Dickthrone (Anubis)

Jun 20th, 2014
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  1. >be a captured soldier of a foreign army
  2. >compatriots are tied up and thrown onto the block
  3. >there heads fall with a heavy thud
  4. >resolute in death, you look the axe-man in the eye as he brings down the sharpened edge
  5. >"Wait!"
  6. >axe-man hesitates
  7. >One of the barbarian's so called gods steps forth
  8. >a strange creature with animal like appendages and fluffy ears
  9. >she eyes you curiously
  10. >"This one will suffice. Prepare him for me."
  11. >dragged away by slaves into a separate room
  12. >they wash your body with water and oils
  13. >the fragrance stings your nose as they scrub every inch of you
  14. >sufficiently cleaned, they lead you away
  15. >you soon arrive at a magnificent throne room
  16. >a raised golden throne sits at the very back wall
  17. >the slaves surprisingly sit you upon the throne, using iron bracelets to shackle your wrists down
  18. >the strange creature, what the slaves called 'Anubis' regards you as she strides into the room
  19. >the slaves bow, removing your simple loin cloth to expose yourself to her
  20. >shamed, you cant bare to look at her as she appraises you
  21. >you stifle a gasp as she suddenly grabs you, stroking lightly to get you hard
  22. >theres nothing you can do as you soon stand at full attention for her
  23. >she turns around, spreading herself as she slowly sits atop your dick
  24. >you stifle a groan as she fully envelops you into her backside
  25. >you can feel her tighten every so often, causing you to shiver as she places her arms atop of yours, and pins your feet down with hers
  26. >"Be a good boy and I might release these shackles." she whispered softly
  27. >for the rest of the day she saw to the various issues of her state, even meeting foreign dignitaries
  28. >all the while you were still inside her
  29. >as the day ends, she dismisses her guards and servants, emptying the room
  30. >with no prying eyes, she slowly lifts atop from you and slams back down repeatedly, eventually forcing you to erupt inside her
  31. >she turns around to softly claim your lips for her own
  32. >"You'll make an excellent throne."
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