(WIP) A Horse and Her Human (Anon/OC Terran horse) (RGRE)

Jan 4th, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon, on the weekend at your uncle's
  2. > You've been coming here most weekends since you were a kid, riding horses and helping out with chores
  3. > It's not like you're crazy about horses, but they are kinda cool, and Uncle Nemo has back problems from time to time
  4. > It also helps that he gave you a chestnut mare for your tenth birthday
  5. > "Anon, this is your horse. She's a good filly, treat her well. She is your ticket to all the girls you could want."
  6. > At the time, you weren't that interested, you were ten after all
  7. > You did notice old Nemo did have a different "aunt" every three or four of months, so he must have been onto something
  8. > So you took care of Natalie, as you called her
  9. > Feeding her apples and carrots to gain her trust, taking her for rides, brushing her down, and so on
  10. > She grew up with you, following you around the enclosure, nuzzling you from time to time
  11. > It was nice, and made up for how few friends you had in high school
  12. > Natalie would listen as you complained about your day
  13. > About how your crush didn't notice you
  14. > About the dumb things you said
  15. > You poured out your soul to that horse, and she did her best to comfort you
  16. > Three months after you graduated, you got the news
  17. > Uncle Nemo is selling his home
  18. > Seems his back problems finally got the best of him, and he's stuck in a wheelchair
  19. > He has buyers for most of his horses, old friends of his for the most part
  20. > But you have to figure out what to do with Natalie
  21. > There aren't that many stables close by, and you will not, cannot sell her
  22. > The Saturday noon sun finds you on her back, riding around Nemo's pasture
  23. > You have until the end of the month to find a new place for the both of you
  24. > But you aren't thinking of that right now
  25. > It's a relaxing, exhilarating feeling, the wind on your face, the powerful muscles churning beneath you
  26. > You feel more safe in the saddle than anywhere else
  27. > Natalie whinnies, churning the ground as she turns the corner of the fence
  28. > There's a shimmering in the air further down
  29. > You press your knees into her sides, signaling a halt
  30. > She slows down, whinnying
  31. > Once Nat stops, you slide down from the saddle and lead her forward
  32. > Is there some sort of geothermal activity over there?
  33. > As you get closer, the shimmering intensifies, then abruptly clarifies into a clear image
  34. > A sun-dappled apple orchard lies before you, in a rough oval with wavy edges
  35. > You approach slowly, crouching to rip up a handful of grass
  36. > Natalie snuffles behind you, no doubt smelling the apples laying spoiled on the ground
  37. > Once you are about a yard away, you throw the grass up in the air
  38. > It drifts through the portal, scattered but undamaged
  39. > You almost wish the portal went somewhere cool, but that would be too convenient
  40. > You feel a little reckless doing this, but you inch your left hand towards the portal, pinkie extended
  41. > It doesn't even ripple as it passes, and you still feel normal
  42. > You risk your entire hand with the same results
  43. > Then Natalie brushes past you, trotting right through
  44. "You can be pretty dumb, you know that?"
  45. > No helping it
  46. > You jog through the portal, hoping she didn't just doom you both
  47. > You catch up to her pretty quick
  48. > For some reason she's stock still, except for her twitching ears
  49. "Everything okay, girl?"
  50. > You glance back the way you came, and are relieved to find that it is still open and the same size
  51. > The orchard itself is pretty normal looking, just big
  52. > "What the neigh? Where the neigh am I? Apples on trees, on the ground...am I in neighing heaven?"
  53. > The voice is a pleasant contralto, with only the slightest rasp
  54. > It's also decidedly female sounding
  55. > ...
  56. > You look down at the trembling mare beside you
  57. > This is getting seriously weird
  58. "Nat, are you talking?"
  59. > She turns her head to the side, her eye going wide
  60. > "Holy neigh, you can understand me? Anon, I- I think we're in heaven."
  61. > You pat her neck
  62. > ...
  64. > Nat prances in place, glancing around 
  65. > "Feel better?"
  66. "Yeah."
  67. > Natalie walks forward, ears twitching
  68. > "See any angels or whatever?"
  69. > You smile a little
  70. "Natalie, we are probably not in heaven. This is an orchard, where apples actually come from. We are probably still on Earth."
