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Sequoia Session 22a

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  1. [19:33:35] [@Doxy] Last time! Our heroes! They were BEACH! and then! Not beach! Vroom vroom magic turtle!
  2. [19:35:51] [@Doxy] In other words, our heroes - as well as a fiesty little number known as Sue Daria - climbed back into Robin's wagon, and you all made your merry way to the lovely town of Blackwillow!
  3. [19:38:15] [@Doxy] As you roll into Blackwillow, you see it's a fairly quiet, low-to-the-ground town not too far from the ocean. The only building that sticks out significantly here is the Blackwillow League Stadium - where the League Championships are held every year
  4. [19:39:03] [@Doxy] Robin pulls the carriage into a small cabin on the eastern outskirts of town, opening a pair of barn doors to let her Torkoal in to rest.
  5. [19:39:16] [@Doxy] "Well, we're here~"
  6. [19:39:45] [@Doxy] "The Pokemon Center is just a skip and a hop to the north from here."
  7. [19:40:25] [Adrienne] "You know, when I hear 'big conference,' I don't expect a tiny town," she says aloud to no one in particular. "Oh, and thanks for the ride, Robin."
  8. [19:41:10] [@Doxy] "My pleasure! Well, for some of you more than others."
  9. [19:41:32] [@Doxy] Robin gives Sven and Sue not-quit-dirty looks
  10. [19:42:18] [castfromhp] Sven silently offers Robin a coffee, then sips at his own.
  11. [19:42:34] * Masterly (~chatzilla@8962A4CB:CB8D2DA4:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  12. [19:43:33] * Masterly is now known as Lucian
  13. [19:43:39] * Cable is now known as Dann-
  14. [19:44:01] [@Doxy] Robin takes the coffee. "Oh, is this magical coffee? Like super rare magical artifact that I begged you to let me borrow coffee?"
  15. [19:44:08] [zoofman] Sue hops off the wagon, checking her phone and looking absent minded.  "We arrived here faster than I expected, huh."
  16. [19:44:18] * Adrienne picks up her things and gets out, waiting for the rest.
  17. [19:44:40] * Dann- stretches and lazily climbs out of the wagon as well. "That is one fast tortoise."
  18. [19:44:46] [Lucian] "Thanks for the ride, Robin. I'll hit you up later once we're all sorted out with our boss."
  19. [19:45:28] * Metaknight is now known as Percival
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  21. [19:46:11] [castfromhp] "Good coffee does have a magical essence to it." Sven says with a wave as he sets off into the town to do Sven things.
  22. [19:46:21] [@Doxy] Robin pauses from giving Sven a Hard Time (tm) to turn and smile at Lucian. "Yeah! Well, I'll be... here. Yes."
  23. [19:46:47] [Lucian] "Uh, you don't have to stick around this barn to wait you know."
  24. [19:46:55] [Lucian] "Like, go out and enjoy the city or something."
  25. [19:47:09] [@Doxy] "It's uh, it's my barn. I live here. Well, not in the barn. But."
  26. [19:47:13] [@Doxy] She points to the nearby cabin
  27. [19:47:40] [@Doxy] "I guess I don't really live here much, since I'm away so so much, but it's home base."
  28. [19:47:49] [@Doxy] It's a really squalid little cabin
  29. [19:47:51] [@Doxy] just awful
  30. [19:48:10] [Adrienne] How squalid are we talking?
  31. [19:48:51] [Lucian] "Well, still. A dusty cabin in the woods might be just fine for a witch but you're also a girl, right? Go and have some fun."
  32. [19:49:53] [@Doxy] <Adrienne> How squalid are we talking?
  33. [19:50:06] [@Doxy] it's pictured on the cover of the Hermit edition of HomeDesign
  34. [19:50:48] [Percival] "Thank you very much for the ride. I'm sure there's plenty we could do if you still wanted to come along."
  35. [19:51:22] [Adrienne] That does sound pretty awful, yeah. I didn't even know HomeDesign had a Hermit edition.
  36. [19:55:43] [@Doxy] "Well, I have things to do! And there's nothing wrong with dusty cabins, for girls OR anyone. Hmph."
  37. [19:55:50] [@Doxy] Robin turns away, feigning indignation
  38. [19:57:23] * Lucian rolls his eyes and sticks his hand under Robin's hat, ruffling their hair. "Well, don't stop on account of me then. I guess we've all got important things to do here."
  39. [19:57:33] * zooftop has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  40. [19:57:37] * Lucian sends a text to Ema and Moses, [We're here. Where to?]
  41. [19:58:30] [@Doxy] She giggles when you do so, dropping the pretense. "Yeh. And you're very welcome Percival, you were all lovely company. THOSE OF YOU THAT DIDN'T LOSE MY PRE- oh Sven's gone. Well really he's okay too, he's just fun to tease."
  42. [19:59:14] * zooftop (~zoofsama@Rizon-ADCE5E06.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  43. [19:59:53] [@Doxy] Moses replies: "Get to the Poke-Center, Wet T-Shirt Contest Champion 2015"
  44. [20:01:04] [Lucian] [You're welcome.]
  45. [20:05:19] [Lucian] "Moses said we should get to the Pokemon Center."
  46. [20:05:38] [Dann-] "So where is this convention centered? The stadium?"
  47. [20:05:57] [Lucian] "Conference."
  48. [20:06:14] * Adrienne shrugs. "Let's ask Miss Blintz and Moses at the Pokemon Center. Come on."
  49. [20:06:35] [Lucian] "So, probably a conference room?"
  50. [20:06:52] [Lucian] "Or a meeting hall. I doubt they want something too public."
  51. [20:08:07] [Dann-] "I wasn't sure how many people a conference entailed, I suppose."
  52. [20:08:18] * Dann- starts moseying towards the PokeCenter.
  53. [20:08:27] [zooftop] Sue answers that for you! "The conference, I imagine, would be at the League Headquarters.  The building is next to the stadium."
  54. [20:09:14] [Lucian] "There we go."
  55. [20:09:34] [Lucian] "I guess you're coming with us, Sue? Or are you meeting with your boss first?"
  56. [20:10:11] [Percival] "I'd be up for the center it's been a couple days anyhow."
  57. [20:10:26] [@Doxy] You head over to the Pokecenter. You walk in to see Moses and Benedict having a dance off to "BAUM BAUM", Alice Rasha's latest single.
  58. [20:10:39] [zooftop] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNZkN7k-7qg
  59. [20:11:14] [zooftop] Sue raises an eyebrow, then starts to record this spectacle with her phone.
  60. [20:11:46] [Adrienne] "Hey Professor Benedict," Adrienne speaks to the dancing pair. "We're here."
  61. [20:11:47] [castfromhp] Blintz is seated waaaaaaay across the room, her back turned to the commotion, with big headphones on and messing with her phone.
  62. [20:12:35] [castfromhp] Every so often she mutters something about stones.
  63. [20:15:19] * Lucian acts like this is nothing out of the ordinary and approaches the Blintz, "Yo~"
  64. [20:16:18] [zooftop] Professor Benedict spins on his heels and starts moonwalking away from Adrienne, "Yo!  Long time no see, youngin's."
  65. [20:16:28] [zooftop] "So I hear ya'll had fun at the beach," he cackles.
  66. [20:16:29] [castfromhp] Blintz, looking quite exhausted, lowers the headphones from her head. "Oh, you're here." She says simply, looking around the poke center.
  67. [20:17:26] [Lucian] "Yeah, 'heard',"Lucian looks at Benedict and puts finger quotes around the words, "are you sure the correct word isn't 'watched'?"
  68. [20:17:27] [castfromhp] "Moses told us all about your, uh, accomplishment." She fixes on Dann and waves. "Hey!"
  69. [20:17:44] [Dann-] "You could say that." Dann replies with a grin. "Nice moves, by the way."
  70. [20:18:01] * Adrienne sighs a bit. "I guess."
  71. [20:18:15] [castfromhp] Blintz pulls out a poke ball and tosses it lightly towards Dann. "Mmm I can't say that -isn't- right..."
  72. [20:18:15] * Dann- looks over at Ema and waves. "Hey! What's up?"
  73. [20:18:16] [Percival] "Hey, it's good to see you again."
  74. [20:19:01] * Dann- snatches the ball with a grin. "Oh, awesome! Thank you." He immediately calls out the pokemon inside.
  75. [20:19:15] [@Doxy] ITS A YANMA
  76. [20:19:19] [@Doxy] IT GO BUZZZ
  77. [20:19:26] [zooftop] "Dance hall king back in my day," he says to Dann! "And watchin', hearin', whose countin'?"
  78. [20:20:28] [@Doxy] "SpoinkTube is," replies Moses.
  79. [20:20:43] [zooftop] "If ya'll wanna drop your shit off, they got rooms fo' ya here.  We'll be headin' over to the meetin' soon."
  80. [20:20:49] [Lucian] "Am I SpoinkTube famous yet?"
  81. [20:20:54] [Lucian] "Or just another internet whore?"
  82. [20:21:02] [Adrienne] "Oh my god, SpoinkTube."
