Savages culture

Nov 5th, 2018
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  1. *Savages choose 5 tiles on the map instead of just 3 at the beginning of the game. However, they do not start with a built city.
  3. *Savages have -1 ingenuity point for inventing buildings
  5. *Savages Gain additional 30% more loot from raids
  7. *Once per turn, you can expand your territory to a new "Plains" tile as a free action (if it is possible)
  9. *Savages gain additional 200 progress and 20 growth from "Plains" tiles in their territory (when nothing is built on them)
  11. *Special action: River raid
  12. When counting the distance for mobility when performing a "raid" action, savages don't count tiles with river on them as additional distance. However, when performing a river raid, Your siege armies will not participate in the battle.
  14. *Special action: Despoil
  15. This is a new type of war available for savages only.
  16. If the targeted tile you attacked is a building, that building is destroyed and you gain the cost of the building as loot if you win the battle.
  17. --
  18. Objectives:
  19. *"Spoils of war": Gain 60,000 gold or more from a single Raid/Despoil action
  20. *"Savage expansion": Own at least 24 territories, and have the highest amount of territory in the game.
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