Ghost Hunter Vena Walkthrough

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  1. Proceed west from your starting point (marked “Vena” on the map), and in the first room you will be attacked by two hands. Destroy them and proceed. In the second room there will be a cluster of hands and tentacles dangling from the ceiling. This is one of several ghosts that can be stunned but not destroyed, only avoided. Later on you will encounter a similar ghost that takes the form of a swirly red painting. Crawl under its reach by pressing Down + Left, but if you weren’t assaulted by the hands in the previous room, Vena will automatically be stripped naked and assaulted here. When captured and/or assaulted by a monster, the game will indicate certain arrow keys that must be pressed or toggled in order to escape, though escaping will not restore your clothes. Escape from the monster and continue west.
  3. Watch the cutscene. You can now press C to restore Vena from nude to clothed. Continue west until you reach a door just before a large, immobile ghost. You can’t destroy the ghost yet, so go through the door and absorb the energy from the monolith. After the dialogue finishes, you will be attacked by two arms. Destroy them and collect the ectoplasm. Leave the room and do the same to the immobile spirit but be careful not to get too close. Once you’re ready, continue west. Go southeast and obtain the Old Key, marked as “Old Key 1” on the map.
  5. Proceed through the mansion until you reach the red-eyed statue (marked “Statue Room” both on this map and in-game), then keep going until you reach M2. Now able to fly, proceed to L1, which should contain another Old Key, a door with a glowing red symbol, and a trio of sex machines. Watch the cutscene, then go east and unlock the next door.
  7. Proceed to the point on the map marked “Find Girls Here” to, well, find the girls. Attack (Z) through the barrier to provoke the ghost into dropping you through the floor, following you down, and giving you the game’s first Arrow Scene. After the scene, you are now in the location marked “After the Fall”. To the east is another sealed door followed by a stone slab. Investigate the slab and continue east. Follow the trail of blood to a vengeful spirit and defeat the spirit. Continue east until you encounter a spirit with a skull. Defeat the spirit and pick up the skull, then go back west and use the skull on the stone slab, destroying the slab and opening the door. Go through the door and take the ceremonial dagger. Return to the stone slab, go through the door just to the west, and use the dagger on the stone statue. Go back through the door next to the slab, defeat the enemies that attack you, and continue upwards. When you get to a dead end, you need to jump twice to return to the Upper floor. Return to “Find Girls Here” from the other side.
  9. After reuniting with your friends, go back the way you came and go down instead of up. Continue west until you get a cutscene. Defeat the boss and watch the next cutscene.
  11. Continue west and use the lever to retract the wall, then make your way back to L1 and watch the scene, leading into the second Arrow Scene. Afterwards go through the now-open door and make your way to the room marked “Safe Room” on the map. After talking to your friends, make your way north-east to the room marked “Orb Eater 1”. Destroy the hand that attacks you and proceed through the scene.
  13. Elsewhere: we meet Norea and her two goons.
  15. Back with Vena, continue northeast and jump up from the dead end, then continue up until you reach the point marked “Miss” on the map. Then continue northeast. (It is possible to avoid the crawling spirit’s charge by jumping.) Go east after the fight and pick up the Wooden Spheres in the next room. After Vena is stripped, return to Miss and talk to her. Then go west and give the Wooden Spheres to the hanging wooden figure. Go west and then north to discover the presence of Norea and her goons. After the cutscene pick up the Old Key and proceed west to the point on the map marked “Hand”.
  17. Proceed west. Beware of the painting of a red swirl, first found in the westernmost room of this level; if you don’t make sure to crawl under it it’ll attack automatically. Proceed from there and make your way back to the Safe Room, only to discover that Miss didn’t make it back. Leave the Safe Room and go east to the room directly below where you found the first Orb Eater, where you are picked up and pulled into the Ectoplasm Tunnels. Proceed west, ducking, crawling, and fighting as necessary, then go down into the passage. The game will skip past the rest of the tunnels to your reunion with Miss. Go west to the point marked “Orb Eater 2” and proceed through the scene, including the third Arrow Scene, then defeat the ghosts and watch the next cutscene.
  19. After the cutscene, go east and pick up the Old Key, then return to the Safe Room again. After the conversation, leave through the upwards door. Go east and unlock the door with the Old Key, then go through and proceed to make your way to the Library. On your way, detour west from the “Toad 2” area to the next spiky monolith, which will unlock the special ability “Banishment” (Z+Down).
