A Pony Unwanted : Derpy Slave Fic

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. A Pony Unwanted : CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  3. >When Equestria was overrun no one could have predicted the outcome.
  4. >Some Ponies were faced with the most horrible situations.
  5. >Acquired by cruel masters to be beaten or used as pack animals.
  6. >Forced into military service, sex trafficking, animal experimentation, various labor forces and even sweatshops.
  7. >Worse still there were nasty rumors of Pony meat being a highly sought after black market item, or in some countries a delicacy sold openly in street markets.
  8. >You found it best not to think about the less-fortunate fates of your friends and fellow Ponies.
  10. >Your name is Derpy Hooves, which is fitting to say the least. You can be clumsy and often airheaded.
  11. >You try your best.
  12. >You are a cheerful pegasus mare with a soft gray coat and flaxen mane.
  13. >A pattern of floating bubbles adorns your flank.
  14. >This is your cutie mark. A defining symbol of who you once were back in Equestria.
  15. >Your eyes are a charming golden yellow.
  16. >Your eyes are...Unique. At times they become crossed or unfocused but it's really no hindrance to your eyesight.
  17. >It's just a quirk you live with.
  18. >Some find it endearing even.
  19. >You certainly like them.
  20. >Your eyes were a blessing at the time you were put to market. Otherwise he might not have been able to afford you.
  23. >Who you are now is vastly different from the pony you used to be and yet you are content with your place in this other world. This 'Earth'.
  24. >It's all thanks to Anon.
  25. >Oh, Anon. How best to describe him?
  26. >He is tall (Or perhaps you're just very little?).
  27. >He is quite handsome, for his species. Though of course your tastes have always been considered unorthodox.
  28. >He can lift you like nothing. His strength is admirable and you are very proud of him.
  29. >He likes to tease you but he's not unkind.
  30. >He reads to you when you're tired or lonely.
  31. >He shares his food with you, especially any unwanted vegetables. How picky he is!
  32. >His home and his time are yours as well.
  33. >You live with Anon in a small one-bedroom apartment.
  34. >Anon purchased you about a year ago.
  36. >In the beginning this bothered you.
  37. >It felt cruel, naturally, to be considered some other creature's property but over time you hardly thought about it.
  38. >The two of you became more than that.
  39. >Anon became your friend.
  40. >A welcome companion in a strange world.
  41. >He plucked you up from the darkness and taught you how good it felt to be needed again.
  42. >In return you found yourself wanting more and more each day to please him. You treasured each moment where you could coax a smile out of him or earn his praise.
  43. >The words 'Good girl' could stir your heart and make you lose yourself for a moment.
  44. >Some Ponies were appalled at your willingness to adjust to such a life. They would scorn you and call you domesticated. A traitor.
  45. >You didn't care.
  46. >You still don't.
  47. >Though...The hard truth remains. As much as you care for him and try to sugarcoat your relationship you are essentially a pet.
  48. >Technically 'slave' but that word was never uttered by Anon and you greatly appreciated that.
  50. >Though his apartment is small you take up very little space and you more than earn that by tending to the cleaning.
  51. >You’ve gotten pretty good at handling things in the kitchen too!
  52. >It took some time to get there but you both live in relative comfort together.
  53. >At first you were timid. Cautious. Visions of escape would dance wildly in your head but you were always too nervous to try anything. Where would you even go?
  54. >You didn't want to be near Anon. You hardly spoke. Your bed was a small bundle of blankets in the living room.
  55. >Then, after a few weeks and the acceptance that you would indeed be staying long-term whether you liked it or not, you started to come out of your shell.
  56. >Your bed got an upgrade.
  57. >A large powder-blue cushioned pet bed in a corner of Anon’s bedroom replaced the pathetic pile of blankets.
  58. >That was a shining moment for you. He had surprised you with a visit to the pet store and even let you pick the bed out yourself.
  59. >Getting a gift had an impact. Such a small kindness made a big difference in those early days.
  60. >It gave you hope that humans were not entirely bad afterall.
  61. >That cushioned bed was your nightly companion for a good while, and it still remained in the corner today, but this evening you have been allowed to migrate to Anon’s own queen-sized mattress.
  62. >He was hesitant about it at first but caved eventually now that Winter was fast approaching.
  63. >How could he say no to a living space heater beside him on such a cold night?
  64. >With great anticipation you climb under the heavy covers and settle in for a blissful night with your favorite human.
