The Anarcho-Authoritarian Manifesto

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  1. The Anarcho-Authoritarian Manifesto
  3. For long, the left has been smeared by dogmatists, revisionists and faux-leftists. On the radical side, we have anarcho-communists and Marxist-Leninists constantly infighting and refusing to collaborate to accomplish even the simplest things. On the more moderate side, we have the false-flagging liberal social democrats, plagued by the disease that is identity politics. In the middle of that messy squabble resides Trotskyists, Libertarian Marxists, Post-Leftists, Nihilists, and a dozen more flavors of leftism incapable of achieving anything, if not are absolutely cancerous and destructive for the left.
  5. Anarcho-Authoritarians are the result of the collaboration of the two most radical and revolutionary leftist thoughts, that are Anarcho-Communism and Marxism-Leninism. We hope to end the sectarian quarrel between the two most proper left wing factions, and progress towards a better society. We strive for true communism in it’s truest sense, a stateless, classless, moneyless society, where humans are valued not by how much profit they could generate, but by who they are, and what they can do to contribute to society and themselves. We strive for a society of collective individuals, it is safe to call Anarcho-Authoritarians Individual-Collectivists. We believe that by acting in society’s best interest, one is also acting in his own best interest, and vice versa. However, we also believe this cannot be possible under capitalism, it cannot be the case if people still have faith in the doctrine of private ownership and the free market.
  7. We operate on the basic principle that people do not act in their best interest under capitalism, and require to be forced to be free. Their liberty can only be achieved once they've been rid off the economical, political, social and cultural aspects of the past. That is, the degeneracy and enslavement made possible by global neoliberal capitalism, strengthened by the imperialist states of the world and protected by the brainwashed masses. The people are tricked into thinking they’re acting in their best interest to vote for a candidate, or start a business, or to be employed and enslaved by another, their taught since birth that this is their freedom, to be creating profit for another person instead of getting their fair share of the value they created. And the people will continue to believe this, they will continue to submit themselves to slavery and manipulation, unless a revolutionary vanguard awakens them.  
  9. 1.  This is our first principle. The Anarcho-Authoritarians are in favor of a revolutionary vanguard to awaken the masses, to spread propaganda, to enlighten the people of the world of the exploitation they are facing. The vanguard will be open for all regardless of their background, race, sex, or any irrelevant identity, but only few will be accepted to operate within it’s inner circles to ensure safety from the destruction of the vanguard and the revolution by revisionism.
  11. 2.  After the vanguard has been successfully established, it is important to recognize the revolutionary potential of the people within the geographical regions that the vanguard is capable of operating on. It is quite obvious that a successful revolution must come from the first world in order to have enough significance as to shake the current neoliberal status quo and rearrange society to a communist order. However, the revolutionary potential of the first world is incredibly low, as it has the resources to buy off revolutionary movements and bribe the people into reformist, conservative or even worse, reactionary movements. But unlike Maoist-Third Worldists, we also recognize that the third world doesn’t have the potential to have a successful revolution either, mainly from them having too little significance to create a worthwhile movement. This has been the case with numerous attempts to establish socialism of the past and present, and will continue to be unless we have a third option.
  13. 3.  Anarcho-Authoritarians suggest that, since we do not have the potential for a successful progressive revolution in either the first world or the third world, there must be another mean to bring about the revolution and establish socialism. This mean must be the initiation of a massive-scaled global nuclear war, to ensure the destruction of the old neoliberal capitalist world order. This can be brought about by accelerationism to create a more nationalistic and fascistic society, vulnerable to war, or by entrying significant political parties and taking control of the government and military. However, it is necessary that we realize the capitalists and statists will be merely weakened by the war, not completely and absolutely destroyed by it. Thus, the Anarcho-Authoritarians need to organize to truly revolt, terminate and carry out a successful global people’s revolution.
