Uncensor the Gun Girls 10/16/2018

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  1. Uncensor method is for Android (no root) and iOS (need jailbreak or Filza).
  3. This will not get you banned. Mica has stated several times indirectly (because they'd get in trouble if they endorsed an uncensor patch) that you will only be banned for using tools that change your gameplay.
  5. You will not need to reapply the patch every time there is an update. Old character files will remain as is unless they are changed during an update.
  7. New files will be necessary to uncensor new censored tdolls and skins.
  9. ___________________________
  11. News:
  13.     [2018-10-16] - Patch for client update is out. Links are down below. Also uploaded to google drive because some of you can't download from Mega. Also uploaded the files in a folder so you can download files individually.
  14.     JP exclusive and rejected art/skins are also included in the new patch. They're applied in the same way as the patch. Rejected art basically contains any art that was drawn by the artist but didn't make it into the game, or art that was in the game shortly before being taken down and adjusted.
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  17. Latest Uncensor patch files:
  19. Android
  21.     Fixed all existing files
  22.     [Gd DSR-50 "Highest Bidder"]
  23.     [Gr G28 "Wiesnbier"]
  24.     [Mosin-Nagant Mod]
  25.     [M1911]
  26.     [M1911 Mod]
  27.     [SV-98 Mod]
  28.     [Welrod "Twilight Menace"]
  29.     [Live2D Gd DSR-50 "Highest Bidder"]
  30.     [Furniture Poster Icons Type95 "Summer Cicada" and Type56-1 "As One, Forever Entwined"]
  31.     [P99] *EN exclusive uncensor
  32.     [Live2D Lee Enfield "Lifelong Protector"] *JP exclusive
  34. Android Uncensored files (updated 2018-10-16):
  36.     Zip Download: [!PLgXhKbC!mMypjx6hcSk1ngtg2oq7WyCK2iJJRQSwXWbGJjtgdBk]
  37.     Mirror: []
  38.     Individual Files: [!zW5xTKpY!EdEH7ePYt75EHld9Ql8cjw]
  39.     Mirror: []
  41. Instructions:
  43. For Android (non-root):
  45. 1. Close game.
  46. 2. Select and copy all files located in the "files" folder and the "EN exclusive uncensor" folder.
  47. 3. Paste files into Android/data/com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en/files/Android
  48. 4. Overwrite existing files.
  50. If the folder com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en is not there, give Girls' Frontline permission to access media files and restart the game.
  51. Video guide for Nox: []
  52. Video guide for BlueStacks 3: []
  54. For Android (root):
  56. This is the root method.
  58. 1. Navigate to data/data/com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en/shared_prefs.
  59. 2. Open com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en.xml with any text editor.
  60. 3. Find the line <int name="Normal" value="0" /> edit the 0 to 1
  61. 4. Save changes.
  62. 5. Restart the game. You should be prompted to download more files. These are the uncensored character files.
  64. Root method will only remove global censorship not EN exclusive censors.
  65. Read the next part to remove EN exclusive censorship.
  67. 1. Close game.
  68. 2. Select and copy all files located in the "EN exclusive uncensor" folder.
  69. 3. Paste files in sdcard/Android/data/com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en/files/Android
  70. 4. Overwrite existing files.
  73. ___________________________
  75. For iOS (jailbreak or Filza necessary):
  77. 1. Navigate to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/9A0EFFF5-60F3-468E-BD9E-EDB5B67B6949/Library/Preferences
  78. 2. There should be a file called If not from the Application folder search for the file.
  79. 3. Once you find the file, open it up with any text editor and edit the line in the red box. [] Normally it will be <integer>0</integer>. Change the 0 to a 1.
  80. 4. Save the changes and restart your game. It should prompt you to download more files and global censorship should be removed. (I'll have patch files available to remove the EN exclusive censors eventually.)
  82. Removing uncensor:
  84. To undo root method edit the 1 back to a 0.
  86. To apply EN censorship again, delete the corresponding character file (ex. character\_sr3mp.ab for SR-3MP) and start the game again. It will automatically download the censored version.
  88. Source:
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