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  5. Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking & The Space Fence
  7. Kev Baker, co-host Johnny Whistle with Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes
  10. 1 min
  11. JW: Kev, you once mentioned that Elana was the mother of CERN.
  12. I think we just found the daddy
  14. KB: She was the mother of HAARP
  15. I think we have definitely found the daddy of HAARP.
  17. JW: That's the one.........
  19. 3:33 min
  20. KB: Now a little bit about Elana.
  21. She has been a Rudolf Steiner school pioneer, teacher, lecturer, storyteller and writer
  22. She has written for alternative publications and edited the stories of survivors of MK Ultra and ritual abuse and ghost writing books on diverse topics.
  23. She's the author of the book 'Chemtrails, HAARP & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth'.
  24. She is currently looking into something that is called the Space Fence
  25. ...... I do call Elana 'The Mother of HAARP'.....
  27. 6:38
  28. EF: Let me tell you about Billy. He has an amazing life.
  29. I'm going to read one para of the bio[graphie]s I usually send out for him
  30. Facebook and radio audiences have sought Billy Hayes' expertise for years without realising the price he has paid for this extraordinary expertise.
  31. Known as the HAARP man, Billy was a tower erector, shadowed his entire life by US government agencies and the defence contractors who worked for them.
  32. He is also a MK Ultra survivor.
  33. ....... he has the technical expertise and experience that I lack.
  34. .... My skill is primarily in being able to weave together a big picture for laymen to understand what an amazing electromagnetic age we are living in.
  36. 7:43
  37. KV:..... we are constantly bathed in an electromagnetic soup....
  39. 8:00
  40. BH comes on
  42. KB: I believe you got fires close by where you are living. I hope you are OK...
  44. BH: Yeah, somewhere in the middle of 4 wild fires now ....
  46. KB: ... one of these topics we come across .... is HAARP....
  47. You literally helped to build this thing....
  49. 8:45
  50. BH: .... I was an erection specialist for putting up towers and such electronics through a company called..... E Systems.
  51. I met up with Gerald Bull and Bernard Eastland in Sacramento to test out an antenna system in 1986.
  52. I did not know at that time that this antenna system was going to be for HAARP
  53. It was not heard of.
  54. It was very secretive and the people I was working with were very compartmentalised where nobody knew what was going on.
  55. We were assigned to put up under contract with ARCO
  56. The first antenna system at Gakona.....
  57. We put up the first quad of antennae in Gakona, Alaska
  58. My crew did the first phase of installing all the equipment for the HAARP system.
  60. 10:45
  61. KB: Now Billy,you were one of the installation experts at the time.
  62. ..... did they ever tell you what this was specifically for?
  63. Or was it just another antenna?
  65. BH: It was just another antenna
  66. ..... just need to know .....
  67. So nobody knew what was going on except for the top honchos
  69. 11:33
  70. EF: ......This is how you keep a secret - you compartmentalise on a need to know basis
  72. 11:55
  73. KV: Nowadays we have these ionosphere heaters all around the world.
  74. What is your take on the actual purpose for these things?
  76. BH: ..... Each one has a capability of orientation of certain areas that they maintain
  77. Striking the ionosphere
  78. Used to be the ionosphere. Now it's the anasphere(???? - 12:20 mins)
  79. With introduction of nano particles in the air, nano metal particles in the air
  80. Now we have additional phase that .... where they do not require as much power to incarnate a plasmatic effect
  82. KB: ....They are turning the whole of the atmosphere into a plasma effect.
  84. EF: Yes. ...... Plasma is the 4th state of matter.
  85. It's actually a gas, a substance, and fire.
  86. It can be heated tremendously.
  87. So.... the atmosphere has been made into a battery or an antenna.
  88. So what we experience as air that we breathe is actually loaded with conductive metals on a nano scale that we are breathing in.
  89. All of this has to do with military agendas and operations and the conquest of space.
  90. It's explained in the Space Fence book.
  91. ..... This has been done undemocratically. There has been no choice....
  93. 14:18
  94. KB: ..... Jade Helm and the A.I. test that was carried out there
  95. ..... I think we are all being slowly assimilated into this AI system.....
