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Dream from 7/8/17

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Jul 8th, 2017
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  1. The dream begins on a desolate empty road in the middle of a wasteland. I am walking with no destination, only thinking of putting one foot in front of the other for as long as I continue to exist. I count as I walk. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again.
  3. This continues for an undefined amount of time. In the dream world time becomes a loose concept, speeding up and slowing down to it's own preference and tuning. Sometimes it's very nature will shift into chaos, sending all five of my senses into disarray as I phase through dream after dream, trying my hardest to grab hold of something tangible long enough to put two feet down on solid ground. In the present, I had not yet grasped the concept of time. All I knew was that I had two feet in front of me and moving them in this specific back and forth motion was as natural as breathing. Eventually, however, I realized my eyes were open, and not a second later I closed them, bringing muscle memory out of hibernation. This action triggered another action like dominoes falling, and eventually I had become aware of my existence in it's most base form. I did not comprehend the why, where, who or how, but I knew the what and the steps I had to take to unlock the rest.
  5. Eventually, the five sense system had been restored and a foundation had been born in which seeds could grow. The first seed I planted was a streetlight. I was particularly fond of this streetlight, and I realized in that moment that I could use this power of creation to find out more about where I came from and who I am. Next I planted a mirror, and I saw my reflection. My life flashed before my eyes. I planted seed after seed, and eventually an entire town had been created from my subconscious whims.
  7. (optional soundtrack)
  9. The town was very reminiscent of "Angel's Egg", dark blue and black. Abandoned. Mysterious. Destroyed, and yet beautiful. The sky was pitch black with looming clouds of dust swarming in and out of view like airplanes without pilots. As I walked along the empty roads I admired the various lights and structures all around the town. The buildings were cramped and coupled with hanging wires and telephone poles where the crows liked to sit and watch. The only source of light that could reach the inside of the buildings came from the moon which was floating in the sky like a giant eye. It gave me the same watchful feeling I got when I observed the crows. Only one crow had dared move from the poles, flying high in the sky like a beacon covering and uncovering the moon's eye with it's shadow as it paced back and forth through the clouds of lingering dust. It cawed and cawed, giving me a strange feeling of comfort and security with it's constant presence as I navigated through the roads of the town.
  11. Eventually I came upon a building that stood out in a manner different from the rest. I had spotted it from a hill, the only building with a light on inside which came from inside a window. As I got closer to it the light began to flicker, shooting out sparks and guiding dust towards the sky through it's brightly shining rays like a staircase to heaven. I finally arrived at the doorstep, and the light had completely disappeared. I tried my hand at opening the door, only to find it locked. I searched my pockets out of muscle memory for my keys and instead found a pin. I put the pin through the key hole and mimicked behavior that I didn't quite understand, and eventually I heard a *POP* and the door creaked open. Exercising proper caution, I placed my ear against the door and listened for any noise. Inside the immediate room I heard the sound of a TV station partnered with static and voices, and from a distance I thought I heard a faint repetitive banging or a thud, perhaps upstairs. Against my better judgment, I decided to proceed inside.
  13. (optional soundtrack)
  15. Once inside, I was hit with a thick wave of dust. I closed the door behind me, reached into my pocket and took out a flashlight. I turned it on, observing the room. There was no TV or couch, not much of a room at all. Instead, there were abandoned electronic appliances situated all throughout the room and stacked on top of each other, broken panels, uneaten and moldy food slathered all over the walls and a combination of toppled and upright shelves filling the room with all kinds of cans, jars, antiques and glass insect encasement boxes. Many of the boxes were shattered or left open, and the walls, floor and ceiling were slithering with all manners of various species of creepy crawlies. A whole entire contained ecosystem. Overgrown vines and spider webs draped across the floor and down the walls, sliding through my hair and clinging to my skin as I made my way across the room with one hand plugging my nose to cover the foul smell. Giant cocoons were plastered against the corners of the ceiling and the walls, some of them beating like a heart, some of them ripped open.
