Anon the Filly Whisperer by Anon (Anon/Tootsie)

Jul 31st, 2016
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  1. Anon the Filly Whisperer by Anon
  3. ---
  5. >One sunny spring morning a dark mint filly knocked to your door
  6. >you opened them and looked down at the small pony
  7. >she didn't look like the happiest person on the world
  8. "Hello there, Tootsie, how can I help you?"
  9. >she didn't answer, just walked in with a sad expression on her face, avoiding looking in your eyes
  10. >"Hi Anon... you know why I'm here..."
  11. >well, that's not a fun way to start such a beautiful day for such a sweet filly like Tootsie Flute
  12. >you kneeled in front of her and said with a smile
  13. "Not really, Tootsie. Tell me what happened first."
  14. >she didn't say anything for a minute, trying to find the best words to determine what is going to happen soon to her
  15. >she would never lie to anyone, but still it wasn't that easy...
  16. >"I... I made my mom angry. I acted like a bad filly past three days."
  17. >you looked at her face curiously
  18. "And how bad was that? What did you exactly do?"
  19. >she sat on the floor, like she tried to look smaller than she is
  20. >"I... I was angry and I didn't want to be, every question from my mom was just so... irritating, but I know it really wasn't.
  21. >she took a deep breath and looked at you
  22. >"I yelled at my mom when she asked for the third time in a day if I cleaned my room. I said some nasty things and now I regret that, but then I felt so angry and I couldn't stop mys-"
  23. >you listened her with understanding, but then you heard a strange, wet sound from the filly
  24. >she heard it too and instantly stood up, blushing madly and looking away from you
  25. >there was a wet spot where her butt was seconds ago, a single trail of clear liquid hanging from Tootsie's backside
  26. >she looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up
  27. >you sighed and gently run your hand through her pink mane
  28. "Okay, come with me, sweetheart."
  30. >embarassed filly followed you to the bathroom
  31. >it's a strange place to be spanked, but she didn't care
  32. >she wanted to get over this
  33. >you leaned down and picked up the poor filly in heat
  34. >you placed her gently on her back in the tub, the confused face looking at you
  35. >"A-Anon, I don't think I need a bat-"
  36. >she didn't finish as your palm moved to her tummy and started to run in circles
  37. >dumbfounded Tootsie looked down as your digits dug gently in her velvet soft coat
  38. >it can't be a punishment, right?
  39. >how the tummy rubbing can be worse than spanking?
  40. >why is she feeling so hot right now? And why is she breathin-
  41. >"Ah!"
  42. >poor girl didn't notice your fingers going slowly lower and lower
  43. >your index finger met with her small nipple hidden in the soft fur
  44. >it elicted a short squeak from the horny filly
  45. >time for testing
  46. >your hand moved to the lower belly area of your cute guest
  47. >your fingers travelled through the small curves of the young body, feeling the developing hips, crotchteats and her pubic mound
  48. >Tootsie didn't want or even could protest, she just laid her head on the bottom of the tub and closed her eyes
  49. >if you want to get rid of the filly's problem, you need to take small steps
  50. >your hand moved south, touching the edges of Tootsie's privates, but never making a contact with them
  51. >the filly started to moan quietly, the feeling of surprise of the "bad" touch turned into a desire to make as much contact as possible
  52. >involuntary her forelegs wrapped around your arm and her backside pressed against your wet palm
  53. >it was singal that you can go full sail
  54. >all of your digits made a contact with her small slit and cute, puckered ponut
  55. >you heard a loud moan as her body jerked, pressing hard against your palm to penetrate the small holes
  56. >firmly, but cautiously you run your fingers, parting slightly the wet, virgin petals of her vagina and pinching the now clenching butthole
  58. >your teasing caused the little filly to hug you tightly and start humping your palm
  59. >with the other hand you helped her to sit down
  60. >instantly she pushed her small butt down on your fingers, trying so hard to scratch the itch inside of her love hole
  61. >enough of the teasing, your middle finger slowly sank inside her pussy
  62. >she squirmed and yelped and your digit scrapped the incredibly tight, hot passage
  63. >she nuzzled madly your arm, moving up and down and rubbing her soft private parts against your skin
  64. >soon you practically didn't make any movement and let her pleasure herself on you
  65. >you felt her winking clit and niplpes run against your arm, covering it with sweet natural lubricant
  66. >after a few minutes poor Tootsie was too tired and overstimulated to go, you had to help her again
  67. >you quickly picked her up and held with one hand on her tummy, head down butt up
  68. >you sped up the movement of your pleasuring hand, pushing the single finger inside her slit
  69. >the squirming filly tried to move her body with rhythm of your fingering, but it was hard since the wrecking orgasm approached quickly
  70. >to finish the tired Tootsie, your wet thumb pushed against her butthole
  71. >you penetraded it, sinking the whole finger inside her flaming hot bowels
  72. >a mix of yelp and moan hit your ears, her hindlegs twisted from the feeling of the new intrusion
  73. >time for your final move
  74. >you pinched your fingers and pulled, squishing her soft walls together and scrapping them
  75. >it was too much for the young body, Tootsie held her breath and jerked madly in your grasp
  76. >a sudden gush of natural lubricant and a thin stream of urine hit your palm, running down in the tub to the drain
  77. >she slumped in your hand , slowly emptying her bladder and breathing heavily
  78. >you turned your pleasuring from fast and firm to slow and gently, to let her calm down and relax
  79. >after a few minutes your fingers left the flushed, satisfied holes, dripping with thick, sweet smelling syrup
  81. >the tired filly looked with sleepy, half-lidded eyes on you, panting and blushing
  82. >you smiled and ruffled her already disheveled mane
  83. "Now I think you need a bath"
  84. >she only nodded, a weak smile appeared on the cute face
  85. >after a quick shower you wrapped Tootsie in soft, fresh towels and carried her to your living room
  86. >you sat down on the couch and carefully dried the still wet filly, taking note that she is still very sensitive after the orgasm
  87. >quietly she let you run your hands over her body, but now she felt much better, the mind was clear and the annoying burning was gone
  88. >soon the fresh and happy filly looked at you with a blush on her face
  89. "It's between you and me, okay?"