  83. [20:21:04] * Adrienne facepalms.
  84. [20:21:35] [Percival] "Do you really want future bosses or current ones to really see that?"
  85. [20:21:39] [@Doxy] "5,072 views," Moses says, pulling up his phone. "For the record, it's someone else's recording that got posted."
  86. [20:22:06] [zooftop] Account name on the video: Highlight
  87. [20:22:18] * Dann- appraises the Yanma. "Hey there, you're looking better than when I first met you. Glad to see that." He hefts his pack. "Come on, I've gotta drop this stuff off, but you can come check out my room."
  88. [20:22:31] * Lucian looks at the page, "Oh, don't worry. I know precisely who uploaded it."
  89. [20:22:38] * Lucian shoots Sue a pointed look.
  90. [20:22:51] [zooftop] Sue shrugs, not terribly surprised.
  91. [20:23:02] * Adrienne leaves to drop off her stuff, finding out which room it is on the way.
  92. [20:23:36] [zooftop] She takes advantage of the time to introduce herself to Benedict, hand shake and everything, "I'm Sue Daria, one of Professor Bing's aides."
  93. [20:24:00] [zooftop] "One o' hers huh?  Quite the character isn't she?"
  94. [20:24:07] [zooftop] Sue: "You...could describe her that way, yes."
  95. [20:24:08] [castfromhp] Blintz returns to playing Puzzles and Dragonites on her phone.
  96. [20:25:15] [zooftop] Basically this Pokecenter has a lot of little suite rooms for aides.  A nurse helps you get a key and get suitated in no time.
  97. [20:25:29] [Lucian] "So, anything we should know?"
  98. [20:25:50] [Lucian] "I've got half of a presentation prepared on my phone but will we be expected to present something?"
  99. [20:26:12] [castfromhp] "It'll be a lot less formal than that." Blintz says, looking up and closing the app.
  100. [20:26:17] [Percival] "Is there an agenda all set up for the conference or just what people have to bring?"
  101. [20:26:47] * Adrienne thanks the nurse for the help. She quickly drops her things off and returns to the group.
  102. [20:26:56] [castfromhp] "It's not like we're gonna have you write papers or anything. We just wanna get all the big name profs in the region together and share what we know."
  103. [20:26:58] [zooftop] "I brought the tequila and goodies for the recession afterwards, if that counts," Benedict adds.
  104. [20:27:10] [zooftop] "My man Moses gonna be bartendin'," he pats Moses on the back.
  105. [20:27:20] [zooftop] It's clear why Blintz made sure to seperate these two.
  106. [20:27:34] [@Doxy] Moses smiles brightly. :D
  107. [20:27:34] [castfromhp] "WELL, it's a -bit- more formal than tequila and chips..." Blintz says with a sigh.
  108. [20:27:36] [Lucian] "Wonderful."
  109. [20:27:44] [castfromhp] "Just...just a bit. Please?"
  110. [20:28:20] [Percival] "Doesn't sound too bad."
  111. [20:28:22] [@Doxy] "I'm gonna make Fuzzy Wynauts."
  112. [20:28:24] [@Doxy] :D
  113. [20:29:48] * Lucian blinks, "I'd forgotten that Moses was a lot easier to deal with while drunk."
  114. [20:29:49] [castfromhp] "Basically, Professors Bing and Grit are gonna meet us over at a conference room we borrowed from the League, and we'll just talk out what we know - and more importantly, what we're going to do next. This is all going to go public in a pretty big way, probably, so there'll be more eyes on you from around the region."
  115. [20:29:58] [castfromhp] "No pressure though."
  116. [20:29:58] [Lucian] "So hey, at least they've got the right idea about the tequila?"
  117. [20:30:29] [Adrienne] "That sounds like a lot of pressure, though."
  118. [20:30:39] [castfromhp] "Yeah, but I'm obligated to reassure you."
  119. [20:31:00] * Adrienne crosses her arms. "The sentiment means a lot to me."
  120. [20:31:03] [castfromhp] Blintz stands up and walks over. She half-heartedly pats you on the head while saying "It will be okay." in a deadpan voice.
  121. [20:31:15] * Lucian laughs it off, "Yeah, there's a video of my displaying my junk in plain view circulating the web right now."
  122. [20:31:34] [Lucian] "I'm sure I'll manage a little press conference."
  123. [20:31:59] [Adrienne] "Miss Blintz, don't pat me on the head," said in an equally deadpan voice.
  124. [20:31:59] [Percival] "Right, we'll try our best to make sure we don't look like total fools atleast."
  125. [20:33:25] [Lucian] "Yeah, I don't know about you three but you guys could probably invest in some more formal wear."
  126. [20:33:32] [castfromhp] Blintz stops.
  127. [20:33:33] [Lucian] "How much time do we have to prepare?"
  128. [20:33:53] [@Doxy] "Formal wear you say?"
  129. [20:33:56] [castfromhp] "Well, the first part of our discussion is gonna be private. Once we're all on the same page we'll send word out to the Watchers and THEN go public."
  130. [20:34:02] [@Doxy] An evil glint passes through Moses' eye
  131. [20:34:04] [@Doxy] the lights flicker
  132. [20:34:08] [@Doxy] he smiles slowly
  133. [20:34:23] * Lucian interrupts him, placing a hand on the older man's lips.
  134. [20:34:31] [castfromhp] "Let's get over there though." Blintz looks nervously at Moses. "Like, right now. Before doing other things. Like shopping for example."
  135. [20:34:36] [Lucian] "Yeah, I said formal wear. Let's do this."
  136. [20:37:41] [Adrienne] "Whatever."
  137. [20:37:48] [Percival] "Sounds fine, it couldn't hurt to look a bit better I guess."
  138. [20:37:58] [Adrienne] "As long as we're not late to the conference."
  139. [20:37:58] [zooftop] Benedict, at some point, aquired a clip on bow tie.  He holds the door open and starts to usher everyone out.
  140. [20:38:03] [@Doxy] "Ahem, well, as important as sartorial obligations are - the meeting IS in only an hour. No time at all, no time at all - you'll just have to do with what you've got and what I brought in my trailer."
  141. [20:38:07] [castfromhp] "I'll lead the way to the League office - it's just by the stadium." Blintz says pointedly as she starts heading out.
  142. [20:38:31] * Adrienne heads out when the Professor starts ushering people out.
  143. [20:39:39] [@Doxy] An hour later~ After having some time to change and freshen up from your time on the road, you all meet in a large conference room in a League building near the stadium.
  144. [20:40:09] [@Doxy] As you go into the room, you see the Professor Grit - who gives Lucian a cool glare - as well as his aides are already there.
  145. [20:40:33] [@Doxy] There's an old woman you haven't met before there too, sitting next to Sue.
  146. [20:40:53] [zooftop] You can see Alex and Lawrence fiddling at the podium in the room, which seems to have a tablet embedded in it for presentations.
  147. [20:41:14] * Lucian ducks under Grit's gaze, but looks up for a few seconds to wave at Alex and Lawrence.
  148. [20:41:24] [castfromhp] The old woman holds up her phone and plays this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6hOgysWIpw
  149. [20:41:38] [castfromhp] "Did you want me to die of old age waiting for you?" She croaks.
  150. [20:41:42] [zooftop] Alex waves back, she's more supervising Lawrence set things up.
  151. [20:43:38] [zooftop] Benedict howls with laughter.  "God I missed that video, nice to see you too, Jenn."
  152. [20:44:09] [Lucian] "Is there anything we can do you help set up, ma'am?"
  153. [20:44:09] [zooftop] He takes a seat and waits for everyone to get situated.
  154. [20:45:29] [castfromhp] "I think musclehead over there's got it." The old lady nods her head at Lawrence.
  155. [20:46:17] [castfromhp] She grins. "You know, I get it's tough acting under the shadow of someone so esteemed as old man Reggie over here, but you're trying a bit -hard- to be a public persona, aren't you?"
  156. [20:46:42] * Adrienne takes a seat and waits. "Lucian likes being friendly."
  157. [20:47:20] * Lucian buries his face in his hands, "I'm not even surprised."
  158. [20:48:57] [Lucian] "I haven't watched the whole video all the way through. How bad is it?"
  159. [20:49:47] * Percival takes a seat. "It's certainly not good"
  160. [20:50:14] [Lucian] "Woah woah, I'm allowed to be ashamed of it because it was me in the video."
  161. [20:50:23] [castfromhp] "You have a fanclub on Facebook now. I told Sue to start it."
  162. [20:50:26] [@Doxy] "Honestly it's an impressive display of spirit."
  163. [20:50:27] [Lucian] "You're not allowed to badmouth my amazing t-shirt contest win."
  164. [20:50:39] [Adrienne] "He has a fanclub? Why?"
  165. [20:50:42] [Lucian] "You didn't even place Percy, so there."
  166. [20:51:00] [zooftop] Sue pretends to look disinterested, checking her phone, but she's got a coy smile hiding behind that little device.
  167. [20:51:01] [castfromhp] "Because it's funny, geez."
