Vehicle Explosion & Damage Control Version 1.01

Mar 29th, 2024 (edited)
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  1. Version 1.01
  3. Realism Improvements:
  4. - The vehicle is now capable of sustaining fall damage from great heights without resulting in an explosion while making sure vehicle deformation can still happen.
  5. - Removed the ability to ignite leaking petrol by shooting it, to align with realistic behaviour.
  7. Special Note on Vehicle Explosions:
  8. While I have largely dialled back the frequency of vehicle explosions for realism, there are still specific, albeit rare, circumstances where an explosion can occur:
  10. 1. High-Speed Aerials: If your vehicle is traveling at an extremely high speed and is airborne for a duration less than what's specified in AirTimeRequired, an explosion upon landing is possible.
  11. 2. NPC Wall Collisions: NPC-driven vehicles can also explode if you ram them into a wall at extremely high speeds.
  12. 3. Aircraft Crashes: Planes and helicopters haven't been entirely exempted from this rule. Crashes may result in explosions, although these instances are less frequent than before.
  13. 4. Helicopter Fall Scenarios: Shooting NPC helicopter rotors and pilots will usually result in the helicopter surviving the fall. However, should the helicopter land tail-first and break its tail, an explosion is often the outcome.
  14. '- High-Speed Aerials' & 'NPC Wall Collisions' is something i am working on however 'Aircraft Crashes' & 'Helicopter Fall Scenarios' I have retained these conditions to uphold a certain level of realism within the game.
  17. Configuration Options:
  18. Introducing a new configuration file named VehicleControl.ini, which allows users to fine-tune a plethora of features to suit your gameplay experience.
  20. - AirTimeRequired: Specifies the minimum time (in seconds) a vehicle must be airborne to activate explosion prevention logic.
  21. Be cautious, If this logic triggers your engine will also disable once the vehicle has landed so if you want to do them crazy stunt jumps increase the time.
  23. - EngineHealthLimit: Sets the minimum engine health below which the vehicle becomes inoperable.
  24. Once engine health drops below this value, driving is no longer possible. (Default: 10)
  26. - EngineHealthAfterLimit: Determines the engine health value to set once it falls below the EngineHealthLimit. (Default: 0)
  28. - DisplayEngineHealth: Enable this option to have your current vehicle's engine and body health displayed on-screen.
  29. This is currently only used to find your settings preference but in time i may make it look appealing for people to use if they wish. (Default: false)
  31. - DisablePetrolTankExplosion: Prevents the vehicle's petrol tank from exploding. (Default: true)
  33. The following settings are optimized for seamless integration with my other mod, Clean And Repair Anywhere. I have introduced a new feature in that mod to repair only the engine to a predetermined value,
  34. leaving the body damage untouched. This simulates a realistic experience where your vehicle can be in a state that requires frequent stops for engine repairs until you can reach a full-service garage. (Pay & Spray)
  35. These settings also work for all vehicles in game, this means you will even see NPC vehicles breaking down if their engine is damaged however the logic works different for NPC Helis/Planes currently.
  37. - EnableHealthDegrade: Activates a feature where the vehicle's engine health gradually degrades over time once health is below HealthThreshold. (Default: false)
  39. - HealthThreshold: Sets the health limit below which the engine starts to degrade.
  40. If your vehicle's engine health falls under this threshold, expect engine performance to diminish. (Default: 500)
  42. - EngineDegradeRate: Configures the rate of engine degradation when health is below the HealthThreshold. (Default: 0.05)
  45. Bug Fixes:
  46. - Resolved an issue where teleportation actions caused engine failure; added logic to detect teleporting.
  47. - Fixed a bug causing the engine to break after continuous minor impacts, such as those experienced while off-roading.
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