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OoT MST 1.0 N64 route

zfg Dec 21st, 2016 1,697 Never
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  1. Modified from bakenekos route http://pastebin.com/tKnsRLi9
  3. Main route change is fire arrows before water temple and water cs skip
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. MST Route for N64 v1.0 (Improved Ama's MST Route Idea)
  9. s = Deku Sticks, n = Deku Nuts, c = Bombchus, b = bombs
  11. -Beginning-
  12. ・Collect 35 rupees
  13. (You may get Kokiri Swrod but in that case you don't have to equip it until collect BotW Chus)
  14. (I don't know if getting the Sword is faster but at least it makes child section easier)
  15. ・Buy 2 Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts (s2,n5)
  16. ・Correct 7 rupees and go to Lost Woods
  17. (you need 50 rupees for buying a fairy before DMT
  18.  7 rupees at Kokiri Forest + at 16-18 rupees at Zora River + 25 rupees at Spirit Trial = 48-50 rupees
  19.  if you couldn't get enough rupees, you have to get extra rupees somewhere)
  20. ・Naviless Aquaescape
  21. ・WESS to Kakariko (s1)
  22. ・Collect Cuccos for Bottle (n4)
  23. ・Navi Dive to BotW
  25. -BotW-
  26. ・Blank A for Bombchu (n3,c10)
  27. ・Vine Clip with Chu, get Hylian Shield and Deku Shield (or get a small key for 2 shields) (c9)
  28. ・Death or Savewarp
  29. ・Go out and savewarp
  31. -Jabu-
  32. ・Go to Lost Woods and Aquaescape
  33. ・Over the fall with megasidehop (c8)
  34. ・Get a fish
  35. ・Get Stick and Nuts from pots (s2, n8)
  36. ・KZ Skip (c7)
  37. ・Enter Jabu (s1/optional)
  38. ・Switch (c6)
  39. ・Hiking with Ruto
  40. ・Beat Stingers with Stick ISG and get Boomerang (n7)
  41. ・Box Mega (c5)
  42. ・Beat Barinade with Stick ISG (n5)
  43. ・HC, Savewarp
  45. -Deku-
  46. ・Get on the top of the House of Twins and hover to Deku Tree CS Skip  (c3)
  47. (For the safer route, hess past mido to save a chu, and use the chu to hess to kak at beginning of adult)
  48. ・Kill Deku Baba for Stick (inside deku if you skip the cutscene, on the way to deku if you don't)
  49. ・B1 Skip with jumpslash or Baba megasidehop (be careful about the amount of sticks)
  50. ・231, Gohma (n4)
  51. ・HC, Ganondoor, Savewarp (n3)
  53. -Trial Chus, Zelda and DoT Skip-
  54. ・Collect Silver Rupees in Spirit Trial (n2/optional)
  55. (If you have only 1 stick, be careful not to break stick when Beamos hover)
  56. ・Stun Slugs and jumplash the switch for Bombchu chest (n1, s0, c23)
  57. ・DO NOT Bombchu the switch
  58. (Don't forget to make sure you have 1/4 or half a heart)
  59. ・Go out and enter to the crawlspace
  60. ・Zelda and Lullaby CS Skip (don't save & continue) (c22)
  61. ・Go to Temple of Time and Swordless DoT Skip
  63. -Opening of Adult and Shadow-
  64. ・Savewarp
  65. ・Hess to Kak if you did not skip deku cs earlier
  66. ・Go to Graveyard
  67. ・Dampe race for Hookshot
  68. ・Chu-slide Teleport and enter to Shadow (c21)
  69. ・Dead Hand and get Hover Boots
  70. ・Boat Skip and BK Skip (c17)
  71. ・Bongo (dupe a bottle over Nuts slot if you can)
  72. ・CS Skip
  74. -Bolero and Magic-
  75. ・Go to Potion Shop and buy a fairy (don't forget bottle duplication)
  76. ・DMT HESS to Goron City (c16)
