Business Ponies

Feb 1st, 2018
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  1. >The date is June 1st, 1967.
  2. >It's a beautiful start to the magical scene in San Francisco, men and women begin to converge in Haight-Ashbury as something new is born.
  3. >You, however, would not be one of these men.
  4. >You wore not the Bohemian excess as many of these other people have, no mind boggling color schemes that blended together, no painted vans surfing down the waves of asphalt with a funny smell impacting bystanders, and certainly you weren't going to partake in their odd "friendship" rituals.
  5. >Well, you never said you wouldn't go to it necessarily, certainly you would see what the fuss was about, as your 23 year old sales associate had pestered you about going with him so you could understand how his generation's mentality really is.
  6. >Couldn't really blame the guy for trying to get a 32 year old man like yourself to have some fun, albeit fun in ways you've hardly experienced.
  7. >Sure, you've been to parties, gotten drunk, but you've never had a go about with the green stuff that smelled like one of those skunks your Pa would shoot on the farm back in the 40s.
  8. >You end your mental quarrel, and park your '65 Mustang outside a gray-bricked apartment building, the smell of cheap cigarettes floods your nostrils as you exit the admittedly fancy car and step out into the warm evening
  9. >Naturally, Stevens was waiting for you, though he hadn't realized it yet.
  10. >The man was busy trying to lay his charm on two hippie lookin' women who looked like they'd just come right out of a Grateful Dead concert.
  11. "Land sakes, Robert, couldn't be bothered to have some taste?"
  12. >Poor man got a crestfallen look on his face as the two ladies scoffed at your demeanor, hurriedly trying to make up excuses for your behavior, they wouldn't have any of it as they shortly stomped back inside the building, leaving the sulking color laced man to face you with an angry retort.
  13. >"Damnit, Tony, I had them!" He right up to you, gesturing with two fingers nearly touching eachother.
  14. >"This. Close."
  15. >You gently push the younger fellow away, a pouty look on the guy's face as you do so.
  16. "Listen Robert, you invited me here as a... Business adventure, so to speak."
  17. >He shakes his head and smirks, putting both hands into his coat pockets.
  18. >"Yeah yeah, alright square, guess we're doing this your way."
  19. >You scoff and take out a cigarette holder from your breast pocket, smoothly lighting a lonely paper stick with a flick of the wrist and help from your zippo.
  20. "Square? Really now, Stevens, using their terminology?"
  21. >You exhale smoke while he shakes his head and opens the apartment door for you, intense music floats out the door and slides right between your ears, lifting you off the ground with an enticing vibe.
  22. >"After you, master."
  23. >You chuckle as you enter the dimly lit building, immediately met with people chattering over the loud music, and a curious looking couple giggling as they headed for a closet in the long hallway.
  24. >The hallway itself was adorned by a mural of The Beatles themselves, depicted as they are in that new album that came out to the world a few months ago, Sergeant Pepperoni's... Something.
  25. >"Nice scene, huh Tony?" Stevens slides up right behind as the two of you march your way through the conversation, booze, and funny smelling cigarettes between tweezers.
  26. "A mite funny for my tastes, music sounds new, however."
  27. >You entire a much more spacious room, a many couch occupied by people of many colors laughing at everything, eyes widened and pupils dilated, some were staring at art books, others seemed to be in a trance like state just staring at the air, one particular individual stationed himself at a chair furiously tapping away at a typewriter, the clicking and clacking overwritten by the sound of the party
  28. >"Funny, huh? Well you haven't seen shit yet man!" Stevens laughs as he wraps his arm over your shoulder."
  29. "Haven't seen shit? Think I've seen enough to get the jist of the place."
  30. >In the midst of the conversation, an oily looking fellow with a denim vest with many peace pins adorned about it managed to snake his way up to the two of you unnoticed, his long untamed mane seemed to have a mind of its own as it slithered down his neck; A wily look was in his eyes, inundated yellow teeth showed with the same smile worn by the many people strewn about the den, enlarged pupils telling the story for you.
