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  1. I would like to share with you my accounts of what
  2. has happened to me since the night of the Mayan apocalypse
  3. 12-21-12. That is the day I found Excalibur and the Holy
  4. Grail. Not knowing what I was doing I pulled Excalibur from
  5. the stone and stabbed myself with it. This is my testament of
  6. what happened.
  11.  Chapter 1
  12.  A ton of whores will hear the Who!
  14.  My name is Todd and this is my testimony to what has
  15. happened to me since the night of 12/21/12. Everything is
  16. written to the best of my knowledge and is the truth. I am just
  17. a man that has suffered along with the rest of humanity. I was
  18. born in a small town in the west coast at 10 am in the month
  19. of July on the 21st
  20.  of 1973. Being born on the 21st
  21.  of July
  22. normally would make me a cancer, but 1973 was a leap year
  23. putting everything ahead a day. This is because the actual day
  24. of no time is after the 21st
  25.  of July. So I get one more day
  26. making my sign a Leo of the lion tribe. I was the third born
  27. and the first born son of seven children. My parents got
  28. divorced when I was three and my mother remarried twice.
  29. My mother always had men issues through out her life and
  30. blamed every man for her troubles. I grew up being told that I
  31. was a piece of garbage for being a male, and my own mother
  32. cursed me for being a man. I grew up with 4 sisters and the
  33. two younger brothers. At the age of 1 my youngest brother
  34. Jacob died of sudden infant death syndrome.
  35.  My mother moved from home to home all through my
  36. youth. I never went to the same school for two years. This
  37. was actually hard for two reasons. The first is that I was the
  38. smallest kid in my grade and maybe even the grade under. I
  39. got beat up every couple of days just because I was smaller
  40. and new. I was a walking target. The beatings that I got from my fellow students were never that bad compared to the
  41. beatings I got from my step-fathers.
  42.  The second reason is that I made no friends in my youth.
  43. If I did make a friend we would soon move and I would
  44. never see them again. So I spent most of my youth alone.
  45. When we moved to a new place my mom would get a dog.
  46. The dogs would seem to protect me and comfort me. The
  47. dogs were my only friends I had. When we moved my mom
  48. would tell me that they gave the neighbors my dog, but I
  49. knew my step father shot and killed them.
  50.  I have blocked most of my youth out of my head, but
  51. there are two dreams that I can never forget. My dreams were
  52. about a snake in a bare tree with one apple in it. The snake
  53. talked to me and gave me advice. I cannot remember what the
  54. snake told me but I can still see the image of the snake in my
  55. head. The other dream was about clowns chasing me and
  56. trying to catch me and burn me.
  57.  My two stepfathers not only beat me they molested and
  58. raped my sisters. I could not help to hate mans lust for women
  59. and sex. I refused to take part in it and did not date tell I was
  60. almost 21 years old. I got teased by my stepfathers for not
  61. wanting to date and they use to call me a faggot. I did not care
  62. what they called me. In my mind they were the sick ones that
  63. could not control themselves. I decided that if I ever got
  64. married it would be for love. Love is all I ever wanted in life!
  65.  I moved into my dad’s house at the age of fourteen and
  66. got kicked out by my new stepmother at age seventeen then
  67. allowed to move in if paid rent. So I finished high school at
  68. night so I could get a 40 hour week job to pay my dad rent.
  69. Soon as I turned eighteen I moved out and started my life.  
  71. My uncle was a preacher at a local Pentecostal church. In
  72. my younger days my Grandpa took me to church every
  73. Sunday. So I grew up with the teachings of the Christian
  74. religion. I continued to go to church even after I moved out on
  75. my own. At church is where I met my first wife. I dated my
  76. first wife for two years than I married her and had a son
  77. named Derek whom I named after my lost brother. My ex and
  78. I got into marital troubles. She blamed me for all the troubles
  79. and used her parents to make sure I could never see Derek as
  80. long as I lived. I have only seen Derek once since the
  81. separation, and that was when he was four. I have never seen
  82. my son again. I got so angry I joined the Air Force to get
  83. away from my ghost. This is probably the worst reason to
  84. join.  
  86. After service I went back home only to find my ghost
  87. waiting for me. I moved on and met my second wife Summer.
  88. Summer was young and very pretty. It was love at first sight
  89. for me. I gave love another chance and decided this time I
  90. would not make the same mistakes as I made last time. I gave
  91. summer full control over the finances and most of the
  92. decisions of the house. I just wanted to make her happy.
  93.  Summer had a daughter from her previous relationship
  94. named Alexis. Alexis’s father seemed to hate me for being
  95. around. Alexis’s father was so upset over the marriage he
  96. refused to see his daughter anymore. The one time he was
  97. going to have a visit with Alexis he got into an argument with Summer and refused his visitation. Alexis’s father told me he
  98. wanted nothing to do with Alexis and asked me to adopt the
  99. child. I loved Summer with all my heart and planned to be
  100. with her forever. So I decided to go ahead with the adoption.
  101. Alexis’s father paid for the adoption and gave up his rights to
  102. his daughter.
  103. Once the adoption was complete a few months later
  104. Summer started going out at night and hanging with male
  105. strippers. I noticed that Summer’s attitude towards me
  106. changed quickly after the adoption. Summer started to bring
  107. drugs home like ecstasy and pot home. She convinced me to
  108. try the drugs. I was not ready for this at all. Those little pills
  109. really messed with my head. Summer went out every Friday
  110. night to the clubs while I went to work. Eventually the two of
  111. us got into an argument almost daily. This happened within
  112. months of adopting Alexis. Summer had changed and became
  113. a different woman. She asked me to do things like threesomes
  114. with her and tried to get me to cheat. I am not that type of
  115. person and believe marriage is an oath to god. I refused so she
  116. told her friends I was a nerd. Summer eventually got a
  117. girlfriend and moved in with her.
  118. I got a divorce with Summer and got parental rights to
  119. visitation. After court I got to see Alexis a few times. I took
  120. her roller skating and every where I went. After the loss of
  121. Summer I gave my heart to Alexis. Then one day Summer
  122. disappeared and I have never seen Alexis again. I found out
  123. later Summer moved back in with Alexis’s father. They
  124. decided together that I should never see Alexis again. Even
  125. though he gave up her to me he decided he should be dad and
  126. made me pay the child support. I paid the support for three
  127. years until I confirmed the rumors. Summer then moved to Puerto Rico where I could not reach her with American laws,
  128. but still be able to receive child support. To be honest I think I
  129. got set up to take the child support order. I am not sure what
  130. else to think. How can anyone use a child for money?
  131. I wanted to move on with my life, but could not. I hated
  132. paying that support and it angered me enough to bother my
  133. attitude towards working. I honestly feel she wins if I pay the
  134. child support. I have a hard time keeping a job cause of my
  135. anger towards the support.
