20 Questions #26: Walter.

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  1. Walter was another Prototype user to make himself known mostly only recently. The guy's pretty chill, and he's all right with most of the community, but, not much is known about him besides the fact that he likes to rap, as evident by looking at his Prototype profile.
  3. I personally was glad that both the Community wanted to see him interviewed, and so did he. What could go wrong? This is a chill guy. Lessgo. :P
  6. Community Q's:
  8. Q1. What's it like working with Proto Man MKII? [Beta Man]
  9. Walt: "He's rude, self-centered, brutal, and evil. But in a way, he's kinda like a big brother?"
  11. Q2. So, other than Mega Man, what franchises are you into? [Beta Man]
  12. Walt: "Im starting to play through the MMZX series, so yeah, that too."
  14. Q3. What is your favorite official Classic Series game? [Beta Man]
  15. Walt: "MM10, probably."
  17. Q4. What is your favorite Classic Series fan-game? [Beta Man]
  18. Walt: "Eternal."
  20. Q5. What brought you to this game and its community? [Beta Man]
  21. Walt: "after I had finished playing Rockman Strategy I wondered if there were any other RPG games like that one."
  23. Q6. What's your favorite person in the chat [MegaBoy]
  24. Walt: "I can't really say it, because I don't want to pick favorites. But although like everyone he does have his cons, NiceIce."
  26. Q7. What do you like the most in Megaman [Copyie]
  27. Walt: "The mechanics."
  29. Q8. Who is your favorite Villain in Media [Copyie]
  30. Walt. "I'd probably have to say Lex Luther. He seemed to be the perfect villan for an almost perfect but weak to green rock superhero."
  32. Q9. i saw that you've done a few sprites/sprite edits, what got ya into spriting? [Charchar]
  33. Walt: "I used to make weird arse parodies of Mega Man parodies, and sprite them."
  35. Q10. is walter your real name? (sorry if this is a bit too personal ;u; ) [Charchar]
  36. Walt: "No, my real name is King Jong Un."
  38. Q11. what in god's name even is that profile description [Charchar]
  39. Walt: "I am in the rappin biz, yo."
  41. Q12. On a scale on 1 to 10, with 10 being perfectly pure, how pure of a boy are you? [ThatOneEnder]
  42. Walt: "6"
  44. Q13. Do you like doing the waltz? [ThatOneEnder]
  45. Walt: "No."
  47. Q14. How big of a boy are you? [ThatOneEnder]
  48. Walt: "I am the biggest of the boys on the block."
  51. Mikey's Q's:
  53. Q15: Your profile doesn't say much about Walter besides the fact that he's an aspiring rapper. Can you tell us a few more things about Walter? :P
  54. Walt: "He/I can be a bit rude sometimes and come off as a jerk."
  56. Q16: If it were up to you, who would you have me interview next?
  57. Walt: "Uh, Beta."
  59. Q17: What's your all time most hated official MM game [official as in "Capcom made it"]?
  60. Walt: "MM2."
  62. Q18: So, what exactly do you think of Prototype [the game], in general?
  63. Walt: "It's has a very original concept, and it's very well done."
  65. Q19: Could you tell me about the craziest thing you've ever done?
  66. Walt: "I actually ate bare cinnamon."
  68. Q20: Y u so lazy, bruh?
  69. Walt: "I like getting things in with the least amount of effort"
  72. Heh. Nothing went wrong, but, methinks that Walt is a "Short, sweet and to the point" fellow; This interview sets the record for being the shortest 20 Q's interview ever [so far, anyway]. Congrats, Walt.
  74. Special thanks to Walter for taking part in 20 Questions. Additional thanks go to Beta Man, Charchar, Copyie, MegaBoy and ThatOneEnder for their suggestions.
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