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Clear DMMd re:connect Bad End Translation

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  1. Clear Dramatical Murder Re:connect Bad End:
  3. I, at that time.
  4. Master-…I wanted to save Aoba-san.
  5. For that, I sang in order to stop my siblings but, as I sang I fell to my knees.
  6. I didn’t have enough strength to sing all of it.
  7. The will to fight against Toue.
  8. I destroyed the keylock inside my head on my own but… It seemed like that wasn’t enough.
  9. My siblings collect me from my position on my knees.
  10. Of course, they collect Aoba-san as well.
  11. Aoba-san was collected, and probably taken back to Toue’s research centers so that he can be tested on.
  12. Aoba-san is a human who has to power to control people’s hearts.
  13. That is a talent that Toue would stick his neck out to get.
  14. We are nothing more than created beings. Our fingertips down to our legs, and each strand of our hair.
  15. He will examine every little bit of Aoba-san and will end up utilizing what he finds.
  16. But I can’t save Aoba-san.
  17. I want to fight, but I can’t.
  18. Fallen on the floor, I can only move but one finger and I hear Aoba-san calling my name with all his might.
  19. His voice is gradually getting closer and closer.
  20. My beloved person’s voice.
  21. I can’t move my body at all; it’s like the whole thing has seized up.
  22. Even if I write and struggle, I can’t do anything.
  23. Only my fake consciousness remains.
  24. Aoba-san….
  25. I wanted to save you.
  26. I wanted to protect you… and become a human.
  27. a: Come on, we’re going, trash.
  28. My body is kicked, rolling to the side until I face upwards.
  29. My completely white siblings and the white ceiling are captured in my field of vision.
  30. My siblings pick me up and carry me easily over their shoulder.
  31. This time, for sure, I will become disposed of.
  32. I won’t be able to see Aoba-san anymore.
  33. At the end… I wanted to sing one more time.
  34. The jellyfish song…
  35. Aoba-san.
  36. I want to see you. Aoba-san.
  37. You’re my only master.
  38. Aoba-san.
  39. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do anything.
  40. Aoba-san…
  42. …After Aoba-san and I were taken away by my siblings.
  43. I could only think that I would be disposed of.
  44. But the examination results said that I would still be able to be saved, and I was handed over to be repaired.
  45. For several days my consciousness was shut down so I would be able to recover my functionability, and in that time I was repaired.
  47. The next time I opened my eyes….
  48. I thought that something was wrong.
  49. But I couldn’t concretely express what was wrong.
  50. It was uncomfortable, like a black lid had grown inside of me in order to cover something up.
  51. At first I was extremely bothered by it but after some time passed I forgot.
  53. Two months passed after we were collected by master… by Toue.
  54. Today is a long awaited for special day.
  55. I actually wanted to practice right away but for some reason Toue wouldn’t allow me to.
  56. But finally, today, that will happen.
  57. a: Brother.
  58. I want to hum but from behind me in the hallway I hear my name be called.
  59. The one standing there is Alpha.
  60. a: Hey, you returned.
  61. Alpha speaks with his smile, same as always.
  62. I look at that face in silence.
  63. a: Well, brother is the old style so no matter what’s done to you, you can’t become exactly the same as us.
  64. a: But you’re much better than before, right? Better than when you were broken.
  65. C: Who knows. I’ve already forgotten the past.
  66. a: Hee?
  67. Alpha lifts his words strangely at the end.
  68. a: You forgot the past? Really? You don’t remember about that guy?
  69. a: Brother’s fake master guy.
  70. C: …
  71. a: He’s already in pieces, isn’t he? It looks like Toue completely bullied him.
  72. a: I saw him a little but just a while ago; he’s already become so thin that I thought he was dead.
  73. a: I mean, since he’s already at that point he has no choice but to die…
  74. a: !
  75. C: Don’t insult Aoba-san.
  76. I stroke Alpha’s face, and he looks a little surprised but he soon laughs and his lips twist.
  77. a: I see. Even if you forget the past, that guy is special.
  78. C: Aoba-san won’t die.
  79. C: I’m going to have him do it/take it from him ?????
  80. a: …heee?
  81. Interest floats in Alpha’s eyes and he inclines his head a little.
  82. C: I’ve already received Toue’s permission. I won’t let anyone other than me touch Aoba-san anymore.
  83. a: Ha! That’s an amazing claim. Just like a human. But…
  84. While smiling thinly Alpha takes a step backward.
  85. a: You’re different from the previous brother, after all.
  86. a: I thought you stunk of a human before, but I don’t think that at all right now.
  87. a: It actually feels like you’re one of us.
