Walnut - When "No" Means "Yes"

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >His expression was one of anger & annoyance as Caramel crept closer to him on her couch.
  2. >Mocha was invited to come over to Caramels mansion to spend some quality time with her as Hexferry turned down, but totally forgot it was heating season something that also effected him as well as he was truly a mare.
  3. >Coming to neck Caramel slowly started to kiss on Mocha which excited, & scared him. Placing his hooves on Caramel, Mocha pushed her away turning down her advancements.
  4. >Ignoring his initial turn down, Caramel started at it once more with Mocha reaction to it being slown as he wanted to let this happen.
  5. >Coming to his senses Mocha then hopped out of his spot on the couch rejecting Caramel again.
  6. >Bidding her farewell, Caramel begged Mocha not to go by grabbing his hindleg.
  7. >Barely making it to the front door, Mocha tried to shake off Caramel the best he could. Then facing Caramel he told her to get before hearing the front door swing wide open.
  8. >Looking to the front of him, Mocha came face to face with a blushing Hexferry who's crystal blue eyes shined like a diamond. Surprised by Mocha's appearance at Caramels Mansion Hexferry tried to question him on what he was doing there, but barely got out any of the words she wanted to say due to her heat.
  9. >Having all his attention payed to Hexferry, Mocha had forgot the Caramel who had been on his leg & in a instant was knocked on to the ground in front of Hexferry with Caramel spreading his legs trying to figure out how to undo his black pants.
  11. >Mocha realizing that Caramel didnt truly understand what Mocha meant by "No". Raising one of his hindlegs back he kicked Caramel in the face knocking her back.
  12. >Angered & not able to take her heat anymore, Caramel pounced on Mocha pinning her.
  13. >Breathing heavy, & having her own heat kick in Mocha's body wanted everything Caramel was about to do, but knew in her own mind she didn't.
  14. >Continuing to resist Mocha asked Hexferry who was staring at the both of them to help.
  15. >Unsure of what to truly do Hexferry could barely think before her body reacted joining in Caramels festivities on Mocha.
  16. >The next few hours to follow was filled with moans, begging of a harder fucking.
  17. >Mocha later gave into her desires, & awoke in shame next to a apologetic Hexferry, & a smiling Caramel saying "And that was how Equestria was made.".
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