  168. [20:51:18] [Lucian] "Why was I not informed of this fanclub?"
  169. [20:51:31] [@Doxy] "Don't worry Jenn, this one was born without a humerus."
  170. [20:51:37] [Lucian] brb, gotta restart firefox
  171. [20:51:46] [zooftop] Alex takes a seat next to Lucian, "Uh, what video?"
  172. [20:51:46] * MasterlyPhone (~AndChat29@Rizon-6276DCA5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  173. [20:51:50] [@Doxy] "Congetinal birth defect. Very sad."
  174. [20:51:56] * Lucian has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 42.0/20151029151421])
  175. [20:52:07] [Percival] "Well nobody placed, it was all or nothing. You did win but, that's certainly a riskque way to do so."
  176. [20:52:10] [Adrienne] "That's not a funny joke."
  177. [20:52:44] [@Doxy] "See?"
  178. [20:52:55] [castfromhp] "Anyway, let's do introductions. I'm Jennifer Bing, Gym Leader of Widowgrass and esteemed Pokemon Professor. Now's your chance to tell me about yourselves if you want me to form an impression based on anything other than Reggie's drunken comments and that video."
  179. [20:53:49] [castfromhp] "You boy, mix me a tequila sunrise." Bing barks at Moses as she toddles over to take a seat.
  180. [20:54:13] [@Doxy] Moses pouts. "But I was going to make Fuzzy Wynauts."
  181. [20:54:34] [castfromhp] "You Kalosians always have had the worst taste in drinks."
  182. [20:54:43] * Lucian (~chatzilla@8962A4CB:CB8D2DA4:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  183. [20:54:57] [Adrienne] "I'm Adrienne Bellamy," Adrienne introduces herself. "Aide to Professor Benedict. There's not much to say about me. I like hiking and reading?"
  184. [20:54:58] [@Doxy] Grit finally stands up. "I don't mean to be rude Jenn, Moses, but we have a lot to discuss and we need our wits about us."
  185. [20:55:27] [@Doxy] "Besides, we have video evidence of what alcohol leads to in this company," Grits says looking at Lucian.
  186. [20:56:26] [castfromhp] "I'm -old-. Let me do what I want." Bing says with exasperation. "Moses, that drink please."
  187. [20:56:27] * Lucian offers her his hand, "Lucian Lavarre. And I guess I don't /really/ mind you forming an opinion based on that video? But I would like to stress that I'm more than just a pretty face? And that 2015 Luvdisc bay wet-shirt contest winner is by no means my only accomplishment?"
  188. [20:56:56] [Percival] "I'm Percival Singsen, I suppose I worked as part of a pokemon daycare before becoming an aid to Professor Benedict. It's good to meet you."
  189. [20:57:15] [@Doxy] "Damnit Jennifer I'm only 24 days younger than you," Grit retorts with a sigh.
  190. [20:57:27] [@Doxy] You get the feeling these guys have just all known each other far too long
  191. [20:57:35] [castfromhp] "Oh, I'm sure your fans find more than your face to be pretty." Bing quips.
  192. [20:57:56] [Lucian] "I dunno, sometimes I feel like all important old people know each other."
  193. [20:58:08] [zooftop] "True baby in the room, right here," Benedict jokes.
  194. [20:58:15] [castfromhp] "How'd you end up with a bunch of NERDS, Reggie?"
  195. [20:58:44] [zooftop] Alex continues to look confused, messing with her phone.
  196. [20:59:20] [zooftop] He just points at Blintz. "Blame her, I wasn't allowed to look at the applications."
  197. [20:59:23] [castfromhp] "Books and daycares? I thought you'd get a professional dance team together at least."
  198. [20:59:50] [zooftop] "I actually DID, but she rejected it."
  199. [21:00:01] * Lucian puts a hand on Alex's and lowers the phone, shaking his head pleadingly.
  200. [21:00:11] [@Doxy] Moses sighs. "I'm trying to teach them what I can. I'm trying."
  201. [21:00:21] [Lucian] "Bullshit."
  202. [21:00:22] [castfromhp] Blintz looks up with tired eyes and nods simply. "I thought it'd be nice if something got done once in a while."
  203. [21:00:31] [Lucian] "Besides that one time you bought clothes for us you haven't taught us anything."
  204. [21:00:31] [@Doxy] Grit sighs again. "Speaking of which."
  205. [21:00:47] [zooftop] "That Skwigelf guy woulda been a critical asset to the labs, I tell ya."
  206. [21:00:49] [@Doxy] "I appreciate it's been a long time since many of us have reunited,"
  207. [21:01:02] [Adrienne] "I doubt it, Professor."
  208. [21:01:15] [@Doxy] "But we are dealing with a crisis."
  209. [21:01:32] [@Doxy] Moses brings Bing her drink and sits down.
  210. [21:01:47] [castfromhp] "We are. My drink isn't here y- oh thank you. Crisis resolved."
  211. [21:01:56] [castfromhp] Bing takes a sip and leans back.
  212. [21:01:56] [Lucian] "Right then, maybe we should all sit down and get this underway."
  213. [21:02:05] [Percival] "They're still pretty nice clothes, though I'm not sure what that teaches other than a... fashion sense."
  214. [21:03:41] [zooftop] "Woulda been the most bitchin' band since Death to all Lillypups, I tell ya," Benedict says with a grumble.  "But ya got a point," he nods to Grit. "So then...we ready, boy?" He asks Lawrence
  215. [21:05:06] [castfromhp] "Uh, yeah ready to go." Lawrence fiddles with a complicated looking contraption connected to the tablet and sets it in the center of the table. A hologram projection comes up, with pictures and lab reports of about an Arcanine, Crobat, Quagsire, and a swarm of Bidoofs start rotating in a sphere.
  216. [21:06:09] * Dann- leads forward in his seat after watching the commotion silently for the past few minutes.
  217. [21:06:16] [Dann-] *leans
  218. [21:12:09] [zooftop] Alex gets up and starts to give Grit’s Lab’s assessment of the events thus far.  It’s clear she’s rehearsed this heavily because it’s a bit of a stiff presentation, but the gist of it is that the two of them were researching unusual Pokemon migrations in the region.  The bugs near Oceanspray were just one of these events, where large groups of Pokemon were moving away from their native locations en masse.  
  219. [21:12:13] [zooftop] They weren’t able to find a clear reason behind this until the Quagsire in Oceanspray, the Bellossom event a year prior, and the more recent outbreaks in Hollyhock occurred.  It was then they started to connect the dots that these hyper aggressive Pokemon, “Frenzied”, as Alex decides to call them, appear to be the root cause of these migrations.  Interestingly enough, these Frenzied Pokemon themselves to date have n
  220. [21:12:13] [zooftop] ot been native to the areas they are appearing in.  
  221. [21:12:19] [zooftop] It appears that someone is placing them there, and the local Pokemon populations are fleeing as a result in this.  This has helped them pinpoint a few locations in the Region that they suspect more of these Pokemon are roaming around, but more specifics on the Frenzied condition in general falls more under Benedict Lab’s umbrella, so she turns things over to you guys.
  222. [21:12:53] * Lucian presents his findings and goes over the autopsy reports, his own medical findings and what he can scrounge up about the lady in the motorcycle helmet. He also puts up some of the information pertaining the feral Pokemon and how they're triggering the failsafes, and offers up the potential of Snagging devices as a potential solutions. And asks whether or not they want to go public with that...
  223. [21:12:54] * Lucian ...particular fact.
  224. [21:14:17] * Adrienne goes overthe short version of the phenomena of Pokemon going crazy and fighting to the death, and the part about them falling apart. After that, she mentions that this is the cause of some kind of drug, bringing up what she remember of Davian's Crobat and Irene's Arcanine since the stories about them were the most complete. She also mentions the mysterious blonde woman with the possibly Mew-eared helmet, designer
  225. [21:14:17] * Adrienne PokeBalls, and the "MIT" pin inside of her bag.
  226. [21:16:59] * Lucian supplements his report with the details he was able to get out of Daven.
  227. [21:17:37] * Dann- brings up the effects the Crobat's bite had on the pokemon and humans that encountered. He isn't sure if that was side effect of the drug or just a thing powerful Crobat can do, but wants to make sure it's part of the data getting sorted.
  228. [21:18:00] [castfromhp] Bing takes a good long moment to enjoy her drink before starting her summary. “I’ve got another aide, Jasper, still working back at the lab on the bodies Reggie and Ema sent over. But I can tell you this much - these Pokemon you nerds brought in, the Quagsire, the Crobat, the Arcanine, all of them were given a form of fast-acting gene therapy, almost akin to an artificial evolution. That someone with MIT ties is involved
  229. [21:18:00] [castfromhp]  doesn’t surprise me.”
  230. [21:18:55] * Dann- also brings up the non-native flora that our group found near the site of the Bellosom attack as a possible connection to everything else.
  231. [21:20:22] [castfromhp] (anything you want to add Percival?)
  232. [21:22:04] * Percival goes over the numerous large beasts that wound up attacking people and acting out of character for their natural behaviors around cities. As well as the high aggression and low lifespan they seem to possess despite being an awful danger.