  71. > Nat paws at the ground a little
  72. > "What about that orange foal? That's weird."
  73. "What?"
  74. > You glimpse some movement in your peripheral vision
  75. > Turning your head, you spy what seems to be an orange pony with a cowboy hat, pulling a wagon full of apple bushels
  76. > The pony stops when she sees you and Nat, then unhitches herself
  77. > You slide out of the saddle, no point in being more intimidating than you have to be
  78. > Your horse nickers at you, but her eyes and ears are focused on the newcomer
  79. > The orange pony halts at about three yards from you and tips her hat
  80. > "Howdy, mah name's Applejack. What brings y'all down to Sweet Apple Acres? You ain't lost, are you?"
  81. > You should feel more surprise at another talking horse, but the cowboy hat bothers you
  82. > There is enough civilization here to produce a hat, how is that possible?
  83. > Meanwhile, Nat does the talking
  84. > "We might be lost. Is this heaven?"
  85. > Applejack tilts her head
  86. > "Nah, this here is the Apple family orchards right outside Ponyville. You have heard of Ponyville, right? Or at least Canterlot?"
  87. > That last one snaps you out of your thoughts
  88. "Canterlot? Is there some King Arthur horse ruling this horse Narnia?"
  89. > The orange pony turns to Nat with concern
  90. > "Did your stallion here hit his head? He ain't makin' a lick of sense."
  91. > Natalie flicked an ear
  92. > "I don't think so. Humans are just silly sometimes, it's what makes them cute."
  93. > You blush a little at the comment, and Nat nickers in amusement
  94. > Applejack looks between the two of you, a small smile on her face
  95. > "If you say so. Well, ah guess the other thing is if you were from some other world or something."
  96. > Your horse swings her head to the side to look you in the eye
  97. > You shrug
  98. "Might be. I've never heard of those places, or even talking ponies before."
  99. > Applejack looks a little troubled by your answer
  100. > "Right sorry to hear that. Ah'll introduce you to Twilight, she's been dealing with that portal stuff a lot, she oughta be able to help you."
  101. > She turns and trots off into the apple trees
  102. > You shrug at Nat and move to follow
  103. > You are getting some serious Narnia vibes, there better not be some magical monarch oppressing the land
  104. > At least it's not winter
  105. > Natalie walks behind you, occasionally bumping her snout against your arm
  106. > You smile, reminded of all the times she did the same thing, begging for treats
  107. > ...
  108. > "Hey Anon, ask her if I can eat these apples."
  109. > Yup, just like old times
  110. "Say, Miss Applejack, it' been a while since Nat and I had breakfast. Would it be alright if we had a few apples?"
  111. > Applejack chuckles, glancing at you
  112. > "Ah'll do you one better. Let's stop by the house an Ah'll fix a proper lunch for everypony."
  113. > You raise your eyebrows
  114. "That's very generous of you, thank you very much."
  115. > She snorts, a smile lingering around her lips
  116. > "What kind of mare would Ah be if Ah let a stallion starve? Hope y'all like apples though, it's something of a family specialty."
  117. > Nat grins
  118. > Can horses normally grin?
  119. > Usually it's baring their teeth, right?
  120. > Narnia magic, that's your bet
  121. > "I'm looking forward to it."
  123. > You look down at your portion
  124. > A huge slice of apple pie, some toast, and a glass of what can only be apple juice
  125. > You knew that horses have a sweet tooth, but dessert for lunch?
  126. > Well, one time can't hurt
  127. > There doesn't seem to be any forks or anything, guess you'll have to use your hands
  128. > You pick it up and take a bite
  129. > You nearly moan from the taste
  130. > A perfect mix of apple and cinnamon, sweet but not too sweet
  131. > The crust is flakey and buttery and not too dry
  132. > The apple filling practically melts in your mouth
  133. > You swallow with some regret, consoled only by the prospect of more pie
  134. "This is, without a doubt, the best apple pie I have ever had. I think I'm in love!"
  135. > Applejack blushes, tipping her hat
  136. > "Glad you like it."
  137. > You turn to see how Natalie is enjoying it, only to see her large tongue mop up the last of the crumbs on her plate
  138. > She eyes the rest of the pie in its tin
  139. > The cowpony follows her gaze and smiles
  140. > "Go on and have it. Ah imagine it takes a lot to feed a big mare like yourself."
