Dadonequus Discord Part 250

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  1. >"I already said I was, didn't I. What, think I'm gonna flake out or somethin'? That's not my style....especially after doing that. Trixie is gonna have a fit at me when she..." Rainbow Dash tilts her neck to get a good look at Trixie, who was now on the ground, gurgling spit in her mouth "Wakes up, I guess"
  2. >You laugh at that, it reminded you of something just as funny, but it escaped you right now.
  3. "Yeah well, only caring about your conviction rate isn't a very good thing. I mean, what if some of the ponies she sent to jail was.....Dash?"
  4. >You looked back at her, and she was...gone?!
  5. "G-ghnnn!"
  6. >Where did she even?...
  7. >Before you could even give it another thought. Pinkie grabbed you and pulled you over. "And this is the amaaaaaaaazing colt that gave me the bits in the first place! His name is Nonny, but I call him Anon because we're friends. Isn;t it amazing? I only knew him for a few minutes and we're already close!"
  8. >When your eyes adjusted to the quick tug. You found yourself in front of the Pie family, with Pinkie behind you, a big grin on her face as she presents you.
  9. >The first to say anything is Maud. Who just stares at you stoically. Her voice, ever neutral and unethused "It's nice to meet you Anon, I'm Maud...." She tilts her head to present the rock that sat even leveled on her front right leg shoulder "...And this is boulder, he's a rock, he also says hi and thanks you for the money for food. I'm sorry if I seemso broken down, having my sister nearly convicted of a crime she didn't commit scared me like nothing else"
  10. >Did it? Meeting Maud face to face, you had to wonder if she had any emotion whatsoever. You knew she did, but, you had an akward feeling in your gut about her. Probably the same the rest of the Mane 6 had when first meeting her. She didn't look sad, nor ecstatic. It was kinda creepy.
  12. "Um...It's nice to meet you Maud, Boulder."
  13. >Suddenly, the angry looking one stepped up and looked directly into your eyes. "Hold on Pinkie, let me get this straight. This little twerp really gave you all those bits? And then just so happens to pop up right at the right time? Something isn't right, you listen here, if you're expecting my sister to be some sort of slave just because you saved all our skins from being poor then I got another thing coming for you pal!" She raised her hoof at you "Do you honestly think I'm gonna believe some punk is going to help us out for free?" She pokes hard at your chest "Just because you're a colt doesn't mean we're gonna let you do what you want...Right Mom, Dad?" the pony looked to her parents for approval, but they just stared at her with disapproval. The mother, shaking her head.
  14. >"....mnnnn" She sighed, took a deep breath, and took a moment to calm down "Ok, maybe that was a little much, but I still don't trust you...completely. But since you did save my little sister, I guess I at least have to say thank thank you. and..." The angry pony stepped closer, you flinched, thinking she was gonna hurt you, but instead she gave you a gentle hug, you could feel the tenseness in her body. It was like she was deftly afraid of losing Pinkie...god. "There, a hug so you know I kind of trust you. But only Kind of!"
  15. >You decided to return her hug with another hug, catching her offguard.
  16. "It's good to know you trust me miss Inkie, I think your entire family is great already!"
  17. >But the pony backed off, a scowl on her face. "whatdya call me?"
  18. >.....was it not Inkie?
  19. "Erm...Blinkie?"
  21. >The pony went from grey to red with fury, she thought you were insulting her, it looked like she wanted to grind you up all of a sudden. But she was also struggling. She knew she couldn't just make a scene. But she wanted to yell at you so bad. "Grrrr...Look, my name is Limestone, got it? Lime-Stone. Limestone, I don't know how you thought I had such a stupid name but if I hear it again I'm gonna.....mnnnnn" she was struggling so hard "Correct you...again. And grrr, thank you.....I need to step outside for a sec. It's been a rough day"
  22. >You were taking quick breaths as Limestone stepped out. Holy shit, she's scary as fuck. This world has not been good to her. You wondered how this other one was.