  233. [21:24:43] [zooftop] Siiiiiiiip.  That's Benedict, who Moses gave a drink to at some point.  He hrms and haws this 'Gene Therapy' thing.
  234. [21:25:10] [castfromhp] After everyone presents their info, Bing stands up and walks up to the front of the room where a chalkboard is. She picks up a piece of chalk and tosses it up and down. "So this is what we know: someone is deliberately spreading modified Pokemon with high aggression and fighting prowess but incredibly low lifespan. They're not exactly trying to hide what they're doing very well either since they're pushing out native species
  235. [21:25:10] [castfromhp] ."
  236. [21:26:06] [castfromhp] "Now the question is: What do we do about it?" She writes that up on the chalkboard and gives Grit a look, as if to say "happy? I'm getting things done."
  237. [21:27:25] * Adrienne shrugs. "The more this person does the more clues we can find. Besides that, there's not much we can do besides get the word out, if that can even help."
  238. [21:28:01] [Adrienne] "It's not like we can proactively find these kinds of things at this point."
  239. [21:28:40] [castfromhp] She continues to write up on the board, drawing several columns with a title each at the top: Incident Management, Suspect Investigation, Public Relations
  240. [21:28:40] [zooftop] Alex frowns at Adrienne and speaks up. "Actually, we can make some pretty good guesses, based on our findings."
  241. [21:28:44] * Tupac (~weed@Rizon-B3216C08.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  242. [21:29:24] [zooftop] "Like, we're pretty sure there's one hunting on the routes between Aralia and Bitterbrush."
  243. [21:29:58] [castfromhp] Bing writes that down under Incident Management, being sure to occasionally send an annoying screech through the room with the chalk.
  244. [21:30:40] [Adrienne] "Sure, alright, cool. Looks like that's the next stop, then."
  245. [21:31:12] [castfromhp] She continues, writing down Madrona Institute of Technology under Suspect Investigation.
  246. [21:31:18] [Dann-] "MIT is a pretty easy place to investiage too. If this person or persons has connections there, we can at least try to go there and ask the right questions." Dann adds.
  247. [21:31:32] * superblazed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  248. [21:31:36] [Dann-] "I'm sure MIT doesn't want this kind of bad PR tied back to them."
  249. [21:31:38] [castfromhp] "Good, good." Bing says, nodding.
  250. [21:32:33] [castfromhp] "True, I'm sure my alma mater is ashamed enough that I'm still around." Bing says with a cackle.
  251. [21:34:04] [Lucian] "This isn't a solution for the root of the problem but I do feel that Snagging is something we should explore, at least as a means of minimizing damage and preventing these Pokemon from endangering any more people."
  252. [21:34:16] [castfromhp] "And this is the biggie, isn't it?" Bing draws a big question mark under Public Relations. "Bold idea with the snaggers." She points her chalk at Lucian. "But hell if we'd EVER get anyone to sign on with the idea that using a snagger is EVER a good idea."
  253. [21:34:58] [Lucian] "True enough. And I suppose we wouldn't be able to keep it under wraps forever."
  254. [21:36:15] [castfromhp] "Yeah, you realize we'd have to go all scorched earth on you if we ever found out one of you used one, right? Career suicide to keep someone who did that on." Bing sips her drink.
  255. [21:36:57] [Lucian] "However, I don't believe there's fundamentally a difference between using a snagger and the methods we've employed thus far."
  256. [21:37:38] * zooftop has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  257. [21:37:54] [Lucian] "And what if the people found that we were not doing all that we could to protect them from these emergent threats?"
  258. [21:38:02] [@Doxy] "Politics. Just how it is. People even see those devices they're gonna start screamin' to high heaven that you took Scruffy and baked him inta a pie."
  259. [21:38:31] [@Doxy] "It'd be different if this was 50 years ago, but..."
  260. [21:38:34] [@Doxy] Grit shakes his head
  261. [21:38:39] [zoofman] "Could we not just communicate that these Frenzied Pokemon are highly susceptible to volatile and persistant conditions?" Sue asks.
  262. [21:39:01] [zoofman] "Based on the Crobat findings, that is."
  263. [21:39:28] [@Doxy] Moses tsks. "What sort of science are you teaching over there, Bing? We have one data point for that."
  264. [21:40:06] * Lucian leans back in his seat, "I earnestly believe that the use of snaggers can be spun the right way. And if the public was given suitable 'cause for concern', I think they would see it my way as well. However, I myself dislike the implications of my own words so I will leave it at that."
  265. [21:40:08] [Dann-] "The Metagross was almost certainly less dangerous once blinded as well."
  266. [21:41:16] [Dann-] "If we manage to spin the use of snaggers in a way the public can accept, I'm concerned about what comes after the end of this crisis. If snaggers start to see the light of day, we may open up new problems.""
  267. [21:41:23] [castfromhp] "Complicated genetic science, boy." Bing says, smiling. "We've good reason to believe that hypothesis, for at least some of the modifications."
  268. [21:42:56] [@Doxy] "I don't think we need to usher in a new age of acceptance of Snag Machines, it -would- be useful if we could use one just this once though..." Moses says with a sigh.
  269. [21:43:08] [castfromhp] "Even between the samples we have, the Quagsire and the others to be exact, we noticed small differences. Whoever we're dealing with, they're iterating."
  270. [21:43:15] [Percival] "There's not exactly good enough reason to start using those if we can atleast find and figure out where exactly they've been coming from."
  271. [21:45:58] [Lucian] "What's their end goal, then?"
  272. [21:46:17] [Lucian] "Genetic modification is all fine and dandy, but what exactly are they working towards?"
  273. [21:46:36] [Lucian] "This isn't just thoughtless experimentation for the sake of science. At least, I don't think so."
  274. [21:47:44] [zoofman] Benedict is silently mulling over this conversation, but it's clear he's thinking and not just day dreaming
  275. [21:48:06] [castfromhp] "Beats me." Professor Bing tosses the chalk back on the tray with a clatter.
  276. [21:48:36] [Percival] "Well we don't even know if what we've seen has been successful or not, they could just be failures that they're just getting rid of one way or another."
  277. [21:49:31] [Adrienne] "Well, think about the Mega Metagross, the moonshiners used it like a guard dog, didn't they? Maybe this is just leading up to making better weapons for something."
  278. [21:49:50] [Dann-] "The cases in Hollyhock seemed to have the pretty specific intent of reigniting the family feud there. Not sure if that was a hint at their goal or just a coincidence."
  279. [21:50:18] [zoofman] Alex mentions, "Didn't that Irene girl mention that the blonde woman injected the Arcanine in front of her?"
  280. [21:50:20] [@Doxy] "Who knows why people commit such attrocities. Murder. Torture. Clashing Colors. Is it insanity? Greed? Lust for Power? Lust for Recognition? Is it just what happens in the place where boredom and amoral apathy collide? The influence of crocs?"
  281. [21:50:59] [Lucian] "I think Adrienne is onto something with regards to the weapons angle."
  282. [21:51:07] * Adrienne shrugs. "The family feud probably has nothing to do with anything besides being a convenient cover story."
  283. [21:51:15] [Lucian] "Does anybody recall the Goldenrod incident in Johto?"
  284. [21:51:49] * Adrienne looks at Alex. "Yeah, she did, but what about it? They were fighting that Crobat, and she was probably going to make the Arcanine offer in the first place."
  285. [21:52:12] [castfromhp] Bing disengages from the discussion and paces back and forth. She grabs the chalk and chucks it across the room, hard, where it hits a distracted looking Blintz on the forehead. "Ow!"
  286. [21:52:43] [castfromhp] "You, girl. Get off your dumb dragon puzzles and write up a report for the Watchers on how to deal with these." Bing snaps.
  287. [21:52:56] [Lucian] "Weren't the remnants of Team Rockets working on induced evolution then, too?"
  288. [21:53:42] [Lucian] "The red gyarados that resulted was similarly enraged, wasn't it? Can we pull up the autopsy reports for that?"
  289. [21:53:48] [Lucian] "Or is that classified?"
  290. [21:54:22] [castfromhp] "That was radio signals, boy." Bing speaks up, returning to the conversation.
  291. [21:54:30] [castfromhp] "Not genetic modification."
  292. [21:55:37] [castfromhp] "Some kid caught the Gyarados anyway."
  293. [21:55:43] [Lucian] "But the principle is the same."
  294. [21:57:17] [castfromhp] "I could have someone put in the paperwork to pull the case files." Bing gives Sue a knowing look.
  295. [21:58:11] [zoofman] Sue nods, but doesn't say anything immediately to that.  Benedict finally speaks up, "Seems we all agree on that this is somethin' the Watchers need to be aware about, well as the public in general, but how best to utilize ya'll," Benedict points to all the aides in the room.
  296. [21:58:23] [zoofman] "Is another discussion."
  297. [21:58:52] * Lucian speaks up immediately, "I want to be out in the field."
  298. [21:59:06] [Adrienne] "I don't think we have a choice there."