  136. I refused to move on this time. I decided this world is
  137. just disgusting and stopped working for a living. I gave up
  138. god and the bible and refused to believe. I asked for his help
  139. and got nothing. If he was real god hated me, and I decided
  140. that I will never believe in god unless the lord talks to me
  141. personally. I personally did not think that will ever happen. So
  142. far as I was concerned god can go to hell. I moved into my
  143. sister’s house and started to do nothing. All I wanted from life
  144. was to die. I have nothing to live for and debt was all I have to
  145. offer. I jumped into the deep waters of life alone. This was
  146. about the time of the 9/11 attack in 2001. I smoked marijuana
  147. daily to help me forget my pain. The drug really does help
  148. you to lose your memories. I began to play records to pass the
  149. time and started playing at a few parties. Playing records was
  150. all that I did so I was actually became really good. After pot
  151. stopped numbing the pain I moved to eating psychedelics. I
  152. decided I was going to do them tell I saw something. I wanted
  153. to die so I had no fear. I first tried acid with no effect at all. I
  154. could eat a ten strip and only see little color lines. My friends
  155. all got high off the acid, but it never seemed to work on me. I
  156. wanted to see things like the rumors I have heard about. So I
  157. moved on to shrooms. Yeah baby those little guys worked. I ate them again and again only to see my hand as a paw and
  158. shrooms put the idea of evolution in my head. They would
  159. tell me jokes and make me laugh.
  160. I did not date or even glance at any woman. I believed all
  161. women are evil and all they wanted from men was a
  162. paycheck. I look around and I see women choosing men not
  163. by who they are but how much they earn. They actually
  164. believe this is a good thing. I think it is the nasty thing I have
  165. ever seen. This thought is pure evil. Why would anyone take
  166. an oath knowing that it is a complete lie? Money will never
  167. buy love. Money just makes you comfortable.
  168. Women tried to get close but I would never let them in. I
  169. actually had a woman ask if I was gay because I would not
  170. sleep with them. I believed sex was a trap set out by women
  171. to seduce men into being their slaves. This I still believe is
  172. true, but there are a few women to the exception just like
  173. there are a few men too. Someone looking for true love is
  174. rare.
  175. I moved out of my sisters to my father’s house. I still did
  176. not want to pay my support so I decided to play the education
  177. game. I went to school and received my associates in science.
  178. During my schooling I meet a woman that got my attention.
  179. Shannon was like no other woman. I had no money and was
  180. in debt in child support and she did not care. Shannon looks at
  181. me for the man I am instead of what things she can get out of
  182. me.  
  183. I honestly didn’t believe there where any women who looked
  184. at men for who there are. I dated her broke and no car and
  185. Shannon fell for me. I can hardly believe that there is a
  186. woman who is actually looking for real love. After I got a job
  187. I moved in with Shannon. I needed to move out of my dad’s
  188. home. For some reason I kind of got the impression that my
  189. step mother wanted me as a pet not as a son. Nobody can keep
  190. a pet dragon fly. They always will fly away.
  191. Shannon had a son who she loved with all her heart.
  192. Everything was about the kid. This is one of the things that
  193. attracted me to her. Lucas, Shannon’s son came first above all. Shortly after living together Shannon became pregnant. I
  194. again lost my job. It just makes me so mad to give any money
  195. to Summer. I made crap for money. I had a really good job
  196. but took home half my wages. I could not get help because on
  197. paper I make too much money. I feel my family suffers while
  198. she gets free money. I hate the stupid system! It is for the rich
  199. and the poor gets injustice.
  200. I became interested in growing cubensis. I tried to grow
  201. them again and again with no luck at all. The same day that
  202. Shannon gave birth to our son Clarence is the same day I
  203. grew my first cubensis. I always thought that to be a weird
  204. coincidence. My son and the shrooms both took a liking to
  205. me. I applied a lot of consideration and ideas of how to grow
  206. them the most potent as achievable. I figured out that the
  207. microorganisms that the mushrooms develop with determine
  208. the high. For example if you use worm castings you get a
  209. grotesque head high, insane stomach problems, and scary
  210. images of vampires or monsters. If you use the bacteria from
  211. horses you get a more natural high with a laugh. The deer,
  212. elephant, and any oils from the grains determine the high
  213. control. How is this possible?
  214. When Clarence was about 9 months old Shannon and I
  215. had a problem with her mother. I really do not want to talk
  216. about it. My family ended up moving to a new city to get
  217. away from the trouble.
  218. While I was growing I ran into many problems. Most of
  219. the problems came from friends stealing from me. I sold
  220. pounds to my friends for 650 dollars. I am the best mushroom
  221. grower in the world. I control the high. Still people stole from
  222. me right and left. I never really made money at growing. I
  223. learned what I needed. So I stopped growing the mushrooms. In 2011 I noticed the anonymous marches happening. I
  224. watched all this on TV. Not really under standing what was
  225. happing. After December I found you tube and conspiracy
  226. videos. I got a kick out of all the lies so I decided to dance
  227. with Sheba myself and make up stories. I did this all through
  228. the elections and made 147 dollars from ads. I did this up to
  229. December 21st
  230.  2012.
  241. Chapter 2
  242.  The Monolith and Growing gold
  245.  I was up late on the evening of Friday December 21st
  247. 2012. Shannon, my girlfriend, and our two sons were fast
  248. asleep in bed. The night seemed unusually silent. I believe it
  249. was quiet because it was the night of the Mayan apocalypse. I
  250. was not tired and I had some time to kill. So I decided to
  251. watch a movie on Netflix. I choose the movie chariots of the
  252. gods. The movie was a 1970 adaptation of a book by Erich
  253. Von Dankien. The movie was about out of place items in
  254. history. Before watching this movie I have seen Youtube
  255. videos on this subject. The front of the cover had an astronaut
  256. in front of Pakal’s tombstone on the moon. Well that pretty
  257. much sold the movie for me. I watched the movie all the way
  258. to the part about Pakal’s tombstone. The movie claimed that
  259. the Mayans had alien contact and that Pakal was an
  260. Astronaut. Pakal’s Tombstone immediately caught my
  261. attention. There was just something there I could not put my
  262. finger on.
  263.  So after the movie I downloaded a picture of Pakal’s
  264. tombstone and noticed some strange things immediately. The
  265. first I saw was a sword being stuck though Pakal’s body. I
  266. flipped the picture the other way and noticed that the picture
  267. made an outline of a cup. I took a closer look at the tombstone
  268. and saw a mushroom in the middle of the stone. I started to
  269. stare at the stone and realized that there is a recipe in it. I stared at the stone for a few hours that night. While I
  270. was looking at it I had my first vision. The vision was of
  271. Pakal and his wife. I saw Pakal’s wife finding the flower of
  272. life and picking them to eat. She took them back to Pakal’s
  273. home which was a hut. Pakal’s wife cooked the flower in a
  274. black cauldron and gave some to her husband when it was
  275. cooked. Pakal drank the flower of life stew and immediately
  276. fell into spirit. Pakal then showed me what he had seen
  277. through small images I got off the stone.