  88. C: …
  89. I don’t feel like talking about this anymore and I turn on my heel to walk down the hallway.
  90. I don’t really hate Alpha. But I don’t like him either.
  91. He’s just a machine that was made after me. Just that.
  92. I have a feeling that I had different thoughts toward Alpha before but…
  93. I already forgot them.
  94. There were a lot of errors in my previous self.
  95. Therefore when I was being repaired, they gave me the next version up of the operating system
  96. The useless memories of before the errors were fixed are vague, and have basically faded away.
  97. Well, that doesn’t matter.
  98. There are more pressing matters right now.
  99. I have to hurry to that person’s place.
  100. I walk through the hallway, go through a small room that is just beyond two tightly locked doors.
  101. I hear the tone of the systematic beep as I walk in.
  102. The inside of the room is just like the hallway, completely white.
  103. The air of the room is also perfectly clean and hygienic.
  104. In the middle of the room is a bed and a meter with a lot of tubes attached to it branching out.
  105. I enter the room quietly and come to stand near the bed.
  106. There…
  107. is a person more beautiful than anyone or anything.
  108. His eyes are turned away and needles for the tubes are stuck in thin arms.
  109. It’s really cruel, really pitiful… and truly pretty.
  110. He looks like a doll made out of glass.
  111. If I hold him he’ll shatter into a million pieces.
  112. I’m fascinated with that person for a little while.
  113. It soon seems like I will forget about time, and I squint my eyes to stare at that face.
  114. C: …Aoba-san.
  115. When I call his name, his eyelids pop open.
  116. His unfocussed eyes gradually catch me.
  117. Those eyes of his which have lost their light brighten a little like a cloudy day clearing up.
  118. A: …
  119. C: I apologize for making you wait so long. But, I’ve finally came to meet you.
  120. C: From today onward we will always be together.
  121. C: I received permission from Toue. Always, always…
  122. C: You will always be my thing.
  123. Aoba-san blinks rapidly, his eyes dilating.
  124. Water pools in the corner of his eyes and slip down his cheek due to gravity.
  125. I brush Aoba-san’s bangs to the side and kiss his forehead.
  126. Aoba-san is surely happy. So happy… that he’s even crying.
  127. But, not yet. This isn’t the end.
  128. It’s only a little bit longer, so please wait.
  129. Soon, you….
  130. I take the tubes out from Aoba-san’s arms and wrap that weak body in a white blanket.
  131. I hold Aoba-san, looking like a cocoon, in my arms and take him to a different room.
  132. This is also a completely white room but instead of being a bed in the middle of the room, there is a tall stainless steel stand.
  133. I lay Aoba-san down gently on that stand.
  134. Aoba-san is wearing a thin patient’s smock, his thin legs sticking out from it prettily.
  135. This room was formerly empty and never used, so I reserved it.
  136. The things that are placed in this room are items that I prepared for today.
  137. This stand too… and the tools placed on the side of the stand.
  138. Aoba-san can’t be around bright light so the room is lit darkly.
  139. Inside that room the tools, stand, and other silver tools glint in the dim light.
  140. A: Clear…?
  141. Aoba-san calls my name forlornly.
  142. I touch Aoba-san’s skin like an answer.
  143. C: It’s okay. There’s nothing to be scared of at all.
  144. Aoba-san was originally brought here to be part of research for Toue, but the data he wanted depended on the person and the responsibility of Aoba-san fell on to me.
  145. Of course from now on permanent observations will be made so it can’t all be released.
  146. But, in relation to eyes, Aoba-san’s older brother is a better subject so I’m allowed to do all my own treatments.  
  147. The important power that Aoba-san is not his eyes, but his voice.
  148. C: Aoba-san, please bear with it for a little while, okay? Perhaps…
  149. C: It might hurt.
  150. A: …!
  151. Suddenly, clarity runs through Aoba-san’s eyes.
  152. I hold down his thin body as he tries to escape and tie his arms down to the stand with a belt that’s attached to the stand.
  153. Because Aoba-san is weak, he can’t resist anymore.
  154. I press my hand against Aoba-san’s forehead in excitement that I am unable to contain.
  155. A: Clear…!
  156. C: Humans have a lot of sense functions, right.
  157. C: But I believe that they don’t really rely on their sense of sight all that much.
  158. C: It seems that if you plug a human’s nose when he is eating and his eyes are covered, he won’t be able to tell what the food tastes like.
  159. C: That means that it’s a decision made by sight, right? You’re eyes say “it’s this flavor” and you eat after that has registered in your head.
