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May 17th, 2010
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  1. 1-3 A strong breeze blows nearby clothing such as skirts or unbutton jackets in a way that makes them more revealing.
  3. 4-5 Nearby noises take on an erotic slant, with voices sounding like moans, etc.
  5. 6-8 The air around the Psyker smells like sexual juices
  7. 9-11 The Psyker gets an itch on their genitals for a few moments
  9. 11-14 The temperature drops sharply for a few seconds, but only in nearby sentient beings’ erogenous zones, where a film of frost also forms.
  11. 15-17 All nearby animals becomes sexually aroused and restless.
  13. 18-20  All people within line of sight of the Psyker suddenly become aware of what each others first time was like.
  15. 21-23 Nearby food becomes animate and either smears itself on or attempts to stuff itself in nearby living beings
  17. 24-26 Moderate winds blow clothing into revealing positions as well as removing loose fitting items.  This effect maintains itself for 5d10 minutes, and cannot be undone in that time
  19. 27-29 Everyone within 3d10 meters of the Psyker undergoes total sensory deprivation except for touch until the GM decides otherwise.
  21. 30-32 Reflective surfaces within 5d10 meters of the Psyker return reflections that are either naked or sexually enhanced, or both
  23. 33-35 Everyone’s sexual resistance drops to nothing, a strong breeze in the right place could cause orgasm
  25. 36-38 For a 6d10, the pysker takes on the appearance of a daemonette, becoming irresistible to all genders of any species
  27. 39-41 All plants within 3d10 meters of the psyker  mutate and grow to incredible sizes. They become powerfully amorous, often trying to pump nearby living beings full of sap or other fluids.
  29. 42-44 Howling winds strip the Pysker and anyone within 3d10 meters, also knocking them to the ground if they fail an Easy (+30) Agility Test
  31. 45-47 Sexual juices weep from stone and wood within 3d10 meters of the Pysker, and all statues become animate and sexually charged
  33. 48-50 Everyone (including the Psyker) within a 5d10 meter radius must make a routine (+10) agility test or be knocked down, and have their arms and legs sink into the earth
  35. 51-53 In an area of 6d10 meters from the Pysker, erogenous zones receive pleasant shocks.
  37. 54-56 Everyone within 3d10 meters feels as if ghosts are gently caressing them
  39. 57-59  All clothing within 2d10 meters of the Psyker strips from whoever is wearing it and falls upward, either flattening against the ceiling or launching into the sky, vanishing forever in that case.
  41. 60-62 All within a kilometer moan as loudly as possible, if they fail a toughness test
  43. 63-65 All within 6d10 are knocked to the ground and feel as if t hey are being sexually assaulted by ghosts
  45. 66-68  Everyone within 1d100 meters is temporarily sexually enhanced, either through enlargement of certain body parts or through heightened sensitivity.
  47. 69-71 All tech devices within 5d10 meters become amorous. Those without normal locomotion mysteriously levitate
  49. 72-74 All creatures within 2d10 meters (except the Psyker) become Nymphomanic for a  Round
  51. 75+ Perils
  53. Perils Results
  55. 01-05 The psyker screams in ecstacy
  57. 06-09 A powerful orgasm knocks the  Psyker off her feet
  59. 10-13  Everyone within 3d10 meters must make a Willpower test or be knocked unconscious from a powerful orgasm
  61. 14-18 There is an explosion of power and the Psyker’s clothes shred into nothingness
  63. 19-24 The Psyker leaks sexual juices copiously for as long as the GM demands
  65. 25-30 The Psyker loses all her limbs temporarily, leaving her to the mercies of others
  67. 31-38 The Psyker is whisked away to other dimension for however long the GM desires (time may run faster in the new dimension) where anything of the GMs choice sexually assaults her in whatever manner. She returns unharmed but retaining any remaining fluids and with a full compliment of clothes over or under the fluids.
  69. 39-46 Every living being within 5d10 meters has a clone appear from nowhere that is very amorous and has twice their sexual stamina.
  71. 47-55  Everyone within 4d10 meters must make a hard willpower test or suffer a compulsion to have sex with the nearest person or compatible object (phallic for females, holes for males)
  73. 56-61 A random being within 50 meters gains control of the Pyskers body for as long as the GM desires
  75. 62-67 A lesser Daemon pops into existence and sexually assaults the Psyker until slain or the GM rules it vanishes
  77. 68-72  A hole tears in the fabric of reality and dark tentacles ravage the psyker and all sentient beings within 1d100 meters
  79. 73-78 Particularly thick and gooey semen rains down upon the Psyker and any other targets the GM designates. The goop sticks to them for a long while, eventually weighing them down so heavily they cannot move.
  81. 79-82 The Psyker’s digestive system is permanently altered, she can only feed on sexual juices from this point forward. (Another target suffers this effect if the Psyker had previously).
  83. 83-92 Strange beings warp into existence and hold the Pysker down, filling them full to bursting with large eggs.
  85. 87-90  Nearby objects (or if there are none suitable, gravity itself) bend and warp, restraining the Psyker and all living beings within 1d100 meters
  87. 91-99  The Psyker must immediately pass a Very Hard Willpower test and become possessed by a Daemon. The Daemon lasts until it has an orgasm, which requires it to fail a toughness test at value 50.
  89. 100 The Psyker is  forever altered, becoming a highly fetishized version of their former self. It would not be uncommon if they could not function without regular sex, with several methods to facilitate this happening.
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