Aegis of Defiance (Dominate •••, Resilience ••)

Jan 10th, 2015
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  1. Aegis of Defiance
  2. (Dominate •••, Resilience ••)
  3. Your character can internalize her mastery of Dominate. While usually, forcing herself to take an action would be an impractical waste of energy. However, this Devotion allows her to shrug off mind-altering effects by forcing herself to act contrary.
  4. In some Carthian circles, this Devotion is called "Dick Move".
  5. Cost: 1 Vitae
  6. Dice Pool: Resolve + Intimidation + Dominate; Special
  7. Action: Reflexive
  8. To use this Devotion, your character must be under a supernatural effect that influences her behavior, such as a Majesty, Dominate, Nightmare power, a mage's Mind Arcanum, or other similar abilities. Determine what action your character would wish to take in defiance of the power, and roll. If you roll more successes than the initial power's activation, your character can take that action. If the power was not rolled, use the character's supernatural potency trait (Blood Potency, Primal Urge, Gnosis, or similar) as if they were successes. Once this is done, the defied power ends unless activated again.
  9. If she's aware of a contested power when it's used, you can activate Aegis of Defiance reflexively, and use its dice pool instead of your normal contested dice pool to resist. If successful, your character shrugs off the effect entirely.
  10. This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.
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