  17. I searched for the source of the TV static and voices, and came across a bathtub. Inside the bath tub was an eerie looking doll with soulless eyes, frizzy unkempt hair and dirty clothes. The bottom of the bathtub was lined with plastic, and underneath the porcelain seemed to be some form of processed animal meat which seeped through the cracks like slime. I continued hearing the static emanating from the doll, but refused to touch it and continued on my way towards the stairs. The stairs were made of concrete, filthy, stained with blood and moist from the pipes dripping overhead. I made my way to the top carefully guiding myself up with one hand along the wall. The door was already cracked open, but the inside was pitch black. Once I reached the top of the staircase, I pushed the door further open and took a peek inside. There was faint moonlight leaking in from outside of the window, just enough to where I decided to turn off my flashlight. I made my way over to the window, looking outside for anything that could have possibly given off an illusion of light. Coming up empty and disappointed, I turned back around and headed for the door.
  19. A laugh. Very faint and childish, like a little girl's.
  21. My eyes instinctively darted across the room, catching the faintest glimpse of her eyes before they disappeared back in to the shadows. I sensed and felt the presence of a tiny figure scampering out of the room and down the steps as the door slammed shut. I thought I could hear a sound reminiscent of a heart beating in the room, but as soon as I took my flashlight back out and shined it on the area the beating disappeared. I ran over to the door to chase after her and swung it open.
  23. Terror.
  25. What was this towering creature before me made of? It looked similar to the gunk that was oozing out of the porcelain. It reminded me of bloody animal meat, except it was more like mincemeat with cordyceps, toenails and rotten teeth poking out of it's flesh. It reminded me of some undiscovered creature from the depths of the deep ocean that had swallowed everything in purgatory and reproduced a formless amalgamate that had traveled through a rift in time space. Nightmares. A vessel only fit for the grim reaper to do his bidding. I could only feel despair. It was bloating, decayed, covered in maggots, flies, feces and some form of dripping oil and death mucus. It must have been carrying every conceivable plague in the milky way. I stood there frozen, gazing at it from the top of the steps. It stood at the very bottom, right in the center of the circle of light emitted from my flashlight. As I stood in shock, I noticed something even more peculiar. The heartbeat had returned. This heart I did not know, but the sound festered and screeched in my ears like a whistling tea kettle or a dog whistle.
  27. I reverted back to my original state, one foot in front of the other. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. I had jumped down from the window and began running in a panic through the roads of the town towards nothing. Just far from... that. I listened for the sound of the crow, and yet I did not hear it. I gazed above looking for it's shadow, and it was not there. The moon's eye was open and full, blood red and covered in thick ash. I darted my eyes towards the poles for even the sight of the silent watchful crows that loomed over the town like scavengers, but they had vanished without a trace. Not a single feather on the road. I continued to run all the way back towards the wasteland, and continued further and further down the road into the beginning where I was born. I did not look behind me, for I knew that no matter where I went, I would be followed. I reached the end of the road and all that was left was sand. My feet dug into the sand more and more as I ran until it felt like I was running on quicksand. I fell through it like mud, and then water, and then nothing. It simply felt as if I was floating through the void. I clutched my hands against my eyes to protect them and held them shut tight.
  29. (optional soundtrack)
  31. Minutes passed, and then hours. Days. I eventually lost track of time, and myself. At some point I felt a heart beat. A light familiar breeze like that from a window caressed my skin, and when I removed my hands and opened my eyes I realized that I was back inside of the house at the top of the staircase. I panicked, searched for the flashlight I had dropped and shined it back down again. The monster was not there. Instead, I heard the constant thud that I had initially heard when I put my ear against the door before entering the house. It was coming from down the staircase this time. I knew that running was not going to save me at this point, so I accepted my fate and began inching my way down the stairs towards the sound of the banging. At the very bottom, I was met once again with the bathtub. The top of the bathtub had been closed off tight with more porcelain, and it was shaking like a washing machine. The cracks were oozing more than usual, and it had covered the floor with a puddle of slime.