  160. C: In short, if I close the window of your eyesight to the outside world…
  161. C: Aoba-san will lose the ability to take in unnecessary information.
  162. C: The only information that Aoba-san needs after all is about me.
  163. C: Because of that, I thought about a lot of things. I was hesitating about whether to use anesthetic or not since it would be sad for you to feel pain but…
  164. C: I gave up on that thought after all. If you can feel it, the pain of losing it will actually be stronger, right?
  165. C: I want Aoba-san to be able to overcome all of those feelings as he crystallizes.
  166. C: Therefor I believe it might hurt, I’m sorry.
  167. A: …..
  168. Aoba-san is looking at me, his body completely stiff as though he understand completely.
  169. Still pressing down on Aoba-san’s forehead, I place a kiss on each of his eyelids.
  170. Then, his lips too.
  171. C: Then, I’m going to begin. Aoba-san.
  172. I shine a sterilization light on the area around Aoba-san’s eyes.
  173. Aoba-san’s eyes don’t stop fluttering as though they’re cutting something.
  174. And not just his eyelids, his whole body is shaking.
  175. His arms, hands, and shoulders, being thinner than they used to be as they tremble is kind of pitiful.
  176. I hear the sound of his teeth chattering as though they just can’t close.
  177. To calm Aoba-san down, I hold his hand tightly.
  178. After that I take the scalpel in my hand.
  179. I notice that at some point tears have starting falling from Aoba-san’s eyes.
  180. His throat is convulsing as he tries to hold in his sobs while biting his lip.
  181. Sometimes a crushing, small breath leaks from his lips.
  182. I pity that Aoba-san and while feeling a strangely different I bring the scalpel towards Aoba-san’s eyes.
  183. This is so that I can turn Aoba-san into the Aoba-san I want him to be…
  184. It’s the first level.
  186. Once I finish the treatment, I wrap Aoba-san’s eyes with a black cloth.
  187. Even though Aoba-san can’t see his own body anymore even if I don’t cover it, I do.
  188. Next, after taking a little bit of time, I thought I would remove the next part as planned.
  189. I was a little worried about taking Aoba-san’s voice away so he wouldn’t ever be able to hear his own voice again, but I decided to take it.
  190. Because I believe that the Aoba-san I want doesn’t need his voice.
  191. Besides, Aoba-san’s voice has the power to control people’s hearts.
  192. I think it’s better to take something away that may pose a problem in the future.
  193. Toue may still have to collect data on Aoba-san’s vocal chords, so unless I receive permission from him I won’t be able to cut them out.
  194. Therefore there is still a little bit of time before I’m able to claim my achievement.
  195. When I cut out Aoba-san’s eyeballs it looked like it hurt a lot and he cried through the whole thing.
  196. There were times I wondered where he had all that strength left inside of him and it made me want to get rid of it.
  197. He groaned and gritted his teeth, but he was obedient.
  198. There were times when he struggled but he soon grew quiet.
  199. Then, Aoba-san completely stopped moving.
  200. I became flustered thinking that he might have dies but there was no way that could have happened.
  201. To me it just looked like he’d lost the will to resist.
  202. I studied efficient ways of treatment earlier so the medical treatment didn’t really take that long.
  203. But now Aoba-san’s body surprises me more than it did before.
  204. It’s completely different than ours.
  205. When I look at that lively material, I think that ahh, he is a human.
  206. If it were me, it would be a lot of things like eyeballs, blood vessels, and nerves coming out of me.
  207. I’m a machine created by Toue. No matter how much I look like one, I can never become a human.
  208. I can’t become the same as Aoba-san.
  209. If that’s the case, then Aoba-san should just become the same as me.
  210. If I “recreate” Aoba-san, Aoba-san will become a “made thing” like me.
  211. He will become like me.
  212. If I kill him there will be no meaning to it.
  213. Aoba-san is originally a human, so I have to make him like me while he still lives.
  214. Then I have to make him my thing.
  215. Therefore I don’t need the part of Aoba-san that has his will.
  216. I’m going to get rid of that as much as possible and made Aoba-san a made thing.
  217. He’s going to become only my Aoba-san for my sake.
  218. Really real looking dolls have expressions that make them look “just like they’re alive” but…
  219. Aoba-san will continue to be a living doll.
  220. I’m going to bar up Aoba-san’s life forever. I’m going to make him only my thing.
  221. Just thinking about that makes me happy.
  222. Aoba-san is amazing after all.
  223. Humans are amazing.
  224. I can’t become a human but there is a possibility that humans can become like us.
  225. Aoba-san…
  227. …Always.
  228. I’m dreaming.
  229. It was a white dream up until now but suddenly it turned into a black one.
  230. In a white room tubes were connected all over my body.
  231. The systematic electric sound of the meter, the weak sound of my breathing.
  232. Those sounds surrounded me in this room where I continuously saw a white dream.
  233. I didn’t know when it would end; it was a long and uncertain dream.
  234. Even if I woke up it was white so I didn’t know where the dream ended.
  235. But, at least the whiteness of the dream was a lot kinder than the whiteness of reality, I liked it.
  236. When Clear came to pick me up, too, I was dozing in that dream.
  237. He smiled at me like he was a continuation of that dream.
  238. That made me really happy…
  239. And a long lost “feeling” of a different color than white welled in my chest.
  240. It was a feeling like brightness spreading in my whole body.
  241. My vision became filled with tears as I looked at Clear’s face.
  242. That smile was no different than before; it was the Clear I knew.
  243. …But I might have realized it in the bottom of my heart.