  21. After the cutscene, you can talk to the others before leaving for a comedic scene where Hand restores all of their clothes… by grabbing all of their boobs. This is optional, though if you don’t do this then it has no effect; Miss’s clothes will be restored in the next scene when she comes after you, and when we next see Leen and Rixa they too will have regained their original outfits offscreen. After talking to Miss, make your way to the large door at L2, two levels directly above the Safe Room.
  23. After talking to Miss again, go back down to the Safe Room and go down the stairs to the west. Defeat the spirit and pick up the Glowing Red Eye that she drops when defeated. Make your way down to the Statue Room, and make sure to aim for the right side. Once there, use the eye on the statue and go down the new tunnel. Make your way back to the Library.
  25. Make your way to the stairs on the east side of the basement and go up. Go around to the area directly below where you exited the stairs and jump up. Your goal is in the section of the Upper Level that includes the broken statue. You want to go west here, but your path is blocked by the disembodied hand in a tank, so go east instead. This part is a little complicated, so you’re going to want to read through the whole next line before you try it: Go east until you reach a statue with a skull head and spikes for arms and activate it. Immediately, move back and jump up to the floor above the statue, then jump onto the seals. Crawl across the seals, and you will be launched up, but you have to also jump in order to get to the next floor to the east. Proceed to the spiky monolith and obtain the power of Projection. Project yourself out of your body and destroy the spirit to the east. Project yourself again and destroy the spirit to the southwest. Jump back down to the statue, then proceed west.
  27. Elsewhere: Miss finds the girls and tells them to flee; they all encounter Norea; Leen succeeds in fleeing, Rixa and Miss do not. (Miss gets another Arrow Scene.)
  29. Make your way as far west as you can, then go down. Continue west, jump over the area with the broken statue, and continue further west and south until you find Leen.
  31. Watch the ensuing scenes, as Leen is revealed to have been possessed by Lady Sanulier and separates Hand and Vena. Vena is captured by Norea’s thugs, and after being interrogated the traditional way, Vena will be tied up at an altar. A ghost will approach, but don’t struggle. Just let the ghost approach and it will cut Vena down. (After being cut down, the ghost will try to lick Vena’s feet, which you will need to struggle against.) Go to the west to see Norea’s thugs raping Miss and Rixa. Enter the tunnel inside the wall and proceed west. After falling through the floor, continue west until you reach a ladder. Hand is at the top of the ladder. Make your way back to the eastern side of the section of the Base Floor where you were before. After talking to Hand, approach and watch the scene play out.
  33. Make your way back to the upper level and go to the southwest corner.
  35. Elsewhere: Norea catches up to Miss and Rixa, so Miss sends Rixa on ahead.
  37. Proceed east and watch the scene. (Fifth Arrow Scene.) Once Vena is freed, just move forward and attack the Possessed Leen repeatedly until the ghost is banished.
  39. Elsewhere: Even ghostly tentacles can’t convince Norea that she should work with Miss. (Sixth Arrow Scene.)
  41. Vena wakes up in a strange place. After the dialogue, go east, enter the second door, and then go west and join the other two maids. Watch what happens. Try to go east, listen to the dialogue, try to go east again, listen to the next set of dialogue, leave to the east and enter the door in the middle. Watch the cutscene, then go west. When you leave the screen, you will return to the present day of the mansion.
  43. Go west again and the little ghost will unlock the door. Go inside and go west. After encountering the two mysterious spirits, go west until you are directly below a dangling tentacle. Masturbate (F) and the tentacle will pull you up into its tunnels. Go all the way west and retrieve Hand, then backtrack east and leave the tunnels. You will receive the Master Key during the conversation with Miss.
  45. Make your way back up to the large door at L2, open the door, go inside, and go east. Defeat the spirit and proceed through the scene. (Seventh Arrow Scene.)
  47. Go west, enter the garden, and go into the cave on the west side. Take the Rusty Saber from the skeleton. Go back east and use the saber on the stone wheel. Rotate the stone wheel so that the colors align with the stone in this order: Red, Yellow, White. If you have sound on there will be a click noise after each correct color. Be careful not to rotate the wheel too quickly, as the colors take a moment to align after being rotated. Enter the passage.
  49. After talking to Miss, go back up to the section of the Upper Floor where you originally ran into Norea and go southwest. After failing to learn anything useful, go back east and talk to Miss. Once you’ve realized where the amulet is, make your way back to the yard. Next return to the vase room and talk to Miss, then go east to the Hellgate. After the cutscene, go back to Miss. After you leave your body, just float upward to enter the spirit realm.
  51. Defeat Lady Sanulier.
  53. Watch the ending.
  55. All four agree to a truce regarding the bet… as in, they all pay the same penalty of showing up to school naked…
  57. …While Norea emerges from the ruined mansion alive and well.
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