  299. [21:59:08] [castfromhp] "Let's put 'em up on stage and make them prance for the reporters. They're good at that, right?"
  300. [21:59:32] * Lucian pinches the bridge of his nose, "I can deal with public relations, yes."
  301. [21:59:38] [@Doxy] "AHEM."
  302. [21:59:48] [@Doxy] "That is MY job," Moses says indignantly.
  303. [22:00:06] [@Doxy] "They don't have SCREEN presence anyway."
  304. [22:00:39] [Lucian] "True, but I'm not talking about something else. You can't be a face for our operations, your job is too...administrative."
  305. [22:00:45] [zoofman] "I ain't saying ya'll won't be out in the field, more to what cause.  Nor is that somethin' we need an answer to today. Besides we only had this room booked for an hour, and they'll be houndin' us like hungry Houndooms to get out."
  306. [22:00:50] [Lucian] talking about something else*
  307. [22:01:43] [Lucian] "What I mean is, they're going to want reports. And while we can't disclose everything, we're going to have to trickle down information to keep them from getting too antsy."
  308. [22:02:16] [Lucian] "And as such, whether we like it or not, us field researchers are going to be under intense scrutiny."
  309. [22:02:24] [Lucian] "I say we give them an outlet."
  310. [22:03:50] [castfromhp] Blintz speaks up, this time from behind a laptop she's tapping at. "Just about everything we know is going to the Watchers, and from there it will be hard to prevent its spread as the Watchers themselves have a responsibility to let the public know what to watch out for and precautions to take. I think at this point we can only keep the investigation of this motorcycle chick and the details of the genetic modifications close
  311. [22:03:50] [castfromhp]  to our chest."
  312. [22:05:13] [Percival] "Knowing what to watch out for so they can report any potential cases would be best. I can see why it might be best to keep it disclosed, we wouldn't want to point people in that direction if it wound up being wrong afterall."
  313. [22:05:19] [castfromhp] "So, yeah we'll need to talk about what you can and can't say when you inevitably get asked about what you do."
  314. [22:06:15] [castfromhp] "One of you at least is gonna have to learn PR speak." Blintz says with a yawn. "Lucian's right that you're gonna have an eye on you now."
  315. [22:06:30] [zoofman] Sue brings up, "Based on the life span of these Pokemon post gene therapy, it couldn't have been that long since our interaction with the Bidoofs, and the infection point...so I wonder if the one responsible for that is still in that area."
  316. [22:07:05] [zoofman] There's a man in a business suit pulling one of these, looking through the glass panels on each side of the door. https://k46.kn3.net/taringa/A/7/3/2/7/7/vagonettas/E7E.gif
  317. [22:07:17] [Lucian] "Somebody needs to be around collecting information, right?"
  318. [22:08:34] [castfromhp] Bing throws chalk at the guy at the door.
  319. [22:09:25] [zoofman] He scurries off...for now.
  320. [22:11:50] [castfromhp] "Lonny, Reggie." Bing addresses the other professors. "Sounds like we just oughta split up where our aides are going."
  321. [22:12:36] [Adrienne] "So we're keeping the same team we've been keeping?"
  322. [22:12:53] [zoofman] Benedict nods, "Either way I think that guy's gonna be back with friends soon.  We've got a lot of information to compile, and give to the public, so not like we should make a plan now."
  323. [22:13:09] [castfromhp] "But for now, there's some dumb event I have to help run over at the stadium. Dumb Anders didn't want to do it even though I KNOW he was in the area lately."
  324. [22:13:33] [Adrienne] "What event?"
  325. [22:13:37] [zoofman] "Uh huh...and I gotta be signin' auto graphs at the book store in 20."
  326. [22:14:11] [zoofman] Benedict looks to all the aides in the room, "Ya'll should go have fun while you're here, check out the arena, or the reserve, or somethin'."
  327. [22:14:19] [castfromhp] "Exhibition matches. Gym Trainers from around the region are gathering in Blackwillow for the next couple days to offer practice matches to up and coming Trainers."
  328. [22:14:28] [castfromhp] "It's a good way to get scouted too."
  329. [22:15:19] [castfromhp] "I don't see why I have to be there. It practically runs itself. Stupid." Bing grumbles as she packs up her stuff and shuffles out the door.
  330. [22:15:50] [Adrienne] "Oh, Professor Bing, before you go, I have a special Arbok without those facial markings and I wanted to go check out the Greypine Reserves for the herbs, do you have any documentation I can read about that?"
  331. [22:15:54] [zoofman] "Moses! Bring the Tequila!  We'll need it to go with the chips and guac." Benedict starts to pack up, also complementing Lawrence on his cool projector thing and Alex on her presentation before storming off.
  332. [22:18:28] [castfromhp] Bing looks over at Blintz. "Oh I see you pawned off your old homework, did you?" She looks back at you, Adrienne. "Sure, I'll send you the notes we have. Ema and Moses played musical chairs with their jobs midway through though, so it's incomplete."
  333. [22:19:13] * Adrienne nods. "Thanks a bunch."
  334. [22:20:24] * Adrienne looks over at Miss Blintz and stares. "'Pawned off your old homework'?"
  335. [22:23:27] [castfromhp] Blintz shrugged. "We had a collab going, and that Ekans was one of our lab subjects. Like she said, midway through Moses took over my fieldwork job and I went back to the lab, so we never finished."
  336. [22:24:10] [castfromhp] "Moses went back to the reserve like once. Then got distracted with shopping or something I dunno."
  337. [22:24:55] * Adrienne sighs. "I guess I can finish the last pieces of it on the way?"
  338. [22:25:25] [castfromhp] "To be fair, he noticed the big connection that got us going, but..." She shrugs again. "Yeah, pretty much."
  339. [22:27:31] [Adrienne] "Sure, why not."
  340. [22:27:52] [castfromhp] "You'll get to put your name on a paper. It's very exciting, I assure you."
  341. [22:28:09] [Adrienne] "That does sound exciting, actually."
  342. [22:29:16] * Dann- gets up from his seat and stretches. "Any of you want to check out the exhibition matches? I'm kind of itching for a battle, actually."
  343. [22:31:46] [Adrienne] "I want to go over that documentation before I go to the reserve. In the meantime, I'm pretty free, I guess." She shrugs.
  344. [22:33:28] [Dann-] "I definitely want to stop by the reserve at some point. Seems like a bit of a longer trip though. Maybe."
  345. [22:34:54] [castfromhp] Well, for those heading that way, the Stadium is pretty packed right now! There's a grand entrance hall before you reach the arenas, filled with trophies, statues, and other symbols of the League's prestige and power.
  346. [22:35:12] [Percival] "Both sound like a fine idea, granted we're pretty close to the stadium right now so I'd be up for that."
  347. [22:35:36] * Nacht__ (~Nacht@3DB15EE8:3035967D:392E570E:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  348. [22:35:57] [castfromhp] Professor Bing is standing near the doors, next to a young, sharply dressed man with silver hair and stylish glasses. She's putting on her best "kindly old lady" impression as she helps welcome trainers through the doors.
  349. [22:37:01] * Adrienne has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Nacht__)))
  350. [22:37:05] * Nacht__ is now known as Adrienne
  351. [22:38:22] [castfromhp] There's a Mismagius floating next to her putting on a display of all sorts of elemental energy - lightning, fire, even fairy magic - for the passers by taking photos.
  352. [22:39:50] * Adrienne snaps a quick cell phone photo of the Mismagius.
  353. [22:40:12] [zoofman] The other aides tag along, not having much better to do themselves.  
  354. [22:42:25] * Adrienne heads on it, wanting to see the inside.
  355. [22:43:21] * Percival goes inside, intersted in checking out the area.
  356. [22:44:21] [zoofman] There's a few tables with some informative paperwork and applications on the way in - inside fully, you see the entire arena itself (think a football stadium) has been converted into small mini dueling grounds.  There's several Pokemon battles going on, and many folks with clipboards walking around as well.
  357. [22:44:41] [zoofman] You can see a large group of dudes huddling around an arena on the opposite end of you.
  358. [22:44:42] [castfromhp] "Welcome, welcome everyone." Bing says in a forced cheery voice as you all pass by.
  359. [22:45:08] [zoofman] Sue does everything in her power to not laugh as she walks by.
  360. [22:45:10] [zoofman] 3d6
  361. [22:45:19] * CritSenpai (castfromhp@Rizon-6349BC74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  362. [22:45:22] [zoofman] 3d6
  363. [22:45:22] [CritSenpai] 3d6: 7 [3d6=2,1,4]
  364. [22:45:24] * Adrienne checks out the paperwork.
  365. [22:45:32] [zoofman] She gets chalk flung at her, clearly.
  366. [22:45:39] [castfromhp] "I hope you enjoy the competition." The young man says in a simple, polite voice as he nods to you all.
  367. [22:46:20] [zoofman] There's two seperate groups of it, Adrienne, general match sign up, and a seperate form if you ARE interested in being a gym trainer.
  368. [22:46:25] [zoofman] One's required, the other isn't.