  97. EF: I think you are right.....
  98. With an ionised atmosphere with a conductive battery ready atmosphere and conductive metals in our bloodstream, in our lungs and in our hearts, beyond the blood/brain barrier, we are plugged in to what is being created around us.
  99. In our previously natural environment, yes, I would say you are absolutely right....
  101. 15:15
  102. BH: .... Let's look at our atmosphere as a vacuum tube - electrons vacuum tube.
  103. It has a heater in it.
  104. It has a grid in it.
  105. It has a plate
  106. If you light up an amplifier, you create a massive amount of power
  107. You get a scorching of the screens and grids
  108. We're talking of overloading the grids
  109. This is plasma
  110. This energy, plasma energy, work on an electron tube
  111. When you see an electron tube turn cherry red, you're looking at the action of plasma
  112. Our atmosphere is like that vacuum tube, in the sense that it is a vacuum.
  113. The higher you go...... the closer you get to a vacuum.
  114. If you can electrify the sides of this vacuum and charge it up with positives and negatives, and store it, then you have a way to initiate a signal through this.
  115. Then you have an amplifier
  116. When you get to a point where you sacrate (?? 16:35 mins) that amplifier, it goes into a plasmatic effect
  117. In this plasmatic effect, you get a cyclotronic movement, which is a vortex; an electronic vortex
  118. It goes round, round, round.
  120. 16:55
  121. KB: Almost like a particle accelerator?
  123. BH: Yeah, basically yes.
  125. EF: And it becomes a torsion field
  127. BH: When it reaches a point where it's totally loaded,then you are into the torsion field remedy(?? 17:10 mins)
  128. This is a whole field of energy by itself
  130. KB: This torsion physics is something we keep hearing about.....
  131. This is the kind of physics that the cutting edge military and everyone else are working with....
  133. EF: It has to do with our bodies
  134. Billy mentioned a very important term - cyclotronic resonance
  135. This is not only something Bernard Eastland mentions in his HAARP patent in 1987 but it's also something that Robert O. Becker M.D. talked very much about in the 2 books he wrote
  136. One being the Body Electric - about how we ourselves are resonating to what is basically being broadcast through this torsion field.
  137. Billy and I have had several conversations - one of the biggest concerns is the Terahertz
  138. We are going into a very, very deep area that could even influence the DNA .....
  140. 18:32
  141. BH: The higher the frequency you go, the shorter the wavelength.
  142. The shorter the wavelength, the less area that is consumed by an antenna and electronics.
  143. You can make your electronics diminish in size
  144. Your antennas can be as small as a micrometer
  145. [Sounds in the background]
  147. KB: That is absolutely tiny....
  149. EF: Billy, is there a fire?.......
  151. 19:34
  152. BH: The alarms were going off in the neighbourhood.....
  154. EF: This is the second big fire they've had in 2 weeks .....
  155. It's Kansas. 19 degrees one night, 80 degrees the next day
  157. 20:08
  158. BH: Terahertz is so small in wavelength that it starts to get to the point where it can manoeuvre single particles of atoms
  159. It involves moving portions of molecules around
  160. Mixing molecules where you can actually devise a pharmacy in the air
  161. It can also develop to the point (this is what they are trying for); they are trying to develop to the point where they can manipulate DNA and RNA components.
  162. Where they can elect to what that DNA is going to be
  164. KB: This ties in to something that has happened in the UK here
  165. We have just opened the first ever synthetic DNA lab
  166. This place is run by robots
  167. .... it takes digitised DNA; sequences that are made up entirely by a computer and then it prints out the chemical markers that then go into the DNA.