  278. One of the visions was of the meteor that hit the earth
  279. and destroyed the dinosaurs. Pakal showed me that he knew
  280. that the Spanish were coming to destroy their culture. Pakal
  281. also showed me a map of my location. There was also an x
  282. over the Denver Colorado area and another mark near
  283. Georgia on the map. I saw the images first as a picture than as
  284. a movie in my mind.
  285. I started to fill the pictures out on the stone. I used the
  286. program Adobe Photoshop to draw on the picture. I slowly
  287. filled in the outlines into miniature pictures. I worked on this
  288. stone for 3 months filling out the small lines. Trying to guess
  289. what this stone was telling me. I went around and talked to
  290. my friends about it and most of them thought I was crazy.
  291. Nobody at all could see what I was showing them. I got a
  292. little obsessed with the picture, and stopped paying attention
  293. to my family. My girlfriend got upset at the time I was
  294. spending on the picture.
  295. March 10th, 2013 I found the key! The picture told of
  296. how to grow Shrooms using bacteria from the whale and the
  297. horse. The upper part told a story of how to get the bacteria
  298. from hot springs. It told me to wait until the whales migrated
  299. by the coast. Go to a hot spring and wait till 3 am when the tides change. This makes the bacteria suck up from the ocean
  300. and vent out of the hot springs. It showed how to mix the
  301. water with the grain and with the manure.
  302. I noticed a rabbit in most of the pictures pointing things
  303. out. This I believe is the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit is
  304. another name for the mushroom mycelium. I am not sure how
  305. but the white rabbit is all over me. The rabbit is the one who
  306. is giving me my visions and showing me the way. It is like the
  307. rabbit is following me. Who is this White Rabbit? There is
  308. something to this I do not yet understand.
  309. I am not sure if the picture is actually there or am I doing
  310. this to myself. Am I the only one who can see this? I have no
  311. answer to this yet. The pictures that I have included in this
  312. testament are pictures I got off the stone.
  313. Amazingly enough I found the key to getting the whale
  314. bacteria three weeks before the migration. I decided to go
  315. ahead and try and grow some shrooms using the recipe. I
  316. doubt anyone could resist the temptation.
  317. One of the things shown to me in the stone is how
  318. Excalibur got taken from the people. Excalibur use to grow
  319. near hot springs and grew a week after the whales went by.
  320. Excalibur is the Easter egg everyone is looking for on Easter
  321. day. The roots to Excalibur are gold and run as veins in the
  322. ground. This is why gold is the god element. When our race
  323. decided to mine out the gold we took out the bacteria that
  324. produced the unicorn.
  325. The Cubensis (cube bend see) when grown eats metals.
  326. The bacteria from the horse and the whale eat the waste from
  327. the mushroom to produce a yellow metal. This became the
  328. roots to the unicorn (the one horn that grows from the corn).
  329. That’s right I just gave up the process for growing gold! I collected all the ingredients for growing the shrooms
  330. before April. I started the manure composting with the water
  331. from the hot springs as soon as I got it. I prepared my
  332. medium, rye, with the hot spring waters. I was not sure if the
  333. hot springs water and the print would work together.
  334. The bacteria in the hot springs can survive temps that no
  335. other bacteria can. This gave me the conclusion that the
  336. bacteria would survive the temperature of a pressure cooker.
  337. What I did not know is if the bacteria infested rye would let
  338. the spores live.
  339.  After the preparation I inoculated the rye, and I then
  340. went back to work on the stone picture. This time I found
  341. something really weird on it. I found my life from birth to
  342. now. I knew something was happening that I did not
  343. understand. I got the idea if I fill it out more I might see my
  344. future on it. So I kept going. I started to gain knowledge from
  345. the stone slowly. I started to question myself and my life. By
  346. this time my Shannon had heard enough of the stone. I did not
  347. want to talk to my friends as they would think that I went
  348. mad. So I started to talk to people on the internet. I got on the
  349. internet and commented on a youtube video. I gave a run
  350. down of the symbolism in a commercial. The person emailed
  351. me and said, “You have incredible sight. Can you tell me
  352. more?” I thought wow somebody actually understands. I was
  353. about to email the person back and spill the beans about the
  354. stone and the mushrooms. Just when I was about to type my
  355. son got upset and went on a screaming fit. I decided to stop
  356. and be with my son and maybe email the guy later.
  357. That night I had a dream that if I emailed the person back
  358. I was dead man. I looked on the stone picture when I woke up
  359. and saw my entire story of what was happening. If I answered back to the email I would be pulling the string to my own gun.
  360. This would be just like committing suicide. The picture told
  361. me that the man will tell the Queen of England, and she
  362. would have me killed. Guess there are some traps set up to
  363. catch me. Why? Well then again maybe I am reading the
  364. stone wrong. Seeing and understanding the future is hard.
  365. The stone gave me a first hand view of my own death. I
  366. actually saw myself getting my head cut off. I got on youtube
  367. and deleted my account and started to freak out a little. I
  368. refused to step outside for almost two weeks and hid behind
  369. my window blinds. I just could not get the picture of my own
  370. fatality out of my head. It is not easy to see your own death.
  371.  I had to ask myself why anyone would want to take my
  372. head off. I have not done anything to anyone. Why of all the
  373. people in the world does Queen Elizabeth want my head! I do
  374. not even know her. Am I getting convicted of a crime I have
  375. not done. If so how do you know Elizabeth? I continued on
  376. creeped out by my vision. I had to ask myself again is this real
  377. or am I doing this to myself? What is going on? I did not like
  378. the vision and I am having difficulty understanding.
  379.  A few weeks went by and the spores grew really well
  380. with the bacteria from the hot springs. I could tell the bacteria
  381. were in the rye from red spotting on it. Wow, I found a
  382. bacterium that is beneficial to spores. This alone is
  383. remarkable thing to discover. I prepared the medium with the
  384. manure and started the growing process.
  385.  While waiting I still worked on my picture seeing things
  386. that could or could not of happened. I saw one image and I
  387. blamed my girlfriend for cheating on me. Of course this was
  388. not true and never will be. I just could not see my future well
  389. even though I could see it. It seems the further away time was the foggier it gets to me. That is until I get close to the time
  390. then I start to see the future more clearly. The stone at this
  391. time started to tell me what is happening around the world
  392. with our self appointed leaders.
