A Simple Melody

Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. >You're walking the dusty streets of ponyville in the late afternoon
  2. >Your stomach, a-growling for some nourishment, and your feet aching from all of the walking about make you dip into Sugarcube Corner
  3. >After getting your food and some water to go with it, you dip into a corner booth to relax and watch the locals go about their day
  4. >You watch as Ditzy got her muffins, Pinkie bouncing about, happily serving all who came, and look out the window at the street you came in on, and all of the smiling faces out there
  5. >You wish that people back home had all of the joy and vigor that they did as they did their jobs with heart and passion put into every action
  6. >The jingling of the bell over the door puts your train of thought to a halt as you look at who came in
  7. >A yellow mare, with a fiery-red mane and soft blue eyes trots to the counter, and asks the Cakes if they don't mind her singing in their business for a little while whilst the dinner rush is going
  8. >Her voice is like melted chocolate to your ears as she belts out a melody that could put the birds to shame, every note ringing true as a bell
  9. >You lose track of your body's feelings, just watching her, paying more and more attention to her and her wondrous song
  10. >As her show goes on and on, you feel as though there's something missing that you could provide
  11. >You get out of your seat and trot over to her, your singing supporting her own, lifting it even higher
  12. >The two of you, standing side by side, putting on a show that some may never forget as you both sung in perfect harmony
  13. >But alas, the show had to end some time
  14. >For them, at least
  15. >She looked to you, and you looked to her and she leaned in and nuzzled you
  16. >That was when you noticed your ears weren't where they used to be
  17. >As you looked into the window, and saw the reflection gazing back at you, your colors complimenting hers, you and her were of one soul
  18. >and that soul belonged only to the tune of the song of life, bringing it to all who'd hear it
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