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  1. <Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.
  2. Lydia remembers.
  4. She remembers being wheeled in, constantly drugged. She thinks she was drugged. She can't really think too well. She had dreamt once of aliens coming to rescue her from Filgaia before. She wondered when the rescue would come. No, a small part tells her, these aren't aliens. You know that now. They're Elly's people. How can someone as sweet and kind as Elly come from people like this? She can't think that now, it's not what she knew back then. It's not what she knew.
  6. Blond men and women in strange robes wheel her into a new laboratory. A man with large knuckles punched her a few times so she was bleeding silver--no it was red blood, back then. Her blood. Her blood was leaving her. No, her blood was still normal here.
  8. "??? ???? ??? krellian project." They said to her. She only understood the word 'project'.
  10. She's set on a med-table. There's so many flashing screens. Of course they must be aliens. Only aliens would keep such wonders from the surface. Even bad people would use it to conquer the world, at least.
  12. She's left alone for a moment. She wonders if this is why her dreams told her to leave the village so she could travel to another world (They were right, though, you did travel to another world).
  14. Another man in robes wearing some kind of circlet. Robes? He stepped inside. Long hair. Like the others?
  16. No, he spoke her language.
  18. "They treated you roughly. They're shortsighted fools. You saw the creatures? Such work is beneath me."
  20. Lydia was held firmly to the table. She couldn't move. She couldn't even fathom what was pinning her to it.
  22. "The Baskar are curious to me." The man continues. "I've studied their traditions. Through their admittedly primitive methods, they are capable of communing with their gods through their mediums." He held up the Rigdobrite medium before her. The one Halle gave her. This time, Lydia did struggle. She writhed about but every bit she tried to move, it caused her pain and she had to stop to keep breathing.
  24. "You're very lucky. You were going to be turned into a monster, but because I am curious about you, you get to be used for something much more important." The man turned, holding a needle in his hand as he approached her body.
  26. "The Baskar seem to act as terminal interfaces for their Guardians. Humans cannot become God," The man says. "But you may become a worthy interface with your Guardians,"
  28. Lydia had no idea what he was saying at this point, but the needle was getting a little close to her eye for her comfort.
  30. "And perhaps one day, you will entrust yourself to God. Surrendering yourself to God, of course, always involves a great deal of pain."
  32. He stabs the needle into her eyes. It isn't a vicious stab or anything like that. He moves so slowly, so methodically, that it isn't even over quickly. He takes his time with an inhuman patience and Lydia screams.
  34. Something is injected inside of her. And again. And again. She convulses. She vomits. She dies. She is reborn. She dies. She is reborn. She begs Rigdobrite for help over and over again but cannot maintain the focus she needs. Over, and over again. Something is entering her body. Something that makes her feel cold and heavy.
  36. The moment lasts for an eternity and when eternity is done and the man is wiping off his gloves, she finds her skewered eyes open, but her vision isn't the same. Text she doesn't understand scrolls along her vision, trying in vain to inform her of this, or that. She hears a faint clicking noise in her head with each blink.
  38. There's so much blood, she thinks. Is that hers?
  40. And then, from the first injection, the memory repeats. There is no escape, and there never would be.
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