  393.  The stone showed me that the skull and bones has been
  394. using the cubensis mushroom to bend. The cubensis grown in
  395. worm castings takes you straight to limbo or another name for
  396. it is the train station. This is where our leaders get tricked into
  397. believing they are talking to god. When they drink the bones
  398. and smoke pot (the Bear) together it will take you to the black
  399. and white space. This is the wrong place to go. They think
  400. they are so smart yet they are being tricked by Jack himself
  401. with help from the bugs in the bunny. The masons also drink
  402. the bones and then drink goat’s blood.
  403. The bear will always trump a Rabbit and spade or club a
  404. person. The bear will give you mixed up information. He will
  405. give you an idea of alien mix humanity. The bear is a big
  406. practical joker. One of the biggest jokes that the Bear has
  407. done to humanity is the amanita mushroom. The Roman
  408. church took this as their passage. It was just a bear joke. The
  409. stone showed me this. So I do not know if it is really true. I
  410. have to question everything.
  411. One evening in the month of may my girlfriend asked me
  412. to listen to a song that she heard on the radio coming home
  413. form work. The song was Radioactive from Imagine Dragons.
  414. I watched the video and understood it a little to well.
  415. Knowing my fate of last time talking to people on the internet
  416. I decided to keep quiet. The music lead me to other singers
  417. like Awolnation, 3oh!3 (actually calling me), and many
  418. others. Awolnation is the one that got to me the most. I felt
  419. this guy knew something about me. It was like someone peered into my life. The thought of someone knowing about
  420. my life scared the crap out of me.
  421. I just wanted to find out what was so special about these
  422. mushrooms. Why was this happening to me? I did not ask for
  423. any of this to happen. I got it into my head that when the
  424. shrooms are done growing I will eat them immediately to find
  425. out what this is about.
  443.  Chapter 3
  444.  Eating the fruit of life
  446.  It was in the middle of the month of May. Spring was on
  447. it way bringing with it the flowers of the earth. My shrooms
  448. that I have grown using the recipe off the monolith were
  449. almost ready to be picked. Because I was doing this illegally
  450. in the name of science so I had to hide my project. I waited
  451. till the evening and harvested a good amount. While I was
  452. picking I popped a couple of fresh ones in my mouth. The
  453. strong mushroom taste was too much for me. I could barely
  454. get them down my throat without hurling. For my attempt at
  455. eating them fresh I got no high to speak of, probably because
  456. I ate equivalent of .5 grams of dried shrooms.
  457.  I put the shrooms I grew into a container I made to
  458. dry them chemically without heat. I feel this is a much better
  459. way of preserving the psilocybin. I noticed when I was
  460. picking them that they had a different look about them than
  461. normal. The outside skin was a little tougher and had a redder
  462. tint to it. It seemed to have little red veins growing on the
  463. outside of the shrooms. I have never seen this before. I guess
  464. you can tell a unicorn vs. a harpy.
  465.  There are quite a few names for the shrooms out there. In
  466. the Nordic myths the shrooms are called Thor and the other
  467. side Loki. It seems to be in every advance race in our history. Buddha is always holding a mushroom and the top of his head
  468. has mushroom pins growing out of it. I have found another
  469. name for Buddha, Pin Head. The shrooms are the puzzle box
  470. everyone has been trying to figure out. It seems that
  471. Pandora’s Box is named after the panaeolus mushroom. Even
  472. Peter Pan is named after the mushroom. There are so many
  473. legends on this matter that I do not know how we missed it.
  474. So I am sure we did not miss it and this is a secret with the
  475. upper class.
  476.  It was a warm Sunday night, and I was going to find out
  477. what so special about what I have done. I waited a whole 5
  478. days till my girlfriend’s day off to try and eat them again. My
  479. girlfriend Shannon and I sent the children to stay with her
  480. mother. Shannon and I thought it a perfect time to try them. I
  481. ate about 4 grams of dried shrooms. The taste was actually
  482. sweeter than any other shrooms I have grown before. The
  483. high almost felt the same as shrooms normally grown with
  484. one small difference. I felt as if my soul was loosened from
  485. my skin. Almost as if I might fall out of my body. My
  486. girlfriend said she felt as if soul was slipping out of her body
  487. too. The feeling was not super strong it was just there. The
  488. shrooms did seem a little bit stronger than normal.
  489.  That night I tripped hard on those little guys laughing for
  490. almost 5 hours. The high seemed to last twice as long as
  491. normal grown shrooms. I realized that I might actually have
  492. stumbled across something. I still wanted to know why I
  493. found this recipe. I knew there is something that I was
  494. missing but did not know what. I ate them again 3 days later
  495. with an alcohol extraction and a gram of dried ones. This time
  496. when I started to get high I could feel the pins and needles
  497. running through my body. I got that same feeling the time I went over to the black and white from smoking salvia. I did
  498. not fall out of my body, but I knew that there is something
  499. that I cannot put my finger on.
  500.  A few more days went by and I thought about the bible.
  501. One of the ideas in the bible says you have to drink and eat
  502. the fruit of Christ. It got me thinking about making tea out of
  503. the shrooms. I heard of many legends of people drinking tea
  504. to get higher on shrooms. A couple of days more went by and
  505. I waited tell everyone was asleep and made myself some tea
  506. out of the shrooms. I made tea out of 3.5 grams and ate about
  507. a gram. The shrooms hit me hard this time fast. Within fifteen
  508. minutes I was high. I smoked some pot with it and felt the
  509. pins and needles coming. I sat in my chair concentrating on
  510. leaving my body. I felt as if I were just about to leave my
  511. body when my son woke up.
  512. My youngest son just turned four and has a few sleeping
  513. issues. He ran downstairs to find me and curled up next to me.
  514. I stopped trying to fall out of my body and tried to put my son
  515. back to sleep. My son started to say some pretty weird things.
  516. My son told me that the Sun was a monster and we need to
  517. hide from the light.
  518. I did not fall out of my body that night. I tried a couple
  519. more times and each time I tried and started to feel as if I
  520. were going to leave my body. Then my son would wake up
  521. and come find me. It happened every time. It became a little
  522. creepy for me. It was like my son knew I ate the shrooms and
  523. was coming to help me.
  524. I knew there was a door there, and I could not get
  525. through the door. If just could figure how to get through? I
  526. was positive there was something with these shrooms that I
  527. have not yet figured out. I thought to myself maybe if I repented I could get in the doorway. I got on the phone and
  528. facebook and gave apologies to
  530. everyone. My family started to notice that there is something
  531. going on with me. Apologizing to people in my past was not
  532. of my character. My family started to ask if I was on drugs.
  533. Guess I was but I could not tell anyone in my family about
  534. my experiments. I told my family that I was just trying to get
  535. the hate out of my heart to live a better life. I stopped smoking
  536. cigarettes and pot, and even stopped eating meat. I thought
  537. maybe those habits are not letting me get through the door.
