Chromecast issue with microG

Mar 10th, 2022
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  1. We have looked into the casting issue and it will likely never be fixed as the microg team have no plans to reverse engineer the V2 casting API as it's very locked down for security reasons.
  3. Please use instead, it supports casting with vanced and also blocks ads and adds sponsorblock to the TV app. If you cast to the stock YouTube app you will have ads and sponsors cannot be automatically skipped, the application should be installed on the TV and used as a replacement for the YouTube TV app.
  5. Read their guide on how to install it:
  7. For anyone on an old Chromecast or smart TV that doesn't support Android apps:
  8. - Use the TV with link code feature(works with latest versions as well)
  9. - Use the stock YouTube app
  11. You will get ads no matter what you do. Vanced does NOT block ads while casting. You have to buy YT premium for it.
  13. NOTE: People using Google Play services with root variant will have no issues with casting or anyone with any old versions of vanced.
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