Taken, 6

May 27th, 2013
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  1. Orchid's still asleep when you hear the sound of the back panels opening up behind the tables, and you walk over to the table you sort of accepted to be yours. Watching the gloved hand slide out your lunch, you smile at it.
  2. "Hey," you start, and the hand quickly withdraws. Before the panel can close again, you quickly say what you want to say; "Thank you for giving us our food every time." It never hurts to be civil, even to those that captured you.
  3. You're surprised to hear the panel at the other table close before yours does, and peer into the darkness behind it in an attempt to see what's beyond.
  4. "You're welcome?", finally comes the reply, and the panel closes up shortly after.
  5. You eat your food in silence, but smile inwardly at the idea of having made someone's day just a little better by acknowledging them.
  6. Just as you're about to move towards the bed again to wake Orchid up from her slumber, the door opens to a crack and a young male's face peeks in around the corner.
  7. His red coppery hair falls loosely around his face, partially hiding his acne from sight. If he wore braces and a pair of glasses he would be the stereotypical nerd, but lucky for him he isn't.
  8. You turn to face him, and his cheeks flush as you make eye-contact.
  9. "Er, miss Bra.. er.. Lavender?", he starts, and you sit your butt down on the padded floor in confusion at him correcting himself.
  10. "I'm no miss," you still offer in a soft voice.
  11. "I'm sorry," the boy replies, and you raise an eyebrow at him.
  12. "I thought you humans liked to talk through those speakers?", you ask of him, and he visibly becomes less comfortable.
  13. "Doctor Ashborn damaged our equipment when he left, the com system doesn't work right now."
  14. "Doctor Ashborn?", you wonder, your confusion clear on your face.
  15. The male nods at that and quickly looks back in the room he's still half standing in before quickly slipping into the room proper and closing the door behind him.
  17. "Yeah, Doctor Ashborn is the one you two met in the past days. He made you do the tests?", the male explains, sticking his hands in the pockets of his lab coat as he doesn't seem to know what else to do with them.
  18. You stare up at the wiry young man and try to estimate his height. Perhaps five foot nine? Six foot two? He's a lot taller than you, at least.
  19. "Er.. should I sit down?", he suddenly asks, and you find yourself snorting in disbelief.
  20. "You're asking me?", you ask incredulously, "It's not like I have any say in you lot stealing me from my Master, putting me in a room with my little sister Orchid there, and deciding to make me do tests. Why would it matter what I want?"
  21. He looks down at hearing the accusing tone in your voice, and sinks down to sit on the floor with his legs crossed underneath him. "I'm really sorry for that. I only work here to get through college, you know?"
  22. "Work where, exactly?", you wonder, taking a step nearer as you feel the boy is probably one of the only people you can actually talk to in this place.
  23. He scrapes his throat and shakes his head slowly. "I'm not allowed to say, sorry."
  24. You move up a little closer until you're less than a foot away from him, then sink through your lower legs, using your upper legs to keep your head somewhat level. He's still taller than you, even as he sits, but at least it's not hurting your neck to look up at him anymore.
  25. "Well, can you give me any information? Orchid and me are very sad to be taken from our Master like that," you start. "I still don't get what's going on here. It just makes no sense. We're in an observation room? Doing tests? For what purpose? Does our Master even know where we are?"
  26. The boy shakes his head at your last question, then turns for the door and opens it briefly to look out in the room behind it. You try to catch a glimpse yourself, but his form is hiding most of it. You only see a ceiling. Not a lot of good a ceiling can do you. You're not a pegasus, after all.
  28. "Don't let anyone know I told you this, but the woman you call your master is held at a different facility. As are most of them. We only have ponies here," he tells you in a conspiratorial tone, and then quickly checks the room outside again.
  29. Only ponies here? Your Master - and others - held in a different facility? How many of you are there?
  30. "H..How many ponies?", you ask, as you try to keep your emotions under control. On the one hoof you're furious, on the other you're extremely saddened to learn others are going through this as well. It's no longer just you and Orchid. Who else did they get?
  31. "We got seven of you in this building," the boy speaks with a tone of sadness in his own voice.
  32. "What for? Why do you keep us here? Why do you keep us from our Masters? I don't get it! Why are you doing all this?", you shout at the man sitting in front of you, and Orchid's head lifts up from the bed as she wakes up from it.
  33. He takes a deep breath and looks down at his lap. "They're trying to assess your intelligence for the upcoming trial. If you're just mindless pets, you can't be called as witnesses," he reveals, and your heart sinks in your chest.
  34. "Trial?"
  35. "Against your masters. For acts of slavery."
  37. You feel the blood pull away from your face at hearing that. Orchid says something, but your mind doesn't register it. You're vaguely aware of the boy scrambling to get up and out of the door, followed by Orchid impacting with it a moment later. It's like you're watching a dream played out before your eyes in slow-motion. You don't partake in it.