  539. While I was trying to get through the door I was listening
  540. to Awolnation. The song sail got my mind wandering. Does
  541. this guy know how to get through the door? I emailed him
  542. from Shannon’s facebook account and another one that was
  543. made up. I wrote something encrypted asking for help. The next day I got that rabbit feeling again. I got on the internet
  544. and deleted emails off of facebook before anyone had a
  545. chance to read them. If you block someone on facebook they
  546. will never get your message.
  547. I waited about a 12 days before trying to drink the tea
  548. again. I wanted to give my new diet time to work before I
  549. tried again. It was a Sunday night about 10pm. I made tea out
  550. of six grams of shroom aborts and ate 2 grams dry. I went to
  551. my room and smoked a bowl with my girlfriend. Fifteen
  552. minutes later I started to feel as if I was going to fall out of
  553. my body. This was what I wanted to happen, but I felt like
  554. something was wrong. I could barely keep in my skin. I could
  555. feel my spirit holding onto my skin like a string-puppet. This
  556. really petrified me. I felt that if I fall out of my body I would
  557. not come back again. I got a gut feeling about the old medusa
  558. tale about how she can turn men into stone. I knew this is
  559. what the old legends were about.
  560. After an hour the pot started to fade off, but the shrooms
  561. started to take a life on of there own. Just when they were
  562. starting to really work my son woke up again and wanted me
  563. to put him back to sleep. Tripping out on shrooms I went and
  564. cuddled in bed with my son to put him back to sleep. I lay
  565. next to my son and held him in my arms. I thought to myself
  566. how much I loved him, and how good it feels to hold him in
  567. my arms. My mind started racing and I got thoughts of Peter
  568. pan and how he said to fly. You got to put a happy thought in
  569. your head to fly. I cuddled with my son in his bed giving him
  570. the biggest hug ever. I said to myself over and over again, “I
  571. have true love from my son and there is nothing anyone can
  572. ever do to take away the bond that I have. I love my son and my son will always love me!” I repeated this over and over
  573. out loud in my head.
  574. After about 20 minutes of repeating my love of my son.
  575. My head started to feel light. I picked my head up with my
  576. eyes closed, and my spirit lifted up without my head. I could
  577. see now with my eyes closed. I was using my minds eye for
  578. the first time. I looked up to see a rainbow colored world. The
  579. endless hill sides had colors of the rainbow puked out all over.
  580. It reminded me of the colors of Rainbow Bridge in Mario
  581. kart. On the grounds of the hillside there were tiny black and
  582. grey pods in neat uniformed rows. While I was looking
  583. forward a huge black spider creature came walking by. The
  584. creature was black and walked on four long legs. It had four
  585. arms that looked like octopus style tentacles. It seemed to be
  586. doing maintenance or upkeep with the pods on the ground. I
  587. then looked up toward the sky and then I saw a monster. It
  588. looked like a giant sun with many black and grey octopus
  589. arms coming out of it. The arms were sucking up the passed
  590. away black pods. Sometimes he would eat them and suck
  591. them up to his burning body. The other times he would
  592. replant the pods.
  593. What am I seeing here is that hell? Is someone eating us?
  594. It seemed as if the more evil the person was the more of a
  595. tasty snack for the creature. I opened my eyes and returned
  596. back to my body. I caught my breath and looked around my
  597. son’s room. I did not know if what I saw was real or not so I
  598. put my head back down and concentrated again. This time it
  599. was easier to lift my head. I looked around out of my pod for
  600. awhile in shock. What the hell is this I thought to myself. I
  601. have heard stories of this place. I believe I lifted my soul into
  602. rainbow road. This place actually exists. My son was fast asleep and I wondered out into the
  603. hallway where I had a glass of water. I took a drink of the
  604. water and thought to myself. Why is that creature eating the
  605. souls? Then a female voice came into my head. The voice
  606. said, “He is hungry of course.”. The sound of the voice
  607. brought me to my knees. I thought to myself again I can not
  608. believe that creature is eating people. The voice said again to
  609. me, “Well he is hungry! You’re his food.” Then the voice
  610. started to sing to me. “Is Britney spears and the main stream
  611. actors real or are they a fake nobody. If you turn off your T.V.
  612. do they exist? Do the politicians have power over your
  613. mind?” The voice kept singing to me as I went into spirit.
  614. I found myself on the floor in the hall way. I stood up to
  615. get a drink of water and realized I spilt the water all over the
  616. floor. I looked out my upstairs window and saw thirty cats in
  617. the field next door staring into my window. I went downstairs
  618. to refill my water. When I got to the kitchen I noticed my own
  619. cats by the back door. The cats seem to fall into shadow and
  620. reappear. It was some of the strangest things I have ever seen.
  621. Are the cats real or are they part of a program. They were like
  622. a small program used to catch rats in the system.
  623. I continued on with a night that seemed to never end.
  624. The voice filled my head with visions and knowledge. One of
  625. the things given to me by the voice was god’s time. The voice
  626. also showed me what sin was, and how that monster ticks
  627. man into sinning. The monster gave man money and with this
  628. he corrupted mankind. The dollar slays mans mind and makes
  629. women into whores. See women look for comfort of money
  630. instead of love. The entire system of money and greed has
  631. destroyed the Creators plan for earth.
  636.  Chapter 4
  637.  Time for PI
  640. One of the things showed to me was our real time. It
  641. seems the Gregorian calendar is incorrect. The problem with
  642. it is time. There is no account for the speed the earth is
  643. traveling around the sun, and for the sun rotation around the
  644. galactic center. This gives us a quarter of a day extra a year.
  645. Einstein explained it with his theories of relativity. Once a
  646. person reaches the speed of light, time will stop.
  647.  The earth travels around and gains a quarter of a free
  648. day a year. The creator lets it build up and releases every four
  649. years on the Gregorian calendar date July the 25th. This day
  650. repeats itself. It is a day that has no time. Because we are
  651. moving slower than the speed of light we gain time. When
  652. you exceed the speed of light we can travel backwards in
  653. time.
  654.  This leads to the famous "twin paradox" in which one
  655. twin is rocketed at high speeds flies across the galaxy and
  656. back home. Even at a velocity close to the speed of light, the
  657. journey would take tens of thousands of years from the
  658. vantage point of Earth, but because of his high relative motion
  659. the astronaut would age more slowly than he or she would
  660. than on Earth, and would return home only a few years older.
  661. His twin would be long dead.
  662.  In a 1905 Einstein predicted that because of the
  663. rotation speed of Earth, clocks would also run slower at the
  664. Equator than the poles, but that turned out to be wrong. See
  665. Einstein actually understood time. I think with a little bit more time Einstein would have figured this out too. E=mc2 and set
  666. the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, as the cosmic
  667. speed limit - allows for time to stop. So if you are going
  668. slower than the speed of light it will move you forward.