  141. > Nat's eyes sparkle with happiness as she digs in
  142. > What a glutton
  143. > Of course, the entire time, you have also been tearing into your slice of the pie
  144. > It gets kind of messy, with some of the syrup dripping onto you fingers
  145. > You look around, but there doesn't seem to be any napkins on the table
  146. > You simply lick your fingers clean
  147. > When you look up, you see both mares staring at you
  148. "It was really good filling, didn't want to waste it."
  149. > Applejack blushes
  150. > Natalie's nostrils flare
  151. > "Applejack, are you in a herd?"
  152. > The pony's blush deepens
  153. > "To be honest, no."
  154. > Nat turns to you, ears flicking happily
  155. > "Let's add her to our herd, so we can have delicious apple foods everyday. She already wants to rut you."
  156. > You have no words
  157. "What?"
  158. > Except that one
  159. > Applejack hides her face with her hat
  160. > Natalie tilts her head
  161. > "Your uncle had his herd of horses he would rut, and I think it's time you start making one of your own."
  162. > You feel queasy
  163. > What the hell, Uncle Nemo?
  164. "Tell me he never... with you..."
  165. > She shakes her head
  166. > "Of course not, you're my human. Speaking of which, any time you are ready, just let me know. I've been looking forward to it ever since you started smelling like a real male."
  167. > Applejack puts her hat back on her head, a determined expression on her face
  168. > "Anonymous, Ah can't rightly couple with you unless you've had your alpha, wouldn't be proper. So don't you mind about mah inclinations. And Natalie? You got to be more roundabout with stallions, they don't cotton to being propositioned so bluntly."
  169. > Your horse nickers sadly
  170. > "Do you not want to rut me, Anon?"
  171. > What are you supposed to say?
  172. > You stroke her neck, trying to think
  173. > She leans into your touch, nickering happily
  174. > Back home, you wouldn't even consider it
  175. > Here, though
  176. > She can talk, and has a rather nice voice
  177. > Nat is a person here, not an animal
  178. > And she likes you
  179. > Really likes you
  180. > And you were going to move out of home, just to continue living with her
  181. "I do, Nat. Just give me time to get myself ready for it, alright?"
  182. > Natalie smiles
  183. > "Alright. And then after, you can rut Applejack."
  184. > The pony hides her face again
  185. > This is so ridiculous
  186. > You laugh
  187. "I want to get to know her a bit more before anything like that. Besides, we still need to find a place to live here."
  188. > Applejack peeks at you from under her hat
  189. > "You ain't trying to get back home?"
  190. > You shake your head
  191. "I will want to send a letter to my family, but I think this world is the best place for Nat and I."
  192. > Natalie nuzzles your cheek
  193. > "My human takes such good care of me."
  194. > You hear a new voice
  195. > "Awwww, that's sweet."
  196. > Tiny hooves paw at your thigh
  197. > "How long have you been together? And what should Ah eat to grow as big as your mare?"
  198. > You look down to see a little yellow pony with a red mane tied with a large pink bow
  199. "About eight years, and mostly hay and grass."
  200. > Applejack scowls
  201. > "Applebloom, don't go bothering our guests."
  202. > You smile
  203. "It's okay, kids are naturally curious."
  204. > Applebloom brightens at this
  205. > "Are you a minotaur? You look a little funny, if you are."
  206. > Applejack facehoofs
  207. > "You shouldn't tell a stallion they look funny. And besides, Anon looks very handsome, not funny at all."
  208. > There are minotaurs here?
  209. > Neat
  210. "No, I'm just a human. Minotaurs are part cow, part human."
  211. > Applebloom tilts her head, then looks at Applejack
  212. > "You fancy him, Sis? You finally gonna join a herd?"
  213. > Applejack gets to her hooves and strides over
  214. > "Anon, let me just put this filly away, and Ah'll take you to Twilight. If you'll excuse me."
  215. > She picks up her sister by the scruff of her neck and carries Applebloom off despite the filly's protests
  216. > Nat nudges your arm
  217. > "I really want her in the herd. She's fun."
  218. > You chuckle
  219. "I'll think about it."
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