  38. Your Master, and others like her, are being held. For trial. Because someone decided you're a slave. You, and others like you, being held in captivity against your will.
  39. "But that's not true!", you find yourself shouting out, and Orchid cringes where she stands, her ears falling flat against her head.
  40. "It's not true! We," you start, tears once again breaking free from your eyes, "We love being with our Masters! We love being who and what we are! We love every single day we live as pets with our Masters! We would have chosen this fate for ourselves any day! We're not slaves!"
  41. "Big sis," Orchid starts, walking up to you and nuzzling her head against the side of your neck.
  42. "We're not slaves," you whimper, nuzzling her back almost on automatic pilot. "We're not. Tell them we're not."
  43. "They wouldn't understand," Orchid sighs, "They're not ponies, like us. They don't know how it feels. They're just," and she turns her head towards the door again at this point, her voice rising in strength as she speaks with utter disgust, "stupid humans!" There, that shows them.
  44. Orchid's head turns into your neck again and you feel her giving a soft nibble on your fur.
  45. "Yeah.. yeah, they are," you agree with her, but your ears remain drooped low.
  46. How are you going to protect Orchid from this? If they have an actual trial? You never understood trials, and you mostly made it through your time as a drafted jury member by copying what the others were saying. But now you're not going to be the jury. And, if this place got what they wanted, you would not even be a witness.
  47. How could you hope to fight that?
  49. You spend the remainder of the day feeling lethargic and lost. Orchid eventually breaks away from you to eat her lunch, and you just sink down on the padded floor with a feeling of total dejectedness.
  50. Humans and their stupid ideas. Why did they have to go and spoil the best thing that ever happened to you? Why did they have to bring this in front of the courts? Why did they have to tear into your psyche to find out whether you're intelligent enough for such a thing?
  51. Humans and their stupid boxes. They're always trying to make the world fit in their tiny little cubicles. Tiny frames for their tiny little minds.
  52. You're vaguely aware of Orchid draping a sheet over you before she lays down beside you on the floor, and the two of you stare at the door until you realize she's snoring again.
  53. You sigh out, work a hoof under your head, and close your eyes.
  54. You never asked for this.
  55. It's true that you also never asked to be made into a pony. Not really. Even so, you're sure human-you would have made the decision to become a pony if she had been given the facts beforehand.
  56. Or you would like to think so, at least.
  58. All this mental exercise is getting you nowhere and you try to think of nothing, try to catch some sleep, anything to make your mind stop going over the situation you're now caught up in.
  59. It isn't working. Your brain just doesn't let up.
  60. Frustrated, you push up on your hooves and start to pace around. Just around. Not like you can go anywhere. Not like you're in a back yard with fresh grass and fruits and berries growing from the plants. Not like there's enough room for you and Orchid to play tag in.
  61. Your pacing makes you realize your bladder is uncomfortably full, and you trot over to the nearest receptacle to do your business, noticing before you turn onto the toilet itself that the food trays have been removed from the tables.
  62. You hadn't even heard the wall panels open up this time.
  63. Your business done, you take a few steps away from the toilet, turn to watch it flush, then take a few steps closer to it to inspect the bowl as it cleans.
  64. Several jets are painstakingly covering every inch of the bowl with the spiral of water they create together, but you can't figure out how the device knows you've done your business.
  65. You wait a bit until the flushing stops, then move onto the toilet, and immediately move back off of it again.
  66. Nothing happens.
  67. You step up on the toilet again, and this time you wait a few seconds before you move away. You narrow your eyes at it as it still won't flush, and murmur a barely audible "stupid device" at it while your tail flicks in the air behind you.
  69. You turn back towards the room to find Orchid pawing in her sleep, her left forehoof just mowing through the empty air as if trying to find something.
  70. With a sigh you remember the many times you've woken up with her using you as a surrogate plush animal, and you shake your head at the sleeping mare's soft whining noises when she can't find you.
  71. You can't leave her like this. It would only get worse until she'd wake up in distress, and the last thing you need right now is a crying Orchid.
  72. You quickly canter over, ducking your head down as you get near enough and dropping down moments before you would hit your little sister, your momentum making you fall over sideways into her embrace.
  73. Orchid wastes no time to quickly cling her upper legs around you, a happy half-whinny escaping from her as she relaxes again now your warm form presses into hers.
  74. With your position as a living snuggly toy reaffirmed by her, you can't help but sigh and relax in Orchid's hold. It's no good thinking about things you have no answers to, and pacing around in circles isn't going to help you one bit either.
  75. You just close your eyes for the nth time today and try to get some sleep.
  76. Aided by Orchid's warm hug, you're off to dreamland within just a few heartbeats.
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