  33. As I got closer, more and more oozed out until the room began to fill up. It was like coagulated blood now. Eventually it was knee deep and more watery. Upon inspection, the door to the outside was now shut and blocked off by some toppled shelves. My only choice was to see what was inside the bath tub. I dug through the blood searching for a weapon, and came up empty. As I did this, I realized that it might be a good idea to cover myself in the blood so if the monster came back it might not pick up my scent, and so I swam through the blood that was now pure liquid. As I swam I came eye to eye with a rotted decapitated head, panicked and resurfaced at the top, which had now become torso deep. I looked towards the ceiling, found the pipes that had been leaking before and tore one from the ceiling. Steam shot out and oil spilled all over my face, burning through my skin like acid. I screamed from the pain and dived back into the blood to get it off, only to find that the exposed wound allowed the blood to mix into my bloodstream.
  35. (optional soundtrack)
  37. I began to feel very excited and a feeling of nervous happiness swept over me. It started with an unbreakable smile, and eventually I was laughing so hard I thought my vocal cords would snap. I panicked, picked up the pipe and ran over to the bath tub and began smashing it in a rage. Screaming and smashing, prying with my nails and gnawing with my teeth. I realized time was running out, and with my last moments I aimed towards the weak spot in the center and eventually it caved through and a piece cracked off. I looked down into the crack and saw an eyeball, soulless and black, staring directly back at me. I quickly realized that eyeball from before. It was my eyeball. It was my body buried inside the bathtub. As I noticed this my laughing grew into a thunderous roar, and I was consumed and reborn. I realized now in this new state that I hadn't ever left the room, I had been swallowed and my brain had hallucinated as it was being digested. I was free now. I was one. We were one. It felt like home.
  39. The room was now completely submerged in the blood flowing from the bathtub. How were we inside the bathtub when we were out here? Before we could even answer that question we were consumed with an overwhelming urge to kill. We swam away towards the exit trying to move the shelves from blocking the door as we heard the sound of the bathtub breaking apart. It echoed throughout the silence of the blood in our ears like a drain does when you're under the water inside a bathtub. The shelves did not budge. All of the centipedes, spiders and general insects from the glass cages and cocoons had begun swimming through the blood like piranhas and sharks, full of rage and blood lust. They did not drown, they thrived. As we swallowed the blood from our laughing we did not choke, it felt like oxygen. We looked back towards the bath tub and there was a clearing in the middle of the room, illuminated by where a flashlight had been abandoned at the bottom of the floor. In the light we could see dust particles climbing through the blood and disintegrating against the backs of the skeletons and crustaceans and drifting skin torn from the cocoons. The bathtub had completely broken apart now, and the devil hung from his afterbirth and shed his meat as he began to float through the clearing, staring directly into our eyes with murderous rage. We realized now that those eyes were not ours, they were hers, the little girl, the doll who had now grown full size, the hatched egg, her skin cracked, her nails overgrown into claws and her hair pulled. She looked thousands of years old, caved in eye sockets, flesh on bones and vibrant fiery horns. The red woman. We couldn't take her on, we knew from just a single glance. We abandoned the doorway, swam past the bathtub just out of her grasp and made our way up the stairs. With one last look behind us, we saw the centipedes eating away at her afterbirth, freeing her. At the top of the steps we saw a light.
  41. (optional soundtrack)
  43. The light shined so bright that even when we closed our eyes the insides of our eyelids were still pure white. We could feel our souls, our memories burning in the fire and melting away. We lost all control and the vessel was carried away by a current that flowed directly out of the window. Once we hit the pavement our body continued to fall through the ground, and we saw her falling after us. It was pitch black all throughout our descent except for the blood falling all around us. She continued to gain on us more and more as we fell, and once she was within arms distance we began eating our self to death to protect ourselves from an even worse fate. Some of us abandoned the vessel and got swallowed by the void. Once she reached us however, she only smiled warmly and held us in her arms. It felt like we were being embraced by our mother in our final moments, returning back home from whence we came. She kept us there and some of us cried, some of us continued to struggle, some of us accepted death, and in the end we were all swallowed by the blistering light of the sun as our lives flashed before our eyes.
  45. I awoke from this dream, chuckled, took a piss and typed this out as fast as humanly possible. The end.
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