Clopfic: Twilight in Math Class

May 15th, 2013
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  1. >Twilight is sitting in her high school Math class, having been in the human world for a few days now
  2. >"Do students here really not know basic calculus at this point? I can barely stay awake," she thought to herself
  3. >For all the interesting novelties of the human world, their ponderous education was definitely not one of them
  4. >Her mind trailed off as the teacher went on about something she didn't really want to or need to follow
  5. >She thought about her new body. It was strange at first, having "breasts" or whatever they were called on her chest, and she still hadn't quite figured out what it was that lie between her thighs
  6. >She certainly didn't have things like this in Equestria
  7. >At night, when she'd hide out in the school as it was locked up, she'd tried exploring her new body, these arms, hands, feet, and all that, but got strange sensations from the parts of her body that had been constantly on her mind since day one
  8. >They'd been a bit strange, nothing she'd felt before, so she was a bit scared to do anything more. She didn't want to accidentally puncture a vital organ or anything
  9. >Still... There wasn't much to do in class, so finding out more about the body she now inhabited wouldn't be a waste of time
  10. >Twilight didn't know much about her new body, but she did know trying to test it out had gotten her in trouble before.
  11. >Maybe trying to find out what it was her new parts did wouldn't be as distracting as the time she'd gone around picking things up at random to make use of her hands, but she still wanted things to be discrete
  12. >She looked around shiftily. Everyone was either paying attention, or, mostly, just doing something else.
  13. >Slowly, she slid her hand under her skirt and into the cloth around her new body part
  14. >She shuddered as her fingers made contact, drawing her hand back as she held back a faint gasp. Definitely unlike anything she'd felt before, but she had to press on.
  15. >Twilight slid her hands back into her skirt, more gently this time, and ran her hand from top to bottom of her new part
  16. >She felt a tingling sensation up her spine, and could feel her heart beat in her chest. She took a deep breath.
  17. >Using the tips of her fingers, she rubbed herself in a small circular pattern.
  18. >She could feel her whole body becoming warmer, biting down on her lower lip as she continued
  19. >She felt as a hot wetness of some sort started to spread, and froze in place. Was this normal? Did she break something?
  20. >She still felt fine, better than fine, but this new body was certainly doing some strange things
  21. >In the name of research, she had to keep going
  22. >Her chest heaved in and out, and she realized she was breathing very heavily now. All these sensations were so strange to her.
  23. >Twilight moved her lithe fingers to the source of the wetness, holding her lips tight as she inhaled sharply
  24. >As she slid her hand further down, pushing slightly as she did so, something gave way and she felt her fingers slipping into her own body
  25. >He heart jumped, and once again she felt herself freeze in place, letting out a slight moan as she did so.
  26. >"I... There's no way this can be right" she thought to herself. "What's this even for?"
  27. >She tried to slide a few fingers into the hole, but found more pain than anything else.
  28. >Definitely a tight hole, so it didn't really seem like a place to put things
  29. >Something about it just felt right though...
  30. >Slowly, she slipped one her fingers in
  31. >Another shock was sent up her spine as she did so. Twilight could feel herself panting, but she tried to keep herself as quiet as possible.
  32. >Twilight's finger moved in and out of her newfound hole, cautiously at first
  33. >She exhaled, feeling her heat beat ever harder and faster within her own chest. It was nothing short of scary, but... she just couldn't stop
  34. >Her hand picked up pace, and she could feel herself contracting around her finger. Where it was just wet before, it was slippery now
  35. >Twilight was panting now. How loud, she didn't know, or care. She gripped the edge of her desk with her free hand as her finger continued to go in and out
  36. >It was as if her whole body were on fire. For the first time in her life, her mind wasn't racing with thoughts. All she could think about was how good she felt.
  37. >Even if it had hurt before, she felt almost as if she were being forced to bring another finger into play
  38. >There was a slight pain at first, but the pleasure she felt was above and beyond any of that
  39. >Twilight felt her hips writhe in time with her hand, out of her control
  40. >She went faster and faster, feeling as if something were being pent up within her body
  41. >Her whole body tingled. Twilight's toes curled up and her body tensed in anticipation
  42. >Suddenly, she felt a wave go over her body, trying with all her might not to scream out. Her body went limp as she tried to regain her breath
  43. >Never in her entire life had she felt anything like this. One thing was sure, there were some perks to this new body
  44. >After a few minutes of lying in her desk, the bell rang. That signaled the end of the class, and the day.
  45. >The teacher bid the class goodbye, and he, along with the rest of class, quickly left the room
  46. >"Twilight?"
  47. >"H-Huh? Oh, h-hey Brad..."
  48. >"I just want you to know I saw, well, all of that. So did my iPhone."
  49. >"And?" Twilight asked. "It's not weird for humans to do that too, is it?"
  50. >Brad chuckled
  51. >"Let me just put it this way. If other people saw this video, you'd have a hard time getting anyone to like you."
  52. >Twilight was taken aback. "You... You mean that I'd have no friends? Agh, I'm so stupid! I knew I shouldn't have done that... But, you won't show or tell anyone, right?"