  31. >"Hey buckos! Robert, you made it!" His hair seemed to bounce with every pause the man took, breathing erratic, sweat pouring down his neck.
  32. "Er, yeah. Well met." You extend your hand out to shake his.
  33. >The guy roughly clasps his dirty appendage against yours and wildly shakes it.
  34. >"Well met indeed my friend!"
  35. >He smiles at you, one of his eyelids twitches, and you could swear one of his pupils was a bit more dilated than its' partner.
  36. >Overall, it seemed like this fellow was right discombobulated.
  37. >Not exactly one to care about peace and order, but then again who could really know?
  38. >Bet he was even against the war.
  39. >Stevens seemed to know exactly who this man was, and greeted him with a pat on the back.
  40. >"Glad you could catch us Gerard! You got the stuff, right?"
  41. >The mans wild look was instantly transformed into a much more serious one, as if somebody had flipped a switch.
  42. >"Yeah. Careful with it though, it was made by a special somepony. May have... A certain reaction."
  43. >Stevens gave the man one last look before handing him a fiver, the greasy character giving him a small baggie with colorful squares in it.
  44. >"Good stuff Jerry, I'll catch you around." The guy nodded at Robert, then looked at you.
  45. >"Hope you have a nice trip, Tony." He snickers at some joke before disappearing into the crowd of hippies in the background.
  46. >You hope you never had to meet the man again, he wasn't your type.
  47. >Stevens looked into your eyes and smiled.
  48. >Stevens looked into your eyes and smiled.
  49. >"Let's go to the room he prepared, it's supposed to be a special kind of... Zone, I suppose. Didn't want us to be bothered by these guys on acid."
  50. >You shrugged and just went along with it, you've never heard of anybody dying from these kind of things, so you're sure you'd be fine.
  51. >May even get a few sales calls if you were lucky.
  52. >You are always lucky.
  53. >The two of you once more push your way through a crowd of hippie types and into a room absolutely filled with the fuzziest pillows you've ever laid eyes on.
  54. >You look about, tapestries adorned many of the walls, begging to be stared into as if to drag you into a hypnotic trance by a mere glance.
  55. >An oil projector was even playing its colorful theater on the ceiling, rainbow-like blobs bouncing off each other and swirling around in a sort of dance as The Beatles played in the background.
  56. >There were a few beds with more Indian styled sheets haphazardly tossed about them, you think someone was sleeping in one of them but you couldn't really get a good look with the light in the room throwing you off.
  57. >It was like walking into an optical and auditory illusion neatly packaged as a housewarming present.
  58. >"Oh yeah, real nice vibes in here, this is gonna be great Tony!"
  59. >Stevens smiles and sits on a bed closest to the door.
  60. >You oblige him and sit on a bed against the opposite wall, sitting across from him, your back aches as you sit, maybe you should've taken some aspirin before even coming here.
  61. "Yeah, not so sure about that."
  62. >Your co-worker takes one of the blotters out of its wrapping and hands it over to you.
  63. >As he clasps it in your sweaty palm, he shoots a glance into your eyes.
  64. >"Don't go into this with negative feelings man, just be positive, it'll be alright."
  65. >Yeah, okay, whatever.
  66. >It's just a drug, it won't last forever, right?
  67. >You weakly smile and pop the blotter in your mouth, letting it sit between your gum and cheek, it's surprisingly flavorless and starts to dissolve in your mouth.
  68. >The sensation of electricity starts to dance in your mouth, it's like you just chewed up a battery and the juices were flowing through you!
  69. >You look over at Stevens, who's just half-laying on the bed zoned out; staring at the ceiling in awe.
  70. >"I don't think this is LSD, Tony."
  71. >Your ears perk up at-
  72. >Your ears weren't supposed to move at all, maybe it was the drug.
  73. "What do you mean Robert?"
  74. >He sits up, and you notice his ears are extremely flushed, sweat starting to pour down his forehead.
  75. >"I mean this isn't acid!"
  76. >Oh no
  77. >Is this one of those bad trips you've heard so much about?
  78. >It can't be that bad.
