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Feb 14th, 2020
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  1. 🏐 β–Œβ YOU MAKE ME SMILE ❞
  3. user : SE0KMlNS
  4. password : seventeen, got7, dreamcatcher, && red velvet
  6. 🏐 β–Œβ HATE YOU TOO ❞
  8. name : jwa minjun
  9. nicknames :
  10. β†’ juni : this was a childhood nickname, which she only entrusts to her closest friends and family
  11. β†’ minnie : her love interest calls her this, since he really liked that image of her wearing that minnie mouse headband (and since it sounds cute)
  13. birthday : july 07
  14. age : 15
  16. birthplace : busan, south korea
  17. nationality : korean
  18. ethnicity : korean
  20. languages :
  21. β†’ korean
  22. (can speak busan satoori)
  23. β†’ english
  25. 🏐 β–Œβ WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! ❞
  27. background :
  28. β†’ why did she move schools? : she used to study in an international high school, but her family had faced financial problems, since her father's car repairing business had gone bankrupt, and her mother isn't getting a high enough pay for her office work.
  29. β†’ minjun is an only child who was taught how to dance by his father as she was younger. she was raised with positivity, even though their family faced burdens ever since. she has worked many jobs at 15, and even faked her age once just to earn a small amount of money.
  31. personality :
  32. β†’ optimistic | "there's always next time!"
  33. she goes by the saying that there is always a rainbow after the rain. minjun avoids thinking about the negativity that surrounds her, and instead appreciates what's positive.
  34. β†’ hospitable | "i'm always here"
  35. she is a listening ear towards all her friends and would drop everything just to know that they're fine and happy.
  36. β†’ patient | "i can wait"
  37. she's persevering and is willing to wait for years for things that are needed to be waited on.
  38. β†’ hysterical | "OH MY GOD!"
  39. minjun tends to overreact to the simplest things, and all of that is because of her energy. she doesn't even seem to care when eyes are all on her because of an overexaggerated gasp. it causes annoyance, but she doesn't seem to notice.
  40. β†’ extroverted | "i feel lonely without people"
  41. she is a people person with great social skills. even if she's the youngest, conversations she holds can make you question wgether she is really fifteen or not.
  42. β†’ passive | "i'm okay, but actually i'm not"
  43. minjun dislikes telling people her problems and bottles them up instead, because others worrying is something she has a strong hate for.
  44. β†’ rowdy | *energetically jumping*
  45. back when she was in elementary, her parents used to be always called to the office for being so noisy. that stubborn personality never seemed to go away and only developed much more.
  46. β†’ clumsy | "oops.."
  47. a part of her bubbly personality is her clumsiness. she has had countless near death experiences just because of her tripping.
  53. β†’ dirty jokes
  54. β†’ dad jokes
  55. β†’ family dinners
  56. β†’ hoodies
  57. β†’ exercising
  58. β†’ upbeat music
  59. β†’ gatorade
  60. β†’ anime (and everything about it like the intros, outros, concepts, everything)
  61. β†’ serenades
  62. dislikes :
  63. β†’ being alone
  64. β†’ quiet places
  65. β†’ quiet people
  66. β†’ lightning
  67. β†’ wounds
  68. β†’ getting things she didn't even work hard for
  69. β†’ sleeveless shirts
  70. β†’ people crying
  71. trivia :
  72. β†’ she had surgery on her pinky, since a car door was actually slammed on it when she was little.