  244. A completely unchanged Clear wouldn’t be in this place.
  245. That’s because here is in the palm of Toue’s hand.
  246. Even if I understood that, my head blanked out making me unable to think or feel anything in my head or heart.
  247. In this world where I’d even given up despair, I didn’t have the strength to even doubt.
  248. I had no choice but to accept the reality that was in front of me.
  249. There was a strange discomfort in Clear’s voice that I hadn’t heard in a while.
  250. It should have been the same as before, but something was different.
  251. That discomfort got stronger and stronger, and then…
  252. I was on top of that cold stand.
  253. At that time, the feeling that I hadn’t had in a while froze in a flash.
  254. But that the same time there was a me who thought “as I thought.”
  255. Clear is different than before after all.
  256. When I realized that reality, my dream turned from white to black.
  258. A digging feeling.
  259. The sound of nerves being torn. Feeling.
  260. Pain. Bur rather close to burning.
  261. Wtsch.
  262. Wtsch. (I couldn’t figure out the sound here. It’s the sound of being lashed or hit or whipped, but anything else sounded sillier, I’m sorry)
  263. Is what’s falling tears or…
  264. Even if I close my eyes my whole field of vision is red.
  265. A horrible buzzing numbs my whole head, and even if I close my eyes various colors flash before me,
  267. There my consciousness paused.
  268. I think to act violent or to call out. Everything is unclear.
  269. And with that my entire world loses its light.
  270. A world closed in darkness.
  271. When I realized that I couldn’t see anymore, I thought I would cut off my tongue and die.
  272. I didn’t know what else to do.
  273. I couldn’t overcome the feeling.
  274. It was a feeling like I was being wrapped in barbed wire, falling into a deep hole.
  275. I thought I would die.
  276. But I stopped thinking that.
  277. Because suddenly Clear’s face floated in my mind.
  278. Clear’s happy face, his sad face.
  279. His embarrassed and slightly bashful face.
  280. His voice calling me “Aoba-san.”
  281. That voice is the same… the tone or the sound is a little different than before but certainly Clear’s voice.
  282. Thinking to save me, Clear jammed the knife into his own head.
  283. He went so far as to do that but I was still captures by Toue.
  284. What we expected didn’t come true.
  285. Thinking of all those feelings and memories put together… I couldn’t fight against him.
  286. What would I return to Clear?
  287. Clear, who worked that hard for me…
  288. I can only do one thing for him right now.
  289. That is to make his dream come true.
  290. In the end, I realized that.
  291. There wasn’t any anesthetic for my eye treatment so I acted violently against the pain.
  292. But in the middle I remembered “what I can do now”…
  293. and I abandoned all resistance.
  294. With this I won’t be able to see anything anymore.
  295. From now on I won’t be able to see anything going on around me or do anything about it.
  296. Forever a dark world.
  297. But if I think about it, I’d given up on myself a while ago.
  298. Just because the white world turned into a dark one.
  299. Besides, from now on I will become a being living for Clear’s sake.
  300. My world will become only about Clear.
  301. …That’s okay.
  302. If that’s all I can do for Clear…
  303. If that’s what Clear says he wants from me…
  304. Then…
  305. And when I came to,…
  306. I was in the midst of a black dream.
  308. A little bit of time passed after the eye surgery.
  309. Aoba-san waits maturely in the room I had prepared.
  310. Rather than a room it’s more like a cage due to the iron bars, but that’s on purpose.
  311. Not that he’s a prisoner, but that I imagined him as a caged bird.
  312. I thought Aoba-san fits that image perfectly.
  313. Within one week I left the room many times to do check-ups on Aoba-san, and then would return.
  314. Of course, carrying Aoba-san was my duty.
  315. I take care of everything regarding Aoba-san, like giving him a bath and getting rid of his bodily excrements.
  316. It seems like Toue has about finished doing the inspection on Aoba-san’s older brother Sei-san’s eyes, which have the same power as his voice.
  317. Furthermore, it also seems like he will be implanting Aoba-san’s voice ability into us.
  318. Since I’m the old version, that doesn’t apply to me.
  319. Speaking honestly, I don’t really have any interest in Toue even though he is my master.
  320. To me, Aoba-san is everything.
  321. Today, too, I finished the check-up and carried Aoba-san back to this room.
  322. At first Aoba-san didn’t really move as he got used to the darkness and pain.
  323. But now if I hold his back he can sit up on his own.
  324. Lifting his body, Aoba-san always crawls across the floor to the bars.
  325. He clings to the bars with both hands and continues to sit there for hours at a time.
  326. At those times, I hold Aoba-san from behind and slowly unfasten his hands from around the bars.
  327. In order to have him understand that he will never be able to go outside again, I thrust the despair gently onto him.