  168. And voila! They plant that in a cell and they say they are going to use this to grow things like biofuels and future medicines
  170. 21:38
  171. BH: Just think of that. The same principles.
  172. Think about being able to do it remotely; through a frequency, through pulses of data
  173. Digitised data through the air
  174. That you can manipulate portions of the brain to think certain ways
  175. To manipulate actual DNA of a body; of a living item.
  176. To make it what you want it, from a distance
  178. KB: Can you target this individually or is it widespread?
  180. BH: Their attempts are to do it digitally
  181. Identify every living thing on this Earth
  182. Where they would have some control of every living thing on this Earth
  184. KB: Wow! This really makes sense then.
  186. EF: Yeah, this is the space fence.
  188. KB: .... these metals that are currently going into our bodies
  189. They are literally turning us into antennas
  191. EF: Yes, they are very tiny antennas. Exactly.
  193. BH: They are suggesting that we will be instilled with mini computers
  194. I say mini. Micro sized computers
  195. All throughout our bodies
  197. KB: Some people fear if it will be an RFID chip that we take
  198. Something under the skin; something like that.
  199. The really shocking news is that we've already been wired for this system
  201. 23:15
  202. EF: Yes. There are many sensors.
  203. We've read articles about the release of billions of tiny sensors that are already bringing info back to supercomputers
  204. You have to assume not just the sensors, but the microprocessors are also swimming in our bloodstream
  206. KB: They have a supercomputer, called a quantum computer, called the D-Wave
  207. D-Wave is owned by Google and NASA
  208. And there's also one that's set at the heart of CERN.....
  209. Billy, does CERN come at all into this?
  211. BH: Absolutely. Every time CERN makes a rotation with its magnetic fields, it is endeavouring a cyclotronic movement
  213. KB: That itself produce a torsion field. Is that correct?
  215. BH: That's right. It also creates a cyclotronic resonance
  217. 24:22
  218. EF: When you think of CERN, think of the magnetosphere because it's impacting our entire magnetosphere.
  220. KB: On CERN' website, it even says that at times, it generates an electromagnetic field 100,000 times stronger than that of the Earth ....
  222. EF: That's so right.
  223. Sometimes, when people are talking about these time anomalies - of missing time; suddenly there are a couple of minutes that are gone like they never happened
  224. I also think of the Indonesian - I think it was MH370 - the flight that just sort of dropped from the sky during one of CERN's fire-ups
  226. KB: On top of that,there is the German ....
  228. BREAK
  230. 26:25
  231. KB: We were touching on digitised synthetic DNA.
  232. Isn't that amazing how that all ties back into the news and info we covered with Anthony Patch ......
  234. 27:35
  235. EF: Although HAARP is all kind of old stuff now, we've had that nifty acronym around for almost 20 years.
  236. Since Nick Begich wrote "Angels Don't Play this Harp" back in 1995.
  238. KB: And I thought he was the daddy of HAARP. How wrong could I be?
  240. EF: HAARP was what it said it was, in a sense - that it was a research project.
  241. It was attempting to bring energy down from the atmosphere......
  243. 29:40
  244. EF: ..... People who think that the HAARP thing is old hat and how it comes into the coming space fence of planetary lockdown
  245. You have the experiments run by HAARP in Gakona, Alaska
  246. Tremendous power; tremendous steering mechanism
  247. Really brought in massive info and the ability to really unite the upper atmosphere and the lower atmosphere in the sense of an energy transmission from one to the other.
  248. As Billy indicated earlier, sort of turned the lower atmosphere into an ionosphere, that could be pumped and could be used to store energy for various military projects.
  249. That's kind of what happened.
  250. HAARP was shut down in 2014 and it was recalibrated - Billy knows about that
  251. It was then restarted recently
  252. It's now going to be working with many other ionosphere heaters and radar installations and all sorts of things in order to do weather, to do different operations - I named 7 in my book on chemtrails & HAARP.
  253. Now it has been transformed into one of many, so that they can all be calibrated to create the space fence
  254. But we haven't mentioned some very important parts of the space fence...
  255. I don't want to miss out talking on the wind farms and their role (31:44 mins) in this pulsing frequency....
  257. 32:00
  258. BH: In order for all this magic to work, you have to be able to charge up the atmosphere.
  259. Maintain a charge on the atmosphere to ionise anything
  260. And doing so, the weather can do it
  261. The movement of particulates in the air moving through a flux field will charge up the atmosphere to a point
  262. It's the biggest motor (or generator) of this world - it's the weather.
  263. It incites more electricity than any other component of this world, including anything man has ever made
  264. Now, man is catching up by utilising wind farms to pulse charges into the air.
  265. Not only do these instruments create green effect electricity, but they also are improvised to develop a pulsing of static into the atmosphere
  266. Every time .... a fibreglass blade goes around, it discharges as soon as it crosses its supporting pin below [ 33:16 mins]
  267. It discharges to 2 blades in the air
  268. So for every revolution of that windmill, it will pulse 3 times per revolution
  269. That pulse is charging the atmosphere above it
  270. When you've got a wind farm, then you have a massive power supply that's creating voltages (up in the millions and millions of volts) that are in the atmosphere.