  77. ・Megasidehop Clip to Darunia room (c15)
  78. ・Deathless Bolero CS Skip
  79. ・Go to Great Fairy Fountain and get Magic (c14)
  80. ・Megaflip to DC (c13)
  82. -DC-
  83. ・Blow up the wall (c12)
  84. ・Savewarp for WW
  85. ・Doom Jump
  86. ・Get the Bomb Bag (b20)
  87. ・Megaflip into head (b19)
  88. ・Hoverslide to Boss room (b17)
  89. ・Blow up the floor (b16)
  90. ・Get bombs from chest (b20)
  91. ・KD (b18)
  92. ・WW to GTG (b17)
  94. -Spirit-
  95. ・Go out and be caught by guards
  96. ・50r in box on top of jail
  97. ・Gate Skip
  98. ・Across Wasteland (HESS if you can) (b16)
  99. ・Across Desert Colossus (SS if you can) (b14)
  100. ・Spirit Hover (need to be very fast) (b12-13, c3)
  101. ・Hoverslide to Mirror Shield chest (b10-11)
  102. ・Iron Knuckle
  103. ・Get a small key and pray to Bomb God (b20)
  104. ・Go up to the top floor
  105. ・BK Skip (b17)
  106. ・Nabooru Knuckle and CS Skip (b16)
  107. ・Twinrova
  108. ・CS Skip (b15)
  109. ・Play Bolero
  111. -Fire-
  112. ・Enter to Fire
  113. ・Darunia CS Skip and get the 1st small key
  114. ・Get 2 small keys (b14)
  115. ・Block Skip and get a small key (b13)
  116. ・Continue through Fire...
  117. ・Flame wall maze Superslide or HESS and over the last wall with damage invincible (b11-12)
  118. ・Blow up the wall and get bombs from pots (b20)
  119. ・Flare Dancer
  120. ・Switch (b19)
  121. ・Hammer
  122. ・BK Skip with Hess (b18)
  123. ・Volvagia (b11)
  124. ・WW to Forest
  126. -Forest-
  127. ・Get the 1st small key
  128. ・Beat Stalfos and get the 2nd small key
  129. ・SoT Skip with Ledge Clip
  130. ・Megajump to the upper floor (b10)
  131. ・2 Block Skip with Groundjump (b8)
  132. ・Continue through Forest...
  133. ・Beat Stalfos and get Bow
  134. ・BK Skip with Hammer Recoil
  135. ・Phantom Ganon
  136. ・CS Skip (b7)
  137. ・Play Bolero
  139. -Water-
  140. ・Enter to Goron City
  141. ・Hammer + hover boots clip to goron shop, but 10 bombs (b17)
  142. ・Go to Lost Woods (break the rock with hammer)
  143. ・Aquaescape
  144. ・Over the fall with Hover Boots
  145. ・Ladder Clip and go to Lake Hylia
  146. ・Hess to back of the water temple island and climb from behind, kill GS on top of the tree with chu (c2) (b16) (very tight on night time here)
  147. ・Shoot sun
  148. ・GS hookshot jump to fire arrows
  149. ・Megaflip ground clip to water temple OoB (b15)
  150. ・Enter to Water
  151. ・Across gap with Hoverslide (SS, HESS, Megasidehop, Hammer Recoil or TEKTITE) (b14)
  152. ・BK Skip (b11, c0)
  153. ・Morpha
  154. ・CS Skip (b10)
  155. ・Savewarp
  157. -Trials-
  158. ・LACS
  159. ・Go to Ganon's Castle
  160. ・Weirdshot in Spirit Trial (b9)
  161. ・Clip into Light Trial and finish (b7)
  162. ・Fire Trial Collect silver rupees (Golden Gauntlets Skip and collect the last one with Slug or a bomb) and fall then open the door
  163. ・Across the gap with Megasidehop Hoverslide or Hess and finish Fire Trial (b6)
  164. ・Shadow, water, forest trial normally
  166. -Tower and Collapse-
  167. ・Dinolfos, Stalfos, Iron Knuckle
  168. ・Hess up stairs (b5)
  169. ・Ganondorf
  170. ・Collapse Skip (b4)
  171. ・Double Kiss if you have enough bombs (b2)
  172. ・Ganon (b0)
  173. ・Complete!
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