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  1. Here are some frequently asked questions about Fightcade and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future.
  3. Q: Hello, I want to play this game but I've never used fightcade before? What do I do?
  5. A: Welcome! You can download Fightcade from, once downloaded, run Fightcade.exe, make a new account for yourself and log in.
  6. Find and join the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Room on the Left tab. Once you're there you can ask all those nice people about a link to the game's ROM aka (you can also look for it on your own, mind that there are different versions of the ROM though and many of them may not work!)
  8. Once you download the ROM and put it into the "ROMs" folder inside your fightcade directory (note that all ROMs must be .zip format, at any cost do NOT unzip the ROMs), find your name on the list and click the Person icon near your name (alternatively type /play in the chat) to run the game and see if it works.
  9. You can also run the ggpofba.exe (it's the online version of the Final Burn Alpha emulator for arcade games which fightcade uses) and run the game from there.
  11. Once the game starts, press F5 to set your controls (alternatively select 'Game' on top of the window and 'Map Game Inputs', note that every game uses its own set of controls) and set your preferences.
  13. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is 4 buttons fighting game, you'll want to set/change the inputs for following controls :
  14. Coin - Adds a Coin to the arcade machine if the game isn't in free mode
  15. Start - Joins the game/Taunt
  16. Up, Down, Left, Right - Movement obviously
  17. Weak Punch - Light Attack
  18. Medium Punch - Medium Attack
  19. Strong Punch - Strong Attack
  20. Weak Kick - Stand Button
  21. Reset - Resets the game if you're on the Player 1 side
  22. Diagnostic - Enters arcade settings with corrupted text graphics in Japanese region, don't mess around with it if you don't know what you're doing
  24. Useful but not necessary: P1 3x Punch - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Strong Attack all under one button, very useful for certain commands
  26. See if all your configs work ingame and have fun! Also, try out other arcade games fightcade has to offer whenever you're not busy dropping Steamrollers on your competition!
  29. Q: I've downloaded the ROM but Fightcade is stating that it doesn't exist!
  31. A: Make sure you put the ROM inside the ROMs directory inside Fightcade folder. Do NOT unzip it! If you want to put it in a different directory make sure Fightcade can detect the folder (you can change your preferred folder in settings).
  34. Q: I've downloaded the ROM but when the game runs it says it's missing some files. What's happening?!
  36. A: You have most likely downloaded the wrong version of the ROM or it doesn't have all the files required to work properly. Either find a different ROM or download both JOJOBAN.ZIP and JOJOBA.ZIP to make the game work. Ask tournament hosts or people in the lobby for proper ROM first though.
  39. Q: I've done all steps above properly but the game still doesn't want to run/the ROM is still not detected! What am I doing wrong?
  41. A: Your PC hates you and won't let you play the game. Make sure the ROM is not passworded/has proper read properties/the fightcade folder is not a 'hidden' directory. If nothing else helps, I'm afraid we cannot help you here :(
  44. Q: How do I challenge someone to a fight Online?
  46. A: Press the Person icon near their name and wait for their answer. Please don't be annoying with Challenge requests if a person refuses to play!
  49. Q: Random people keep challenging me to a fight but I don't want to play right now! How do I make them stop?
  51. A: Next to the chat window there's a checkbox that says 'away'. Once toggled no one will be able to send you challenge requests! Please don't forget to make yourself available to play during the tournament!
  54. Q: When I tried to play against someone the game got stuck on a black screen saying 'Connecting'. What happened?
  56. A: Communication error or the person closed their game before it fully loaded. Try again. If it keeps happening, close and open fightcade again. If it keeps happening all the time, follow the steps in the next question.
  59. Q: When I tried to play against someone the game got stuck on a black screen saying 'Requesting Match Info'. After the game closed System wrote some error message about Port Forwarding and other things I don't understand! What's wrong?
  61. A: Fightcade is having problems connecting to your opponents due to either their or your problematic connection. This can happen due to many reasons. Try opening the specified Ports. Googling 'port forwarding' may help with this problem. Alternatively, you can try restarting your modem/router or closing and opening fightcade again, it works occasionally.
  62. Last resort is to use the /direct command in fightcade. Ask people about how it works if you still have connection issues.
  63. If the issue keeps happening and you're unable to solve it on your own, consult tournament hosts on Discord.
  66. Q: When I play online there are these 6 hidden characters I can use, but I cannot access them when starting game offline. Where did they go?!
  68. A: Watch , note that in Japanese (default) region the graphics will be a glitchy mess in this menu, not much you can do about this unless you know how to change the game's region. Just follow the steps and you should be able to unlock them!
  71. Q: IMPORTANT! Are there any resources that can teach me how to play this game properly?
  73. A: You won't become a master at a fighting game instantly but knowledge from other fighting games sure does help!
  74. Watch , it's probably the best guide around with all the basics explained.
  75. If you need info about movelists and such, visit
  76. Alternatively, just try using Google or Youtube, or practice the game on your own!
  77. If you require a proper 'training room', check our Discord for more info!
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