  23. >Well, as you looked at her, she was staring at you as some of her mane covered her beautiful purple eyes. Was she going to explode at you too? or not? Whatever, woo. This one was adorably cute though.
  24. >"Marble, you don't have to say hi if you don't feel comfortable, but you have to at least say thank you. It's bad manners not to." Pinkie's mother stated. "I apologize Mr.Anon, it's been hard on all of us, I'm Mrs. Pie, you may also refer to me as Cloudy Quartz if you want."
  25. >"And I'm Mr.Pie, Igneous Rock if you wish to call me that, any pony who'd do this for us is a pony I see as a fine pony worth calling a close family friend. Especially in these very troubling times" The father introduced himself.
  26. >So it wasn't Inkie and Blinkie? Huh, it makes sense. They were ill fitting names.
  27. >You nod with a smile
  28. "It's nice to meet you all, and erm. Don't worry, she doesn't have to say anything. if she doesn't feel comfortable"
  29. >Like gazooks man, she looked shy as hell. But when you said that, she seemed even more troubled, like she at least wanted to say something than seem unthankful at all. She even had tears in her eyes.
  30. >"T-t-thank you...mhmmm...." She then looked down, already feeling shamed that she didn't say it sooner.
  32. >Then, Maud put her hoof on hers. and looked at her with a very very very very slight smile "It's alright Marble, he isn't going to hurt us in anyway. If Pinkie says he's a good pony. He's a good pony. I know you're scared, we all were, even Boulder was and he's usually tougher than this. But we all care for Pinkie, and so does Nonny"
  33. >Marble's tears began to stream down hard. She was shivering. She got up slowly And grabbed you, hugging you gently, you could feel the tears fall upon you. She doesn't say a word. But you could feel how scared she was. The poor pony.
  34. >Pinkie joined in on the hug. "It'll be ok sis! Promise!"
  35. >It was, for once, a gentle hug. You grasped and gently hugged the poor purple eyed cutie to let her know everything was ok. When it was all done with. You looked to Pinkie, you had to ask her now, the sooner, the better.
  36. "Ponk, I know it's super sudden. And, I hope it doesn't make your sister angrier than she already is. But, I do actually need you for something. All the way to Canterlot actually. It's nothing bad. But there's a pony who needs you."
  37. >"A pony that needs me?" Pinkie was perplexed "Huh, weird. Is it somepony I know?"
  38. >You shook your head
  39. "No, but I'd think you'd want to get to know her. She's super friendly."
  40. >"Needs MY help and super friendly? Well that's all the convincing I need! O-oh...if it's ok with mom and dad though. M-mom,'s ok right?"
  41. >"Igneous nodded "If this little colt says this pony needs your help, and you can help her...."
  42. >With Cloudy Quartz finishing "..Then of course you may go"
  43. >"Well, that settles that! It looks like I'm going!! Ohhh! One more thing. Mom, why did you call Nonny Mr.Anon. Anon is his nickname" Pinkie wondered.
  45. >"No dear, it's actually his name. That's what the police had on record when they spoke with us. Trying to make us believe that you possibly stole from a visiting prince named Anon. I didn't believe it at first, and I still don't believe he's a prince. But I do believe he has a big heart. Some of the police in this town, I think, try to spin tall tales about other ponies just to arrest them" Cloudy explains.
  46. >"Oh...Well, I guess that makes sense. And Nonny does make a cuter nickname. Because well...Nonny as a normal name sounds kinda like a girls name, no offense. But I guess I'm calling you Nonny now Anon, or maybe I can call you Anonny so I don't get confused!" Pinkie giggled
  47. "Eheh...erm..Nonny is fine. But Ponk, I hate to rush, but we're in a hurry. And..."
  48. >And Rainbow Dash just bolted for no fucking reason. The hell man!
  49. "Yeah, I have to hail a cab to. No guessing how long that's gonna take"
  50. >With that, Pinkie gave hugs and goodbyes to her family. Including Limestone, who had stepped back in upon calming down. She looked down at you one last time before you departed. She calmly apologized, thanked you again, and then warned you that if anything happened to Pinkie, she'd eat you. wondered if this family had an episode of their own. And if they did, how much they differed from your meeting with them because seriously? There's no way Limestone is like that on the actual fucking show. You're actually afraid to be stuck in a room with her.