  369. [22:47:28] * Dann- saunters up to the table and begins filling out the general sign up.
  370. [22:47:55] * Adrienne figures, what the hell, and signs up for the first one. Not the second one.
  371. [22:47:57] [castfromhp] The way it basically works Adrienne is you'll register your Pokemon team and then be matched up with whoever's available at the time among the Gym Trainers loitering there. It's a pretty informal process.
  372. [22:48:14] [castfromhp] It looks like the preferred format at the moment is 2v2 matches.
  373. [22:51:27] [zoofman] Sue seems to be trying to rope Alex into singing up to do a 2v2, and Lawrence has wandered off to see what the commotion is about at that one dueling field.
  374. [22:52:36] [Adrienne] Once she's done with turning in the form, Adrienne checks out the commotion too.
  375. [22:53:21] * Percival goes up to the table and stars signing the general signup form.
  376. [22:53:25] [Dann-] "Anyone wanna team up for a match?" Dann asks the others.
  377. [22:56:42] [zoofman] Adrienne, Percival, you walk over to see a familiar face! Robin is on one end of the arena, along with an older girl.  Looks like they just wrapped up a 2v2 match.  http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1616287
  378. [22:56:48] [zoofman] Roll me Intuition!
  379. [22:57:14] [Adrienne] 2d6 Intuition
  380. [22:57:15] [CritSenpai] Intuition: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  381. [22:57:27] [Percival] 2d6
  382. [22:57:27] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  383. [22:57:46] [@Doxy] Adrienne senses breasts larger than her own and her RIVALRY ability activates
  384. [22:57:59] [zoofman] You're both pretty sure the crowd is just oggling the duo.  The blue haired one is clearly strutting her stuff, as well.
  385. [23:00:30] * Lucian nods at Dann, "I'll pair up with you."
  386. [23:00:41] [zoofman] The older girl flicks her hair back, "Sorry, guys, you'll need to try harder than THAT to hold a flame to us."  She tries to high five Robin before taking a break before the next match.
  387. [23:01:09] * Dann- nods with a grin. "Aight, let's do it."
  388. [23:02:15] * Adrienne internally rolls her eyes at the crowd and gives a small, friendly wave to Robin. Then, she turns to Percival. "Hey, wanna team up? The other two look like they've teamed up."
  389. [23:03:15] [Percival] "Yeah, I think that'd be fine."
  390. [23:03:41] * Lucian scopes out the pair drawing the most attention to themselves, "These places have a pecking order. So we're gonna look for the biggest, baddest duo. And then we're gonna knock them down."
  391. [23:04:19] [Dann-] "I'm on board with that plan. Who do you plan to use?"
  392. [23:04:32] [zoofman] Alex looks over at Lucian, "Uh, doesn't work that way dude." she points out a line on the application that clearly says the officials choose who you face."
  393. [23:04:39] [zoofman] -"
  394. [23:04:41] [@Doxy] Robin waves at Adrienne. :D WAVE
  395. [23:04:50] [Lucian] "Whaaat?"
  396. [23:05:11] [Lucian] "But how will people find out how great I am? Immediately?"
  397. [23:05:15] [Dann-] "Maybe we'll just have to do something provocative enough to get noticed by the biggest, baddest duo."
  398. [23:05:24] [Adrienne] "Which of your 'mons did you pick?"
  399. [23:06:47] [zoofman] She shrugs before Sue drags her off, seems their names were just called.
  400. [23:08:28] [Percival] "I'm likely just taking Fumu and Basa Basa for now, seems like it'll be fine just like this."
  401. [23:08:51] [Percival] "Have you planned out yours as well?"
  402. [23:09:49] [Adrienne] "Yeah, I decided to go with Arthur and Mina."
  403. [23:10:23] * Lucian picks out his two spiders, "I'll be using these pair. Roy's my strongest but he deserves a rest. I've been relying on him pretty hard recently."
  404. [23:17:12] * Dann- taps his belt. "By contrast, I think Winston got a bit too much pampering back at the bay, so I'm going to get him some exercise. I'll bring Kai along too to round it out."
  405. [23:21:10] [zoofman] Okay! Before too long your names are called!
  406. [23:21:40] [zoofman] They tell you what arenas to go to and all that.
  407. [23:22:36] [@Doxy] !join #SongOfIceAndFire
  408. [23:22:36] [CritSenpai] Ara ara, you want me in #SongOfIceAndFire?
  409. [23:23:35] * Doxy gives channel operator status to castfromhp
  410. [23:23:39] * Doxy gives channel operator status to zoofman
  411. [23:24:26] [@castfromhp] Adrienne and Percival, you're called over to an arena where you see...three familiar faces! Well, one of them not so familiar. It's Caitlyn, Professor Bing, and the young man you saw with her greeting entering Trainers. Bing is pushing the young man forward with an old lady smile on her face.
  412. [23:25:38] [@castfromhp] "The way it's worked out, we've run out of Gym Trainers for you to challenge, and League Official Vanya Aristov has -oh so kindly- volunteered to fill in for the sake of keeping this event running smoothly."
  413. [23:26:38] [@castfromhp] Bing smiles wider as she continues. "After all, it simply wouldn't be fair to the other competitors if they got an exhibition match against a full-fledged Gym Leader instead, right?" She squeezes Vanya's arms tightly. He seems mildly terrified. "All about fairness here."
  414. [23:27:09] [Adrienne] "Somehow, I feel like Percival and I have gotten the bad end of the deal."
  415. [23:27:14] [@castfromhp] "It's a good networking opportunity nonetheless. Vanya has a real eye for talent, and he's a rising star in the League himself." She toddles off, leaving Caitlyn looking a bit confused and disappointed.
  416. [23:27:23] [Adrienne] "Fancy seeing you again Caitlyn."
  417. [23:28:13] [@castfromhp] "It's good to see you too. I trust you are well?" Caitlyn says, recomposing herself. "Two Gym Badges for the both of you, yes? Unless you have been remarkably busy since last we met."
  418. [23:28:35] [Percival] "Well we still have an interesting looking battle, it's nice meeting you for the first and second times."
  419. [23:29:00] [Adrienne] "Yeah, we're still only on two Gym Badges."
  420. [23:29:30] [@castfromhp] "...Truth be told, I part of why I volunteered for this is to improve my chance at having my transfer to Professor Bing's Gym approved. A shame she is merely observing rather than battling alongside me..."
  421. [23:30:58] [Adrienne] "Uh, good luck I guess?"
  422. [23:31:08] [@castfromhp] "Vanya Aristov, as the Professor said." The young man says quietly. "I trust you will try your utmost and display the full extent of your talent in this battle." He says seriously.
  423. [23:31:27] [@castfromhp] He pushes up his glasses.
  424. [23:32:53] * Adrienne pushes up her glasses. "'Course. This isn't the time for half-assing."
  425. [23:33:06] [@castfromhp] Battle BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9LH5s4Qw4
  426. [23:34:26] [Percival] "Yep, we'll be doing our best out there."
  427. [23:35:45] [@castfromhp] Caitlyn and Vanya go to a nearby Pokemon swapping machine and choose appropriately strong Pokemon for 2-badge Trainers, then return to the arena~
  428. [23:36:50] [@castfromhp] "League standard: double blind choice of first Pokemon." Vanya says as he and Caitlyn hold up their first Poke Balls.
  429. [23:38:11] [Adrienne] "Hm." Adrienne thinks for a second, and picks a ball from her belt.
  430. [23:38:16] [@castfromhp] "If you have any last preparations, make them now." Caitlyn says, getting her serious face on.
  431. [23:38:32] [@castfromhp] (go ahead and move your choice onto the left arena. I've already chosen and will just unhide mine when you're done)
  432. [23:40:03] [@castfromhp] And give speeds when you do!
  433. [23:40:47] [Percival] 18 and 10 for myself
  434. [23:41:02] [Adrienne] Mina 20 and Adrienne 19.
  435. [23:41:41] * castfromhp has changed the topic to: Mina > Basa Basa > Dima > Joyeuse
  436. [23:42:15] [@castfromhp] Orders are all priority, so trainer stuff is shrug.jpg :D
  437. [23:43:42] [@castfromhp] Vanya sends out a Houndoom and Caitlyn a Honedge shaped like a rapier. "You're at a disadvantage Dima. Strike precisely." Vanya says, pushing up his glasses. "All out attack, Joyeuse." Caitlyn says simply, addressing her swordmon.
  438. [23:44:08] [@castfromhp] Mina!
  439. [23:46:24] [Adrienne] "Huh. Probably a good choice, Percy. Mina, hit that Houndoom with a Supersonic!"
  440. [23:46:46] [Adrienne] 1d20+2 Doot de doo just assume I apply my Orders as normal
  441. [23:46:46] [CritSenpai] Doot de doo just assume I apply my Orders as normal: 5 [1d20=3]
  442. [23:47:16] [@castfromhp] Misses! But Dima takes a -2 to acc checks for one round!
  443. [23:48:50] [@castfromhp] Basa Basa!