  328. Today I think it’s time to move on to the next step of my plan.
  329. Next is both of his feet.
  330. But, before that.
  331. I enter Aoba-san’s rooms and stand next to him sitting near the bars.
  332. C: Aoba-san.
  333. Like always, I take his hands off of the bars and carry that body to the bed.
  334. Aoba-san move a little bewilderedly in my arms, but he soon quiets down.
  335. Like he’s scared, he puts both of his arms over his head.
  336. C: You’re light, Aoba-san… Naturally.
  337. I always give him two meals, one at breakfast and one at dinner, of foods filled with nutrition, but Aoba-san hardly ever eats.
  338. Does he not have an appetite or is he refusing it? Or both?
  339. He might have just lost interest in food all together.
  340. Because of that, Aoba-san is very light.
  341. I carry Aoba-san to the bed like that and sit on it with him in between my legs.
  342. A: …
  343. Aoba-san grabs my knee like he’s nervous.
  344. Because he can’t see anything, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen and he’s nervous.
  345. I lift that hand gently and press the back of it to my lips.
  346. A: …
  347. With just that, Aoba-san’s whole body leaps with feeling.
  348. Like he’s scared that something bad will happen if he touches my body.
  349. He’s actually afraid. His shoulders are trembling faintly.
  350. I know that Aoba-san’s face has stiffened.
  351. After taking off my gloves, I wrap my arm around that body and pull him close, trying to calm him.
  352. I trace his earlobe with my tongue.
  353. A: …fu
  354. Aoba-san lets out a small gasp.
  355. Licking his earlobe, I pass over to the back of his ear and take his hair in my mouth.
  356. Burying my face into the back of Aoba-san’s hair, I suck on a bundle of it.
  357. A: Ah…
  358. Aoba-san’s mouth opens though he doesn’t really say anything, and his back straightens in shock as though he’s going to run away.
  359. Aoba-san has feeling in his hair so he doesn’t like it when people touch it.
  360. It hurts it you pull it hard.
  361. But depending on how you touch it, his reaction will change.
  362. Right now, even though he’s not speaking, he’s breathing fast and biting his lips as though to hold those back.
  363. Aoba-san looks too cute like that and while biting his hair I trail may tongue down the nape of his neck.
  364. C: Ha…
  365. A: … ku… au….
  366. I pull his hair with one hand and Aoba-san let’s out his voice like he can’t bear it.
  367. Enjoying his reactions, I trail my hands along his chest.
  368. With just my fingertips, I tickle his skin like I’m stroking a cat.
  369. A: U n….
  370. Aoba-san bites his lips again shakes his head like he doesn’t like it.
  371. C: You don’t dislike it, right?
  372. I take my mouth from his hair to whisper those words softly in his ear and press my lips to his shoulder while pinching one of his nipples.
  373. A: … …
  374. Aoba-san is completely afraid of me to when it comes to me doing things to him he reacts nervously.
  375. Technically speaking that’s also because his sensitivity has multiplied.
  376. For me, or rather for my series, we have been equipped with the setting to be able to have sexual activities.
  377. Therefore we know what to do in order to make a person happy.
  378. Any more knowledge than that I will learn from touching Aoba-san like this.
  379. But when I touch Aoba-san he reacts so pitifully that I end up getting hard immediately.
  380. That’s probably because Aoba-san has completely lost his will regarding me.
  381. Even if he wants to go against me, he reacts nervously due to fear.
  382. That figure of Aoba-san, who’s gotten so skinny, tickles something inside of me.
  383. I’m not a human so I don’t understand this feeling right away, but it’s probably…
  384. Similar to wanting to protect something and wanting to break it.
  385. Those contradictory feelings reverberate inside of me, a strange phenomenon for me.
  386. C: Aoba-san, does it feel good?
  387. I stroke Aoba-san’s hair with one hand and knead his nipple in my other hand, crushing it.
  388. A: Ha… ah…
  389. Aoba-san, with his eyes covered, has a disordered voice, and as though he wants to stop me he places his thin hand on my arm.
  390. After losing his eyesight, Aoba-san also gradually stopped talking.
  391. He barely ever lets any words out. I don’t know why….
  392. But it must be because he thinks there is no need to talk. Or maybe he really can’t talk.
  393. C: That’s no good…
  394. I twist his nipple hard in response to his act of resistance.
  395. A: !
  396. His body jumps with a shock and Aoba-san bites his lips.
  397. This time I roll the bud of his nipple gently with the palm of my hand.
  398. A: …fu…
  399. After doing that for a while, Aoba-san’s sighs waver and his pale skin starts to become red.
  400. It’s a sign that it feels good when I do this.
  401. I stop moving my hand that’s bothering with Aoba-san’s hair and move it to the lower half of his body.
  402. I grab Aoba-san’s erection in my hand and stroke him slowly.
  403. A: A… u….
  404. Right away like he wants to escape his body jerks up.
  405. I hold his chest with my other arm as well to stop him and I place my face on top of Aoba-san’s shoulder, looking towards his legs.