  65. >You say your goodnights and Anon gives you a little pat before rolling over to face away from you.
  66. >You’re too ecstatic about being in the real bed to actually fall asleep yet but you stay quiet and even close your eyes for a bit.
  67. >It doesn’t take long for sleep to overtake Anon.
  68. >Unexpectedly, in his slumber he rolls over towards you. He wraps his arms around you, and mumbles a bit. Something about dirty mobile-posters? That doesn’t make any sense to you but you quickly forget it. It isn’t important.
  69. >He’s confused you for a pillow or a stuffed animal you think.
  70. >You don’t really care how, you just thank Celestia that it actually was happening.
  71. >While always willing to give you a pet or a scratch behind the ear, cuddling was a rare treat.
  72. >He had been affectionate towards you from the start of course yet restrained from too much.
  73. >Once in a blue moon you could persuade him to stroke your mane while you watched a movie on the couch or even hold you if you were feeling particularly homesick and got weepy, but he didn’t seem to initiate much himself.
  74. >He liked his space and you didn’t press it much.
  75. >But now that you were sleeping in the real bed maybe you could get away with it every night!
  76. >With Anon securely slumbering you make sure to shift your wings so they rest nicely under his arms and out of the way.
  77. >Your head is against his chest and you listen to the calming pattern of his breathing.
  78. >It’s such a pleasant feeling to have your Master cling to you.
  79. >Ponies are big suckers for hugs after all.
  80. >You begin to drift off yourself and wonder what exactly he’s dreaming of tonight.
  81. >You hope it’s something sweet.
  83. >Groggy yet happy as can be you start to stir.
  84. >A little morning light filters through the window and you stretch awake.
  85. >It’s the weekend, so you got to sleep in just a little bit since Anon doesn’t work.
  86. >You do have to leave the bed eventually though. Today the two of you have plans!
  87. >He is taking you on a trip to the local Pony shelter.
  88. >You had been buzzing about it since he mentioned it last week.
  89. >You bombarded him with questions each day leading up to now.
  90. >Was he getting another Pony? That would be exciting but also problematic. What if he ended up liking her more? No no no, that wouldn’t do.
  91. >Or perhaps he was taking you for some kind of class or training? Sometimes they did obedience or agility…Agility could be fun! You weren’t the most graceful flyer so you could use the practice.
  92. >Oh but no, what if you were going for shots? They might be cheaper there than the veterinarian. You didn’t even need any shots! You felt fine honestly.
  93. >His answer to every inquiry had been an impassive “No”. He was just taking you there.
  94. >Sometimes Anon was enigmatic.
  95. >The start of the day goes smoothly and it isn’t long after breakfast before he is ready to head out.
  96. >As you climb into the car you see he’s packed your cushioned bed.
  97. >Ah, so that’s why you’re going! He must be donating the bed since you don’t use it anymore. He’s really so considerate. You wonder why he wouldn't just tell you so in the first place.
  98. >You beam up at him as you click your seatbelt into place.
  99. >“Anon, that’s really sweet that you’re bringing my old bed! Somepony is going to really love it, it’s so comfy. I am going to miss it a little but it’ll do a lot of good at the shelter…Plus your bed is really REALLY nice! I slept so well didn’t you?”
  100. >He gives you a nod while you chatter on as he starts the car.
  101. >He’s been quiet so far today.
  102. >You listen to the radio and watch the world rush by from the window as he drives.
  103. >A few tunes later a new hit-single pop song starts up.
  104. >Your back hooves dangle off the seat and you kick them to the beat before Anon abruptly changes the station.
  105. >”Aww I liked that one…”
  106. >You know he thinks pop is trash but sometimes he’ll tolerate it for you. Guess he’s just not in the mood today.
  107. >He’s probably thinking about all the tragically scared and abandoned Ponies at the shelter.
  108. >You pat him with a gentle hoof and give his shoulder a rub.
  109. >”You’re doing a kind thing Anon. I’m really proud of you and the choices you make.”
  110. >He stares straight ahead at the road.
  111. >You see in his eye the faintest hint of mistiness forming, but it is gone before you can be sure.
  112. >He isn’t always the best with emotions but that’s okay. You understand that sometimes he just needs time.
  113. >You go back to watching the scenery and eventually start pleasently daydreaming.
  114. >You should cook something really special for dinner. You want to make Anon feel better after the trip is over.
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