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  1. Alright, york town and Special Battle Unit charm aside. I'm going to make something clear. I am not here to appease someone's ego, or to get a giant group troll on one guy.
  3. I came to talk to his ear.
  5. Seriously, what the fuck is with this pussy footing shit about me being an enema (funny enough, the word is anathema) cause I jeopardize the group's harmony. Since I know Benel won't exactly confront me on the issue then I'll say it here.
  7. You say I am, "trolling really hard," on this board and that my presence here will cause, "drama and fights," but Benel, you're fuckin' new here. YOU are the rule (not the exception, I am), and I am not going to throw some bullshit tenure argument on you but really. You didn't expect this to happen right? You didn't expect to go to one of my best friends I've known for years, tell him my attitude creates negativity, it creates the pitfall, and then tell him that I should be removed and you getting clowned on in retaliation? Really? Let's just put it to you straight: You weren't here 3 years ago or even 4 years ago.
  9. My attitude, as everyone here can tell you, has been calm and tame as of late compared to when The SBU was around (Walter, Julio, Myself, David, and Bennito). You weren't there for what real trolling was, and crying to Edgree or Julio for small sarcastic one liners (which is, by definition: satirical, so you can shove your pretentious, "not funny," crack up your ass you dumb piece of shit). YOU haven't been here long enough. You don't join a group and force one of the members to assimilate to you, YOU assimilate with us. Had it not occurred to you that you're a 20 something year old man telling on another 20 something year old man about an issue (a minor one) you could have confronted me on yourself? Just how much of a bitch are you? I'm a very reasonable guy. I am not going to go ape just because I hurt your feelings. You talk to me like a man about it, and I'll easily work something out with you if one liners are so goddamn important. I don't recall what I said to your personal page, but I do hope it was nothing too severe and I apologize if it were.
  11. That being said, not even Walter, who ragequit multiple times on us, ever did some bitch shit like this. He came to me all the time with his problems, but you. No, you had to and cry on Julio's shoulders. What is so ironic about it is that you say I am the bane and will create conflict, but all you have done here in the 4 days I've SEE YOU is create drama just now. I've been here for 4 years with a 1 year break, and created less of a problem than this. That's funny. My negative attitude you claim to hurt our little nerd concentration is one of the core fundamentals of our humor, and your Mr. DogoodIknoweverythingattitude is literally the butt of our current joke right now because of your dumb decision to stir the pot.
  13. As one of our many old sayings are: If you don't like it: you can leave.
  15. So what's it going to be? You're going to be a bitch and go back to the little hole you crawled out of, or are you going to grow some cashews sized nuts and hash it out here. Unlike you when you told Julio you have other things to entertain yourself with: DnD is boring as fuck and we can literally do anything else without you. So here's my invitation right here: you gonna accept MY chance or leave?
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