  669. Everyone is a time traveler on our ship earth.
  670. There are 26 hours in the day.
  671. 13 hours of light 13 hours of dark
  672. 1 hour = 52 min
  673. 1 min = 52 sec
  674. 1sec = 52 nanosec
  675. 3 times 7 = 21 + 1 for god=22
  676. 7/22 = PI
  677. PI=3.142857
  678. 364 days a year times PI = 1144
  679. Perfect rotation! It is in the math.
  680. Every four years we get a free click. The day with no time.
  681. 28 days times 13 months = 364 days
  682. 12 ages/ 1 age = 2166.7 earth years
  683. 26,000 earth years around galaxy
  684. 125 years a click = 1 min on watch
  685. Remember we have to take in the account that we are
  686. moving slower than the speed of light. The faster you go
  687. towards the speed of light you gain extra time. Once you
  688. exceed the speed of light you can travel backwards in time. So
  689. all of you hopeful time travelers you will need to build a craft
  690. that can go faster than the speed of light to go back. This is
  691. almost impossible, but can be done. In order to go back you
  692. need to bend space which allows the astronaut to move faster
  693. than the speed of light. In order to bend space you need to
  694. create your own gravity. I have drawn a replica watch of earth’s correct time. I guess you can tell I ate the apple of
  695. knowledge.
  703.  Chapter 5
  704.  The snake, the bear, and the test of love.
  706.  I continued on with my experimentation with the
  707. shrooms. I drank the tea a couple of times more. The more I
  708. took the easier it was to talk to the voice. The voice told me
  709. the name Disney. I thought it was the name of the voice. I
  710. later found out that it was a request to make fun of money and
  711. the trap that it sets out to dirty our souls.
  712.  One night I drank the tea and a creature came before my
  713. human eyes. It was a creature that had a head of a lizard and
  714. a body of a snake. The head resembled a komodo dragons
  715. head. The body had no arms and was like a snake’s body.
  716. The body went on to be a long loose snake coil. The tail had
  717. no end and went on and on. At some point it stopped being a
  718. snake and became a spiral of clouds that carried on forever.
  719. The voice I have been hearing was in front of me, so I had an
  720. opportunity to ask the Dragon a few questions. I wanted to
  721. know first of all was if the dragon was going to eat me when I
  722. die. So I looked up at the Dragon and asked, “Are you going
  723. to eat me?” The creature answered back with a shake of its
  724. head up and down. Not sure if the Dragon understood what I
  725. asked. I looked up and said, “No, are you going to eat me
  726. when I die?” The dragon smiled and showed a mouth with no
  727. teeth and said, “Yes, if your soul is dark you are nothing but
  728. food to us.” Then the creature flew towards me and with a big
  729. bite swallowed me whole.
  730. After the Dragon swallowed me it grabbed me by the
  731. hand and brought my spirit into space in a flash. I was now looking at our galaxy from above. The galaxy was spinning
  732. around with patterns within patterns. I was busy looking at the
  733. sights of the galaxy when the dragon spoke to me again, “I
  734. will show you how it works.” The Dragon looked directly at
  735. me and nudged its head down towards our galaxy and said,
  736. “See the galactic center there that is the dark one. This is his
  737. galaxy and he is the one that started the spinning web. That
  738. dragon spins to eat light.” Then the dragon put his eyes our
  739. own sun and said, “The sun there that warms the earth your
  740. people live on, it spins its web to eat the dark. It is all about a
  741. meal and you are a tasty fish.” The Dragon turned back
  742. around and faced me, “When you sin in your dimension you
  743. turn your soul dark. The darker you become the better tasting
  744. you are to the sun. When your dark enough the sun will eat
  745. you, and you will pay for what you have done while in your
  746. dimension. This is why the sun keeps burning. The souls of
  747. the people of the earth are its energy.”
  748.  I was kind of shocked at this knowledge. I am just food I
  749. thought to myself. I looked back at the dragon and asked, “If
  750. our sun has life and it feeds off our souls. Does that mean
  751. every star is feeding off of something?” The Dragon laughed
  752. and spoke again, “Yes, there is life of some sort to every star.
  753. That’s how the stars eat.”
  754. I immediately thought about the pods in the rainbow place. So
  755. I asked the Dragon, “What are the seeds that fill the pods in
  756. the rainbow place?” The Dragon swirled around wrapping its
  757. coils everywhere and said to me, “The people of earth souls
  758. start out first as dark energy. The web spins around catching
  759. dark energy to eat. Everyone starts out dark and that is why
  760. everyone is born with the original sin. It is just not enough to
  761. consume until you grow it. The sun likes his meat dark.” “So how do you get rid of the dark so you will not get
  762. eaten?” I asked of the Dragon. “Get baptized with the tree of
  763. life and I will eat your darkness and let you live if I so choose
  764. too.” The dragon said with a smile. The next thing I knew I
  765. was back in my body.
  766. I thought to myself about what I just saw and heard. It
  767. seems if you drink this tea this dragon is going to eat our dark
  768. and steal the suns meal. This Dragon is trying to get feed too.
  769.  I thought about all the pods on the ground at the rainbow
  770. place. The dragon was right I only saw energy in pods there
  771. was no American, Asian, African; everyone was the same,
  772. dark energy collected with the web. Our entire universe is
  773. nothing but a huge spider web meant to turn dark energy into
  774. pure energy. We are grown for food. Well this little fishy is
  775. going to bite back. I do not want to get eaten.
  776.  That night my son woke up early in the morning and I
  777. was still speaking to the Dragon. The Dragon saw my son and
  778. turned off all the visions and started to tell me stories of
  779. Pinocchio growing up for my son. It is my fault I have not
  780. yet weaned my son. The dragon told me to spend my time
  781. with my child and to teach him to be a real boy.
  782. I have asked myself who is this dragon? If I asked the dragon
  783. for a name it would say. “Mary, Marry, Pray to marry!” I do
  784. believe I have just found Moses copper snake.
  785. Sometimes while I was talking to the Dragon the bear
  786. would pretend to be the Dragon and give me really bad
  787. advice. One of was a vision the bear gave me was of my
  788. girlfriend leaving me. The vision was of Aaron Bruno
  789. interfering with my relationship. When this vision happens it
  790. will end up being entirely my fault. There nothing I can do it
  791. is going to happen, and I have no chance. I better give up Shannon before I get screwed. I was getting these thoughts
  792. when I smoked pot. The bear is such a practical joker. He
  793. will make someone tired and forget their troubles then give
  794. them bad thoughts. The bear is the force behind the hippies.
  795. The hippies worship the bear so he likes the hippies. The bear
  796. put a song in my head and told me to sing it. I told my
  797. Shannon that I was going to take her picture of her butt and
  798. put it on YouTube to this butt song. Bad idea!