  406. I look down to his thin waist and all over the twitching Aoba-san I’m holding.
  407. When I look at them, his legs kicking here and there irritatingly are very thin.
  408. When I stroke his hard cock between his thighs, it becomes red and grows thicker.
  409. I have a similar genital on me, but I don’t think it will change color like this.
  410. C: This part of Aoba-san is lewd, isn’t it
  411. A: …
  412. I say what comes to my mind, seemingly embarrassing Aoba-san for he tries to stand up, putting strength into his knees.
  413. But, I grip his cock hard and he loses that strength instantly.
  414. His useless legs slide across the sheets on the bed.
  415. C: It feels good, right? It’s okay, I wouldn’t do mean things to you.
  416. I tell him the words sweetly in his ear and then chew my way through his hair to his neck which I kiss.
  417. I stroke Aoba-san’s cock over and over as I slide my hand that’s holding him back down his chest and to his stomach.
  418. Aoba-san  jolts in shock whenever he feels it strongly.
  419. As I do that, I kiss the nape of Aoba-san’s neck over and over.
  420. A: Fu… a….
  421. A thin strand of saliva slides down from his thinly opened mouth.
  422. I take it with the hand that was stroking Aoba-san’s chest and carry it to my mouth.
  423. Licking his saliva, I accidentally cut my finger with my teeth.
  424. Hot, incredibly real-like blood fills my mouth.
  425. I slide that finger into Aoba-san’s ass.
  426. A: …!
  427. Aoba-san’s body jerks and trembles again.
  428. Without hesitating, I enter my finger deeply inside of Aoba-san.
  429. My blood-coated finger enters him smoothly.
  430. It looks exactly like it, but my blood isn’t actually real blood.
  431. But there are no wounds on the body.
  432. C: Aoba-san… why don’t you let out your voice?
  433. A: … n…
  434. I listen for his answer as I swirl my finger around inside of him.
  435. But Aoba-san bites his lips, killing his voice.
  436. Sometimes I can hear nothing but stifled breaths coming from his open lips.
  437. C: Aoba-san…
  438. As if to badger him, I swirl my finger a little harder inside of him.
  439. Even though I do that I don’t get an answer.
  440. This time I increase my fingers to two.
  441. A: … ha… a…
  442. I can only hear his weak voice mixed with gasps.
  443. That’s fine in its own way but… what I want to hear is his voice.
  444. It’s been so long since I’ve heard Aoba-san’s voice.
  445. It’s calm, warm, and feels like it’s wrapping me up, that voice
  446. I want to hear his voice.
  447. Before he loses it forever, I just want to hear it.
  448. C: I want to hear your voice.
  449. A: ….
  450. I move my finger violently inside of him, scratching the walls of his insides.
  451. I think that it must hurt but Aoba-san only grits his teeth in silence.
  452. It’s warm and feels good inside of Aoba-san…
  453. C: Aoba-san…
  454. Aoba-san stubbornly doesn’t listen to my words.
  455. In that case…
  456. A: …!
  457. I take my fingers out from Aoba-san and take off my belt and pants, pulling out my hot cock for the first time.
  458. Every time I see my own I think it’s funny.
  459. Because even though it feels, gets big, and produces semen correctly, it isn’t the real thing.
  460. When I look at that part of me I realize how much an imitation of a human I am and I end up wanting to laugh.
  461. It’s really funny.
  462. Toue who made this thing and me who has this thing.
  463. I hold Aoba-san on both sides of his body and pull him over me like a child.
  464. A: !?
  465. Aoba-san struggles in surprise.
  466. I don’t really care about him struggling over this and I spread his cheeks so I can press my cock into the place where my fingers just were.
  467. A: ……Ah
  468. Aoba-san’s body stiffens in an instant.
  469. Aoba-san, who can’t see what’s going on around him anymore, must have realized what’s happening.
  470. C: Aoba-san…
  471. I pull Aoba-san’s arms down hard, pressing my tip into his hot ass.
  472. My cock buries deep inside of Aoba-san right away.
  473. A: ! Ah… Uaa….
  474. …I finally heard it.
  475. A sweet voice overflows from Aoba-san’s lips as my sudden insertion overbears him.
  476. Furthermore, if I hold his arms down he can’t escape.
  477. A: Ahh…
  478. C: …N, Aoba-san…
  479. Upon hearing Aoba-san’s voice, a heavy impulse is born inside of me.
  480. I love Aoba-san. Aoba-san is important.
  481. Aoba-san is my thing. I want to hear Aoba-san’s voice more.
  482. More…
  483. losing to my impulse, I pull Aoba-san’s arms hard.