  52. >Both you and Pinkie stood outside now. Looking upon the traffic.
  53. "...ergh, how are we even supposed to get a taxi here anyway? The streets are filled with cars."
  54. >"You just stick your hoof out silly! It's super easy! let me show you!" Pinkie just bounced over, down the steps and onto the sidewalk as she started to try to hail for a cab.
  55. >As you descended the stairs. You could see it clearly not working.
  56. "Ponk, I think we gotta walk all the way to this rental place. There's no way we're getting a ride."
  57. >"But the rental place is so far from here! Come on Nonny, you just gotta believe!"
  58. >What, In this world? Luck aside, this place is close enough to being human that shit like that would never happen.
  59. "Ponk, I don't wanna sound pessimistic but....what the?"
  60. >You could hear a police siren blaring as it started driving down the road. Cars slowly stopping to let it through onto the emergency lanes."
  61. "What in the? Ahh great! Now traffic isn't moving at all!..Ponk, c'mon, it's not gonna work at all now..."
  62. >But she just kept trying. "Nonny, it's gonna work. Haven't you ever read the stories of ponies who manage to beat the odds by just trying super hard and never giving up?"
  63. >...oh...ponk..
  64. "Ponk, look, that's not how the world works. Sometimes believing in a pony, or in fate, or good luck just isn't worth it. Nothing comes from it, we have to make it on our own"
  65. >"But Nonny, wouldn't it be good luck, fate, and believing in you that made everything better for me and my family?" Pinkie asked
  66. "I mean"
  67. >that was a tough one to refute
  68. "That was, more dumb luck, That kind of thing doesn't happen twice"
  69. >But just as you say that, The police car that was blaring it's sirens comes down to the parking lane of the courthouse. This police car was more modern than the carriage cars that were driving around. It actually looked like something from the 70s. With an actual windshield and roof.
  71. "What in the...."
  72. >The driver side door opens away from yours and Pinkie's view. The driver, that familiar blue cunt, is the one to step around to look at the both of you with a smug grin. "Yo, sorry to leave so quick, but I figured since we we're going to Canterlot, that we should all ride in style. Hop in"
  73. >Pinkie smiled happily, then hopped over to the car and opened the back door before looking back at you with such hopeful optimism. "See Nonny! I told you it'd work! Isn't this the coolest cab you've ever seen?"
  74. >..............
  75. >You smack your hoof across your face. You know what, fuck it, why do you even go against Pinkie when she says shit like this? It just makes you feel like an idiot. You could say it's not even a fucking cab. But, you'd let her have it. If you both went with your idea. You might have missed Dash.
  76. "Yeah, it is Ponk. It is..."
  77. >You step into the passenger side. Ohhh, even the interior looked nice. There were a few decal stickers on the glove compartment. One in the style of a police badge, one in the shape of lightning, and one was really really old. It was fading in color. It was a Wonderbolt sticker. The rest of the interior was very comfy. The seats were soft, the cage seperating the passenger side to the driver side looked secure, and there was some customized assets like the raincloud levers and the "AWESOME" word in gold trim stitched on the front of RD's seat. This was obviously her car.
  78. >Rainbow Dash kept the sirens blaring as she used it to make a clear path back onto the road. She slapped on some sunglasses as she drove, shutting off the sirens when she hit lighter traffic. When the sirens came offf. She snickered and spoke without taking her eyes off the road. "So, whatcha think? Pretty awesome ride huh?"
  80. >"It's the best cab I've ever seen! It even has cool magical lights that makes ponies move away from us. You must get a lot of customers" Pinkie said, naive to the whole thing.