  800. That Sunday I got my Shannon to take the tea. I drank
  801. the tea too. I drank liquor and smoked pot. This is not a good
  802. idea to do with these shrooms. The bear got me good. He convinced me to do the meanest things to my girlfriend. I was
  803. being such a jerk. I still do not know why I did it. I begged it
  804. to stop. Shannon got mad and ate a bunch of the shrooms.
  805. Shannon put her head down on the bed and fell out of it
  806. quickly. I looked over at her saying to myself there got to be a
  807. different way. Then it hit me. I choose money over love. I
  808. looked back at Shannon and saw the Dragon on the side of the
  809. bed whispering into her ear. I started to see her get angry.
  810. Shannon woke up for a second to tell me she might go ahead
  811. and leave me forever. I apologized to her but she got so
  812. mean. Shannon wondered around and told me how much I
  813. suck for what I did. Nobody ever done that to her and she
  814. does not know if she could ever forgive me. Then Shannon
  815. went back to sleep.
  816.  The Dragon looked at me and gave me a devilish smile.
  817. Oh shit, it is the devil. The Dragon floated over to me
  818. laughing. I fell on the floor and started crying. I told the
  819. Dragon that I did not believe her anymore. Shannon loves me
  820. there has got to be a way out. I told the Dragon that I loved
  821. her with all my heart that I could not live without my family.
  822. That is all I ever wanted. I have lost my family twice and
  823. could not go through the pain again. I rather be poor and have
  824. love. I told the dragon to stop. The Dragon looked at me and
  825. came in close and said, “Because of your love for your son
  826. you get one more chance. Awol has your number. Do not look
  827. at another woman ever. Love the one you have.” The Dragon
  828. disappeared into the darkness leaving me alone to my
  829. thoughts.
  830. I think I have learned my lesson in mixing the drugs. I
  831. think it is a really bad idea. The bear always trumps a rabbit and the bear will try and take your nuts off. Spade you like we
  832. do to bulls.
  833. After that visit with the Dragon I decided to stop for
  834. awhile. I started to have bad thoughts again of my girlfriend
  835. leaving me. Of all the people in the world I saw Aaron Bruno
  836. of Awolnation taking my girl away. I saw him setting me up
  837. with a blonde girl and showing my girlfriend how much of a
  838. scum I am. This was also set in stone. I went through my
  839. girlfriend stuff and deleted anything Awolnation. This
  840. eventually made my girlfriend upset.
  841.  I called my brother and my brother-in-law to talk too. I
  842. had invited them over to tell them what was happening to me
  843. since the 12/21/12. I told them about the monolith and how it
  844. talks to me. Of course they did not believe me either. How
  845. come nobody believes me? I am telling the truth. I even have
  846. proof. Well the conversation with my brother got Shannon to
  847. see my side a little. I started to calm down.
  848. Then it happened Aaron Bruno answered one of my
  849. emails to him. I thought I deleted all of them. I used my
  850. Shannon’s account in case he was with evil so he would not
  851. I.D. me. I really thought I deleted his message from me.
  852. Nope there it was my vision happening before my eyes. I
  853. completely freaked out and begged her not to answer his
  854. email back. My girlfriend looked into my eyes and told me
  855. she promises not to. She then immediately started talking to
  856. Aaron Bruno and His girlfriend Alexandria. My Shannon
  857. kept this from me for about a week and a half until my visions
  858. told me what she was up too. I was really upset that my
  859. Shannon does not believe in my visions. That really was not
  860. the problem. The problem was that I was telling Shannon what to do. This made Shannon think that I did not trust her
  861. and she did it out of spite.
  862.  She believes that it was my entire fault. If I did not
  863. want her to talk to him I should have not emailed him for help
  864. on her account. I was going through hell. I argued back
  865. saying he would have never answered you back if I did not
  866. ask for help. Why was she doing this to me? I believe
  867. Shannon wants to prove me wrong.
  868.  My girlfriend kept talking to Aaron and his girlfriend.
  869. After a few message back and forth my Shannon started to
  870. fight with Alexandria. Then it happened on July 25th
  871.  2013 a
  872. little blonde woman emailed me. I knew it was the trap. I saw
  873. the blonde girl weeks ago and even told Shannon what she
  874. was going to look like. I thought it would be a real person. I
  875. did not think it was going to come in an email. I know it was
  876. Alexandria trying to get my girlfriend back for emailing
  877. Aaron Bruno for talking crap. Alexandria was going to try
  878. and get me to talk with a fake person and then show Shannon
  879. that I am a cheating jerk. I erased and blocked the attempt
  880. and told Shannon what happened. I am not sure but I think
  881. this showed Shannon that I do have sight.
  882.  Shannon got on Facebook and apologized to Aaron
  883. Bruno’s girlfriend and the problem went away. Yeah, I am
  884. not going to lose my girlfriend. I love her so much. I later
  885. thought about it and I would never have talked to this blonde
  886. girl. So I do not know what I was afraid of. How do these
  887. visions work? I can see ahead and see my future, but I have
  888. difficult seeing clearly.
  889.  It was a day after my birthday and I was making plans
  890. on going out to a night party in the woods on the 28th
  891.  of July.
  892. On July 22nd
  893.  I got a warning from Merlin. The party was going to get busted and one of my friends told the police I
  894. was going to give the water of life out. The police were
  895. coming to get me. I was only going to do it for research
  896. purposes. I tried to get out of the party, but my friends and
  897. girlfriend would not let me.
  898.  Two days before the 28th. I decided to go but I was not
  899. bringing my shrooms. Shannon said I had to sell them to
  900. make money because we are broke. I told her the Creator
  901. does not want me selling them and will punish me. Shannon
  902. still does not believe in the Creator and thinks my sight is
  903. stupid. So I asked Merlin for help. Two hours later our car
  904. broke down. I know that Merlin did it. It was the only way to
  905. stop from going to jail. Shannon took the car breaking as an
  906. omen not to go to the party. Yeah!!! So I did not have to go
  907. to my last supper.
  908.  I thought about what has happened to me the last 40 days
  909. and have to ask the question. Was this a test? I think it was. I
  910. did not even know I was going through the test of love.
  911.  I was still having visions of somebody trying to take my
  912. place, but I have had enough. I closed my eye and stopped
  913. looking at my future. I know that my girlfriend loves me. I
  914. tried to forget and not talk about the stone. I did not look at it
  915. until November when I decided to try and complete the
  916. picture. I have now been working on it for almost a year.
  917.  I saw on it that if I answered that email a friend of my
  918. girlfriend was coming over to take advantage of the situation.
  919. It never happened and the stone said it would not. I just did
  920. not fall for the curse of the horns. Bulls just want to screw.
  921. The fact that it shows it to me scared me a lot. This was no
  922. fun. I keep asking myself, “why did this happen to me?”