  73. β†’ she's a pro at doing donutless messy buns
  74. β†’ she auditioned for some entertainments, but got turned down by each
  75. β†’ she has surprisingly good eyesight (20/10)
  76. β†’ she knows how to rap, since she had idolized eminem growing up
  77. β†’ is really flexible
  79. favourite/iconic phrases :
  80. 1. shut up! (almost says this EVERY TIME to anyone)
  81. 2. i can see you clearly anywhere you go and you can't do anything about it because i'm a 20 over 10, so don't you dare stare at me like a tiger. (technically flexing her eyesight)
  82. 3. i like flirting with girls more than boys. (lowkey gay)
  83. 4. yo, do you have an erection? (loudly and embarassingly)
  85. 🏐 β–Œβ WOW, SHE'S HOT SHE'S FINE ❞
  87. love interest : lee seokmin (svt)
  88. back-up love interest: song mingi (ateez)
  90. love interest personality:
  91. - positive | "i'm happy as long as i'm breathing"
  92. this was where him and minjun's personality got similar. he smiles at the smallest things, since it has been what his mother taught him in his childhood years.
  93. - insecure | "i'm not good enough"
  94. despite being an optimist, he can't avoid times where he thinks low of himself to the point where it ruins his happiness each day, whether it's about his talents, looks, etc.
  95. - oblivious | "i didn't understand"
  96. he's sometimes not in his proper thinking. seokmin can sometimes be really slow and it shows.
  98. love interest background: he's actually living a pretty good life, except for the fact that his mom passed away when he was 13. even if he can't buy everything he wants every time, his father showers him and his older sister with affection and doesn't pressure him on things they aren't much confident in. music is one of his biggest priorities.
  100. how does she act around him: she suddenly turns much more mature and obedient (which surprises her friends). conversations she executes are still interesting, but not as childish as ones she has with others. minjun is the sub in the relationship.
  101. how does he act around her: he smiles at her 24/7. this boy is really affectionate and isn't afraid to show a little pda. he treats her so carefully as if she is a thin piece of glass and lets her open up about her problems. seokmin is the dom in the relationship.
  103. how did you guys first meet: they were seated beside each other inside their classroom's seating arrangement, which soon resulted into walking minjun home one time after dissmissal. that event caused them to know each other more.
  104. what he first thought of her: he knew they'd get along after seeing her smile towards him. just that simple grin made him feel welcomed into her life.
  105. what she first thought of him: cold. his gaze had intimidated her at first sight, causing her to be a bit frightened. this was actually the biggest fallacy she has ever known.
  107. relationship with love interest : he caught her with his honey-like voice. after exchanging numbers, their calls consisted of seokmin singing and even writing lyrics. what brought them together the most was their music tastes. they found joy and soon became inseparable. their relationship is something full of thought and appreciation, one in which they'd give short notes to each other on a daily basis.
  109. sexuality : pansexual
  113. love rival: lee chaeyoung (fromis_9)
  114. relationship with l/i: seokmin and her were once partners in a partnered dance, which got them a bit closer. since seokmin is really oblivious, he never realized that she was flirting with him until minjun said so.
  115. do they succeed: no. seokmin loves minjun too much for that.
  117. other love rival: β€”
  118. relationship with l/i: β€”
  119. do they succeed: β€”
  121. enemy: β€”
  122. why are you guys enemies: β€”
  124. friends: (formerly) pristin's xiyeon, txt's huening kai, and basically everyone she meets
  126. 🏐 β–Œβ I LOVE MYSELF ❞
  128. slot : chewing gum
  129. back-up slot : run
  130. faceclaim : khsolvly
  131. back-up faceclaim : hp.i09
  132. requested scenes with love interest:
  133. - a scene in which he suddenly places earbuds to her ears and makes her listen to his playlist without any words being said and the two just enjoying the moment.
  134. - a scene in which seokmin scolds minjun for wearing a crop top like some religious mother.
  136. requested scenes with other slots:
  137. - a dramatic hour of plain roasting with personal feelings aside
  138. - a scene where minjun gives them each bracelets as a token of their friendship.
  140. requested scenes with others:
  141. love rival - a subtle freestyle dance battle while telling who deserves seokmin more.
  142. - ???
  147. playlist :
  148. - simple by seventeen
  149. - moonchild by rm
  150. - don't stop me now by queen
  151. - life of the party by shawn mendes
  152. note to me uwu : hello !! thanks for this amazing plot by your amazing mind :) i hope we get along well !! belated happy valentine's <3
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