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  1. Rift Title is a virtual title company. Save time and headaches by using our technology to do a real estate transaction the easy way.
  2. eClose - Never come into the Title Company again. Use our online notaries to close from anywhere.
  3. Mobile Deposit - Stop driving across town to deliver an earnest money check. Use our mobile deposit function to send us earnest money from wherever you are.
  4. Completely Digital - Everything is digital, everything. Stop printing off documents and scanning them back.
  5. Status Tracker- Constantly know the status of ongoing transactions with our status tracker.
  6. Contract Generator- Lock up that deal by having the ability to generate and digitally sign usable contracts within minutes.
  7. Smart Forms - Frustrated with putting your name and address again and again on multiple forms? Use our smartforms to make things easy on yourself.
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