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  1. *.dll export-ignore
  2. *.exe export-ignore
  3. # compiled samples ... also for Linux shall not be with the source
  4. samples/example_app/bin export-ignore
  5. #TODO should we remove ttf files?
  6. # [non-free] Contains binary textured font files (.ttf) without source.
  7. api/ttf export-ignore
  8. # license fails to explicitly express that is allows modifications
  9. api/ttfont.{cpp,h} export-ignore
  10. # redundant with GLUT library, license does not express clearly freedom to modify
  11. samples/glut export-ignore
  12. # [non-free] File is licensed under the BOINC Public License which is
  13. # DFSG-incompatible.
  14. zip/configure export-ignore
  15. # DFSG-incompatible Apple Public Source License (APSL).
  16. lib/mac export-ignore
  17. # [non-free] The file lib/mac/dyld_gdb.h is licensed under the
  18. # [unneeded] This 3rd party software is already in Debian and we added
  19. # them to boinc's Build-Depends.
  20. curl export-ignore
  21. #zlib and openssl not included anymore in the source tree
  22. #zlib export-ignore
  23. #openssl export-ignore
  24. samples/jpeglib export-ignore
  25. # [unneeded] Cruft that is not needed to build the BOINC software.
  26. .vimrc export-ignore
  27. #.cvsignore not included anymore in the source tree
  28. #.cvsignore export-ignore
  29. # [non-free, unneeded] Unneeded build systems and binaries without
  30. # source.
  31. coprocs export-ignore
  32. win_build export-ignore
  33. mac_build export-ignore
  34. #client/mac not included anymore in the source tree
  35. #client/mac export-ignoreclientgui/mac export-ignore
  36. mac_installer export-ignore
  37. client/app_stats_mac.cpp  export-ignore
  38. # modified in build process
  39. version.h export-ignore
  40. #config.sub and config.guess not included anymore in the source tree
  41. #config.sub export-ignore
  42. #config.guess export-ignore
  43. .gitignore export-ignore
  44. # bzr stuff and debian directory isn't needed
  45. # if you use the same source tree for building the latest version
  46. # with this debian revision
  47. # you can erroneously export these directories too
  48. .bzr export-ignore
  49. .bzrignore export-ignore
  50. debian export-ignore
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