  484. A: It ahhhh…!
  485. I relentlessly pound into Aoba-san, becoming swallowed by him.
  486. It’s tight inside of Aoba-san and a feeling close to pain runs through my lower body.
  487. But the feeling of the pleats of his skin wrapping around me is warm and comfortable.
  488. Along with Aoba-san’s voice leaking out, I feel something close to what you would call “excitement.”
  489. C: …ha…
  490. Aoba-san’s ass fits perfectly against my hips.
  491. I pound into Aoba-san all the way to my base, so much so that he looks like he’s in pain, and I open my legs a little more to bring him closer.
  492. The arms I’m pulling look so fragile that it seems like they could break and I’m supporting them with my own strength so I do my best.
  493. C: Name… please say it.
  494. C: My name….
  495. I look at Aoba-san, thinking that he’ll definitely call it if I ask him like this.
  496. A: ….
  497. Aoba-san’s lips tremble, opening and closing, breathing roughly as though he’s bearing a big burden.
  498. And then…
  499. A: …C-lear…
  500. He calls my name in such a tiny voice I really have to listen hard to hear it.
  501. C: …
  502. I’m attacked by a feeling I can’t describe.
  503. It’s a feeling I don’t really understand, shooting out from a strange place and incredibly fine and small.
  504. I want Aoba-san.
  505. But just those strange feelings well up inside of me.
  506. Aoba-san is my thing.
  507. C: Finally… You called my name.
  508. A: …
  509. When I say it Aoba-san’s face becomes sad for some reason.
  510. I can’t see the way his eyes look under the black cloth, but I feel like that’s how he feels.
  511. C: Aoba-san, I love you.
  512. I collect Aoba-san’s in one hand and I hold his thin ass in the other while pushing up hard into him.
  513. A: ! Ah….
  514. C: ….
  515. The sound of Aoba-san’s body. His faintly colored skin. His thin hands and arms that seem like they could break. His lips covered in saliva.
  516. I indulge my hardening self into Aoba-san, surprising even myself, as I lose myself to those images of him.
  517. C: Ha… ah…
  518. A: …u ku….
  519. I change my position and press deep inside Aoba-san on purpose to see what kind of reaction he will have.
  520. What should I do so Aoba-san feels me more.
  521. For him to look at me more.
  522. …Look?
  523. But Aoba-san can’t see anymore. I did that.
  524. C: Haaa……
  525. It’s hot inside of Aoba-san.
  526. Aoba-san must be feeling me more because pre-cum is leaking from his cock.
  527. I sometimes play with that liquid while thrusting deeply inside of Aoba-san.
  528. A: Fu kuaa…. U….
  529. Aoba-san seem like he’s trying to muffle his voice but it looks like it’s impossible already.
  530. His back is bent backwards as I thrust into him and his arms extend in front of him, scrambling for something.
  531. The fluid dripping from Aoba-san’s cock slides down onto him and also sticks to my stomach.
  532. That watery sound echoes strongly in a room that has only me and Aoba-san in it.
  533. C: … Aoba-san… You’re pretty…
  534. I slow down my thrusts as I say those words.
  535. C: These arms and legs as well…
  536. Soon, they will all disappear.
  537. As I think that I feel like I want to eat Aoba-san up and I pull one of Aoba-san’s arms towards my mouth.
  538. I bite hard into the bone in the back of his hand.
  539. A: ….
  540. Aoba-san jumps and tries to pull back his hand.
  541. Look at his body, I remember.
  542. Ahh,  I see. It’s not that I want to eat him…
  543. This might be “love”.
  544. Do I think that Aoba-san is “dear” to me…?
  545. I see….
  546. We were built with feelings and ideas similar to those of humans and we have similar patterns of feelings as they do.
  547. Cute, happy, fun, sad, anger, love.
  548. I can register feelings on this level the more they appear.
  549. But, when it becomes deeper than that it’s a little complicated.
  550. I can register it, but it takes time.
  551. I don’t know how I was before Toue repaired me, but at the least it’s like that now.
  552. It’s not just me, everyone in my series is like that, and only interact with feelings on the surface.
  553. Therefore, when the feeling like “(to think someone is)beloved” comes out various different types of names shoot out surprising me a little.