  79. >His face morphed as he stared intensely at you, pupils as dilated as dinner plates.
  80. >"It's... I feel weird... Hot..."
  81. >He starts to pant
  82. >"I need to take my clothes off, man."
  83. >You shuffle backwards, leaning against the wall with your legs propped up by the bed.
  84. "You do you Stevens... I'm feeling pretty alright."
  85. >A bubble of delight rises from your stomach, butterflies morphing into pure euphoria, like an entire body orgasm was happening to you all at once.
  86. >You gasp several times as it crashes over you in waves, half watching your companion strip off his clothing, down to a very hairy body and underwear that is straining.
  87. >"S-something isn't right, it's not even this big!"
  88. >Your ears perk up again, and you direct your full attention to Stevens, who is staring at his crotch.
  89. >"Oh god, it's growing!"
  90. >His ears looked weird, pointy even.
  91. >And... Covered in red hair.
  92. >This is some good acid, even if you've never had it; it's really exceeding your expectations!
  93. >Meanwhile, Stevens had turned around, taking off his underwear so he could marvel at his schlong or something.
  94. >You laughed as red hair spread on his ass, and you laughed even harder as his weird ears bent backwards as if he was ashamed or something.
  95. >His blonde hair had grown down his neck, with the redder hair spreading around his shoulder area as well.
  96. >He pulls his underwear up with shaky hands, covering his butt and crotch, then turns around to face you.
  97. >Your eyes widen as the face of some kind of pony type creature stares at you in shock and shame.
  98. >"What the hell did that guy give us?"
  99. >His underwear was absolutely straining from his... thing.
  100. >It had outgrown his boxers, and didn't really look normal.
  101. >Not to say any part of him looked normal right now, though you couldn't help but feel like your own... thing was getting a bit stiff down there.
  102. >Much more than it should've.
  103. >Dear god.
  104. "I don't know, man, you bought it from that greasy looking fellow."
  105. >He sighs, then rubs a stiff hand against his neck before flopping back down on the bed.
  106. >"If anybody sees us like this, they're going to call the cops or... something, I don't know."
  107. >Us?
  108. >You scoff
  109. "What do you mean us? You're the one who looks like a pony... horse... creature right now."
  110. >Robert's head perks up and his gaze deadpans right at you.
  111. >"You look like me too, except you've got a horn and your fur is light blue."
  112. >You cross your eyes and finally notice your blueish expanded nose, definitely out of the ordinary, and look upwards to see a... Spiraling horn coming out of your head.
  113. "I'm trying really hard not to panic right now, but I don't like this."
  114. >You whimper, your crotch was actually starting to hurt as it painfully pressed up against your pants, your expanding cock straining against the solitary confinement called underwear.
  115. >"It's... Yeah, okay, I really don't know."
  116. >You hear cracking noises as Stevens gasps, curling up into a ball and looking much shorter than he was, a blonde tail spilling out of his pants quite rapidly as well.
  117. >"God I hate this!"
  118. >You try to stand up, but your legs immediately buckle when you suddenly can't feel your feet, pants shredding as you fall sideways onto the carpeted floor.
  119. >Your head smashes into said floor, and it knocks you senseless!
  120. >She's Leaving Home... Alright... Try to stay awake...
  121. >The last thing you hear before knocking out for good is someone screaming.
  122. >You awake with a gasp, and immediately notice that you cannot feel your hands or feet.
  123. >In fact, everything is VERY wrong right now.
  124. >Something clings to your back, and wraps around your midsection.
  125. >You quickly look down and realize your entire lower half is uncovered and rather... Not human.
  126. >More pony like, but not quite.
  127. "Jesus fuck... What happened last night?"
  128. >Hot breath hits the back of your neck.
  129. >You become acutely aware that you are being cuddled right now, by something that was also not human.
  130. >You pull yourself away from whoever is cuddling you, eliciting a groan from said person, and manage to stand up on all fours with the help of the bed supporting you.
  131. >The same red fur covers the other... Pony... Man.
  132. >Were you still tripping?
  133. >You hoped not.
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