  81. >"What?! Cab?! nooooooooope, nononono. This isn't some lame cab. This is a state of the art Police vehicle, custom made for speed and awesomeness for the Chief of Police, that's me by the way. And you know how I managed to earn this car? hmmm? Just take a guess, go on, take it!" Rainbow Dash said in her usual narcissistic and bold tone.
  82. >"ummmm...for being awesome?" Pinkie guessed
  83. >"Exxxxactly!" Rainbow Dash snickered "and there ain't nopony more awesome than me. But hey, let's not get sidetracked with how cool I am. Yo, Anon, I was meaning to ask, what exactly, specifically are we gonna do at Canterlot? Like super exactly, because it can't be anything too big. Don't need the kings realizing I just suddenly decided to come before actual vacation time. They might take this sweet ride away"
  84. >"Yeah, I was wondering too. Because I've been meaning to try to get back into party planning. With all the money I got from the bits. i wanted to try opening a bigger and better party place, that way everypony could see it and think to themselves "Wow! I want something that will make me smile today!". So maaaayyybbeee, I could get in some practice with this pony that needs our help" Pinkie said
  87. "A couple of things actually. The pony I was talking about? It's the old Princess, Celestia. She's been really lonely lately and I thought it'd might make her day if she met some ponies who'd want to be her friends. And, well, you two are probably the best candidates. Ponk, you're just super happy and friendly and thats great. And Rainbow Dash? Well, you're awesome, who wouldn't want to be friends with you?"
  88. >You play into that just a little, enough to goad her into sticking the course in case the name "Celestia" deterred her.
  89. >"Celestia huh? I didn't think she was lonely or anything. I know the Kings basically gave her a free ride after they got their crowns. She doesn't have to pay for anything and she gets a house to boot. I would have thought she was mingling with the rich ponies and stuff. Are you sure you mean THAT Celestia?"
  90. >You nod
  91. "Yeah, I mean THAT Celestia, she could really use this"
  92. >"Well, if she could really use this then I'm really there!" Pinkie grinned as she pointed to herself, and then immediately her grin turned into a sheepish smile "Well...when we are actually really there anyway"
  93. >"And I don't want to be called a quitter, so yeah, I guess I'm in too" Rainbow Dash says.
  94. "Thanks guys, there was one more pony I thought we could get into this. But, she seems so hateful of everything, it might actually be impossible"
  95. >"There you go, being negative again Nonny! You can't think like that. If you say we need this pony to help Celestia out then we gotta get this pony. Oh, I got an idea!" Pinkie got really excited about this one "Why don't you tell me her name, what she likes to do, how she acts, and I'll think of the perfect way to win her over and get her to smile! That way you can see how it's done!"
  96. >At first, you thought that was silly and gay. But, you were already wrong once. And This was Pinkie's talent, no matter what world you ended up in. But could she even fix Twilight the way she is now?
  98. Her name is Twilight Sparkle, she is a clerk at this hotel on the slummy side of Canterlot. She likes reading books more than interacting and as far as I can tell she doesn't have any friends nor does she want any. But she's important, if we can at least get her, I'm sure Celestia would snap out of this kind of funk she's in."
  99. >"I don't know Anon, this Sparkle pony sounds like a big time jerk to me, how important can she be?"" Rainbow Dash said as she kept her eyes on the road.
  100. "Just trust me, she's super duper important. I can't really explain it. But we have to make her see Friendship isn't that bad"
  101. >"Doesn't want any friends and she's THAT important? hmmmmmmmmmmm" Pinkie leaned back as she began to think "And you say she likes books? What kind of books?"
  102. "Anything that would further magic studies, and Daring Do, she loves Daring guys do have Daring Do, right?"
  103. >"Daring Do? pffft, those books are for eggheads. Besides, doesn't A.K. Yearling not write books anymore or something? I heard her last book was in such limited print that there's only three copies. The kings having one each"
  104. >...she knew that?...and didn't even read them? Well, of course she hadn't. Twilight hadn't gotten her into them.
  105. "How do you know that Rainbow Dash?"
