26 - Vikna Revisited and ARA's innocence

LorePerson Jul 22nd, 2019 55 Never
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  1. Furrynomous 2019/06/02 11:27:17 No.1597297
  2. This might be an odd question but do we know how old Vikna was when she joined the military?
  4. Because if we assume katric uses the same promotion system as the us navy she’d need 22ish years of service to qualify.
  6. Though I guess because she’s been described as such an exemplary officer we can cut the time down to 1/4 but she’d still to have joined at 18, and then have what I imagine would be a stressful 5 years of service to reach 0-6. That'd have an effect on your head
  8. Why is this a question I'm wondering about?
  9. No idea.
  10. Is it stupid?
  11. Yes.
  12. Hotel?
  13. Trivago.
  17. LorePerson!!jBMtlFbe4k 2019/06/02 23:42:15 No.1597602
  18. >>1597297
  19. Well, we know her parents die when she's around 12. She's apparently 22-ish, though it's possible she's a bit older in current canon.
  21. Katrician ranks operate under 10 designations, as opposed to the NATO standard of 16. The United States takes this up to about 20.
  22. Vikna is a Kavkor, at rank O-6. If we assume the first 4 ranks are enlisted service members and everything above Commander is a commissioned officer, she's somewhere between a Major and a Brigadier General in Army terms.
  23. I don't know if Katric's separated branches by Army and Navy, but either way she's got command of a sizable force.
  25. Even with her exceptional service record, that's a lot of work if she enlisted at 17. We could cut some of those ranks into a military academy, but since we're dealing with an authoritarian space empire it's not unlikely she was a child soldier fighting insurgencies and piracy in some backwater systems.
  26. I'm guessing we'll only be given a solid answer when she decides to elaborate on her backstory, which is something she's openly refrained from doing.
  28. Basically, dunno yet lol
  30. >>1597553
  31. Honestly if that's not a sketch I'm gonna be a little bit disappointed
  35. Furrynomous 2019/06/04 18:42:29 No.1598288
  36. [Attached is an image of Vikna blowing a disembodied dick while jacking off another]
  37. Found this collecting dust in my fk folder, but sure if it’s been posted yet or not.
  39. Pretty sure it came from some 4chan drawfag and then was touched up by a colourfag. A real community effort to get vikna to suck a dick
  43. Furrynomous 2019/06/04 21:42:52 No.1598361
  44. >>1598288
  45. iqdb says Swordkirby drew it. They've done some stuff before, I think FK's retweeted it.
  46. >community effort to get vikna to suck a dick
  47. Is Vikna gay? I thought she was bi or something
  51. Furrynomous 2019/06/05 06:12:55 No.1598453
  52. >>1598361
  53. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case, Im just going off memory and I might have gotten it mixed up with some actual drawing stuff.
  55. She’s also not gay I don’t think, but I youd be hard pressed to find pictures of her with penetration, shit with all the edits theres probably more hardcore ARA pictures than there are ones of Vikna now lol
  59. LorePerson!!jBMtlFbe4k 2019/06/05 21:21:23 No.1598712
  60. >>1598361
  61. >>1598453
  62. To my knowledge, everyone is presumed bi unless otherwise specified, like Radoslav being gay and ARA being asexual.
  63. Vikna does need more attention, though. Best girl.
  65. >>1598659
  66. Speaking of underused bisexuals, space boy over here looks a bit different. Face seems off, but that might just be the lack of colour.
  68. If Warning's inevitable daki isn't the size of a normal pillow I'm gonna be a bit disappointed.
  72. Furrynomous 2019/06/08 10:37:21 No.1599661
  73. [Attached is an image of ARA half naked, charging and browsing the internet]
  74. >>1598712
  75. >ARA being asexual
  77. Yes, she is a sexual AI.
  81. Furrynomous 2019/06/08 12:04:32 No.1599681
  82. >>1599661
  83. In fluffs older stuff she did some light teasing but unless she has some big and for some reason sexual change in personality during the comic nobody is taking the AI to the bone zone
  87. Furrynomous 2019/06/08 12:11:36 No.1599682
  88. >>1599438 (colonelkernel forgets to attach an image)
  89. you bout to get you ass demoted to captainkernel
  91. >>1599661
  92. sexualized but has no interest in indulging that
  93. beep boop too innocent
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