  444. [23:49:25] [Adrienne] Mina makes a harsh screechy noise right at the Houndoom! Wow, the lungs on that not-a-lungfish.
  445. [23:51:05] [Percival] "We'll see how this goes then. Basa Basa, hit the Honedge with Supersonic as well!"
  446. [23:51:15] [Percival] 1d20+1 ac 6
  447. [23:51:16] [CritSenpai] ac 6: 18 [1d20=17]
  448. [23:51:24] [@castfromhp] The Honedge is confused!
  449. [23:52:32] [@castfromhp] Dima charges forward at Basa Basa, then spits a vortex of fire at the bat!
  450. [23:52:40] [@castfromhp] 1d20-2 fire spin
  451. [23:52:41] [CritSenpai] fire spin: 11 [1d20=13]
  452. [23:52:48] [@castfromhp] 2d6+8+21+5 fire special
  453. [23:52:49] [CritSenpai] fire special: 38 [2d6=2,2]
  454. [23:52:56] [@castfromhp] And Vortex'd!
  455. [23:53:46] [@castfromhp] "Snap out of it quickly, Joyeuse." The Honedge recalls its grooming and makeover and struggles against the disorienting sound!
  456. [23:53:48] [@castfromhp] 1d20+4 confus
  457. [23:53:48] [CritSenpai] confus: 14 [1d20=10]
  458. [23:54:42] [@castfromhp] It floats up to Mina and gives a ghostly swipe with its blade~
  459. [23:54:58] [@castfromhp] 1d20 shadow claw
  460. [23:54:58] [CritSenpai] shadow claw: 10 [1d20=10]
  461. [23:55:22] [@castfromhp] It takes a moment to recall a tasty meal as it attacks~
  462. [23:55:34] [@castfromhp] 2d10+10+20+8+10 ghost physical
  463. [23:55:34] [CritSenpai] ghost physical: 65 [2d10=10,7]
  464. [23:56:11] [Adrienne] Mina uses her Sweet Confection!
  465. [23:56:30] [Adrienne] (Sorry, I was doing the math on that. If you'll let me use the Food Buff, it'll miss.
  466. [23:56:41] [@castfromhp] No Guard prevents applying Evasion, btw
  467. [23:56:48] [@castfromhp] So save your buff!
  468. [23:57:24] [Adrienne] (Oh, I forgot.
  469. [23:58:05] [Adrienne] (Damage noted.
  470. [23:58:33] [Adrienne] Mina takes heavy damage from the attack!
  471. [23:58:35] [@castfromhp] Up to Mina again!
  472. [23:59:22] * Percival binds Reckless Advance to Basa Basa and Focused Training to Mina.
  473. [00:00:38] [Adrienne] "Cripes," she mutters. "Mina, back up and hit that Honedge with all you've got!" Mina uses Electro Ball!
  474. [00:00:49] [Adrienne] 1d20+3 vs AC 2
  475. [00:00:49] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 22 [1d20=19]
  476. [00:00:55] [@castfromhp] hits~
  477. [00:01:18] [Adrienne] Mina also uses her Dry Wafer!
  478. [00:01:34] [Adrienne] 3d8+10+16+20+5 Special Electric damage
  479. [00:01:35] [CritSenpai] Special Electric damage: 63 [3d8=3,7,2]
  480. [00:02:36] [@castfromhp] A pretty heavy hit to the swordmon, but it seems to be holding pretty well, due in part to its memories of tasty food. Yes, swords can eat shut up.
  481. [00:02:39] [@castfromhp] Basa!
  482. [00:05:22] [Percival] "That's certainly a hit, now Basa Basa, hit that Houndoom with your wings!"
  483. [00:05:29] [Percival] 1d20+1 ac 2
  484. [00:05:30] [CritSenpai] ac 2: 17 [1d20=16]
  485. [00:05:33] [@castfromhp] hits~
  486. [00:06:04] [Percival] Basa Basa also uses his Flying Gem!
  487. [00:06:59] [Percival] 3d10+10+16 Flying Physical
  488. [00:07:00] [CritSenpai] Flying Physical: 44 [3d10=7,10,1]
  489. [00:07:35] [@castfromhp] Dima takes the hit pretty well! this dog is fairly bulky, it seems!
  490. [00:07:57] [@castfromhp] The Houndoom Bites back at its assailant!
  491. [00:07:59] [@castfromhp] 1d20+2
  492. [00:07:59] [CritSenpai] 1d20+2: 21 [1d20=19]
  493. [00:08:02] [Percival] (er whoops +8 from reckless and vlnerable anyhow)
  494. [00:08:28] [@castfromhp] 4d8+20+20 and crits!
  495. [00:08:28] [CritSenpai] and crits!: 58 [4d8=8,3,2,5]
  496. [00:08:47] [@castfromhp] Flinches too, but that doesn't matter here~
  497. [00:09:22] [Percival] (yeah he's out)
  498. [00:09:27] [@castfromhp] "Keep it up!" Caitlyn inspires her sword~
  499. [00:09:32] [@castfromhp] 2#1d20+2
  500. [00:09:33] [CritSenpai] 2#1d20+2: 19 [1d20=17], 15 [1d20=13]
  501. [00:10:11] [@castfromhp] The Honedge presses on, swiping at Mina again!
  502. [00:10:15] [@castfromhp] 1d20 slash
  503. [00:10:16] [CritSenpai] slash: 11 [1d20=11]
  504. [00:10:28] [Adrienne] Hits!
  505. [00:10:29] [@castfromhp] 2d6+10+20+8
  506. [00:10:29] [CritSenpai] 2d6+10+20+8: 44 [2d6=2,4]
  507. [00:10:49] * superblazed (~weed@Rizon-B3216C08.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  508. [00:11:02] [@castfromhp] And back to Mina!
  509. [00:11:08] [Adrienne] rip mina you ran headfirst into your natural enemy
  510. [00:11:32] * Adrienne recalls a very fainted Mina and sends out her other pick, Arthur!
  511. [00:11:58] [Adrienne] (Speed 15)
  512. [00:12:06] * Percival sends out Fumu after recalling the limp bat.
  513. [00:12:08] * castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fumu > Arthur > Dima > Joyeuse
  514. [00:12:17] [@castfromhp] Fumu's up!
  515. [00:12:59] [@castfromhp] (Feel free to position wherever within throwing range ofc)
  516. [00:13:28] * Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  517. [00:15:44] [Percival] "Alright, now see about giving that Houndoom the whatfor Fumu!" Fumu uses Air Slash!
  518. [00:15:50] [Percival] 1d20+1 ac 3
  519. [00:15:51] [CritSenpai] ac 3: 14 [1d20=13]
  520. [00:16:06] [@castfromhp] hits! do you have extended flinch range?
  521. [00:16:13] [Percival] (yep, serene grace)
  522. [00:16:27] [@castfromhp] The Houndoom is Flinched! Roll damage
  523. [00:16:38] [Percival] 3d8+10+19 Flying Special
  524. [00:16:39] [CritSenpai] Flying Special: 43 [3d8=1,6,7]
  525. [00:17:26] [@castfromhp] Sturdy as this dog is, it's definitely pretty weak now!
  526. [00:17:51] [@castfromhp] Arthur!
  527. [00:19:11] [Adrienne] "Arthur, Feint Attack!" The bear gets a glint in his eyes and raises his claws!
  528. [00:19:16] [Adrienne] 1d20 crit check
  529. [00:19:16] [CritSenpai] crit check: 9 [1d20=9]
  530. [00:19:32] [Adrienne] 2d6+8+21+5 Burning Spicy Wrap.
  531. [00:19:32] [CritSenpai] Burning Spicy Wrap.: 42 [2d6=3,5]
  532. [00:20:46] [@castfromhp] Even with the type advantage, Arthur strikes a very hardy foe! It's about as weak as the Houndoom now, but it seems like it's particularly good at shaking off physical hits.
  533. [00:20:51] [@castfromhp] Dima is Flinched!
  534. [00:21:12] [@castfromhp] The Honedge launches a last-ditch attack, preparing to bonk Arthur on the head with its hilt!
  535. [00:21:18] [@castfromhp] 1d20 iron head
  536. [00:21:19] [CritSenpai] iron head: 13 [1d20=13]
  537. [00:21:36] [@castfromhp] It rolls out a Steel Gem from its ribbon and squeezes it, releasing a burst of energy!
  538. [00:21:47] [@castfromhp] 4d10+10+20+8+10
  539. [00:21:47] [CritSenpai] 4d10+10+20+8+10: 71 [4d10=3,5,8,7]
  540. [00:22:53] [Adrienne] Arthur kind of survives the hit, but he looks very hurt!
  541. [00:23:12] [@castfromhp] It recalls fond and complex memories of a lovely home meal as it strikes the bear happily.
  542. [00:23:13] [Adrienne] ... or beary hurt.
  543. [00:23:50] [@castfromhp] Fumu's up!
  544. [00:25:44] * Percival binds Trick Shot to Fumu and uses Strike Again! on Arthur.
  545. [00:27:41] [Adrienne] Arthur, compelled by Percival's Leadership, uses Lick on the Honedge! ... Is that sanitary?