  924. Chapter 6
  925.  Dragon Knowledge
  926.  (How to Banish Satan from earth)
  928. The Dragon has given me a lot of knowledge of the
  929. universe and sins. The Dragon identified who Lucifer is and
  930. his demons. In the Old Testament when they talk about angels
  931. and demons they refer to another realm that is around us, but
  932. we cannot see it. This is actually a true statement. The angel
  933. and demon world is the microscopic world. Satan is a
  934. bacterium! Christ is a bacterium too. The Christ bacterium
  935. comes from the whale manure. I call this bacterium Merlin. I
  936. named it after where he comes from the depths of the ocean
  937. water. This bacterium was the first on earth. It came to earth
  938. from a virgin birth. All the bacterium that works with Christ is
  939. the angles of the earth. They help our digestive system and
  940. are immune system to protect us.
  941.  Satan is the son of the Christ bacterium, and this
  942. bacterium is developed in our bodies. He comes to earth
  943. under the curse. The curse is from eating flesh from the
  944. animals with horns. When we eat meat from mammals that it
  945. is close to our own system, the flesh is digested in our bodies
  946. and the good bacteria get a bite of meat and change. They
  947. become destroyers of the human body. This is what has
  948. caused all the diseases of the earth. We are creating it
  949. ourselves. The bacterium now has got the taste for humans
  950. and has turned on us. When we release our fecal matter we
  951. put our own cells into the manure. The bacterium will eat the
  952. cells of our flesh. Then the bacteria mutates quickly. Our fecal matter carries the Satan bacterium from eating flesh.
  953. The only way to get rid of the curse is to stop eating meat.
  954. I would tell everyone to drink and eat the gifts the
  955. animals give us, but I am not sure if the bacteria contaminate
  956. the milk too. I got another vision of poisoned milk.
  957. I believe the queen knows about this and has given us the
  958. Satan bacteria on purpose to make us stupid. The Queen
  959. knows of the curse of the flesh and lets it continue so she may
  960. keep her rule over mankind. That’s right she cut our heads
  961. off. The Queen of hearts would like to see my head cut off.
  962. I see the Queen sitting on the throne knowing no love.
  963. No man in her life and yet she rules. The man that sits on her
  964. shoulder is Satan. They know of the Christ and plan to keep it
  965. a secret. This is why she has collected gold. She is the one on
  966. top and controls everything. Guess what Queen you forgot to
  967. count your swans last year. She is nothing but a witch! I
  968. throw the monolith at you and call out your sins. All the wars
  969. and death you created to keep your wealth and power goes
  970. back to you. I saw your soul in rainbow place. Queen you
  971. are a huge black eye sore. I am afraid when the sun eats you
  972. there will be enough energy to last a thousand life times.
  973. Confess your sins Elizabeth and give them to Mary! Christ
  974. will win.
  975. The Dragon also gave me knowledge of how sin turns
  976. you black. The sadness of other people is the sins that turn
  977. you dark. Cheating on your wife hurts your wife and for her
  978. suffering you take the dark. Anything that hurts other person
  979. is a sin. Sin knows the guilty and finds its way. If a general
  980. orders the death of a soldier he takes the sin for the order of
  981. death. Nobody can escape it. I understand why the others made the rules as they did.
  982. The others gave you rules to help our people to stay clean, but
  983. things have been taken too far. Having women hide behind
  984. mask is weak. Men can learn not to be animals and stop
  985. thinking with their snake. Man and woman should love only
  986. one! Women need to stop using their sexuality for control.
  987. First love is everything. When you take the water of life
  988. confess everything to Mary. If she believes you she will take
  989. your sins. Then you pray to Mary for Marriage in honor of the
  990. Dragon. The people of earth will marry for Mary. One man
  991. for one woman!
  992. The only way to live is to be the best person you can be.
  993. Make people around you happy. Make sure your neighbor
  994. has it better than you. The new way to win is to be the loser.
  995. So go make your friends and family happy. If we all do this
  996. the world will change forever. No more my people. I know
  997. giving up meat and living right is hard to do once we had a
  998. taste. I know as a collective we can do this. I am myself
  999. struggling to do it.
  1000. After you take the water the only thing that can take you
  1001. down is a nice cooked steak to the heart. Puts the bacteria
  1002. back in your body and you have to clean yourself and take the
  1003. water of life again. This time Mary might not forgive you.
  1004. Mary wants to eat your dark, but will be picky who she
  1005. cleans. I am a servant of Mary and Christ. I bring light to the
  1006. earth to help find your way through the darkness. Mary and
  1007. Christ serve the Creator. The Creator is all. The Creator is
  1008. science and love. The way to heaven is through Mary and her
  1009. child Christ, and through the love of the people in your life.
  1010. In the beginning there was darkness. The creator created
  1011. Adam(atom). The atom was alone for centuries until the creator introduced Adam to Eve (evolution). Evolution split
  1012. atom and created the first hydrogen explosion. Hydrogen
  1013. spilled everywhere. The atoms collected into a huge ball and
  1014. again evolution hit atom. Atom caught fire then finally blew
  1015. up creating the big bang. Seems genesis is correct. Evolution
  1016. is in the bible.
  1017. Christ will bless all who read this and spread the word!
  1048.   Chapter 7
  1049.  For the Creator
  1051.  This is a request from our Creator. The Creator asked
  1052. me to tell the people about what the sewer systems are doing
  1053. to the planet. That evil bacteria that is in the meat eaters fecal
  1054. matter is destroying the environment. This bacteria knows
  1055. nothing but destruction and death. It wants to devour our
  1056. planet. The creator sheds tears over what we are doing to his
  1057. creation. In order to save the rest of the species the creator
  1058. will destroy mankind. This is not a warning it will happen.
  1059. The Creator has given us time to make things right. Put down
  1060. your flesh and pick up a salad fork. We are not meant to eat
  1061. meat. We need to stop! Let us all get rid of the curse.
  1062. The creator law, if you cannot eat the food raw it does
  1063. not belong in our temple.
  1064. This tells us if the food is clean or not. There is no other
  1065. creature but man that has to cook its food.
  1066. The Mountain run off is coming to our homes and being
  1067. sent out as earth poison. This is why the weather is starting to
  1068. change. The oceans are now suffering for our stupidity.
  1069. The Whales shall not be touched or hunted anymore. The
  1070. Whales harbor the bacteria of life, Merlin, and if they die so
  1071. shall all creatures on earth.
  1072. Farmers use horse manure and other non-meat eating
  1073. animal manures to strengthen the soil. The manure from all
  1074. meat eaters poisons the ground to plants and other animals.
  1075. This is not that hard to understand. If we change our diets and
  1076. stop eating flesh we can create manure that is beneficial to the bacteria, Merlin. If we all do this together we can save our
  1077. planet.
  1078. Peace can only be established if the world
  1079. embraces love
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