  554. So “(thinking someone is) beloved” is this kind of feeling…
  555. C: Haa…ha….
  556. A: Ah…. U….
  557. While accepting me, Aoba’s insides quiver and tighten.
  558. That feeling creates pressure on me, speeding up the feeling of wanting to come, and I look at Aoba-san.
  559. Aoba-san’s voice is also disheveled, just like he’s crying.
  560. He shakes his head sometimes as though he’s becoming unconscious,
  561. He’s probably already almost there.
  562. C: That’s good, Aoba-san…
  563. Urging him on, I stroke Aoba-san’s cock with both of my hands.
  564. And at the same time I strengthen my thrusts inside Aoba-san.
  565. A: Ku ah….
  566. Aoba-san’s body seems like it’s going to fall backwards.
  567. Flustered, he grabs for both of my thighs and puff out his chest like he’s full of pride.
  568. But because he looks like he’s going to fall I grab his hips and push deeply into him.
  569. I thrust into him many times and Aoba-san’s white, thin body pulses and shakes…
  570. A: ! A… U ahh…!!
  571. Aoba-san bends like a bow and ejaculates.
  572. At the same time, Aoba-san’s entrance tightens and suddenly pulls me deep inside.
  573. The feeling of coming rushes up on me, taking me over.
  574. C: Ku… u…!
  575. I stop moving and shoot my manufactured cum inside of Aoba-san.
  576. I hold my breath as I think.
  577. This… feeling like my heart is racing, the unbearable heat in my hips, and the pleasure of releasing.
  578. It’s all fake.
  579. These feelings are all in line with what “humans should feel” and my body is no more than a replication of that.
  580. …Even so.
  581. C: Haa….. Aoba-san
  582. A: ……..
  583. I pull on Aoba-san’s arm again, while he’s out of breath, and hold him.
  584. Aoba-san is shivering like he’s on guard for something, but he’s completely exhausted and leaves his body to me.
  585. I stroke Aoba-san’s back while we’re connected.
  586. Aoba-san is “beloved:.
  587. So much so that I might actually eat him.
  588. C: Aoba-san, I love you..
  589. A: …
  590. No matter how much emotion I load into those words Aoba-san doesn’t answer me.
  591. I’ve already gotten used to not receiving an answer.
  592. That’s why I’m not expecting it.
  593. …Even so.
  594. Aoba-san sluggishly lifts his hand and touches my head softly.
  595. The place where I shoved a knife in my head to break the keylock.
  596. C: …
  597. Once again a feeling boils up in my chest and I don’t know how to express it.
  598. Is this also “love”? Or is it different?
  599. Or am I broken again?
  600. I have to calm down.  I’m strangely fidgety.
  601. …. I’ll have to look it up later.
  602. Thinking that, I take Aoba-san’s hand from my head and slowly kiss the palm of his hand.
  604. Several days after that, Aoba-san lost the ability to walk.
  605. Because I took away the legs he needed to walk.
  606. After waiting a little, I took both of his arms too.
  607. Aoba-san barely fought against me.
  608. Rather than looking like he’d given up, it looked to me like he was accepting everything.
  609. I thought that more shock syndromes would arise but his arms and legs reached stability quickly.
  610. …Then.
  611. Today, finally, is the last day.
  612. With this Aoba-san will become the existence that I wished for.
  613. I carry Aoba-san who can’t move on his own gently into the medical room.
  614. I set Aoba-san on the stainless steel stand.
  615. Aoba-san remains quiet and doesn’t seem frightened at all.
  616. There is no strength in his body at all.
  617. It looks like he knows exactly what is going to happen to him from now on.
  618. I touch Aoba-san’s face softly over and over and close my eyes, kissing those lips.
  619. After this, no sound will come from these lips anymore.
  620. I wanted him to call my name one last time but…
  621. Aoba-san won’t speak. Therefore, I have no choice.
  622. Aoba-san will now become the Aoba-san I wished for.
  623. He will become a created existence hovering between life and death.
  624. Eternally close to us, and more precious.
  625. The fact that he will become just my thing makes me incredibly happy.
  626. Finally the wish that I have always been wishing for is finally going to come true.
  627. I have to hold back my discontent a little bit more.
  628. …Even though I think that.
  629. C: …Huh?
  630. Something leaks from my eyes and slides down my cheek.
  631. When I touch my hand to it to look at it, clear liquid sparkles on my finger.
  632. This… is a tear?
  633. C: …Why?
  634. Even though I’m a machine. Even though I’m something created.
  635. Of course I have the programming that makes tears fall when I’m sad.
  636. But now…
  637. I’m supposed to be happy that Aoba-san is becoming the thing I wanted him to be.
  638. Why is something like tears falling?
  639. Something must be breaking. I will have to research it later.
  640. While I’m standing there in bewilderment, Aoba-san, who looks like a doll, moves a little bit.
  641. He turns his head to me like he can see what I’m doing and those thin lips open…
  642. “Are you okay?”
  643. I feel like they say that.
  644. In order to have Aoba-san not worry I stroke his skin over and over and smile al little.
  645. C: That’s strange…
  646. C: I wonder why I’m crying.
  647. C: Hey… Aoba-san.
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