  106. >"Because the guy who has the third copy got robbed ten times just for that book. He's selling it for three hundred thousand bits. The guy is a loon, nopony will ever buy it at that price since he's not trying to sell it in Canterlot. And all he's attracting is thieves. I've tried to tell him, but he just doesn't listen" Rainbow Dash just shook her head from the thought of it.
  107. >"STOP THE CAR!" Pinkie suddenly yelled.
  108. >"WHAT THE?!" Rainbow Dash pulled the brake lever. Sending you smashing into the windshield headfirst and falling backwards back onto your seat.
  109. "whhshssssnnnmmaaafftttt"
  110. >You were dizzy as fuck from that hit. holy shit.
  112. >"Anon, Are you ok?! sheesh! why didn't you have your seatbelt on! Oh gosh!" Rainbow Dash checked your head for any injuries, but miraculously, you were fine. "Woah, not a single scratch on you. What are you made of, gemstone or something?" Rainbow Dash lightly knocked on your head.
  113. "Yes teacher, the answer to two plus two is pizza"
  114. >You said in a daze
  115. >".....ok, maybe you're not totally ok. Hey, Pinkie, what was up with....huh?" Rainbow Dash looked backward, and the door was opened. "WHAT IN THE?! HOW DID SHE OPEN THE DOOR?! IT CAN ONLY BE OPENED FROM THE OUTSIDE!"
  116. >Rainbow Dash's surprised yell knocks you out of your stupor as you look around.
  117. "W-what happened?"
  118. >"Your friend Pinkie! She just had me stop the car and now she's gone! Stay right there Anon!"
  119. >Rainbow Dash got out of the car and went in through the door Pinkie opened. She closed it, and tried opening the door casually. But it wouldn't open. "How did she do it? Nopony should be able to open the door from the inside."
  120. >You looked backwards through the caged window to see Rainbow Dash struggling, trying to get back out.
  121. "Why did she even leave? Did she say?"
  122. >"No, she just upped and went. Darn it, There's not even a keyhole back here. Hold on, I'm gonna try busting the door down." Rainbow Dash got on her back on the seats and prepared to buck.
  123. "W-wait, hold on! Why don't I just get out and open the door?"
  124. >"Don't! I need to prove to myself that these doors can't be opened from the inside. If I'm right, even bucking shouldn't work!"
  125. >She pulled her back legs as far as possible.
  126. >"Three!..HYYYAWOOOOAH!"
  127. >You watch as Rainbow Dash sends herself forward as the door begins to open. She slides right off the seat and lands on her back outside with a groan as Pinkie steps back in with a bag.. "Hey Nonny! Oh..And Chief Dash, whatcha doin down there?" Pinkie poked her head out to look at the fallen blue pony.
  129. >Rainbow Dash growled at her, looking up at the smiling Pink Pony. "I'm down here because you opened the door right when I bucked!"
  130. >"Oh...erm...why were you bucking your own door?" Pinkie asked with a inquisitive smile
  131. >"BECAUSE YOU SOMEHOW OPENED THE DOOR FROM THE INSIDE! THIS CAR IS AS PERFECT AS I AM! THERE'S NO FLAWS! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!" Rainbow Dash screamed as she thrashed on the ground. Cripes, what a baby.
  132. >"ooooooohhhhh" Pinkie giggled "I noticed the cab had a weird locking thingy before I got in, and I thought to myself "That isn't right, I can get trapped if I don't do something about it". So I put a small rock I found next to the cab and put in into the locking thingy and it didn't lock. Easy peasy!"
  133. >Rainbow Dash just stared at her, annoyed as fuck, she stood up, keeping eye contact and brushed off her uniform as she began to explain to her how wrong she was "Ok look, one. That's dumb. Two, don't ever call my awesome car a CAB again, and three. What were you even doing?! What's with the bag?"
  134. >"oh!" Pinkie Smiled, as if she didn't even hear Dash's first two points and pulled out the Daring Do book. "I was just making a trade for this, all I had to do was give him this old "Summer Sun festival" special edition bit Anon gave me and he gave it to me. Pretty nifty huh?"