  271. When this discharges, it creates a lightning effect that is so short that it's not even seen
  272. It's like a super fire that's so fast that you don't see it.
  274. 34:02
  275. KB: Is that like the sprites that we see - the ones that shoot up the way?
  277. BH: Absolutely. Yes, that is what the intent is.
  278. A lightning that's discharging lower into the outer space; to impact the outer space charged area to fire off sprites
  280. KB: Where I work, I do security. I walk around.
  281. It must be 2 miles away, I see an absolutely massive wind turbine
  282. Everybody in Scotland will tell you they bombard the air with particulates ...
  283. I'm starting to get a picture why
  285. BH: This is what the intent is
  286. This would not work without having a conductive means in the atmosphere.
  287. You have to have that way of storing a positive charge in the air
  288. In order to do so, they have to inspire particulates - metal particulates
  289. And dielectrics into the air
  290. This would be barium (as part of dielectric)
  291. The aluminium as a conductor - a very light conductor
  292. They can keep airborne aluminium.
  293. Aluminium is one of the lightest metal known to man
  294. It is the lightest conductive metal known to man
  295. This is why they are using aluminium....
  297. 35:40
  298. EF: .... let's talk about the fracking because it plays a similar role
  300. BH: .... Every time there is a pulsation release; of a pulse via radio frequencies
  301. In order to make a wave move through the Earth's atmosphere, you have to have a ground wave and you have to have a sky wave.
  302. In order to maintain a good ground, you have to have a ground base that is resonant to the frequencies that you are going to utilise.
  303. It just so happens all oil wells are designed that at 7,285 feet, they are insulated.
  304. So this rod into the ground; this casing into the ground is resonant to the frequencies that need to be provided to create a resonancy of these frequencies.
  305. Otherwise, you've got an antenna into the ground
  306. At every one of these fracking sites, they dump a salt and metal material down a hole in the inspiration of fracking
  307. They are dumping all these metals and all these toxic materials down these holes.
  308. They say to rid of them.
  309. But the real fact is this is creating a pulse within that area, of 7.5 at (or?) 12 hertz (37:27 mins)
  310. Every time they
  312. KB: Is this why we see a lot of small earthquakes that are in these fracking sites?
  314. BH: Absolutely. Every earthquake has its resonant frequency
  316. EF: Kev, are you getting the picture of how many parts there are to this space fence?
  318. KB: Absolutely. It's absolutely massive
  319. I didn't think there would be this fracking component to it at all
  321. 38 mins
  322. EF: Billy, what else should we add to that? The radar installations or like the lasers.
  323. The star fire laser
  325. BH: The mute fire laser throws (??) these components in the air
  326. You improvise a wave guide for all signals or transmission lines for info to be passed or electrical energy to be passed
  328. KB: It basically creates a wave because if this is anything like what they are doing at CERN now with the AWAKE project, they fire a laser beam through a plasma.
  329. And then they have a witness beam with the particles on top
  330. And they're supercharged
  332. BH: Absolutely. This is basically the same thing, only this has been done above our heads.
  333. Whilst CERN is beneath the ground, using a magnetic field to improvise the same thing - movement of these beams
  334. In their case,they're trying to accelerate up to and near the speed of light.
  335. In HAARP technology, what you're trying to do is amplify ..... that energy
  337. KB: Do they amplify by heating up the area where they are doing all this?
  339. BH: Absolutely. Just like an electron tube, you heat it up and get the electrons moving.
  340. Then you introduce a power source to it, and something to regulate that power source (which is normally a grid or a screen)
  341. And this is how amplifiers work.
  342. You turn it on. You turn it off.
  343. You can turn it up to make it pass more.
  344. Or you can turn it down to pass less.
  346. 40:15
  347. KB: I was looking at this Lockheed Martin space fence
  348. When you look at the public face of it, it looks very innocent, dealing with debris up in the lower Earth orbit ....
