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  1. [] Announce on System releases slack channel with a link to the diff
  2. [] Check that requests to and from Console API are happening successfully.
  4. Sumo logic
  5. [] Confirm no anomaly in dashboards
  6. [] Cloud Amqp dashboard
  7. [] Check that the rate of flow incoming and outgoing tasks in a queues is constant.
  9. Sentry
  10. [] Check sentry for any errors associated with the deployment
  12. New Relic
  13. [] Check New Relic for exceptions. Check for significant changes in performance metrics directly after a deployment(indicated by a vertical bar)
  14. [] Appdex constant
  15. [] Throughput constant
  16. [] Web transaction time reasonable
  18. Elastic beanstalk
  19. [] Check Elastic beanstalk Monitoring dashboard (time range 1h period 1minute)
  20. [] Check Health
  21. [] Cpu Utilization
  22. [] Monitor proactively for at least 30 minutes post deploy
  23. [] Be on high alert for any anomalous behaviour
  24. [] Apply a green checkmark on the deployment announcement message on the #system_releases slack channel
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