  135. >"What..the?" Rainbow Dash looked to the side, Pinkie had called a stop right at the store she was just talking about. She could see the own with a coin case. Leaving the store with such glee and happiness.
  136. "..w-what?"
  137. >.....holy crap.No fucking way. NO FUCKING WAY. IN NO REAL REALM IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE!
  138. >You just gazed upon the book with such disbelief. Enough that you could swear it could kill you.
  139. "P-pinkie, how did you even. Why?! WITH JUST ONE BIT?! HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK! HOW MUCH WAS THAT BIT WORTH?!"
  141. >"five million bits if you have the whole special edition coins. He had every one but that one. So he traded the book AND..." Pinkie pulled out a stack of business papers "I own the store too! I'm gonna make it into a party place that everypony would want to go to for happiness and fun! I still have all the bits you gave me since you can take back whatever was yours from the prosecutor's table when the trial is over. Assuming your innocent of course. Which I was. Yup! Everything is gonna work out in the end. Just you see!"
  142. >Your eye was twitching, there's reasonable way. There's no way to explain it. You couldn't even say anything. just gave up.
  143. "..Y-yeah, thats..amazing Ponk. G-good job."
  144. >Rainbow Dash was astonished as well, she just looked over at the building. Then at the smiling pony. Back at the building, then her door, then back at Pinkie. She then narrowed her eyes and pointed at her. "You're crazy" And then, right after that, she smiled big. Like, as if she wasn't mad anymore. "And! I've never met a pony that can just do all this without planning or something. You're like, a super detective! Why don't you join the force and become one?"
  145. >Pinkie shrugged "Never thought about it, would I get a cool pipe, a detective's hat, and an assistant who is also a doctor?"
  146. >"" Rainbow Dash answered
  147. >"Then I'm ok just being me! But, we better get going. nonny is looking pretty worried" Pinkie pointed out
  148. >Worried? you were just wondering what reality bending powers Pinkie had. It seemed even more broken than what she has on the show, in your Equestria even.
  150. >and so, the drive resumed, out of town, and towards Canterlot.
  151. "Ponk, do you think just giving her that book will work?"
  152. >"No, it probably won't. But it's gonna help a loads lots if she actually does like Daring Do. But if we really want her to be a friend, then we're actually gonna have to be her friend. Which is why you're gonna have to be the one to give her the book Nonny, it'd be weird if you showed up with all of us just to do it." Of this, Pinkie was sure
  153. " you mean I have to talk to her, alone?"
  154. >"Mhmmm! That's exactly what I meant" Pinkie confirmed
  155. "B-but, I'm not you."
  156. >No fuck that, you couldn't do it. You didn't have that magic friend power Pinkie seemed to have.
  157. "Why can't you do it?"
  158. >"I just told you. Nonny, you're the one who wants this all to happen. All I can do is help. If you want twilight to be a friend, then you're gonna have to get in there and show her!" Pinkie said, in a way that was supposed to be inspirational "I know you can do it"
  159. >"Eh, I'm kinda with Anon on this one. You really are super amazing at being nice and friendly. Are you saying there;s no way whatsoever you can do it Pinkie? Like, really? None at all?" Rainbow Dash asked
  160. >"Nope, I can just feel that if I met Twilight, she'd find me really really annoying. I don't know why she would. But it's like...this sense I have.Weird, huh?"
  161. >Sense...Pinkie Sense? ahh shit, you couldn't go against that. Not unless you wanted a piano landing on your fucking head.
  162. >"Sense? Really? That seems dumb. Are you sure?" Rainbow Dash asks
  163. "She's sure..."
  164. >"What? Why's that? Anon, weren't you just unsure that she was sure. Why are you sure she's sure? Pinkie, how can you be so sure? ogh.." Rainbow Dash sighed "This sure is giving me a headache just thinking about it"
  165. "I'm sure because Ponk is THAT sure, if she can somehow sense it. Then it must be true. I mean, she did get the book. It's hard to doubt her after that"
  167. >"If you say so, she's been right so far. And she sure does know what she's doing. Ok, like I said. I'm just not gonna think about it. Just tell me where to drive" Rainbow Dash conceded. She had no idea the true purpose of anything. But you were glad that she was just here. the more, the merrier. and given she was an element of harmony. all the better.