  349. But it is far from friendly
  351. EF: Billy and I were talking about that yesterday - about how it's spread all over the place
  352. ..... You've got to put it all together; how massive this project really is.
  353. This is the SDI project
  354. This is the culmination of the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) thing back in the 80s
  355. Only this time, they are really, really going to try to attempt it because now, they have the ionised atmosphere.
  356. It's everything.
  358. KB: This is SDI on steroids
  360. BH: That's what we've been trying to tell people the last 2 decades
  362. EF: ..... I just feel like people are waking up.
  363. But there's still an antipathy to things being too technical.....
  364. Anti-geek. And that's just too bad. I'm learning so much from Billy, from all the reading I'm doing, to figure out this technological age we're living in.
  365. It is incumbent upon us to know where we live, when we live and then to find out a little bit more about why we live
  367. KB: ..... This fits with absolutely everything else we've covered from the digitised DNA back to CERN and now we've got this satellite space fence to deal with.
  368. ... This is huge
  370. BH: Don't forget those wind mills....
  371. Scotland is building the largest offshore wind farm that exists.
  372. There is a race for these wind farms; to have the biggest.....
  373. .... That's what this is all about.
  374. They throw up a cover and they don't tell you all the story of what's going on.....
  375. You are told one thing while a whole bunch of others is going on behind the scenes
  377. 43:57
  378. KB: With this plasma atmosphere that they are creating, if we were able to get hold of the technology, it could be a game changer, could it not?
  379. Could we not have the likes of Tesla technology?
  381. BH: It could be free power, just like Tesla was trying to encourage back in his day
  382. But our problem is the military gets hold of everything
  383. Every time something comes up, they try to weaponise it
  384. And that's what's happening.
  385. This is a matter of power
  387. EF: ..... it occurred to me that Scotland is in the northern latitudes.
  388. Can you say a couple of words on Operation Deep Freeze and the magnetic poles?
  390. 44:43
  391. BH: The closer you get to the polar regions, the more you have control and advantage to having control of the magnetosphere from the polar areas.
  392. Each pole is a flux field to the other pole.
  393. When you can be close to that point, of that polar sequence, then you have the attitude of being able to having a better control than anywhere else.
  394. Guess what? The poles are moving.
  395. The polar north and south are moving
  396. Guess where they are moving to?
  398. KB: Down near to Scotland
  400. BH: Affirmative. They will eventually wind up somewhere near Russia.
  402. KB: For the listeners out there - if they can picture a ball with strings coming out of it, out of the top and then going down to the bottom.
  403. .... If you are right at the top where the ball is where all of those strings come out actually, then you control the entire grid around that ball.
  405. BH: Right. The magnetosphere is nothing more than loops of magnetic fields that surround the Earth from north to south.
  406. Just sector by sector by sector
  408. 46:10
  409. KB: Could they almost dictate where this migrating pole goes to, when they pulse the magnetosphere, the magnetic field, with CERN?
  411. BH: Oh absolutely.
  413. KB: That must have some effect on those lines of force?
  415. BH: Absolutely. When you mangle flux fields, then you are disintegrating or re-manoeuevring other fields, magnetic fields
  416. We have a problem with our planet or an asteroid coming near the Earth
  417. It creates a magnetic distortion of our magnetosphere
  418. It changes a whole overwhelming contortion of the torsion fields
  419. Therefore it's eminent that there will be problems in our electronics, in our body functions, in our communications.
  420. Everything
  422. 47:21
  423. EF: .... I keep hearing how complicated my book, the 'Chemtrails, HAARP & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth', is.
  424. ..... I just want people to know that if they can quicken their thinking.....
  425. We are here to learn what is going on in our time....
  426. A lot of people ask me, "What can we do?"
  427. That is the first thing we can do - get the book and read a little bit every night....
  428. I hope that the Space Fence book will also be like that......
  429. I appeal to you - don't be afraid of a little learning.....
  430. We really need to take hold of this info.
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