  53. >"Maybe... Depends on what you do for me."
  54. >"That's not how friends treat each other, Brad," Twilight said with a pout
  55. >"I really don't care. You're weird enough as it is, and I guarantee you, you won't have any friends unless you do what I want."
  56. >Twilight's lip quivered
  57. >"T-That's not nice at all... I can't lose the magic of friendship... Fine, I'll do what you want."
  58. >"Follow me to the bathroom, Twilight."
  59. >'What?" Twilight said, "Why? That place is unclean and unsanitary."
  60. >"Just do it."
  61. >Twilight grudgingly followed Brad to the boys restroom. Why he was being so unfriendlike, she could not understand.
  62. >When they reached their destination, Brad shoved Twilight into the bathroom. There were a few boys in there, using whatever those things on the wall were
  63. >"I'm not supposed to be in here."
  64. >Brad pulled her by the arm into one of the nearby stalls and closed the door
  65. >"Okay, I'm here. And I hope you know, whatever we're doing, it's stupid, and you're being a very bad friend right now, okay? Now what do you want" Twilight said grumpily
  66. >Brad smirked
  67. >Brad pulled down his pants, to reveal, well, something very odd. She was expecting something closer to what she had down there.
  68. >"Interesting, I guess. I don't have one of these. Mine is basically the opposite of that. It's pretty sizeable I suppose. Did you just want to show me this? Are we done now?"
  69. >"Ha, not even close," Brad said "Now, if you want me to delete that video, just follow my lead."
  70. >Brad chuckled
  71. >"And no screaming"
  72. >"Why would I-"
  73. >Twilight was suddenly yanked to the side by Brad, and pushed up against the back wall of the stall
  74. >She pressed her hands against the wall, the side of her face smushed up against the tiling
  75. >"It's a bit cramped in here, BraAA-"
  76. >She was cut off as Brad took her from behind, shoving his manhood deep into her
  77. >Twilight remember what Brad said about no screaming, but it was hard not to. It felt as if she were being torn in half
  78. >"Nngggh~" Twilight moaned. This was a thousand times better than anything she felt with her fingers alone
  79. >Once more, she could feel her heart fluttering in her chest as Brad slipped in and out of her
  80. >"Wow, you're loving this aren't you. Not surprised, seeing as you were going to town on yourself in class" Brad said through various grunts
  81. >She tried to respond, but couldn't find the words. Twilight pushed herself against Brad in rhythm with his thrusting
  82. >An indescribable feeling rushed over her skin as they continued
  83. >"D-Don't stop..."
  84. >"Brad, what the fuck," someone said, outside the stall. The murmuring of the others in the restroom could barely be heard over Twilight's moans
  85. >Brad stopped, pulled out, and opened the stall door
  86. >"Aw, c'mon" Twilight moped
  87. >"Guys, you won't fucking believe this," Brad said. "She'll do anything."
  88. >Twilight turned herself around, breathing heavily, groping for Brad's dick
  89. >"Aren't we... gonna... keep going?" Twilight panted
  90. >Brad bent Twilight over in front of him and stuck his dick back into her as Twilight released a moan of ecstasy
  91. >"Holy shit, this girl is fucking awesome," one of the boys said, fumbling as he took his pants off as quickly as he could
  92. >Twilight's mouth was agape as Brad continued to plow her, and she soon found someone's dick in her mouth
  93. >"Whmpft mm ey sppfmmg mfmmef?"
  94. >She didn't really know what to do with it. This was all new for her, but she was going to go with an idea and roll with it
  95. >She wrapped her arms around the other boy, and began bobbing her head up and down
  96. >"She's got to have done this before..."
  97. >Twilight barely felt as if she were there anymore. All she felt was pleasure welling up inside her. She felt amazing, and it was as if her body had a mind of its own.
  98. >Before she knew it, she had a dick in both hands, and her whole body was roiling in ecstasy
  99. >Brad continued to thrust, in and out, and brought his hand around to the things on her chest
  100. >The feeling she'd felt before, of pent up energy, rose in her again, only this time much, much stronger
  101. >Again, she felt a wave of pleasure flow through her. Her whole body clenched as it happened, and she went limp
  102. >"Ha, holy shit, she came guys."
  103. >They let Twilight go, and she collapsed to the floor, her chest expanding and contracting at a fast pace
  104. >Brad turned her over and leaned her against the wall
  105. >"Now open up your mouth, we're almost done"
  106. >Twilight did as she was told, and the boys gathered around her
  107. >In a few moments she felt a hot, viscous streams shooting onto her face and into her mouth
  108. >It was warm, salty. Not particularly good. Better than hay shakes, but then, what isn't? Still, she felt compelled to swallow it.
  109. >"W-Wow" Twilight gasped. Being a human really did have its perks
  110. >As she opened her eyes, she saw the boys standing in front of her, with Brad front and center, holding his iPod
  111. >"Are you going to delete the video now? Are we friends now?"
  112. >"Actually, I just took another video. Scratch what I said before. You're going to have more friends than you'll know what to do with."
  113. >Twilight smiled
  114. >"Thanks Brad."
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