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  1. <color=#00a8ff><b><size=32>Fluffy Servers</size></b></color>
  2. <color=#9c88ff><link=""><size=16>Click <u>here</u> to join our Discord</size></link></color>
  4. <u><size=20>Rules</size></u>
  5. We're a pretty chill community, but there's still some rules we'd like you to follow:
  6.    • Treat everyone with respect
  7.    • Please keep mic usage to a reasonable level
  8.    • Keep rounds moving smoothly and do not delay excessively
  10. <u><size=20>Links</size></u>
  11. If you like Fluffy Servers, come join our community:
  12.    • <link=""><u>Discord</u></link>
  13.    • <link=""><u>Steam Group</u></link>
  14.    • <link=""><u>Website</u></link>
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