elder pony reads off the minutes of yesterday's meetings to Celesita, Luna and yourself. Celestia pays close attention to the elder pony but you attention lies elsewhere.
  7. You give Luna a sideways glare as she goes on eating her meal. She using her magic to rub her inner thigh while simultaneously lifting the food to her mouth. Pretending to be completely oblivious to you. Reaching down you tug at her cushion. It's a silent attempt to tell her to cut it out but she's feeling ballsy today. Her magic has worked its way into your clothes and is now stroking your cock to life.
  8. Fears of getting caught and the gentle stroke form her magic almost instantly gets you hard. You grip your fork as hard as you can an try as best you can to keep a straight Face as you endure this nightmare. You think you've gotten yourself under control when Luna pick up the pace. It cause you to slam your hands down on the table. The sound echos throughout the hall making the elder pony stop talking and look at you, as well as everypony else."Darling is there something wrong" Celestia asks you, concern lacing her face. "Yes is there something on your mind" Luna chimes in with mock concern, all the no not stopping her strokes. Looking at Luna now would make things obvious.So you force
  9. a smile on your face as you face your wife. You quickly make up some excuse about being concerned about some random thing the elder pony said that you managed to remember. The elder pony explains in greater detail about what you said.
  11. Successfully for covering you.
  13. You feel like you may burst soon. And you cant look at Luna. She hasn't stopped her assault and has actually increased her efforts. You have lean back in your seat and rest your head against the head rest to hide your orgasm. You cum coats the inside of your pants. Thankfully no one notices, except Luna. A smile know smile creeps onto her face as she releases you from her magical grip.
  15. The rest of breakfast passes quickly and soon you find yourself practically running down the hallway back to your room to change.
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