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Dec 9th, 2019
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  1. FACT: Though the detention facilities are large, they can't even come close to being enough to contain all the people the Jews have openly stated they want gone. They already accomplished killing off an enormous percentage of the white population via brainwashing of the women, who then sought abortions and subsequently destroyed their families in "divorce court" - courts of a type that never had a place in America's history and are an absolute tragedy for the country and especially the men who were totally blindsided by the vicious corruption those courts represent and how corruptible the women were - the damage has been severe - and even after that, the Jews did not get enough. They want total annihilation of the white race and total replacement and will keep being "progressive" toward that goal until it is accomplished. "Change" and "progress" are the words the enemy uses to trick people because people automatically accept "progress" as a step in a positive direction, not a progressive step toward their destruction. The ruse worked.
  2. What to do if they successfully oust Trump and stage a "fair" election:
  4. If you get your guns taken, you go around and tell EVERYONE, you don't sit there in shame and guilt over whatever they claimed you did to get them taken. Shame and guilt are weapons they use, with them everything is weaponized. Don't stay silent in shame. You go out and scream it to the world and warn EVERYONE. First they came for my brother's guns, and no one did anything because "my brother was a nutcase". Then they came for the neighbors guns, and no one did anything because a pathetic scamming spouse made it "necessary" to take them in "divorce court" and they were not sure he was not an abuser. Then they got the guns away from my buddy at work, and I wondered about that but still did nothing because I was worried about myself, THEN THEY GOT MY GUNS AND ALL OF US VANISHED ONE BY ONE, INCLUDING ME. Here I am, standing in front of a trench, waiting for the next volley of kill shots.
  6. If you don't think that can happen in today's political climate, you are a totally useless pathetic disgusting whack job. Go to hell.
  8. Yes, it is time to say it like it is.
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