  15. 4.  After the revolution has succeeded, we seek to establish a Collective of the Individuals. That is, we wish to create a collective organization of the individuals within the society, and collaborate to produce and develop, and at the same time, to defend the individuals against possible reactionary elements of capitalism. This brings us to the next aspect of Anarcho-Authoritarianism
  17. 5.  We wish to have all power within the society to be wielded and controlled by the collective, all resources, military, authority, wealth, power, etc shall be controlled by the people through the Dictatorship of the Individuals. The principles of organization used by the collective will be Democratic Decentralism. All individuals within the collective of the individuals will be able to discuss, vote, decide on matters, and once the decision has been made, the actions will be carried out by some and watched over by others. Whenever the process becomes ineffective or damaging, the decision can be quickly reverted, analyzed and altered, avoiding revisionists being in power and terminating the achievements of the revolution.  This is a significant aspect of Anarcho-Authoritarianism, anti-revisionism is a crucial aspect in order to effectively establish communism without failing like past attempts, and to combat revisionism, other means must also be utilized.
  19. 6.  The most important thing about combatting revisionism isn’t punishment, but rehabilitation, and the best period in a person’s lifetime to rehabilitate them is before they’ve conducted counter-revolutionary acts. This is a long and difficult process, vulnerable to failure, but is absolutely necessary. People must be educated from childbirth to be pro-revolution, pro-communist, anti-revisionist and anti-reactionary. All negative aspects of capitalist and pre-capitalist cultures must be wiped out of the minds of the people. The pseudo-individualistic pursuit for degeneracy and hedonism have to be destroyed. The concept of nation and traditions, both established to keep a capitalist and feudalist society to function, must also be demolished. The risks of a religious, capitalistic or otherwise reactionary revolution must also be considered, and it is the responsibility of the collective to know how to deal with these elements. The people will be given their rights to decide, but as we’ve mentioned before, they do not regularly act in their best interest, and must be forced to do so.  
  21. 7.  For punishment, options favorable to Anarcho-Authoritarian include forced labor camps (for revisionist elements capable of being reeducated) and firing squads (for absolutely uncooperative elements such as reactionary religious movements or capitalist libertarians). The use of these methods should be left to be decided by the collective of the people.
  23. 8.  The establishment of an Anarcho-Authoritarian society can be possible within a nation, and can coexist temporarily with capitalist countries, with great risks of foreign imperialist invasions. Thus, the collective need to be able to defend themselves from foreign invasions. As previously mentioned, the actions within the society will be decided and operated upon the principle of democratic decentralism, though it has also been mentioned that people do not act in their best interest. Thus, undemocratic measures must be made along with more democratic ones to ensure absolute safety for the people of the collective.
  25. 9.  One of these undemocratic measures proposed by Anarcho-Authoritarians is the construction of safety, multipurpose bunkers. Bunkers must be constructed all over the geographical region that the vanguard of the individuals is in control of. Bunkers have to be able to ensure maximum safety for occupants, offer abundant resources necessary for survival and be able to offer hostile actions against invaders. The design and other details of bunkers can be decided by technicians and specialists, but the importance of them must be understood by all of the collective.
  27. 10. Another undemocratic measure proposed by Anarcho-Authoritarians is the application of a policy that includes isolationism, self-reliance, collectivization, pro-military, independence, anti-imperialism, anti-revisionism, anti-capitalism and most importantly, pro-communist. The policy must be applied in the society of the collective, and be enforced by the individuals responsible of ensuring security and keeping peace, that is necessary for development. The policy will act for the interest of the individuals of the collective, and against the interests of the exploiting capitalists and foreign imperialist states. With this policy, we will be able to ensure our own security, independence and strength to build communism.
  29. With the content and ideas provided above, Anarcho-Authoritarians seek to unite the true elements of the left to fight against their common enemy: capitalism and the state that protects it. We believe that only by uniting will the left be capable of carrying out a revolution, and to unite, the theory of Anarcho-Authoritarianism must be preserved, analyzed and put to action by the most passionate and enduring revolutionaries, to build a better world for the individuals of society.
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