Raine's Lingerie Incident (lewd version)

Nov 18th, 2019
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  1. >Raine wakes up one morning
  2. >Brain function at 3%
  3. >Get's coffee from table and heads out
  4. >Still early morning
  5. >Only person she came across was that one basitin Karen always hung out with
  6. >She seemed flustered about something
  7. >Ankles probably weren't covered
  8. >Raine made her way sleepily to Red's room
  9. >He said they'd go to a theater performance in Edinmire
  10. >And that she should come get him
  11. >Or he'd come get her... one of the two
  12. >Was it in the morning or late in the evening?
  13. >Didn't really matter, they'd make it either way
  14. >Upon reaching his door she knocked softly, making sure to not wake anyone else up in the process
  15. >She heard something stir inside: "Mmmhhullo?"
  16. >"It's me... are you not out of bed yet?"
  17. >"Come in."
  18. >Upon entering she noticed the human had buried his face in pillows
  19. >She walked over and placed her barely touched coffee on the bedside table
  20. >She rubbed his shoulder to try and get him to wake up a bit
  21. >"Didn't you say you were going to take me to the theater today?"
  22. >He started to spin around
  23. >"Raine, that's at six PM, not six aaaaiiieee-whoa."
  24. >His eyes started shifting all over her body until finally resting on her panties
  25. >Raine looked down and saw she never got changed out of the lingerie
  26. >She'd tested it out the night before, it was supposed to be for after the theater
  27. >"H-heheh, looks like that's not the only thing I mixed up"
  28. >"Damn, you look... hot"
  29. >She started rubbing her hair, "Thanks, it was supposed to be a surprise for... afterwards."
  30. >"I mean now is fine!"
  31. >"Snrk, you can wait mister."
  32. >He had finally leaned up and wrapped his hands just above her hips
  33. >He gave them a small squeeze "How about a little teaser? We don't even have to get undressed."
  34. >Raine felt her keidran side coming out a bit more
  35. >It was what made her dress this way in the first place
  36. >"I spoil you too much, you know that?"
  37. >He stuck his tongue out a little as he eyed a growing wet spot on her panties "Probably."
  38. >The human had helped her onto his bed, she was still a little nervous whenever they fooled around
  39. >She was pulled on top of him, the wet spot smearing her arousal all over his chest
  40. >It wasn't until he pulled her hips towards his head now resting on a pillow did she understand what he wanted to do
  41. >So she lifted her tail up and leaned down to find that his underwear was poorly hiding his thick manhood
  42. >She practically jumped when she felt his tongue press into the fabric separating her pussy from his loving mouth
  43. >It felt like she was being teased but still being pleasured as the tongue lapped at her covered folds
  44. >She took to licking at his member through his heart printed boxers
  45. >She could feel him pulse at her large canine tongue with each stroke
  46. >He kept running his fingers under her panties' waistband
  47. >It was driving her crazy
  48. >She wanted to feel more of his tongue
  49. >She wanted to taste more of him
  50. >After placing a couple kisses on his concealed tip she unbuttoned the slit in his underwear
  51. >And brought his head through it and in between her canines
  52. >She knew it was his favorite place in her extended mouth, even if he refused to admit it
  53. >He decided to return her treatment
  54. >Using his own teeth, he pulled the panties aside and returned his treatment of her now soaked sex
  55. >He gave his unrelenting focus onto her now puffy wolf pussy
  56. >Thanks to the teasing through clothes, both of them were getting close
  57. >Red felt his climax quickly building
  58. >But he knew how to speed her up just like she'd done to him
  59. >He brought his hands from her waistband and lifted them up to her raised tail
  60. >His dexterous hands gently worked the spinal extension
  61. >She spasmed and happily moaned at the amazing feeling
  62. >And right before she came
  63. >He quickly wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled them close
  64. >So he could stick his tongue as deep insider of her as he could
  65. >That's all she could take
  66. >She rode her orgasm as she suddenly found thick ropes of cum now shooting into her mouth and right onto her tongue
  67. >She swallowed and sucked a little more, making sure to not waist the salty treat
  68. >Their afterglow hit them hard as they began to come down from their high
  69. >Raine flopped his now flaccid manhood back into his underpants and slipped her panties back into place
  70. >She took her place next to the now dopey human, she was exhausted
  71. >"Enjoy your teaser?"
  72. >"Yeah, though, I really don't want to get out of bed now."
  73. >"Heh, well, so long as we don't sleep past six right?"
  74. >"Wait, is it even Friday?
  75. >...
  76. >It's Thursday isn't it?"
  77. >"... I am off the ball today."
  78. >"It ain't all bad" he said while pulling her close
  79. >Raine's ears suddenly perked up
  80. >"Shoot!"
  81. >"What?"
  82. >"I think my coffee's gone cold."
  83. -Aimbot.exe
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