  168. >The drive went smoothly enough. Rainbow Dash drove up to the dinky looking hotel and let you off. Pinkie opened her door again, much to Rainbow Dash's chagrin, and passed you the book. She gave you a wink, and told you you'd do fine.
  169. > could only hope.
  170. >You step forth into the hotel once again. Ready to face off against Twilight Sparkle at what was originally. her game. You still had to have a talk with the Twilight Sparkle of your world. Simply because being in this one was truly showing you what she may have met.
  171. >Just as before, Twilight sat at her desk, alone, muzzle in another book, this one on Starswirl the Bearded and many theories about him. At least Twilight was still interested in magic. But was she still interested in Daring Do?
  172. "Excuse me Miss Twilight, can I talk to you?"
  173. >"Hmmm? What?" Twilight looked over her book, and saw it was you again. "oh...why? Is it something with your room or something? Because that's not me, there's a button by the door to call a maintenance pony." She was disinterested with what you had to say.
  174. "No, there's nothing wrong. I'd actually like to talk with you. And just you"
  175. >"Why? ugh..look, I'm busy reading something important ok? I don't have time to babysit you. I wouldn't get paid extra for it anyway. So, leave me alone,. Ok?" She turned the page on her book and continued reading.
  176. >Sheesh, she's so cold..Was this even going to work?
  177. "Important? huh, is that book important?"
  179. >"Yes, it is. It's one of the only public books of Starswirl you can find. If I'm ever going to get better at magic and get out of here. I need to read up as much as I can about it. So leave me alone already, sheesh, can't you get the hint even once?" Twilight was losing focus on her reading, and it was starting to annoy her.
  180. "Nah, I'm pretty dense sometimes. Atleast that's what I'm told. Anyywayyys..."
  181. >You hold up the Daring Do book.
  182. "How important would you say this book is?"
  183. >Twilight's voice was becoming darker and more condescending with every word she spoke "Let me guess, it's a child's book right? It's not worth anything at.....AAAAAAAHHHHHH" Twilight lowered her book, and gazed upon the rare book you held up to her. "T-that can't be what I think it is..."
  184. >You put it on the counter for her to get a better look.
  185. "The last Daring Do book ever written? You bet"
  186. >"It can't be....." Twilight started skimming through the book, she rubbed along it's edge, she read some of the words, even checked the signature. It was the real deal. "H-how did you come across this? There's no way!"
  187. "A friend of mine bought it for me. That's why I came to see you again. Because I figured you like books."
  188. >"I LOVE books, they've been my only true friends all my life. They always have such wonderful things to read in them. Spells, adventure, romance, engaging conversations! And this book! It's a really really big...." Twilight sighed and leaned back on her chair "Deal....oh, but it's not my book. Ugh, look, I get it. You just want to rub my nose in it. Don't you?"
  189. >that was....quite the conclusion she came to.
  190. "Why would I do that?"
  191. >"Because, that's just how things are."
  193. "I don't think that's how it should be though. In fact, I remember learning from a pony much like yourself that when it comes to how ponies should live together and act towards one another. Then they need to understand the magic of friendship."
  194. >Twilight rolled her eyes "What moron thought that up?"
  195. >Ohhhh, you had to turn your head for that one, it made you smirk. You were sure that since Discord had to be watching that he was laughing his ass off at that one.
  196. "A-ahrm, ummm. It's just a pony. Anyway, I'd like to be friends with you Twilight. And as my first act of friendship. I'd like to give you this book. No strings attached"
  197. >Twilight's eyes went big when she heard that. Her breathing slowed, she closed the book and rubbed her hoof slowly along the lettering. "You can't be serious, do you know how valuable this book is?"
  198. "Isn't a book's purpose is to be read? who cares how much it's worth? And I just feel that it'd be much better off in your hooves since you like to read a lot."
