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  1. Uh let me guess you're too tired and and you're too lazy to go out and cook something for yourself, right so instead you're gonna go waste your money on some expensive restaurant and buy yourself some guacamole. Unbelievable the entitlement you millennials have today. You wonder why you can't afford housing and yet you spend your money on Chipotle like six to seven times a week? It's hilarious! Hey here's a tip, maybe don't go and buy yourself that guacamole every time. And another thing! You millenials are always complaining about global warming this global warming that. Hey, I'm in Milwaukee and it's freezing! And you're gonna talk to me about global warming get out of here. And who's this Ninja kid everyone's talking about? You hear about this, you see this? Apparently this guy named Ninja he makes money playing video games? What's that all about! Back in my day if you played video games you would've gotten beat up! Now you're a multi millionaire? Get out of here!
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