  90. >she hugged you and whispered "okay"
  91. "But still, you weren't the nicest filly to your mom, were you?"
  92. >Tootsie knew it's coming, but now with clear mind she was not afraid of it
  93. ">Yes, Anon. And no, I didn't tell my mom about the heat..."
  94. "So, you know what you did wrong?"
  95. >she nuzzled you said
  96. >"Yes"
  97. "And after we finish the deed here, you are going to...?"
  98. >"I'm going to tell my mom I'm sorry..."
  99. "And?"
  100. >she looked away from you
  101. >"And tell her about the heat"
  102. >you huged her back and whispered to her ear
  103. "Every little filly reaches the age with the heat cycle . You should be proud of it, you are turning into a beautiful mare"
  104. >she looked at you unsure
  105. "Do you think your mom is going to laugh or be embarassed? She asked her mom how to get rid of her heat too, I'm one hundred percent sure she will tell you everything you need to know. Don't be shy about that, it's a part of your life"
  106. >she laid her head on your chest
  107. >"O-Okay, I'll do it"
  108. >you gently run your hand through her mane and scratched behind the small ears
  109. >both of you wanted to enjoy the moment as long as possible, but you knew you must finish your job
  110. "Are you ready?"
  111. >she looked at you from your chest and smiled happily
  112. >"Yup!"
  114. >you gently picked her up and moved to your lap
  115. >with a soft pillow under her tummy she was laying patiently in the perfect position for the punishment
  116. >looking at your with a weak smile, she stick her butt up and slightly spread the hindlegs
  117. >your hand run in circles on the soft backside of the mint filly, making her tail raise and move to the side
  118. >she mentally prepared herself for the first slap, looking ahead and taking slow, deep breaths
  119. >you raised your hand and swiftly moved it down, giving her the first spank
  120. >you expected her to jerk and squeak, but she stayed perfectly quiet
  121. >she just laid there with a calm, almost relaxed expression, waiting for the next spank, as it was a mane brushing
  122. >you continued then the spanking, trying to hit both buttcheeks every time
  123. >Tootsie accepted every strike like a medicine she had to take to be strong and healthy again
  124. >even if she was still sensitive, the stinging in her butt was not that intense
  125. >the fact that she did something wrong and you gave her so much love and care, made her feel the unbalance of the whole situation
  126. >she wanted to pay for her ignorance that caused her mom to be sad and angry
  127. >that's why the last three spanks, a bit stronger than the previous ones, felt like a refreshing sea breeze and she didn't feel the pain at all
  128. >even if the stinging was there, she felt like if she didn't receive it, it would feel much worse
  129. >your hand rubbed her buttcheeks to subdue the pain, but Tootsie stood up and kissed your cheek, giggling and nuzzling you
  130. "Such a big and brave filly"
  131. >you both cuddled to each other for a few minutes, then you asked her to turn around
  132. >she complied, giving you a nice view of her flushed tushie
  134. >it should be enough for her and her mom
  135. >then Tootsie spread her legs slightly to revealed privates to your face
  136. >you flicked her butthole with a finger, making her jump and squeak in surprise
  137. >she turned back to you and stuck playfully her tongue out
  138. >you were faster than her and you grabbed it with your fingers
  139. "Gotcha. Are we good?"
  140. >She nodded, looking at you with laughing eyes
  141. "Are you going to remember this lesson?"
  142. >she pushed her chest proudly and nodded, still having her tongue trapped in your fingers
  143. "I hope that the next time I will see you, you won't need another spanking, am I right?"
  144. >she looked up and tilted her head to the side, like she was thinking hard on the answer
  145. "Oh you little naughty filly!"
  146. >you released her tongue and hoisted the filly above your head, holding her with both hands
  147. >she squealed in joy and laughed, but finally said:
  148. "Yes, Anon."
  149. >you gently put her down on the floor with a smile
  150. "Okay, then..."
  151. >you put a hand on her back
  152. "To your mom, run!"
  153. >you grabbed her tail with one hand and gave her a quick and short series of soft spanks
  154. >Tootsie squeaked this time and she run to the door as you released her
  155. >she turned her head to you and winked as she left your house
  156. >that's why you love your job
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