  199. >Twilight could feel her heart budge. Unbeknownst to you, she had wanted this particular book for a very very VERY long time. She had thought of many many ways to pay for it. all of it failures. So to be given the book. It, made her feel something...warm. "I don't know what to say. I really don't, nopony has ever done anything like this for me before. W-well, except my parents, and my brother."
  200. >Shit, you somehow forgot she had family. how could you even forget about Shining armor, he nearly killed you once. Don't bring them up, whatever you do.
  201. "How about you say that you'll come join me and a few friends for a feast at Celestia's place? That way you can get a full meal, enjoy company, and be energized to read that book tonight."
  202. >Twilight rubbed the book again, but then gave you a stern look as she shook her head "I can't do that"
  203. >WUT?!
  205. "What? Why? It's free food. And a chance to make some friends."
  206. >"Exactly, I don't really need friends." Twilight explained "It's just a hassle, and Celestia? I used to look up to her. But I heard she is kind of loony these days, and besides, even if she's not. She's still much better than I am. She wouldn't care about somepony like me" Twilight pushed away the book, she couldn't even say thank you "I guess you'll be wanting this back now right? You only gave it to me to get me to come with you, didn't you?"
  207. >God she looked miserable. she got so excited and then lost all hope thinking you were trying to buy her over to come with you. Even willing to give up the book.
  208. >But, if she was willing to give up the book. Then that means she wasn't trying to take advantage of you either. That, was actually a good sign. It meant she wasn't greedy or conniving. She was just...lonely, books were probably the only thing that never left her.
  209. "Keep it, I said there was no strings attached. I just thought you may have wanted a few friends too."
  210. >You turned away, it seems you weren't going to win this one. Press too hard and she's bite back, press too little and you'd make no headway. You think you did everything right. And even if Twilight wasn't willing to come. You hope you chiseled away the stone that was around her heart.
  211. >And as you walked towards the door. You hear Twilight yell out "Wait!"
  212. >Wait for what? You turn back to look at her.
  213. >She looked extremely unsure about what she was about to say.
  214. >"Look, I've never really been much for friends. But I've always wanted to have the chance to talk to Celestia one on one. I-I'd be willing to mingle a bit, but, Celestia is definitely going to be there, right?" Twilight eyes glistened, waiting for your answer.
  216. "Well, it is her house. She'll be there, but to get there, we're riding in the police chief of Flimsville and Flamsville's car. She pretty cool, and we also have a nice pink pony named Pinkie with us. If you want to get to Celestia's on time. You're gonna have to ride with us. That alright with you?"
  217. >"R-ride, with other ponies? I don't think I can. It's always so hard to talk to others when they can't even keep up with how intellectual you are" Twilight was looking damned nervous.
  218. "Well then, I got some advice for you. If you wanna see Celestia,, then you gotta ride with us. Instead of thinking that they aren't as smart as you are. Why don't you just talk about things you both would like. You'd be surprised how interesting and fun talking to other ponies are. Take Pinkie for example, she's not the brightest bulb in the shed, but she's a master of making ponies smile. And some of the stuff she does is stuff you'd never believe"
  219. >"What do you mean by that? Anypony that does anything can be believed"
  220. "Well, for example, she has this sense that, depending on what it is, will allow her to predict something with one hundred percent certainty, and she's just an earth pony"
  221. >"What?!" Twilight was flabbergasted, she put the Daring Do book into her personal slot and started to march past you "A sense that let's you predict things? Now that I know is impossible. This I have to see for myself, earth ponies can't do anything like that. If they could, I'd have read about it".
  222. >Oh shit, you just got your angle.
  223. >You smirk and open the door for Twilight
  224. "Be my guest, I promise you. Just one meeting with her and you'll want to try to learn exactly how she ticks"
  225. >That's three, if you could of gotten all six that'd be great. But you got two and Twilight. That should be enough.
  226. >It also seemed that surely, whatever happened, Spike never came to exist. Poor little fuck
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