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  1. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:10 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  2. hey i have a thursday problem for you
  3. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:11 PM] Ryan Totten:
  4. everything is a thursday problem
  5. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:11 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  6. hahaha
  7. ok this is the problem i dont 100% like your edc 92 device comm nci. it is missing an important field and needs to be added and then re-uploaded
  8. please open it and look at column AB
  9. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:12 PM] Ryan Totten:
  10. what about is
  11. it*
  12. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:13 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  13. Please change that column to be named OS Version, and before it, add a column called OS Type
  14. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:13 PM] Ryan Totten:
  15. ....
  16. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:13 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  17. i need the type specified
  18. so type is windows and the version is 1.1
  19. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:13 PM] Ryan Totten:
  20. i gave you all of that
  21. in the change to input the OS versions into ivanti
  22. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:14 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  23. the column is called operating system. i need two that specifically state os type and os version.  
  24. or the transition auto upload will not work
  25. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:19 PM] Ryan Totten:
  26. just rip it from manufacturer
  27. its all the same shit
  28. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:21 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  29. sorry i cannot
  30. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:22 PM] Ryan Totten:
  31. why
  32. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:22 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  33. because i did not create the nci, i am the planner and implementer not submitter and i am not an engineer with the knowledge as you are
  34. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:22 PM] Ryan Totten:
  35. yes, so the engineer is telling you how to fix it
  36. i dont have the time to add 53 new collumns and redo the sheet 6 times for an auto upload
  37. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:23 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  38. that is what needs to be done or the change will not occur because you are stalling it
  39. the nci belongs to you not me
  40. own your work
  41. [‎2019-‎07-‎17 3:25 PM] Cynthia MacFarlane:
  42. sorry but this is the process every other engineer has done this before
  43. nothing new
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