  546. [00:27:48] [Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 2
  547. [00:27:48] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 14 [1d20=12]
  548. [00:28:02] [Adrienne] 1d6+5+21 Physical Ghost damage
  549. [00:28:03] [CritSenpai] Physical Ghost damage: 29 [1d6=3]
  550. [00:28:28] [Percival] "Fumu, the Houndoom's right where we need him, blast away!" Fumu uses Aura Sphere!
  551. [00:28:43] [Percival] 1d20 crit check
  552. [00:28:43] [CritSenpai] crit check: 20 [1d20=20]
  553. [00:29:06] [@castfromhp] "Joyeuse, hang on and keep fighting!" The Honedge collapses in a heap, then shakily picks itself up.
  554. [00:29:24] [@castfromhp] lol Dima is fukt
  555. [00:29:38] [Percival] 4d8+20+19 Fighting Special
  556. [00:29:38] [CritSenpai] Fighting Special: 63 [4d8=6,8,3,7]
  557. [00:30:51] [@castfromhp] "Excellent battling." Vanya says simply, recalling the Houndoom and releasing a Swellow.
  558. [00:31:16] * castfromhp has changed the topic to: Anya > Fumu > Arthur > Joyeuse
  559. [00:31:20] [@castfromhp] It acts immediately!
  560. [00:31:55] [@castfromhp] The bird flies up to Fumu and swipes at it with a wing, hard as steel!
  561. [00:31:59] [@castfromhp] 1d20 steel wing
  562. [00:32:00] [CritSenpai] steel wing: 18 [1d20=18]
  563. [00:32:21] [@castfromhp] 2d6+10+20
  564. [00:32:21] [CritSenpai] 2d6+10+20: 36 [2d6=1,5]
  565. [00:32:29] [@castfromhp] +8
  566. [00:33:00] [@castfromhp] As it approaches, you can see it's holding a flaming orb in its talons~
  567. [00:33:30] [@castfromhp] Arthur take your normal turn!
  568. [00:34:17] [Adrienne] "Arthur, finish off that Honedge with a Night Slash!" A tired bear goes on with the fight!
  569. [00:34:24] [Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 2
  570. [00:34:24] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 16 [1d20=14]
  571. [00:34:35] [Adrienne] 2d6+10+21 Phys Dark damage
  572. [00:34:35] [CritSenpai] Phys Dark damage: 39 [2d6=4,4]
  573. [00:34:44] [@castfromhp] Joyeuse falls!
  574. [00:35:29] [@castfromhp] "Good work; you've bought enough time." Caitlyn says, recalling the rapier. "Contessa, let's finish this!" A Floette floats out!
  575. [00:36:04] * castfromhp has changed the topic to: Anya > Fumu > Arthur > Contessa
  576. [00:37:02] [@castfromhp] The flower floats forward and directs a precisely aimed leaf at Arthur!
  577. [00:37:06] [@castfromhp] 1d20 magical leaf
  578. [00:37:06] [CritSenpai] magical leaf: 20 [1d20=20]
  579. [00:37:14] [@castfromhp] 4d6+16+13 whelp
  580. [00:37:14] [CritSenpai] whelp: 47 [4d6=5,2,5,6]
  581. [00:37:57] [Adrienne] Arthur does not have the 37 defense to survive this.
  582. [00:38:15] * Adrienne recalls Arthur too, looking a bit apologetically at Percival. "Well, that didn't go well."
  583. [00:39:12] [Percival] "It's alright, we'll see what can still be done."
  584. [00:39:20] [@castfromhp] Anya swipes at Fumu again!
  585. [00:39:22] [@castfromhp] 1d20 steel wing
  586. [00:39:23] [CritSenpai] steel wing: 17 [1d20=17]
  587. [00:39:31] [@castfromhp] 2d6+10+28
  588. [00:39:31] [CritSenpai] 2d6+10+28: 45 [2d6=5,2]
  589. [00:39:35] [@castfromhp] And is burned a little more!
  590. [00:40:41] [Percival] "Nevermind that thought."
  591. [00:45:32] [@castfromhp] "Good battle." Vanya says, recalling his Pokemon and looking deep in thought. After a moment, Caitlyn fills in the silence. "I hope you aren't disappointed. Gym Trainers called to this event are instructed to give their challengers a demanding battle. You did well."
  592. [00:46:33] [@castfromhp] "...You and her battle similarly." Vanya comments after a moment, looking between Adrienne and Caitlyn. His gaze is scrutinizing.
  593. [00:46:46] [Adrienne] "Just a little disappointed, but thanks."
  594. [00:46:49] [Adrienne] "We do?"
  595. [00:47:11] [@castfromhp] "Your Pokemon had a similar vibe."
  596. [00:47:13] [Percival] "Ah it's to be expected, it wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't difficult."
  597. [00:48:40] [Adrienne] "Sorry, but I don't get it. Explain the similar vibe?"
  598. [00:52:14] [@castfromhp] Vanya's gaze has already moved on to Percival. "You lead well." He says simply, still in thought. Caitlyn interjects again, "I think it may be that we approach battle very similarly? For me, preparation is paramount, so I tend to my Pokemon's diets and their use of held items."
  599. [00:53:46] [Percival] "Thanks, I try my best. Still working on it."
  600. [00:53:50] * Adrienne nods. "Oh. Yeah, I get it now."
  601. [00:56:42] [@castfromhp] "Neither of you are interested in a Gym Trainer position?" Vanya asks, pulling out a mini-tablet and swiping the screen with a finger.
  602. [00:59:35] [Adrienne] "I never really thought about it, dunno which Gym I'd even want to be a Gym Trainer for."
  603. [01:00:40] [Percival] "I'm not terribly sure at the moment, we do have some business to attend to. It might be interesting later but I'd need to give it some deeper thought."
  604. [01:00:41] [@castfromhp] "Two Flying-Types." Vanya looks over at Percival. "Just coincidence?"
  605. [01:01:02] [Percival] "Well no, I do quite enjoy them, there's two others in there with them."
  606. [01:05:51] [@castfromhp] Vanya nods. "I should get back to running this event." He glares daggers over at Professor Bing, who's playing pattycake with a Golurk a good distance away, then quickly recomposes himself. "I hope you had fun."
  607. [01:06:49] [@castfromhp] Vanya rushes off, face buried in his tablet. "...Kinda stuffy, isn't he?" Caitlyn remarks.
  608. [01:06:51] [Adrienne] "Yeah, seeya."
  609. [01:07:11] [Adrienne] "A little."
  610. [01:08:38] [Percival] "Bye, a small bit maybe."
  611. [01:09:03] [@castfromhp] "So how are you enjoying Blackwillow? Just got to town?"
  612. [01:09:51] [Adrienne] "Just got to town for a little business thing, didn't have the time to sightsee."
  613. [01:10:07] [Adrienne] "And then we went here when the thing was done."
  614. [01:10:27] [@zoofman] Over off to the side you can see Sue and Alex arguing, seems they also got beat pretty badly!
  615. [01:11:32] [Percival] "We got here pretty much just tofday, we're hoping to check out the reserve I think."
  616. [01:11:51] [Percival] "Huh, seems like things went well for the others."
  617. [01:12:17] [@castfromhp] "You'll love it. At least, I always find it refreshing after spending so long in Hollyhock's woods."
  618. [01:15:38] [Adrienne] "Cool."
  619. [01:15:51] [Adrienne] "What about it do you like?"
  620. [01:18:27] [@castfromhp] "The Pokemon inside are rather unique compared to other ecosystems in the region. You see a lot of Pokemon populations with traits you don't see elsewhere."
  621. [01:18:42] [@castfromhp] "It's a goldmine for researchers like you and your friends, I imagine."
  622. [01:18:51] [Percival] "Oh, that does sound rather interesting."
  623. [01:19:28] [Adrienne] "Definitely looking forward to it."
  624. [01:21:02] [@castfromhp] "Start thinking about what kinds of Pokemon you want to look for though. Outside of specific research grants given to labs, individual Trainers are only allowed to take home one Pokemon from the reserve."
  625. [01:22:15] [Adrienne] "Huh, will do. Thanks for the tip."
  626. [01:26:03] [@castfromhp] "Are you staying in town long?"
  627. [01:26:42] [Adrienne] "Dunno, probably not that long to be honest."
  628. [01:27:01] [Adrienne] "Why?"
  629. [01:31:36] [@castfromhp] "Oh, that's too bad. There a-" Caitlyn's cut off as her phone vibrates and she picks it up. "Ah, I've got my next challenger. There are a couple more League-sanctioned events this week you might be interested in though. I'll text you the details."
  630. [01:31:48] [@castfromhp] Caitlyn rushes off to another arena.
  631. [01:33:07] [Adrienne] "C'mon Percival, let's go spectate the other two's match. You interested in those League-sanctioned events?"
  632. [01:33:24] * Adrienne starts walking, though she waits for Percival if he straggles.
  633. [01:33:53] [Percival] "Yeah, I'll follow. Maybe they're doing a bit better."
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