About That Time pt. 1 [untypeset]

Feb 9th, 2017
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  1. About That Time (Pt. 1) Translation
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  4. >Tatsuta: How warm. Don't you think that this weather is wonderful, Tenryuu-chan?
  5. >Tenryuu: Mm, yeah.
  6. >Tenryuu: Someone using the Archery range?
  7. >Tatsuta: How rare, let's go take a look.
  8. >Tenryuu: Eh
  10. >Tenryuu: Tatsuta, go ahead of me, I need to do something.
  11. >Tatsuta: It's just muscle training anyway, right? It's a nice day, let's take a walk.
  12. >Tatsuta: Come along now
  13. >Tenryuu: Oy, hold on!
  14. >Tenryuu: Can we go back now....?
  15. >Tatsuta: Shh!
  16. >Tatsuta: Tenryuu-chan, look, look
  18. >Tatsuta: Oh my | so cool
  19. >Tenryuu: Ehh, | ....yeah.
  21. >Tenryuu: Hm?
  22. >Tenryuu: Geh!
  23. >Tenryu: L-let's head back, we've been seen!
  24. >Tatsuta: Isn't this a good chance to introduce ourselves?
  26. >Tenryuu: Oy.... | Hold up...!
  27. >Tatsuta: Pardon us~ | Hello~ Pleased to meet you~
  28. >Tatsuta: It's rare to see someone using the range, so we snuck over to take a look.
  29. >Tenryuu: I'm done, I'm out...
  31. >Akagi: My apologies for not spotting you earlier. | Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am called Akagi, of the Standard Carriers.
  32. >Kaga: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Kaga, also of the Standard Carriers.
  33. >Tatsuta: I am Tatsuta, a light cruiser, and this is-
  34. >Tatsuta: Ara?
  35. >Kaga: The person that was with you just left.
  36. >Tatsuta: Really~ Tenryuu-chan's so bashful!
  37. >Akagi: While it's unfortunate, feel free to give us a call next time we have a chance!
  38. >Tatsuta: Ah~ | want to talk over food?
  39. >Akagi: ! | Definitely!
  40. >Kaga: they sure change tracks quickly.
  42. >Tenryuu: Anybody would look at her like that in that kind of situation.
  43. >Tenryuu: I wonder how she actually is....
  44. >Tenryuu: Well, I'm happy with having Tatsuta. Don't need to try to get along with others.
  45. >Tenryuu: (Yawn).... | so bored...
  47. >Akagi: (sigh)~ | That was great.
  48. >Kaga: That was too much...please control your appetite around others. | Tenryuu-san looked pretty shocked.
  49. >Akagi: Ahaha...I slipped up...
  50. >Kaga: We may not be home anymore, but please be mindful of a basic standard of etiquette....
  51. >AKagi: Ah! | Look, Kaga!
  52. >Kaga: Stop trying to change the subject.
  53. >Akagi: The cherry blossoms have bloomed!
  54. >Kaga: Really...
  55. >Akagi: Ah, it looks like we can go out from here.
  56. >Kaga: We haven't even unpacked our luggage; now is not the time to play around outside....
  57. >Akagi: Just a bit, just a little bit!
  58. >Kaga: fine, fine.
  60. >Kaga: Please hurry back... | it'll be troublesome to unpack when things get busy.
  61. >AKagi: Got it, thanks, Kaga.
  62. >Akagi: What a pretty view...
  64. >Dog: Ruff~
  65. >Akagi: A dog...?
  66. >Dog: Ruff~
  68. >Akagi: Uwah, is someone raising dogs here?
  69. >Akagi: no collar though, is it a stray?
  70. >Akagi: Here, here~
  71. >Dog: Grr~
  72. >Akagi: Eh, playing hide and seek?
  73. >[Akagi: let's give it a shock!]
  74. >Akagi: I can see you, you know, your butt's exposed...
  75. >Akagi: Waaaah!
  77. >Dog: Grrrrrr~
  78. >Akagi: H.... | Hello...
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