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  1. Deeds bot :
  3. 1. Bot idles in chan. Upon receipt of command including pastebin link,
  4. 2. Bot separates all signed documents contained in pastebin into individual units. For each unit :
  5. 2.1. Bot extracts the signature keyid through a process homologuous to gpg -v -v
  6. 2.2. Bot makes a request to gribble via pm, of the format ;;gpg info --key <keyid>
  7. 2.3. If 2.2. results in a wot registered name, bot makes 2nd request to gribble via pm, of the format ;;gettrust assbot <wotname>
  8. 2.4. If 2.3. results in L1 or L2 trust > 0, bot includes the whole message (from begin headers to end headers inclusive) into a special, \n separated blob
  9. 3. Blob is hashed as a privkey for a Bitcoin address, obtaining that address.
  10. 4. A 0.0001 payment is made to that obtained address.
  11. 5. Once payment from 4 has received one confirmation, the bot uploads the blob on a website as a textfile, of the format blocknumber-bitcoinaddress.txt, where blocknumber = number of the block that included the tx and bitcoinaddress = the address that received the payment.
  12. 6. Bot announces the url of the textfile in channel.
  14. For convenience, the sequence 2-6 should run once each hour, having all material obtained in the respective hour managed together.
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